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#sugar-meeting, 2011-09-09

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13:05 Icarito-6f6e hi team
13:05 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, hi!
13:08 Icarito-6f6e serving breakfast
13:09 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, dirakx, alsroot quick meeting?
13:10 doesn't have a lot to discuss
13:10 alsroot is around
13:11 m_anish I guess silbe probably won't attend. (sugarcamp paris)
13:11 #startmeeting
13:11 meeting Meeting started Fri Sep  9 13:11:33 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:11 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
13:12 m_anish alsroot, any updates on SSK, platform bugfixes? :)
13:13 alsroot updated http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Server_Kit/1.1
13:14 Icarito-6f6e dirakx: you around?
13:14 m_anish alsroot, nice! looks promising.
13:14 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: yes I saw your announcement
13:14 m_anish alsroot, I guess we're on track with the bug-fixing as well, for the 19th Sep .au ones
13:15 alsroot, did the olidata machine reach you yet?
13:16 alsroot m_anish: I don't have it, I replied to Daniel that I need to pay 170$ to a broker to get it from the custom, but I don't have that money
13:16 Icarito-6f6e red'd statistics gathering I wrote some code last year
13:16 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: could you share your code
13:17 m_anish alsroot, ah! could you fwd that email to me as well, so I could track, and if need be arrange for the money
13:17 Icarito-6f6e yes it was meant to be gpld but since it was written in a hurry I did not have a chance to clean it up yet
13:18 i'll put it up in a repository today
13:18 it is meant to work with old images 767 but maybe you can get some ideas from it
13:19 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: will see
13:19 Icarito-6f6e i'm interested in this topic so I've added myself as watcher to the statistics ticket
13:20 m_anish alsroot, thanks, in general, just keep me in loop with non-tech conversations with uy/au :)
13:21 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: all impl details will be on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Usage_Statistics
13:30 Icarito-6f6e we're preparing a Sugar Camp in Lima for November
13:30 one of the goals will be to complete translations of Quechua and Aimara native languages
13:30 i have one question, how hard would it be for us to make a custom image that includes these translations?
13:31 this would be another goal
13:32 alsroot dunno nothing about how dx images are being built
13:34 Icarito-6f6e alsroot maybe you can help me build trisquel packages w/ translations then I can learn how to build an image of TOAST, that is not an immediate goal but would be really nice
13:35 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, you're talking abt OLPC build images?
13:35 Icarito-6f6e m_anish: yes building a dextrose image w/ new translations
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13:36 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, are those languages supported yet?
13:36 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: afaik, trisquel uses custom scripts to build iso. but if you will ask quidam on #trisquel-dev, I'll include your transaltion to Sweets Distribution packages and he will cook new images w/ toast
13:36 Icarito-6f6e alsroot, nice, thanks
13:36 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, fyi, we had thought about adding guarani to py build some time earlier, turned out it won't be the easiest thing
13:37 Icarito-6f6e m_anish: what is the hard part?
13:37 we'll coordinate teams to do the actual translation
13:38 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, I don't know many details either, but IIRC it was adding support for these languages itself...
13:39 Icarito-6f6e, perhaps bernie might know more
13:40 Icarito-6f6e ok, I understand pablo will be investigating what would be needed for this to happen
13:42 i'd like to follow dx3 dev, is there a repo, do we use jhbuild or sweets?
13:42 maybe I can contribute
13:42 also in testing activities with it
13:43 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, there's a osbuilder branch for dx3 for creating images...
13:43 Icarito-6f6e, for dx3 related plat development, I use jhbuild env (with custom patches on top of it)
13:43 (works on f14)
13:44 Icarito-6f6e guys thanks for your time, I don't know if you think these meetings are necessary but I find them informative and a good chance to share our work
13:44 m_anish dunno is alsroot has a sweets env or not :)
13:45 alsroot for now there are only 0.93(upstream trunk w/ initial sweets integration to the shell), 0.92.x (upstream 0.92 branch) and 0.88 (dx2)
13:46 Icarito-6f6e btw alsroot how do I invoke sweets / sugar-session ? "sweets sdk/sugar" says something about datastore .service file not available but emulator works?
13:47 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: you mean it doesn't work using http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/P[…]ts_from_X_session recipe?
13:48 Icarito-6f6e hmm I seem to have missed the step about adding .local/bin to the path
13:48 i'll write if it fails
13:49 thanks
13:49 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: there is no need in adding .local/bin if you already called `sweets upgrade`
13:49 Icarito-6f6e then it does fail
13:49 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: I didn't recheck if sugar ssions works, will do that
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13:56 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, alsroot endmeeting?
13:56 Icarito-6f6e ok, thanks to you both
14:18 m_anish #endmeeting
14:18 meeting Meeting ended Fri Sep  9 14:18:33 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:18 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-09T13:11:33.html
14:18 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-09-09T13:11:33
14:18 m_anish Icarito-6f6e, alsroot thanks
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