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#sugar-meeting, 2011-07-05

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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14:13 icarito dirakx, ping
14:27 dirakx icarito: pong o.k
14:28 icarito ok
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17:24 dirakx icarito: ping
17:25 reunion con flavio a las 18 hora uy.
17:26 icarito dirakx, ok, eso es gmt-2?
17:27 dirakx icarito: es a las 4pm hora nuestra. osea 16. ellos estan gmt-3 creo.
17:31 icarito ok
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20:59 dirakx icarito: puedes setear skype ?
20:59 o mejor por Irc ?.
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21:05 meeting * flavio-es has joined
21:06 * flavio nick changed to Guest70680
21:07 <dirakx-es> Hello Guest70680
21:07 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:07 meeting <dirakx-es> Guest70680 = Flavio
21:08 <Guest70680-es> hello
21:08 <dirakx-es> ok wait for Icarito
21:08 <Guest70680-es> another says there is already so I'm guest70680 flavio
21:08 <Guest70680-es> from 90 to not go to irc
21:11 <dirakx-es> flavio-u can get;)
21:12 <Guest70680-es> as it is?
21:13 <dirakx-es> / Nick-u flavio
21:15 * Guest70680 nick changed to flavio-uy
21:15 <flavio-uy-es> ok
21:16 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: While I am trying to contact Icarito.
21:24 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: hmm there's no sign Icarito. : (.
21:24 <dirakx-es> Top it 10 minutes more.
21:24 <flavio-uy-es> ok
21:24 <flavio-uy-es> I'm still here
21:24 <flavio-uy-es> I'm writing a couple of things while.
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21:28 meeting <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: ok.
21:33 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: ok we think we can start.
21:33 <flavio-uy-es> ok
21:34 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: I want to know what plans you have for this week, what I saw was well under way.
21:34 <flavio-uy-es> Well, the activity has 3 possible views.
21:35 <flavio-uy-es> Venn diagram
21:35 <flavio-uy-es> in table
21:35 <flavio-uy-es> and mood game
21:35 <flavio-uy-es> the venn diagram view is the basis of all activity because it is the hardest.
21:35 <flavio-uy-es> it is finished.
21:36 <flavio-uy-es> but to extend it to give you the functionality you want because what is now fully automatic.
21:36 <flavio-uy-es> the user can only add and delete items.
21:36 <flavio-uy-es> and they are grouped alone.
21:37 <flavio-uy-es> table view equals only changes the manner of presentation.
21:37 <flavio-uy-es> so that interactivity will be provided through the game mode.
21:37 <flavio-uy-es> Here you can do many things.
21:38 <flavio-uy-es> I thought now define all possible sets for the diagram.
21:38 <flavio-uy-es> now have even-odd-prime-compounds, neither prime nor composite.
21:39 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: the definition we can give the users (in this case teachers).
21:39 <flavio-uy-es> I was thinking of adding functionality to give multiples of ...
21:39 <flavio-uy-es> and the user adds the number.
21:40 <flavio-uy-es> but I see a lot more thing to add this view.
21:41 <flavio-uy-es> request to export the image, which is also an extension to do.
21:41 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: ok, users have to give us a document filled with the specific requirements of the activity, this will talk to the people of AU.
21:41 <dirakx-es> now it's always good to have clear requirements and adhere to them.
21:42 <flavio-uy-es> Yes, I imagined the activity and did but you may need to make changes.
21:42 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: perfect.
21:42 <flavio-uy-es> As I like how it goes.
21:42 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: when you upload the code to git?.
21:43 <flavio-uy-es> In a few days, let me make the package so you can try xo in xo.
21:43 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: perfect.
21:43 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: encuenta keep the compatibility with sugar-0.84
21:44 <flavio-uy-es> I do not think there are problems with how it is made.
21:45 <flavio-uy-es> At the moment I can assure you that the activity will be done on time and I do not think they ask for requirements vary too much from what I did.
21:45 <dirakx-es> ok so this week send me the xo? weekend and climb to git?.
21:46 <flavio-uy-es> attempt.
21:46 <dirakx-es> well.
21:46 <dirakx-es> I think a good plan so far.
21:47 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: Icarito wanted you to meet, but not online. : (. Must have connectivity problems.
21:47 <flavio-uy-es> he is Silva?
21:47 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: git on that I can help if necessary
21:47 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: if
21:47 <flavio-uy-es> I've seen the charts.
21:48 <flavio-uy-es> git see you later, I have not given much importance to that, this week got a lot in the code.
21:48 <dirakx-es> I think so should be the order of priority 100% agreement.
21:49 <dirakx-es> git it is so we can collaborate and / or view the code.
21:49 <flavio-uy-es> I can pass you the last capture.
21:50 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: ok dale
21:51 <dirakx-es> sip
21:53 <flavio-uy-es> you go to the central ACTIVY mail
21:55 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: thanks. with the idea that developed by Developed at me and looks good, but I think those comments quedeberiamos let alone in the code is not in the interface.
21:55 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: but beyond that I think it's perfect
21:56 <flavio-uy-es> Ok, I thought to make a loading screen activity with the logo of central activity but no logo.
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22:01 meeting <flavio-uy-es> Rafael, as is the subject of contract pay and others?
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22:08 meeting <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: you're on the payroll. ie you will have your monthly payment.
22:08 <flavio-uy-es> Yes, but how they do it?
22:09 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: in terms of the contract, we must look with david, .. in fact I still have not signed as such a papael david's is designing.
22:09 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: per inmate can send me your No account?
22:09 <dirakx-es> and you luggage from the outside.
22:10 <flavio-uy-es> ok, you pass it by mail?
22:10 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: That's right:) thanks.
22:10 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: about the logo, we must also consult with the client.
22:12 <flavio-uy-es> ok, last, make it easier to add.
22:13 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: OK.
22:13 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: ok you do not want to take more time, anything that I can help you to order.
22:14 <flavio-uy-es> Rafael not tell me honestly what you think you spent in the activity.
22:14 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: Wait. Xo;)
22:14 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: in my opinion is wrong.
22:14 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: hopefully go with the client defining a workflow.
22:15 <dirakx-es> to be corrected, or adding things.
22:15 <flavio-uy-es> Teambox not use to coordinate the projects? is very good, you can ease the task.
22:16 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: I have not reviewed.
22:16 <flavio-uy-es> https://teambox.com
22:17 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: looks good.
22:17 <dirakx-es> I will use
22:18 <dirakx-es> wow:)
22:18 <flavio-uy-es> It's good because you can upload files, images and specify tasks and set up a work schedule, etc, has everything.
22:18 <dirakx-es> thanks, this super
22:18 <flavio-uy-es> well, do not bother you again, let me know anything.
22:19 <dirakx-es> flavio-uy: dale ok I will play Teambox
22:19 <flavio-uy-es> ok
22:19 * flavio-uy has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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