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#sugar-meeting, 2011-08-08

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15:21 icarito <icarito!~urk@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:30 m_anish meeting anyone?
15:30 meeting m_anish: Error: "anyone?" is not a valid command.
15:32 silbe lol
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15:37 m_anish silbe, /me doesn't really have much of an update, was mostly offline last 3 days... maybe you, dirakx icarito alsroot want to have a meeting? or we could have one next monday?
15:38 silbe m_anish: I don't have much of an update either (been mostly offline for three days as well), except that DX-3 still isn't fit for release. I've had a go at disabling mesh, but it didn't work.
15:38 alsroot doesn't have any news except that I'm following my plan for sugar server (and sweets) and is working w/ pyeduca for school server
15:39 dirakx m_anish: I'll preffer next mon, as we all are on track.
15:39 m_anish silbe, okay, did dextrose-platform help (for disabling after suspend)?
15:39 i guess we meet next week then :-)
15:39 dirakx icarito_web: around ?
15:39 icarito yes on call with pablo atm
15:39 silbe m_anish: there's no dextrose-platform package for DX-3 yet.
15:40 dirakx icarito ok let me know when you are finished.
15:40 silbe m_anish: but I took the patches from DX-2
15:40 m_anish silbe, the fc11 one should work, it just installs a shell script
15:41 silbe, i'll give it a go and let you know ... http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]2.fc11.noarch.rpm
15:46 icarito_web dirakx: ok just hung up
15:47 dirakx icarito_web: ok so I'm going to give-up maint for screencast. .. are you interested in maint ?.
15:48 icarito_web: is natural..cause you have been doing all the latest dev work.
15:49 icarito dirakx:  i did not know you were maint - give me privileges and I can upload changes
15:49 dirakx icarito will do.
15:51 icarito dirakx: not clear what is means giving up maint, I thought we were going for group-maintainership
15:51 icarito_web s/is means/it means
15:52 dirakx icarito_web: in the sense, that I wont be the ''first'' person, to respond.
15:54 icarito_web: so you will have to do changes and upload new bundles to aslo when possible.
15:56 icarito_web: ok just give you the rights on gitorious. you already have permissions on ASLO.
15:57 m_anish dirakx, ah! can you check this on a xo-1.5dx3 https://dev.laptop.org.au/issues/395?
15:58 dirakx m_anish: looking ;).
15:58 cjl icarito_web: Reached out to Sdenka who claims to have Aymara/Quechua L10n.  No response yet.
15:58 dirakx icarito_web: i'm not expecting too much changes on this activity..so wont' be too much work.
15:59 too many*
16:04 icarito cjl: yes i saw your email, havent heard from sdenka either
16:04 cjl: i think probably a part of the problem is the translation was initially done on paper
16:04 but she is probably the right person to ask, i'll try pinging her
16:05 dirakx: np i will upload next changes
16:05 dirakx icarito thanks.
16:05 alsroot silbe: btw, could you add doc.sl.o dns record
16:06 ..and point it to sunjammer
16:06 cjl icarito If it is on paper, she should PDF it and send it to me, I'll help wit htranscription
16:07 It won't be perfect, but having it in Pootl efor review before commit woukld be a win.
16:07 dirakx m_anish: just commented on the bug.
16:08 m_anish dirakx, thanks
16:13 silbe alsroot: done
16:14 alsroot silbe: thanks
16:16 tch <tch!~tch@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:25 silbe alsroot: yw
16:28 manuq has quit IRC
16:29 alsroot silbe: will create docs.sl.o bugs component to handle, eg, request to add new docs there
16:30 silbe alsroot: ok. please add a description if you can think of a useful one.
16:30 alsroot silbe: sure
16:30 silbe alsroot: thanks!
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16:52 alsroot silbe: btw, bugs' SL bar is outdated (not only for s/api/doc/)
16:52 is syncing his service w/ wiki
17:02 silbe alsroot: can you open a ticket to remind me, including anything you know that would help me update the bar?
17:06 alsroot silbe: hmm, no permissions to create new ticket in general queue
17:07 silbe: hmm, no permissions to view it, but looks like it was created
17:07 silbe alsroot: on bugs.sl.o I mean. I can't even log in to RT.
17:08 alsroot ok
17:08 silbe alsroot: thx!
17:26 cjl is now known as cjl_afk
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