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#sugar-meeting, 2011-05-28

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14:20 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:22 icarito hello
14:34 alsroot, how can I get access to aslo testing or dev instance to try and help with it?
14:35 should I clone the sources and start a local instance and send patches?
14:35 i'd prefer not to have to install it on my machine if there's a dev instance
14:36 alsroot icarito: yup, there is activities-devel account on sunjammer, let me add you there
14:37 icarito let me know how I can hack on it without stepping on anyone's toes :-)
14:37 alsroot icarito: done, relogin and try `sudo -i -u activities-devel`. it is entirely separate instance (we have -testing as well)
14:38 icarito who do I ask for deploying when I've done some changes?
14:38 do I send a patch to list?
14:39 alsroot icarito: but since we have to switch to the new amo code base, I did last changes in production brunch directly (but it is not pulled on production env)
14:40 icarito: so I've added you to activities-testing, it uses production git repo. do/test your changes there
14:40 icarito ah ok np
14:40 alsroot icarito: only me coded ASLO, so there is no huge need to spam on sugar-devel@
14:41 icarito: send it to activities@
14:41 *CC
14:41 icarito alsroot, ah perfect I'm on that list
14:42 alsroot icarito: activities@ is not a list, but yes, would be useful to CC to the list only, aslo@
14:42 icarito: also, as I said, there is a commit to production (now on -testing) w/ licence checks. it is not yet in production env
14:46 icarito ah ok thanks
14:48 silbe, finally I got pyxpcom and hulahop crazyness working on my sugar-jhbuild
14:48 silbe icarito: which distro is that?
14:49 icarito trisquel 4.1
14:49 so now I'd like to try [PATCH PoC sugar v2] add "favourites" view for XDGapplications"
14:49 silbe icarito: that's an Ubuntu derivative, right?
14:50 icarito yes based on lucid
14:50 4.5 is based on maverick I think, but I'm using LTS
14:50 silbe icarito: nice. How did you do it? Compile python-xpcom and hulahop in sugar-jhbuild?
14:52 icarito I downloaded latest version from mozilla repo, then build based on my xulunner (had to give it a parameter of path for SDK). Then I had to get Hulahop to find it so I looked at the manifest of debian package for python-xpcom and put libs/headers in same locations...
14:52 i should have scripted it to be able to reproduce it
14:53 hulahop I built from sugar-jhbuild
14:53 I looked at how alsroot is doing sweets since he got pyxpcom to build on my machine in the first place
14:53 silbe icarito: take a look at the config/modules in sugar-jbhuild, it should have the recipes for python-xpcom still in it. You could tweak them to build the latest version.
14:58 icarito silbe, good idea to have a NMU process.
14:59 we need to have clear guidelines for activities developers
15:00 silbe icarito: we discussed it some time ago already (on #sugar), but I forgot to post to sugar-devel back then.
15:02 icarito it was not clear to dirakx and I about releasing browse 122 for instance
15:06 silbe icarito: yeah, you reminded me about it ;)
15:07 icarito aslo not showing release notes made it worse I think
15:08 silbe icarito: so it was a bug in a.sl.o rather than the uploader forgetting to add the notes?
15:09 satellit_gn3 <satellit_gn3!~satellit@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:12 icarito thats my understanding from the thread
15:13 we were trying to upload for a while and a bug prevented us from doing it then alsroot uploaded it, maybe he knows?
15:13 alsroot icarito: yep, thats the bug. I'm going to take a look today..
15:15 silbe ok. alsroot, thanks for looking into it.
15:16 bernie lurks
15:17 icarito alsroot, I'll familiarize myself a bit with aslo so maybe we can work together on where to take it
15:17 I don't promise many patches atm i'm considering posibilities
15:18 silbe bernie: do you know what's up with dfarning? Shouldn't the AC meeting have happened an hour ago?
15:18 bernie silbe: i don't know...
15:19 alsroot icarito: you can enable DEBUG on -testing, in ~/site/app/config/config-local.php. to trigger the bug you need to upload Browse w/ setting release notes on oploading page, the same upload will be fine if nothing was changed
15:19 bernie alsroot: aren't you in the same place?
15:19 alsroot thinks dfarning is sleeping right now
15:20 icarito: and look to apache error log
15:22 icarito ah ok is it in /var/log/apache2? I dont have access there
15:23 I can't find error log in activities-testing ~/ either
15:24 alsroot, you staying in paraguay for a while?
15:24 hope you are enjoying it
15:27 alsroot, btw I'm having some problems with my sweets 0.92
15:28 sugar starts but shell has errors and I don't see neighborhood or journal
15:28 alsroot, http://fpaste.org/B2gE/
15:28 RafaelOrtiz reading
15:30 bernie silbe, alsroot, icarito: i also have trouble waking up on saturday mornings for the meeting... shall we move it to a more convenient time?
15:30 like, for example, 1600 UTC (1200 EST)
15:32 RafaelOrtiz Wathever time is good for me.
15:32 silbe bernie: 16 UTC (18 CEST) is fine with me. Anything later would be suboptimal because we tend to have long conversations after the meeting.
15:32 alsroot icarito: I've put error logs to data/ directory
15:32 bernie: fine for me
15:35 icarito: whats your xapian version
15:37 icarito hmmm current meeting time is kind of perfect for me...
15:38 ii  libxapian15    1.0.18-1       Search engine library
15:38 ii  python-xapian  1.0.17-1ubuntu Xapian search engine interface for Python
15:40 i'm -1 on changing the time to 16 as it collapses all saturdays
15:44 alsroot, I can try to upload xapian if you think
15:44 alsroot icarito: looks like I used new xapian API, you can disable sweets code in shell by commenting out sweets.init in bin/sessions.py. I'll add new xapian via sweets so if there is a lack of recent versions it will be used
15:46 icarito ok good then we're catching version dependencies glad to be of help
15:46 :-)
15:47 alsroot, can't find bin/sessions.py - in what package?
15:47 ah session.py
15:48 alsroot icarito: in bin/sugar-session
15:50 looks like tch is also sleeping :)
15:52 icarito alsroot, good commenting sweets fixed my journal
15:53 now favorites home view doesnt work (but list view does)
15:53 circle or freestyle ordering
15:54 well its workable now at least for trying activities
15:55 i'm leaving now
15:55 regards to everyone
15:55 :-)
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