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#sugar-meeting, 2011-09-15

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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11:34 satellit_ alsroot: is surf-115 no longer on ASLO?
11:35 http://koji.fedoraproject.org/[…]1.fc16.noarch.rpm
11:52 alsroot satellit_: no ideas, /me sees
11:53 satellit_: there is no such activity, "surf" at all
11:53 satellit_: did we have it on aslo?
11:54 satellit_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]_Kit#surf_browser  lists surf-115.xo  git and rpm locations ( It is default browser in Soas in latest versions)
11:54 yes we did have it on ASLO
11:55 alsroot sees to the data base
11:55 satellit_ browse does not work anymore
11:55 alsroot satellit_: Browse works fine but only w/ xulrunner-1.9, ie, you need to install xulrunner-1.9 for Browse (how it happens in Sweets)
11:57 satellit_ not for Soas-v5-Coconut....  why is xulrunner-1.9 not in fedora then? is there a rpm to install?
11:58 alsroot satellit_: dunno about fedora, I mean Sweets fetch it on its own, all you need is to run sugar (the rest, including fetching xulrunner-1.9, will be done under the hood)
11:59 satellit_ problem is we are based on fedora 15 (soon 16) are we to abandon the Soas-spin?
11:59 alsroot satellit_: if fedora doesn't support xulrunner-1.9 any more, you can't just install it (because you need to build pyxpcom/hulahop against it)
12:00 satellit_ ouch! bad news.
12:00 alsroot ..using fedora native packages, but it should work in Sweets on top of fedora
12:02 satellit_ that means Soas is dead...(I hope not)  you need to write a Soas.ks for us where sweets is installed in build with livecd-tools (If that is possible)
12:02 I am not good enough to do that...:  (
12:03 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]Remix_with_Fedora
12:03 alsroot satellit_: why it is dead, as you said it uses Surf
12:04 satellit_ I guess that was hyperbole  sorry....
12:04 alsroot satellit_: Sweets is not native packages, ie, you don't need .ks file for that. all you need is downloading sweets installer, run it, and run sugar under it
12:04 satellit_ but not on a live CD or USB
12:04 alsroot ..well, and install PackageKit
12:05 satellit_: right, Sweets is for regular using..
12:05 satellit_ : (   thanks for all your work and expertise.....
12:06 can surf.xo be put back on ASLO?  to get back to original question
12:07 alsroot satellit_: btw, I found Surf but it is v105 uploaded in 2009 and this activity is not public
12:07 satellit_ why?
12:07 not public
12:08 alsroot satellit_: it wasn't nominated
12:08 but I can't download the .xo as well..
12:08 tries to figure out why
12:08 satellit_ OK how does that happen?
12:09 it was always listed as incomplete I think
12:10 http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tgillard/Surf-115.xo  is where I have it cached...
12:10 alsroot satellit_: got it, it is in inactive state
12:10 satellit_ but we use it in fedora Soas...?
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12:11 satellit_ ever since Browse would not work...
12:11 alsroot satellit_: you need to ping the person who uploaded it, http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]-US/sugar/user/55
12:11 satellit_ ok
12:11 thanks....
12:31 alsroot: e-mail sent (cc to you)
12:32 alsroot satellit_: thanks
12:32 satellit_ thank you ....
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14:31 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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14:40 cjl walterbender: SLOBS is 10 am eastern tomorrow?
14:40 erikos <erikos!~erikos@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:40 walterbender cjl: I think UTC 15 is 11 est
14:40 cjl ok
14:40 cjb (edt)
14:41 it is 10 est, or 11 edt, and we're in edt
14:41 cjl needs a watch set to zulu time, but doesn't wear a watch
14:42 cjb thanks for the chronometric clarification
14:44 walterbender Swatch had a watch that was settable to Swatch time at one point: UTC+1
14:45 I tried to get them to use 10000 HEX units per day so we could, for example, schedule a meeting at FACE
14:45 I
14:45 I'll meet you at the cafe at CAFE
14:46 cjl walterbender: The problem wit hthat is texting it by SMS would run badly afoul fo autocorrection :-)
14:47 all meeting would need to occur a cannonical dictionary times
14:48 icarito_web <icarito_web!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:48 raffael Hello! No meeting today?
14:48 cjl Although the ideas of meetings only lasting FACE to FACE has some appeal.
14:48 icarito_web hello raffael
14:48 cjl raffael: tomorrow for SLOSB
14:48 garycmartin walterbender: CAFE would be 51,966, so that's like 5 days at 10000 units per day :)
14:48 icarito_web cjl: walter's meeting reminder said today
14:49 cjl icarito_web: Yeah, I thought so too.
14:49 raffael Time stays at 15.00  UTC?
14:49 icarito_web it does I just checked
14:49 yes that's in 10 minutes, walterbender ?
14:49 walterbender garycmartin: 10000 is FFFF+1
14:49 raffael Thanks. See you tomorrow then.
14:49 walterbender icarito_web: 10 minutes plus 24 hours :P
14:50 icarito_web walterbender: you sent a meeting reminder about today
14:50 walterbender icarito_web: I got the day wrong in my reminder message, as was just pointed out to me today
14:50 garycmartin walterbender: ah #10000, I see :)
14:50 icarito_web ahh
14:50 walterbender: ok no problem
14:50 walterbender icarito_web: all the other correspondence about the meeting was for the 16th :{
14:50 icarito_web raffael: sorry for the confusino
14:51 cjl yes, icarito_web You shouldbe the one apologizing here :-)
14:51 icarito_web cjl: well in the name of the board ;-)
14:52 cjl No harm no foul,  I say
14:52 walterbender icarito_web: I already apologized on behalf of SLOBs -- it was my mistake entirely
14:52 icarito_web walterbender: np...
14:53 we haven't heard from paraguay, colombia or uruguay yet
14:53 do you have a contact for paraguay team, maybe I send a polite reminder?
14:53 i can ping pilar and gabriel for colombia and uy -
14:57 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d192-24-234-153.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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14:58 alsroot icarito_web: btw, you didn't share your code to gather usage statistics
14:58 icarito_web alsroot: ah yes, sorry about that
14:59 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-208-90-99-22.netflash.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:06 icarito_web alsroot: doing it now, one moment
15:26 SeanDaly <SeanDaly!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:40 icarito_web alsroot: here it is http://git.sugarlabs.org/recol[…]ar-datos/mainline
15:41 alsroot: as I said its not very polished but it was good enough for the job at the time
15:41 alsroot icarito_web: thanks, will look
15:41 icarito_web was designed for an older build 703
15:43 CanoeBerry I lost track of SLOBS meeting time/day, can anyone reconfirm?
15:45 alsroot CanoeBerry: it will be tomorrow at 15 UTC, the reminder walterbender sent has wrong date (the right one was announced in team reports email)
15:47 cjb CanoeBerry: hey, when're you back in town?
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15:51 cjl Hey CanoeBerry howya doing, or should I just track you on your mom's blog?
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16:06 alsroot icarito_web: dit I get it right, the program is for collecting logs?
16:08 icarito_web alsroot: yes the program had two separate requirements, collect logs from .sugar/default/logs and also collect journal usage
16:09 the usage scenario is a surveyor visits schools and runs the program from USB
16:10 the program may be installed in which case it runs from .xsession and collects logs in ~/.logger
16:11 CanoeBerry cjb & cjl: sorry i've been offline teaching at a mennonite school here in Canada -- yep that means they don't believe in computers but it's preparing me for Haiti next weeke nonetheless!
16:12 indeed, my mom's blog http://buildingaschool.org rambles on but it (and Nick Doiron's and others) will be more and more relevant to our Haiti school / projects in coming weeks :)
16:12 Mr_R has quit IRC
16:15 CanoeBerry Nevertheless i handed out lots of OLPC postcards at the Mennonite school, so the young Mennonite kids here in Canada will be running a classical pen-pal exchange (possibly with a scanner / OCR in the mix as George Hunt is planning in our volunteer-coordinated Haiti school this fall..)
16:16 cjb: wish I knew when I was back in Boston, I miss soccer/basketball/biking/etc bad!!
16:24 cjl walterbender: I was curious to know if you had any comments on the Translation Team report?
16:29 erikos has quit IRC
16:29 walterbender cjl: nothing specific.
16:29 cjl: in general, I think you guys are being held up by some infrastructure issues
16:30 cjl: I was speaking with Dogi about some of them yesterday
16:31 cjl Yeah,  Ithink dirakx needs back up on backend stuff.  I can restart apache by myself now, but I'm going to be slow about jumping headfirst into sysadminning.
16:31 Prima non nocere , first fo all do no harm  Hippocrates
16:32 It will definitely be need for the bracnching soon to come
16:33 As bernie has made his distaste for all thing Django clear,  Itry not to bother him with Poolte stuff.
16:33 But he has been very helpful, (while holding his noseI suspect)
16:34 He was very responsive in setting up the pootle-commits mailing list, whcih is oriving very useful to me.
16:36 I guess in an ideal world we would recruit another infrastructure person (who had an interest in maintaining Poolte). But giving someone heavy-duty sysadmin access requires high trust levels, whcih are only gained over time.
16:41 walterbender cjl: +1
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17:27 cjl So walterbender I'm doing a top-to-bottom review of glibc locales and what I'm finding is not really confidence building.  I'm writing it up to post to the glibc-bugs list, but I have concerns that the glibc master is extremely conservative and the answer given to people reporting problems is typically hash it out with the local maintainer.
17:28 What I am going to be doing is reporting hundreds of issues in a single comprehensive analysis and I'm not all that confident that they will take action on it.
17:29 I jsut hope the enormity fo their current "badness" shakes them out of their inertia and rote procedure.
17:29 It all started from looking at other locales as examles (templates) for Quechau. . .
17:31 is getting the sense that some yak's need shaving anyway.
17:35 walterbender cjl: and also presumably related to the problems I was bumping into last week with Ruler.
17:36 cjl Yeah, mising glibc locales need to be addressed.
17:37 But first there are yaks t obe shaved :-)
17:38 alsroot cjl: dirakx: are there problems w/ pootle administration?
17:44 cjl alsroot: We need to reinvigorate te hpoolte-helper scripts that used to automagically regnerate POTs
17:44 Then we have to repare for and execute on branching (soon)
17:45 We need to expand the addlangs.py script to cover more than Honey (in terms of creatign the sumlinks tha casue "commit" links to appear in Poolte for lang-admins.
17:46 alsroot cjl: I mean is dirakx busy w/ other stuff and dos not have enough time to work on pootle? I can rehash that stuff
17:46 cjl And ther are some jsut odd-ball problems tha need investigation.
17:46 alsroot: I'll let dirakx speak for himself, but I do think he has been busy.
17:47 Additional help would be welcome.  I can lay out some specific issues that should be relatively easy to address (e.g. addlangs), but have a high impact
17:49 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3054
17:49 alsroot cjl: ok, lets wait for dirakx to know how much time he has to work on pootle, if not match I'll take a look
17:50 cjl alsroot: That would be a great help.  I'll try to line up some other backend tasks with clear tickets.
17:51 Some are simply time investments like 3054.  Others will be trickier wit hiterative testijng.
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18:49 alsroot dirakx1: there is a backlog here for "dirakx" account
18:50 dirakx1 alsroot: srry?
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18:51 alsroot dirakx1: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]1-09-15#i_2692224
18:54 dirakx1 alsroot: bottom line, yes no-time, to work on pootle atm.
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18:55 dirakx1 alsroot: anyway, I'll try to give it more time.
18:56 alsroot dirakx1: could you give me access to pootle VM, so I can a look to the current issues
18:58 dirakx1 alsroot: sure send me your ssh-key
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