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#sugar-meeting, 2011-09-19

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15:01 garycmartin gonzalo: m_anish: About for design, or tied up in other meetings?
15:01 gonzalo hello garycmartin
15:02 m_anish garycmartin, i'm in a call right now, but will follow the meeting here
15:02 garycmartin, hi, btw :)
15:03 garycmartin gonzalo: m_anish: hi guys :)
15:04 m_anish I can hold off for a while?
15:04 m_anish garycmartin, i'm probably gonna be busy for next 30 mins
15:05 garycmartin OK, will start then ;)
15:05 m_anish garycmartin, ok
15:05 garycmartin #startmeeting
15:05 meeting Meeting started Mon Sep 19 15:05:59 2011 UTC. The chair is garycmartin. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:05 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
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15:07 garycmartin #topic Finish Memorize re-design work!
15:07 gonzalo garycmartin: yeeeeeeeeeeees, please :)
15:08 garycmartin: i don't know if you tried with spanish
15:08 but clear and stop button fall out
15:08 garycmartin gonzalo: What do you need to close out a 'final' version ASAP? Icons to replace the combo widget so we don't overflow the toolbar in spanish?
15:09 gonzalo garycmartin: you say, we can have a subtoolbar with a button for every demo game?
15:10 garycmartin gonzalo: well that can be one option...
15:11 gonzalo garycmartin: another option can be a button with a menu in his palette, right?
15:11 but we should do the click in the button show the palette
15:12 garycmartin gonzalo: yep good, that's another option and avoids the secondary toolbar issues (canvas redraw, space loss, active/inactive).
15:13 gonzalo and in this case, we only need one icon
15:13 garycmartin gonzalo: Yes clicking it should just reveal the palette. No primary action.
15:13 looks for something similar in another activity.
15:16 I suppose Chat and it's 'Insert smiley' is a similar behaviour, but shows a grid of options rather than a conventional list of menu items
15:16 gonzalo garycmartin: yes
15:16 garycmartin notes that we need to make a sugar set of emoticons for Char rather than the 3d graphic versions
15:17 s/Char/Chat/
15:17 gonzalo garycmartin: or change all the other icons in sugar o 3d :)
15:18 garycmartin ;-)
15:18 gonzalo: only if we can render them in realtime so they can use the user fill/stroke colours :-D
15:19 gonzalo garycmartin: about the icon to demos in memorize, would use the box metaphor, right?
15:20 garycmartin gonzalo: Just looking for another example using a standard menu. Want to see if we need small icons next to the text.
15:20 gonzalo: box metaphor, yes. That's our new convention so we should stick too it ;)
15:20 gonzalo yes
15:23 garycmartin thinks Write might have been the example I was looking for but you've already fixed the export options as separate tool buttons now :)
15:25 Found an old version... OK so we didn't use icons next to each text item in that case.
15:26 gonzalo: So we can use "Load demo games" as the hint string (no string change)
15:27 gonzalo yes
15:27 garycmartin gonzalo: and "Addition", "Letters", and "Sounds" can be the menu items (note the capitalised names).
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15:27 gonzalo garycmartin: the names i18n ed
15:28 more string changes...
15:28 garycmartin gonzalo: are they currently localised?
15:28 gonzalo yes
15:29 garycmartin gonzalo: from my chat with cjl, changing upper/lower case is not an issue. Something todo with fuzzy matching in pootle.
15:29 gonzalo garycmartin: ok, good
15:30 garycmartin gonzalo: It just means that the strings might not use uppercase if they have not been changed in time, but they would still use the previous matching string.
15:31 gonzalo garycmartin: can you prepare the icon? i am trying to code it to test the change
15:31 garycmartin gonzalo: Any thing else we are missing for Memorize?
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15:32 garycmartin gonzalo: yes I can make the icon. I'll do it right after the meeting and email it to you.
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15:36 garycmartin gonzalo: Oooh weird. I just noticed all the TamTam activities are named TamTamSuite.
15:36 (in the home view ring)
15:37 gonzalo garycmartin: should be solved inthe last version
15:37 60
15:37 garycmartin :)
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15:39 gonzalo garycmartin: do you think we are ok with memorize?
15:40 do you want chat about other topic?
15:41 garycmartin gonzalo: Yea I think that should do us for the memorise design work, there was one corner case I spotted but have not added a ticket for yet.
15:42 m_anish reads backlog
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15:43 garycmartin FWIW: you can get memorize's knickers in a twist if you raise one of the discard alert (by clicking clear or changing demo), then changing to the other play/edit mode, then using the warning alert to discard the tiles.
15:43 gonzalo think we should reclute m_anish :)
15:44 garycmartin: ohh :(
15:44 m_anish gonzalo, reclute?
15:45 gonzalo m_anish: activity / design team :)
15:46 garycmartin gonzalo: no big fireworks or anything, just end up with different tile states in the play and edit modes, until you've toggled back and forward again.
15:46 m_anish gonzalo, :)
15:47 gonzalo m_anish: was a but translation, i wanted say recruit
15:47 but you have the idea
15:47 m_anish gonzalo, heh, yah
15:48 gonzalo garycmartin: may be we should close pending alerts if change mode?
15:49 garycmartin gonzalo: can the alert be applied to the current mode, rather than the one it was triggered from?
15:51 gonzalo hmm
15:51 garycmartin m_anish: Just I noticed that abacus seems to be using a slightly different collection icon (the 3d box is much wider that the screen shot of the Catalog page). Perhaps I'm just out of sync with the latest version?
15:52 gonzalo abacus 22?
15:53 garycmartin gonzalo: yep Abacus-22
15:53 m_anish garycmartin, don't know about abacus
15:53 gonzalo yes is wider, may be we should ask to walter
15:54 garycmartin OK, I assumed ho got the icon from one of us at some point ;)
15:54 s/ho/he/
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15:58 cjl wanders in. looks at backscroll to see mention of his name
15:59 memorize is in Honey and not subject ot string freeze.  Changing case will acuse strings to be set as 'fuzzy", bu the fuzzy mathcing algorithm will populate them correctly.
15:59 garycmartin cjl: Thanks for the confirmation :)
16:00 is surprised Memorize is Honey...
16:00 cjl I can scan over fuzzies and fix and recommit.  Already commit strigns will still be there.
16:01 garycmartin gonzalo: m_anish: Any other business for today?
16:02 #action garycmartin to send gonzalo a Memorize collection icon to replace the current toolbar text combo
16:02 m_anish m_anish, hmm... just a thought... we sometimes discuss unexpected side-features while going through meeting topics and agree on som stuff.. but that probably gets lost in the meeting logs... if we could atleast open them as enhancement/defect tickets, it would be good IMO?
16:02 garycmartin, ^^
16:02 gonzalo garycmartin: may be we can try to update the catalog this week, and every one can have a homework, prepare a list of pending issues
16:03 m_anish i vaguely remember there were a few things in the last meeting we attended... like browse -> 'don't load images'
16:04 gonzalo m_anish: +1
16:04 m_anish garycmartin, gonzalo but _only_ for those issues on which there has been consensus :-)
16:05 garycmartin m_anish: Yes I agree, OK other than, browse -> 'don't load images', can you think of another example (that one was a quick comment right at the end of a meeting if I remember).
16:05 m_anish garycmartin, that's the one i remembered off the top of my head... can go through meeting logs quickly
16:07 gonzalo in general, when we discussed tasks and there are a action defined, the involved developer is present
16:07 garycmartin m_anish: I'm happy for folks to open enhancement request tickets even if consensus was not reached, we can use such tickets as part of our meetings and close them explaining the consensus reached. That way when they come up again in 6 months (they often do) we can refer folks back to the ticket :)
16:08 m_anish garycmartin, +1
16:08 16:07erikos_garycmartin, we should add real global bookmarking at one point :/
16:08 16:07garycmartin, has been pending for years
16:08 16:07(as a side hint)
16:08 garycmartin #action Update toolbar Catalogue page over this week and each prepare a list of pending issues remaining.
16:09 m_anish ah! another one...
16:09 gonzalo garycmartin: i will ask manuel to help me with the catalog, and report when is ready
16:09 m_anish http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]1-09-05#i_2690768
16:10 (those are all i can find)
16:13 garycmartin m_anish: Thanks, feel free to open tickets ;-b Perhaps we try to get things in order this week so we can finish or at least document unfinished activity toolbar work, and then do a sweep to try and catch other miscellaneous items that might fall between the cracks. Perhaps we need to spring clean our Design ToDo page.
16:13 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Design_Team/TODO
16:13 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Design_Team/TODO
16:14 m_anish garycmartin, is there a 'Design' component in trac for tickets?
16:15 garycmartin m_anish: Not in SL bug tracker. I was thinking of requesting one, but I think folks have been adding keywords instead.
16:15 m_anish garycmartin, ok, is there some standard keyword route, like we have r?, r-, r+, r! for normal patches?
16:15 garycmartin m_anish: No. I lie, SL does have the design component..
16:16 #link http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]w&status=reopened
16:16 m_anish garycmartin, ah cool :)
16:18 gonzalo garycmartin: a few can be closed... :)
16:18 garycmartin m_anish: I don't think the design team has had a formal review/sign-off process on tickets. Maintainers would look for one of the team to report consensus on some solution reached.
16:18 gonzalo: :)
16:19 m_anish garycmartin, ok, so if we run out of things to discuss and have time on some days, we could work on these tickets :) collectively or individually?
16:20 gonzalo we are in bug hunting season ....
16:21 garycmartin m_anish: absolutely, just add comments/patches to the tickets. I see all ticket traffic anyway so can just continue a thread on the ticket if needed.
16:21 m_anish garycmartin, cool
16:22 garycmartin Our weekly realtime meetings should really try to focus on those topics we can't seem to solve off line individually.
16:22 m_anish garycmartin, +1
16:23 garycmartin OK lets wrap up for today, same time, same place next week?
16:23 gonzalo ok!
16:24 m_anish yep
16:24 garycmartin gonzalo: m_anish: We should ping the ML with a reminder, see if Walter and other can make it here again.
16:25 gonzalo yes
16:25 garycmartin (maybe our current time is clashing with Walters schedule but a ML thread can discuss that)
16:26 (keeping it down to 1hr might also help more folks commit the time)
16:26 5
16:27 4
16:27 gonzalo garycmartin: next week Manuel and me will be in our sugar camp
16:27 is not paris but...
16:27 garycmartin gonzalo: Where?
16:27 gonzalo Junin, Buenos Aires :)
16:27 garycmartin gonzalo: is our Monday time still good or should we move it?
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16:28 gonzalo no for us the next week
16:28 garycmartin gonzalo: I expect to see some photos of the camp!
16:28 gonzalo yeah :)
16:28 manuq hello, sorry for being late
16:28 garycmartin manuq: Hi!
16:28 gonzalo garycmartin: but you did not sent photos from your camp :)
16:29 garycmartin #link http://flic.kr/s/aHsjway4Q5
16:29 manuq hi garycmartin!
16:29 garycmartin gonzalo: And someone how had a real camera (I had too much to carry so only had my iPad)...
16:29 #link http://flic.kr/s/aHsjw2NsHD
16:30 gonzalo garycmartin: ohh, nice :)
16:30 manuq garycmartin: wow those are light probe images!
16:31 garycmartin manuq: we were just about to wrap up for today, was there anything you especially needed to cover?
16:31 manuq garycmartin: no, I think I will read the logs
16:32 garycmartin manuq: I have high hopes we can get the xo1.75 recording panoramas as some point now that it has an accelerometer inside to reduce the computational requirements of matching up images.
16:32 gonzalo garycmartin: really? would be great!
16:32 manuq garycmartin: wow that would be awesome!
16:32 garycmartin manuq: but that is a discussion for the Activity Team, not the Design Team ;-)
16:33 manuq garycmartin: I have some experience using hugin application for joining images
16:33 garycmartin manuq: yea I occasional use that one also on my Mac.
16:33 OK, count down resumed...
16:33 3
16:34 2
16:34 1
16:34 #endmeeting
16:34 meeting Meeting ended Mon Sep 19 16:34:25 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:34 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-19T15:05:59.html
16:34 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-09-19T15:05:59
16:34 gonzalo bye
16:34 :)
16:34 i wait your icon ;)
16:34 garycmartin Thanks all!
16:35 Hopefully that is us done tinkering with Memorize, will finish up the collection icon for you now gonzalo ;-)
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