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#sugar-meeting, 2011-07-23

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04:23 adborden m_anish: you available?
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13:51 dirakx2 Hi all.
13:53 icarito <icarito!~urk@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:58 icarito good morning all
13:58 dirakx2 meeting time aproaches.
13:58 meeting dirakx2: aproaches.
13:59 dirakx2 icarito: morning.
14:02 m_anish: icarito silbe alsroot yama jvonau ready for meeting ?.
14:03 alsroot hi all
14:03 icarito has quit IRC
14:03 dirakx2 hi alsroot
14:03 silbe is there
14:04 m_anish dirakx2,  yep (sorry for being late)
14:04 dirakx2 m_anish: np.
14:06 I think yama is afk ?.
14:06 we can start now, and wait for him, i guess ;).
14:06 #startmeeting
14:06 meeting Meeting started Sat Jul 23 14:06:49 2011 UTC. The chair is dirakx2. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:06 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:06 icarito_web <icarito_web!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:07 dirakx2 ok before general updates we can start with I guess same topics last week for example dx3 status ?.
14:08 maybe silbe can talk about that ?.
14:09 icarito <icarito!~urk@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:09 dirakx2 later we can talk about AU-AC status if yama or jvonau have any comments or topics to raise.
14:10 and then we can finish with updates.
14:10 m_anish dirakx2, +1
14:10 dirakx2 ok.
14:10 silbe: can you start on dx3 status ?.
14:10 silbe dirakx2: sure. set the topic :)
14:11 dirakx2 #topic dx3
14:12 silbe and anish have decided to delay the DX3 release for a few days to port the remaining DX2-only patches and fix the worst bugs.
14:13 dirakx2 silbe: is there a timeline somewhere just to be aware ?.
14:13 silbe On Tuesday I've met with a friend and his daughters to do some testing. We found quite a few bugs, though a large portion isn't DX specific.
14:13 dirakx2: the time line is "ASAP" ;)
14:13 dirakx2 silbe: o.k
14:13 icarito_web it's done when it's done :-)
14:14 m_anish yah, we want to release ASAP as of now :)
14:14 silbe I'd appreciate if everyone could help testing.
14:14 dirakx2 silbe: m_anish sure.
14:14 icarito_web:  and I can help on testing. I guess.
14:14 m_anish silbe, +1, I have one xo-1 now, but everyone testing would surely help "more eyeballs=shallow bugs"
14:15 silbe If a 3 year old can find bugs, you can, too :-P
14:15 m_anish: right before the test session my second XO-1.5 died :-/
14:15 dirakx2 the problem there is that we can also trigger unexpected bugs. :).
14:15 icarito_web i'm still xo-less
14:16 dirakx2 have we got any contributors meetings lately ?.
14:16 m_anish silbe, aw, too bad,  I have 2 xo-1.5's with me as well, both of which are dead
14:16 dirakx2 re: having new xo's.
14:16 silbe m_anish: ouch. What are the symptoms?
14:17 On mine only the EC is working. Display and main serial port remain blank resp. silent.
14:17 m_anish silbe, well one had overheating problems, and now just refuses to start, I'm figuring out what the problem with the second one is, but have limited tme
14:18 dirakx2 #action dirakx2 should ask a contributors request for XOs (# to be determined)
14:18 silbe m_anish: yeah, I need to limit repair time as well :-/
14:18 icarito has quit IRC
14:18 m_anish dirakx2, one xo-1.5 for me :) pls
14:19 silbe #action silbe to publish new patch sets (fixing at least the Feedback device icon bug)
14:19 dirakx2 m_anish: I'm thinking 3 xo-1.5.
14:19 one for you silbe and icarito_web.
14:19 silbe m_anish: can you handle the distro side (updating the spec files, doing a new build)? Or should I continue to do that for DX3?
14:20 m_anish silbe, if you can do that till dx-3, it'd be great, i'll take over for dx12
14:20 icarito_web silbe: were there plans to make the image bootable in virtualization?
14:20 silbe dirakx2: no XO-1.5 for me for now. I've still got the second one (the one I use every day) and am going to request XO-1.75s soon.
14:21 dirakx2 silbe: oh o.k
14:21 silbe icarito_web: I've done some work on it, but got stuck with a segfault in the initrd during pivot_root (see olpc-devel archives). :-/
14:21 m_anish: ok
14:21 dirakx2 silbe: /me want an xo-1.75 also :).
14:21 silbe dirakx2: who doesn't ;)
14:21 dirakx2 haha.
14:22 silbe ARM, Pixel Qi display, touch screen, water resistant keyboard, ... :D
14:23 jvonau you can put me down for an xo-1.75 too. :)
14:23 silbe if just the display were twice the size (resp. four times the area)...
14:23 ok, back on topic
14:24 #action silbe to do a new build with the updated patch sets
14:24 #action all others with XOs to help testing the new build
14:24 dirakx2 +1.
14:24 m_anish silbe, +1
14:25 jvonau +1 I'll have a look also.
14:25 silbe m_anish: can you port the mesh disable hack to DX3, please?
14:25 jvonau: great, thanks!
14:25 m_anish silbe, ok i will
14:26 silbe m_anish: thx.
14:26 m_anish #action m_anish port mesh disable hack to dx3
14:27 dirakx2 are there anymore dx3 items to talk about ?.
14:28 silbe I think that's it for now. We might need help fixing the bugs, but first we need to discover them.
14:28 dirakx2 silbe: ok sounds fine.
14:28 moving to other topic then.
14:29 #AC-AU status.
14:29 jvonau: do you have any items to talk about regarding our workflow with you guys ?.
14:29 or any other issue ;).
14:30 silbe dirakx2: #topic ?
14:30 jvonau think things are a little fresh to have any issues yet.. ;)
14:30 dirakx2 #topic AC-AU status.
14:31 jvonau: o.k. I guess in the activities front overall workflow is set up.
14:32 jvonau dirakx2: yes I think so.
14:32 dirakx2 also we have our mondays calls to talk about specific things.
14:32 jvonau yes,
14:33 dirakx2 m_anish: do you have anything to add or still the process is too fresh as jvonau says?.
14:33 m_anish dirakx2, nah, just that, I've started responding to some of the tickets yama or jvonau mark me on, but no actual code yet
14:33 dirakx2 m_anish: ok sounds good.
14:34 icarito_web: anything to add giving that you are also on that call ?.
14:35 icarito_web just that we've commited to responding within 2 days
14:35 dirakx2 I think we can share experiences as we go by. time and devil is in the details.
14:36 icarito_web and there is a question pending about who their support staff should have to contact to escalate
14:36 to get this response
14:36 dirakx2 icarito_web: yeah that's important, always have that 48 hours to respond to specific requests from AU.
14:36 icarito_web we need to be ready to triage that queue in time
14:37 silbe the 48h is for any response, right? Not response from a particular person? 'Cause I can't promise I'll always be able to satisfy that requirement.
14:37 dirakx2 silbe: +1.
14:38 icarito_web i'm ocasionally in the field where I may not be that responsive either so maybe we need something like an RT / roundup queue?
14:38 dirakx2 silbe: it is for any response, saying we are looking at it in this # bug for example.
14:38 silbe dirakx2: ok, good.
14:38 no RT, please. It's awful to work with (or at least it was for me so far).
14:39 dirakx2 jvonau: do you have a solution in plce for suport requests ?. (just curious). ;).
14:40 icarito_web silbe: i agree
14:40 silbe: but roundup sounds like it could be much better
14:40 (you can use it all over email)
14:40 http://roundup.sourceforge.net/
14:41 dirakx2 icarito_web: my fear is that we are going to end using too many services..
14:41 silbe icarito_web: ok, that would be a start (not being forced to use a web interface)
14:41 dirakx2 although I guess necessary.
14:42 icarito_web silbe: +1 web is annoying - especially over an "interesting" 3g link
14:42 silbe icarito_web: +5 :-/
14:42 m_anish dirakx2, silbe , there's already an email chain for this, should we continue this over that? icarito_web (i'll cc you)
14:42 dirakx2 m_anish: +1.
14:43 icarito_web +1
14:43 jvonau depends on the request, I'll assign the bug, you'll get an email from redmine is what I think should happen.
14:44 icarito_web silbe: in fact I'm experimenting with a decentralized bug tracker in websdk
14:44 dirakx2 jvonau: so you will be the ''proxy'' of the support team ?.
14:45 silbe jvonau: is there a redmine account for team@ ? Otherwise we'd be hard pressed to always reply within 48h (see above). Otherwise this sounds good to me.
14:45 jvonau dirakx2: yes for now.
14:46 dirakx2 jvonau: o.k
14:47 m_anish jvonau, yama also said Jerry (the local person onsite the deployment) would also be sending emails IIRC (but this is a detail that can be worked out)
14:47 jvonau I can add anybody as watchers in the issues. what i need is who should get assigned which bugs and who should be a second, third contacts.
14:48 dirakx2 silbe: for now we are working assigning bugs to individuals, but @team seems better. then we can triag and add cc's (watchers) and third contacts.
14:48 silbe probably m_anish for Glucose and dirakx2 + icarito_web for activities?
14:49 dirakx2 silbe: or that..;).
14:50 jvonau or I can just add "the team" anybody can respond and remove the un-needed watchers.
14:50 silbe and CC'ing me as upstream developer on the Glucose bugs so I can state early on whether the proposed solution is likely to make it upstream or not.
14:50 dirakx2 jvonau: seems better to me.
14:51 silbe how about we assign to team, but CC the individuals that are likely to work on the issue?
14:51 dirakx2 jvonau: m_anish silbe  anyway we can talk of this in our next meeting.
14:51 m_anish silbe, that was what i stated (in the mail chain ;-) )
14:52 silbe m_anish: ah, ok.
14:52 dirakx2 ok,.
14:52 jvonau +1
14:52 m_anish silbe, that'll be the most low latency(while still delegating proper ownership, to the person cc'ed)
14:52 silbe m_anish: +1
14:53 dirakx2 m_anish: +1.
14:53 ok I think we can move on to next topic.
14:54 m_anish dirakx2, yep
14:54 dirakx2 o.k
14:54 #topic updates
14:55 I think we are all on the same track as last week, but if anyone has to say something in particular for everyone to know that would be awesome.
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14:56 dirakx2 e.g specific advances and so on..
14:56 icarito_web <icarito_web!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:57 icarito_web silbe: do you know of an implementation of http over stream tubes?
14:57 implementing collaboration for websdk
14:57 silbe icarito_web: sorry, I didn't quite get that...
14:58 icarito_web i have an http service I'd like to share over sugar collaboration
14:58 i gather I need to set up telepathy stream tubes
14:59 I just thought maybe you or someone would be aware of an implementation i can study
14:59 silbe icarito_web: sorry, I'm still not into Telepathy. Maybe Robot101 on #sugar might help.
14:59 icarito_web thanks
15:00 dirakx2 ok, any other topics you might one to share ?.
15:00 silbe upstream would like to remind you that you should use Sugar yourself, preferably the latest git version. ;)
15:01 icarito_web is a sugar user
15:01 dirakx2 silbe: truth I for example don't use latest in git. I use an stable version. 0.88.
15:02 so o.k I think we can end-meeting now.
15:02 m_anish hmm, from the platform side, I have a couple of things I'd like people to think about (generally) and come back with suggestions if possible.... (1) dx-12 formal roadmap (2) dx-12 feature list (3) dx-12 development goals (largely influenced atm by .au objectives IMHO) ... I would ideally like to come up with rough drafts for the same within 2 weeks.
15:03 dirakx2, eot :)
15:03 silbe m_anish: a lot of that will depend on the number of devs that will work on those.
15:03 m_anish silbe, +1
15:03 dirakx2 3..
15:03 2..
15:03 1..
15:03 #endmeeting
15:03 meeting Meeting ended Sat Jul 23 15:03:53 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:03 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-23T14:06:49.html
15:03 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-07-23T14:06:49
15:03 silbe m_anish: there are several important things to work on for DX-12, but with the current number of devs I fear we can't implement them.
15:04 almost :-/
15:04 m_anish silbe, working on it :)
15:04 dirakx2 :)
15:05 thanks everyone.
15:05 m_anish dirakx2, thanks!
15:06 icarito_web xdg launching of regular linux apps and better gnome integration would be in my wishlist
15:06 x
15:06 xdg -> standard
15:06 dirakx2 m_anish: sorry I'm not too adjusted to chairing ;). anyway I tried.
15:06 m_anish dirakx2, you did great, :) thanks!
15:06 dirakx2 m_anish: yw.
15:09 dirakx2 is now known as dirakx_afk
15:09 silbe icarito_web: that's probably something we should work on upstream rather than downstream
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