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#sugar-meeting, 2011-08-04

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12:32 cjl_ Sorry, repeat last sentence my connection died
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14:21 cjl dirakx dirakx1 ping
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14:26 dirakx1 cjl: pong
14:26 gonzalo cjl, i did a suggestion to fa_AF
14:26 cjl dirakx1 hello,
14:26 gonzalo can you tell me if is correct?
14:26 cjl gonzalo: I will look
14:27 Pootle is very slow.  Can we do anything about that?
14:27 gonzalo i don't know if I wrote \n or n\
14:27 cjl, yes, is very slow, but i don't know what do
14:28 may be dirakx1
14:28 dirakx1 I cna restart the service
14:28 to seeif it helps
14:28 gonzalo good
14:28 cjl ok
14:29 closed Poolte windows
14:30 dirakx1 ... waiting .......
14:30 cjl So lets talk about a few other things while dirakx reboots pootle web-service
14:31 dirakx1 ok node.
14:31 done.
14:31 *
14:31 guys can you give me ten mins..?.
14:31 cjl I think going through all of the fructose and honey activities and re-gen POT is a worthwhile project
14:32 dirakx1 absolutely.  time is flexible
14:32 dirakx1 ok.
14:32 cjl or relative as einstein said
14:32 gonzalo cjl, i am reading http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Cjl/Honey_notes
14:32 in the section mangled pot files
14:32 cjl gonzalo: I think the TamTam rebase will solve a lot of issues
14:33 gonzalo yes
14:33 if the developer recreate the pot file and push it, we resolve the problem?
14:33 cjl The POTs tha thave fallen behind code-base will be fixed by re-gen POT, commit, "update from VCS" in Templates
14:34 gonzalo cjl, if you want, i can try with oficina
14:34 cjl It may introduce other problems, but at least the localisers will ahve the right strings to work on.
14:34 gonzalo: please do oficina
14:34 gonzalo what other problems?
14:35 cjl we did Pippy the otehr day
14:35 gonzalo: possible pootle-git connection issues (e.g. loss of commit links), but I am not sure.
14:35 re can restore commit links by runnning all_langs.py script
14:36 whatever issues it might cause are no worse than localizers not having current strings
14:36 and also more easily worked around
14:37 gonzalo cjl, i did "python setup.py genpot" but did not changed the pot file (only the header)
14:38 cjl hmmm, so no string changes o reven line location changes?
14:39 gonzalo nop
14:39 [gonzalo@aronax mainline]$ git diff po/Paint.pot
14:39 diff --git a/po/Paint.pot b/po/Paint.pot
14:39 index 613d964..e3dc6cf 100644
14:39 --- a/po/Paint.pot
14:39 +++ b/po/Paint.pot
14:39 @@ -8,10 +8,11 @@ msgid ""
14:39 msgstr ""
14:39 "Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
14:39 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
14:39 -"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-06-04 00:31-0400\n"
14:39 +"POT-Creation-Date: 2011-08-04 11:47-0300\n"
14:39 "PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
14:39 "Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
14:39 "Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
14:39 +"Language: \n"
14:39 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
14:39 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSET\n"
14:40 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
14:40 cjl gonzalo: I accepted and commited you suggestion.  Try log fa_AF file in git now
14:42 gonzalo cjl, ok, i will try again
14:43 cjl, grrrr, i did it wrong
14:44 cjl gonzalo: how so?
14:44 gonzalo cjl, i have files modified here working, but editing in pootle is different
14:44 cjl I'd like to get Poolt eright
14:45 Do you have them as full PO files?
14:45 I can do an upload with overwrite
14:45 gonzalo cjl, yes
14:45 cjl send them t ome by e-mail
14:45 gonzalo ok
14:45 cjl I'll save a copy of the original first
14:47 dirakx1 here
14:48 gonzalo cjl, sent
14:48 hola dirakx1
14:52 cjl gonzalo: the Po files have been uploaded and committed t ogit.  Test the git ones again please
14:52 One thing is tha Pashto still has prntf erros
14:54 gonzalo cjl, now setup build works
14:54 cjl gonzalo: ok, but I still think the printf erros need looking at.
14:55 I'll try t ofollwo up with fwolff on whether pofilter groks RTL printf
14:55 gonzalo ok
14:55 cjl, dirakx1, can w start the meeting?
14:55 cjl at least the build isn't breaking, even if some of the strings may be gibberish :-)
14:56 gonzalo: lead on
14:57 gonzalo cjl, i think we can do a list of topics we want to talk first
14:57 cjl, can you do it, please?
14:57 cjl Want to walk through http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Cjl/Honey_notes ?
14:58 not one at a time, but in groups
14:58 gonzalo ok
14:58 cjl http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]hind_code_changes
14:58 I think we fix that by regen POT re-commit and "update from VCS" in templates.  Just need t owork with maintainers
14:59 gonzalo cjl, can we start with calculate?
14:59 cjl Please
15:00 Many string fixes in calculate not in POT on Poolte
15:00 gonzalo ckl, you say we need do genpot in calculate?
15:00 cjl My plan is to keep track on that Fructose_git spreadsheet.
15:01 yes gonzalo needs regen fo POT and re-commit of POT changes
15:01 Then I go to Poolte Templates project and do "update from VCS"
15:02 gonzalo cjl, let me try here to see the difference
15:02 dirakx1 we can do the  updates manually while we can.
15:02 cjl When all activities in a project have been done, I go to each lang for tha tproject and do "update from templates"
15:02 dirakx1 while we fix the automated procedure.
15:03 cjl It is most impy that a good set of strings are in the hands of localizers for upcoming 0.94 release
15:03 Then we work on administrative efficiency
15:04 We hunt through sayamindu's dirs on dev.laptop.org and git.sl.o
15:04 maybe pester him again (in context of hooking up him and bernie on Poolte upgrade).
15:04 gonzalo cjl, dirakx1, let me stop one minute
15:04 cjl ok
15:05 gonzalo cjl, do we have a schedule for i18n now, right?
15:05 cjl for 0.94?
15:05 gonzalo yes
15:05 cjl looks for wiki page
15:06 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
15:06 One month until string freeze
15:07 gonzalo cjl, but this not apply to activities
15:07 we can try to send a message to activity developers to look at this
15:07 dirakx1 is only for core stuff right ?.
15:07 cjl gonzalo: not to Honey, but t oFructose.  Can touch ion "honey freeze" in a minute
15:08 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Cjl/11.3.0_notes1
15:08 First paragraphs and Action 1 talk about unofficial "honey freeze"
15:09 gonzalo cjl, dirakx1, i am thinking honey/fructose classification is not good anymore
15:09 dirakx1 gonzalo: +1
15:09 cjl Honey doesn't ever really freeze, but we can jsut ask devs and have same effect, with no technical enforcement
15:09 gonzalo: Yeah, but it does make some sense.
15:09 gonzalo ac and olpc ship almost the same activities
15:09 and we need freeze them
15:10 we need a frucose++
15:10 or anything like that
15:10 dirakx1 gonzalo: yep, we also have a roadmap that is in agreement with olpc, so we can work on the same deadlines.
15:10 cjl gonzalo: Is a big challenge when you do not turn over control to one person t oenforce
15:10 brb
15:10 gonzalo dirakx1 +1
15:11 bernie cjl: yes, me and sayamindu should really spend some time on pootle together
15:12 gonzalo dirakx1, cjl, may be we can purpose in the mailing list follow the schedule in the needed activities
15:12 hi bernie!
15:13 bernie, yes, but we need talk about the problems we found before changing all
15:13 bernie gonzalo: can you write a summary to systems@?
15:14 this will be my last attempt trying to make some sense of pootle.
15:14 if sayamindu and I working together can't get pootle to work properly, then we'd drop it for good.
15:15 cjl sighs
15:15 gonzalo bernie, ok, we will do, cjl and dirakx have more information
15:15 cjl, dirakx1, we have another task to do
15:15 cjl bernie I think a lot of the issues attributed t oPoolte are Sayamindu customizations tha break
15:15 dirakx1 gonzalo: +1.
15:16 bernie: thanks for dropping in
15:16 cjl They wer egood customizations and everyone thinks Poolte does them, but I think they are other scripts, not Poolte core
15:16 bernie cjl: hopefully
15:16 dirakx1: i'm in italy, btw
15:16 dirakx1 bernie: nice.
15:17 cjl bernie: fwolff (Poole core dev) told me that Poolte does not update POT files in repo.
15:17 evryone thinks Poolte is doing it, but it doesn't  I think that was a Sayamindu customization.
15:17 bernie cjl: why would one want to update the pot files from pootle??
15:17 cjl If we upgrade, we can get more help from #poolte folks
15:18 bernie everyone thinks Poolte controls regen of POT in git
15:18 it does not
15:19 bernie is taht clearer?
15:19 gonzalo cjl, and probably is a good idea
15:20 bernie cjl: ah, sure. i think regenerating pot files is the job of the maintainer, from time to time.
15:20 cjl Ther was some Sayamindu script that did that, but it seems broken now
15:20 bernie cjl:  invoking gettext directly
15:21 cjl bernie My main point is tha tsome of the frustrating problems that are being blamed on Poolte are not it's fault.
15:22 bernie cjl: actually, using xgettext
15:22 cjl I know ther was some upstream xgetext error tha was causing problems.  dirakx1?
15:22 bernie cjl: ah, i see. pootle also likes to crash every once in a while... that's entirely its own fault, i guess.
15:23 dirakx1 cjl: yep
15:23 is on our bug tracker.
15:23 cjl http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2696
15:24 bernie: the web-service hangs are Pooltes (or Django's) fault.
15:25 We are using the first Django rebase of Poolte.  Hoping that newer version is mor estable.
15:25 bernie cjl: i tried upgrading django some time ago, but the new release had some  API changes that broke pootle
15:26 cjl bernie I know you hate Poolte
15:26 We need Poolte new version and matching Django version
15:26 bernie cjl: yeah, i really do... and all django apps in general :-)
15:26 cjl bernie: I appreciate that and I thnk you on behalf of all of the localizers for the patience you have shown.
15:28 gonzalo bernie: manuq is a experience django developer, maybe he can help
15:28 cjl bernie: We are trying to take the burden off of you.  dirakx1 has really stepped up on dealing wit hthe web-service bounces.
15:29 bernie: I'm going to take another shot at ssh logging in so  Ican do mor ePoolt eserver-side support too.
15:30 I jsut don't want to do mor eharm than good, and I keep busy on the L10n community organizing front and via th ePoolte admin UI.
15:31 dirakx1 cjl: bernie gonzalo we might set a time for an upgrade..but first we have to fix the actual non pootle issues like, bad pots and all that.
15:31 gonzalo dirakx1: +1
15:31 cjl dirakx1 yes and "social engineering" process like "honey freeze" if any
15:32 gonzalo cjl dirakx1, yes
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15:32 cjl dsd has invited me t othe 11.3.0 planning meetings t ogive a voice to L10n issues.
15:32 That is what http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Cjl/11.3.0_notes1 is all about
15:32 So OLPC is looking at the same challenge as AC on Honey.
15:33 But for now I will settle for getting a full set of strings in front of every language
15:33 gonzalo cjl dirakx1, then we can agree in:
15:33 1) we need a freeze policy
15:34 bernie cjl, dirakx1: thank you guys
15:34 gonzalo 1) we need a freeze policy for activities too
15:34 2) we need redefine fructose/honey or a new group
15:34 ok?
15:35 cjl gonzalo and tha tdiscussion needs to go t osugar-devel list
15:35 alsroot gonzalo: what "freeze" means for activity developers?
15:35 gonzalo alsroot: string freeze to enable the translators to do they work
15:35 dirakx1 gonzalo: yep only that (1) should'n be forced.
15:35 cjl alsroot  Fructose is no more than a collection of activities, but it has a freeze
15:36 gonzalo dirakx1, yes
15:36 dirakx1 alsroot: it's only string freeze.
15:36 cjl alsroot: my thoughts on a "honey freeze are here  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Cjl/11.3.0_notes1
15:37 gonzalo there are another point related with this, and is documentation
15:37 alsroot gonzalo: cjl: my major point is that is mostly impossible (even for fructose) to have centralized releasing control. and its just not worth trying it. ie, translate.sl.o should be more flaxible, ie, not freezing activities but freezing particular versions (and let people code/release/whatever for the trunk)
15:37 cjl Ask for the social courtesy, don't sweat the technical enforcement
15:38 gonzalo alsroot, we can't enforce a centralized control, but we can suggest dates
15:38 cjl We are lookin gat imporving outcomes wit hcommunication not command and control
15:39 gonzalo cjl, yes
15:39 alsroot gonzalo: well, if translatre.sl.o will rely on having frozen activities (not its version), that will mean exactly forcing
15:39 cjl alsroot: translate.sl.o does no such thing
15:39 Templates can be updated at any time from git
15:39 alsroot cjl: I'm just reflecting on gonzalo's freezing proposal
15:39 gonzalo alsroot, is not about impose, is about communicate and coordinate better
15:40 cjl alsroot teh rpoposal is less an enforcement than a request for courtesy
15:40 The reality is tha tHoney activities do not move in concert
15:41 and tah key Honey activities go through spurts fo changes then stabilize
15:41 gonzalo but also is true, there are may be 10 developers working in this activities
15:41 cjl The idea is to avoid havign a spurt of changes jsut when people want to publish a version fo tha tactivity
15:41 gonzalo not many more
15:41 alsroot cjl: gonzalo: but once more, translate.sl.o should be reliable, ie, it is hard to manage activitites when not of them do the same (some have freeze some not)
15:42 cjl: ie, my idea is pointing pootle to particualar activities versions (frozen), not to trunk
15:42 gonzalo alsroot, mhh
15:42 alsroot, this will be very difficult to implement
15:43 alsroot gonzalo: but social issues is *much* more difficult
15:43 gonzalo alsroot, we can call it a "suggested froze"
15:43 alsroot, we can  try
15:43 cjl alsroot That is the artificial distinction between Fructose and Honey we discussed earlier.  Fructose does have frozen versions
15:44 gonzalo i think we can move from honey to fructose all the activities ac and olpc ship in our images
15:44 cjl I'm not sure we want to treat all Honey activities like Fructose
15:44 gonzalo we want have a quality control in these activities
15:45 cjl gonzalo: yes, ther is an emerging concept of a fructose + as you mention
15:45 but it is fuzzy and needs wider dioscussion wit hthe community on sugar-devel
15:45 gonzalo cjl, yes, ok, i will send a mail to sugar-devel
15:46 cjl alsroot does tah make sense t oyou?
15:46 gonzalo now we can continue with other topics
15:46 cjl We have a strategy for http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]hind_code_changes
15:46 we do the manual re-gen of POT and re-commit and update templates in Poolte.
15:47 alsroot gonzalo: but it will be exactly a try to centralized control, eg, if I'm an activity dev and releasing my activitiy every week and, if some people add it to its deployment and having transate.sl.o working only w/ trunk -- deployment will be *very* insistent to stop me releasing weekly versions -- ie, translate.sl.o should be more flexible to process only particular versions (that deployments use)
15:47 cjl We have a solution for TamTam (move t oalsroot branch and start over)  wit hmigration of strings
15:47 gonzalo cjl, if you want i can send you the regenerated pot files
15:48 cjl gonzalo: no, I do an "update from VCS", send me the names of activities you regen
15:49 alsroot: How is tha tdifferent from Fructose?
15:49 gonzalo alsroot, this will add branch management to every activity
15:49 alsroot cjl: all people are syaing that Fructose is following exactly centralized releasing model
15:49 cjl and Honey will not
15:49 alsroot gonzalo: why? particular tech decision might be different..
15:50 gonzalo alsroot, i can't see your point
15:50 alsroot eg, having pootle's repos
15:50 cjl alsroot w ear egenuinely not trying to inhibit developer's reedom here.
15:51 gonzalo cjl, then i must regen the pot files in the pootle server, right?
15:51 alsroot cjl: yup, I'm saying exactly for the same, but in my mind having not-trunk transation on pootle is exactly the way to let peopel free to code and have (some versions) pretty transalted
15:52 cjl gonzalo: just re-gen and commit t o git, I will take care fo Pootle Templates "update from VCS"
15:52 gonzalo cjl, ok
15:52 alsroot cjl: ie, we will have several stability levels, one for the code and one for transalation status and eg, deployments might choose what exat version to use (both values should be stable)
15:52 gonzalo cjl, i will try work with Gary in Calculate and Moon
15:53 cjl alsroot: except we would enforce tah every activity developer has a trunk and a non-trunk branch.
15:53 gonzalo alsroot, the perfect is the enemy of the good :)
15:53 alsroot, if we do this very difficult to follow, never will be implemented
15:54 alsroot cjl: i got me wrong, my idea is exaclty to give activity devs free to play, and move a tech stuff to translate.sl.o side (including managing code related to i18n)
15:54 cjl alsroot I think we need t otake the discussion ot long-fomr on sugar-devel.
15:54 alsroot, collaboration between devs and localizers is inescapable
15:54 if it is going to work
15:55 alsroot gonzalo: you got me wrong, in my mind having non consistent state for honey  (but good only for fructose) is not a good
15:55 and trying to force honey devs to follow centralized mode is not only bad, it is really bad
15:55 cjl alsroot I think we need to take the discussion ot long-form on sugar-devel.  Chat is too abbreviated
15:56 We are not trying to force honey devs t ofollow Sugar release chedule, jsut non at it.
15:56 gonzalo alsroot, look at this list http://wiki.laptop.org/go/11.3.0/Activities
15:56 in fact the developers and less than in the list
15:56 cjl We are not trying to force honey devs to follow Sugar release schedule, just nod at it and say a friendly hello.
15:57 gonzalo dirakx is maintaining a lot of the activities
15:57 dirakx1, can you put your name in the activities you maintain? http://wiki.laptop.org/go/11.3.0/Activities
15:58 alsroot, i think we can agree in a schedule useful for us
15:59 alsroot, cjl, changing topic, how is the work in tamtam?
15:59 are you planning do a release?
15:59 cjl alsroot: I think Gonzalo's point is that we are actually talking about a small group of people all of whom are pretty much invested in seeing activities get into releases
15:59 dirakx1 gonzalo: ok
16:00 cjl alsroot ahs made every POT tweak I've requested.
16:00 We may be waiting on Walter t ofinish Toolbars?
16:01 Making the TamTam switch will be a big win for L10n (thanks for the i18n work you did alsroot).
16:02 It will also close a lot of Poolte issues due to a less-than-perfect migration from d.l.o to git.sj.o
16:03 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:03 gonzalo dirakx1, can http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2694 be closed?
16:03 cjl alsroot do you know the status of walter's toolbars for tamTam?
16:04 alsroot cjl: if I got it right, it is ready for initial release
16:04 gonzalo alsroot, great!
16:05 dirakx1 gonzalo: iirc dsd did a re-gen of the pot and the typos are corrected..must check.
16:06 cjl gonzalo: Lets leave #2694 open until I have the POT updated in all langs
16:06 gonzalo cjl, ok
16:07 cjl So let's talk about tamTam switch.  I have a strategy for getting the strings migrated.
16:08 Is there any reason to treat tamTam as anything other than completely separate from tam-tam-branch until it is fully set up in Poolte?
16:08 They can both be in Poolte together during the transition.
16:09 lucian_ has quit IRC
16:09 cjl So we are really talking about a completely separate "activity" (that does exactly the same thing, with mostly the same code).
16:09 Soasv5-Coconut has quit IRC
16:10 cjl alsroot: Is Poolte a committer on tamtam
16:10 alsroot cjl: maybe just tweaking all .po manually, commit them and create new pootle project from scratch?
16:10 cjl: yup
16:10 cjl dirakx1 you need to add new tamtam to some .ini file right?
16:11 dirakx1 cjl: yes..i need to change the path.
16:12 cjl Then I upload the new POT to HoneyTemplates and then langs get "update from templates" t opick up the new PO, tehn I take care of getting the strings migrated.
16:12 dirakx1 leave them both in for a day or two,
16:12 dirakx1 cjl: o.k
16:13 cjl: btw what's the status on the armenian issue ?
16:13 cjl dirakx Poolte has no way fo confusing tamtam and tamtam-branch  they ar etotally seprate strings
16:13 dirakx1 cjl: yep.
16:14 cjl I will do the migration of tamTam as fast as possible, then after checking, make old PO fiels go away and commit new Po files.
16:14 Not sure, what is the current issue with lang-hy?
16:15 has a lot going on, having difficulty tracking it all
16:15 What happens when you try a lang-hy build
16:15 Does anythin gbreak?
16:16 dirakx1 i think gonzalo reported some problems on POTs of hy.
16:18 gonzalo dirakx1, yes, but i don remember them now
16:18 dirakx1 also there was a commit to VCS links missing..
16:19 gonzalo dirakx1, probably is a link missing too, right?
16:20 cjl dirakx1 we will need to run addlangs after you hook up new atmtam and I do the POT stuff
16:20 dirakx1 gonzalo: yep..
16:20 cjl: will do np.
16:21 cjl reviewing commit links
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16:21 cjl lang-hy Honey looks okay
16:22 no commit links in Fructose at all
16:22 or fructose 0.84
16:23 of glucose
16:23 dirakx1 does addlangs check thsoe as well?
16:23 http://git.sugarlabs.org/pootl[…]dmin/add_langs.py
16:24 dirakx1 cjl nop only honey :(.
16:24 cjl create addlangs2 ?
16:25 change line 24 ?
16:26 I think we need to go through '/var/lib/pootle/checkouts' by hand.  I suspect we may have some issues there
16:26 Just a guess, but that may be the source fo template mangling
16:27 Ther are activities tha have good POT in git, but the template keeps getting reset to a single string, even after repeated "upload with overwrite" to templates project
16:28 Some of those also give an error on trying a "update from VCS"
16:29 hmouse is one example
16:29 gogo is another
16:30 Gogo git was jsut re-configured to have /po at root level.
16:31 dirakx1 cjl:  yes we need to adapt add langs to include all the projects
16:32 cjl measure and ruler have no "update from VCS" in Templates
16:32 dirakx1 g oahead and run add langs now, we'll jsut run again later
16:32 I know it is slow as i tis a crawler
16:33 dirakx1 cjl:
16:33 ok
16:34 cjl Then I'll look at the honey template commit/update links again
16:34 Well we haven't gotten a whole lot covered, but I think we've made some progress
16:35 getting tamtam up will be a big win
16:37 I'm thinking we should wrap up for now, but schedule again soon.
16:37 unless anyone has anything specific.  We can continue via e-mail or jsut keep on hanging out here while we work on stuff and bring up anything that pops up.
16:38 gonzalo cjl, i am sending a mail to Gary now about Calculate /Moon
16:38 cjl gonzalo: good ask him to do the same with any of the activities he maintains.  Especiallty those on Fructose_git.ods
16:39 We need erikos t odo it for Glucose
16:39 gonzalo cjl, I don't know what is needed in Paint activity, but I think the problem is because we removed strings
16:39 cjl gonzalo: which lang?
16:39 Armenian?
16:40 gonzalo cjl, i said because http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]Mangled_POT_files
16:40 cjl let me try something
16:41 gonzalo cjl, but you are right armenian is breaking
16:41 cjl, the commented lines break
16:42 cjl Are we sur eoficina is pointing at SL version and not dev.l.o version?  An update from VCS gives me 66 words intead fo the expected 75
16:43 gonzalo cjl, why you expect 75?
16:45 cjl working on it
16:47 gonzalo cjl, there are 66 strings here
16:47 grep msgid po/Paint.pot | awk -F '"' '{ print $2 }' | wc
16:47 cjl do you have my Honey_word_count.ods spreadsheet?
16:48 I know ther ear e75 word versions of oficina Po in many langs
16:48 trying to diif the strings now
16:49 gonzalo cjl, remember we removed many strings... at your request :)
16:50 cjl :-S
16:50 gonzalo cjl, i need stop now, i will back in one hour, ok?
16:50 cjl k
16:50 I'll be around and I'll look inot oficina in the meantime
17:17 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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17:41 cjl gonzalo, something is not right.  Where is string "Pencil" in the git POT?
17:44 and "Fonts"
17:45 gonzalo cjl, let me see
17:53 cjl, hmm, there are not a POTFILES.in file
17:57 cjl,
17:57 cjl, ok, Fonts in the pot file, and Pencil is not because was commented the code
17:58 cjl, Paint does not ave a pencil anymore (was the same as the brush)
17:59 cjl gonzalo: okay, just running through code to confirm for myself that 66 is right and 75 is wrong
17:59 gonzalo cjl, ok
17:59 cjl Assuming otherwise was my mistake
17:59 Who ever heard of an actviity losing strings :-)
18:00 gonzalo :)
18:00 cjl I did find one thing though (please don't change yet).  Ther is Keep Aspect in toolbox and Keep aspect in widgets
18:00 A vs a
18:00 One msore string to lose
18:02 So "Stroke Color" went away?
18:02 And Text
18:03 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:03 cjl Why is _('Pencil') at line 256 of toolkit
18:04 doesn't look commented (unlike Points
18:05 pencil also defined at line 229 (not commented)
18:05 gonzalo: ^^
18:09 Okay, done looking.  Don't quite get why pencil isn't commented at lines 229 and 256, but I'm not a coder
18:09 gonzalo: Please harmonize "Keep Aspect" and "Keep aspect" and regn the POT, re commit.
18:12 gonzalo cjl, let me see
18:13 cjl, must i capitalize all? "Keep Aspect"?
18:14 cjl gonzalo: Your choice
18:14 gonzalo ok
18:14 cjl I would probably go with "Keep aspect ratio"
18:18 gonzalo cjl, i pushed "Keep aspect"
18:18 64 words now
18:18 cjl cool, I'll pull to templates in Pootle
18:19 When a few more activties are re generated, I'll update langs from templates
18:20 gonzalo cjl, can you fix the hy problem in Paint?
18:20 cjl gonzalo: let me try
18:30 gonzalo cjl, I have pushed the Infoslicer pot file
18:35 cjl working on paint-hy now
18:53 gonzalo: Try oficina lang-hy now
18:53 from git
18:53 I hand-rolled the template update and then needed to back fill some strings.
18:54 The translation of stamp may be iffy, but so it goes.
18:55 I woudl suggest having one fo the lang-hy localizers review it.  I can ask anush if you would like.
18:55 For jsut a few strings, it may not be worth worrying about given the lang-hy rush
19:00 gonzalo cjl, works, thanks!!!
19:04 cjl, about armenian in general, do you need anything from my part?
19:04 cjl, do you know if they will use 11.2.0 or 10.3.0?
19:05 cjl, do you know if they will use 11.2.0 or 10.1.3?
19:05 cjl gonzalo: ask reuben or martin_xsa
19:05 gonzalo ok
19:06 cjl, but the translations are already commited? i have a mail from Reuben asking to Rubina
19:09 cjl gonzalo: One of the things we really need is a better way of tracking commit status of translations
19:10 I've offered t oreuben to do it in an emergencey, but I do not like committing langs I cannot read.
19:11 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User[…].0_notes1#Action_.235_-
19:14 gonzalo: Chances are most of the completed PO files for lang-hy have NOT been committed
19:15 but we need a better way of finding out than going to the git repo for each and every PO file and looking at the commits for one that looks right
19:15 If Sugar Labs had a commits e-mail list like OLPC, that would be better.
19:15 gonzalo hmm
19:16 cjl I understand there is an RSS feed, but I do not use RSS feeds.  I have enough to read with what I find, let alone having a robot push stuff at me.
19:16 gonzalo yeah
19:16 cjl If you have a robot t oread the RSS feed,  Imight be interested :-)
19:16 gonzalo i will try do a little script here to check translated strings
19:17 cjl What I want is a dashboard
19:17 We had one once upon a time.  It was a sayamindu hack to Poolte, but it went away.
19:17 gonzalo cjl, we need a way to know if the strings are commited
19:18 right?
19:18 cjl I would like to find that hack and getit upstreamed.
19:18 gonzalo: a) Have strings been committed (show check mark), if change since last commit (show X mark).
19:19 Two parts.  Commit and change since commit
19:19 That was the hack Sayamindu had made, although I di not think it was perfect
19:20 gonzalo: This was displayed next to list of PO files yo usee when at the project level.
19:20 gonzalo ok
19:20 cjl, Reuben replied the mail
19:20 you are cc
19:21 cjl I'm not sure he had all conditions exactly right
19:21 .me looks
19:21 gonzalo: anush is still working, but maybe I should do a run of commits to have something, even if it needs t obe done again
19:22 gonzalo cjl, good
19:23 cjl BTW the commit links are only there for Honey.  We need dirakxto modify add_langs.py script to handle other projects too
19:23 It is always possible to go to Armenian (at project level) and download a zip of the project dir.
19:23 If you are doing builds pointing at local copies, that would be good enough
19:24 Can't commit etoys
19:24 no links
19:26 Can't commit fructose, fructose84, glucose, glucose 0.92
19:26 Can commit honey glucose 0.84 and OLPC softwre
19:28 gonzalo: dirakx1 look at thsi repo  http://git.sugarlabs.org/pootle
19:29 especially this commit  http://git.sugarlabs.org/pootl[…]cae5a83b3c3bfec40
19:31 gonzalo cjl, hmm, interesting :) you must send this to Bernie
19:47 dirakx1 cjl: yep this could be affected by a prevous upgrade
19:51 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:10 cjl dirakx1 this seems to have Pootle 2.0.0 and TT 1.5.0  , but  http://translate.sugarlabs.org/about.html says we are running Pootle 2.0.1 and TT 1.7.0
20:10 I'm not sure this repo has what we are currently running.
20:11 but it does appear t ohave the commit status hack I would like t osee in the upstream
20:11 In two commits the one I link above and a follow-up correction commit.
20:12 I'm also nto convinved the status hack was perfect.  I seem to recall some odd results from it at times (before it went away)
20:13 dirakx1 cjl: is there a ps lang ?
20:16 lucian_ is now known as lucian
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20:44 cjl dirakx1 lang-ps = Pashto
20:44 tch <tch!~tch@mail.paraguayeduca.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:44 dirakx1 cjl: thanks.
20:45 hmm there are some error with a template of that lang :(
20:45 cjl We try t ouse ISO 639-2 unless we need ISO 639-3
20:46 dirakx1 templates?
20:46 I know they have many printf errors
20:46 point me t osomethin gspecific
20:46 dirakx1: gonzalo and I fixed a lang-ps problem this morning
20:47 dirakx1 cjl: I'm not able to find the specific error now.
20:47 cjl: I'll grab it and tell you later.
20:47 cjl dirakx1 I'm not able to find the specific solution now. :-)
20:48 dirakx1 cjl: ok np.
20:48 it just to have it mind
20:48 cjl dirakx1 I know lang-ps has issues
20:49 I've spoken to Mike Dawson from Paiwastoon and they are apparently gearing uor for a new round of L10n, possibly Ubuntu.  he said he would get them to look at Sugar when they get going.
20:51 dirakx1 cjl: interesting.
20:51 cjl Both Dari and Pashto need work and the localizers need to be provided by OLPC Afghanistan contacts (or the 101st Airborne Regiment)
20:51 dirakx1 we have to solve those issues.
20:51 cjl I'm not going over there to find localizers. . .
20:52 dirakx1 cjl: :)
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