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#sugar-meeting, 2011-05-03

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14:58 satellit_ SeanDaly: Hi did you see that http://on-disk.com/product_inf[…]ucts_id/908#!tab6 still offers strawberry 4GB USB sticks  we need to get them updated  (Commercial source)
14:59 SeanDaly hi satellit_
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15:01 SeanDaly yes I saw your mail
15:01 I had discussed that with Karlie from on-disk a while back
15:01 satellit_ is there another source we use?
15:01 SeanDaly my memory is that she said she would obtain Blueberry
15:02 I had told he we could promote on-disk in marketing
15:02 satellit_ I e-mailed and Todd said strawberry
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15:02 SeanDaly that said my last interaction (from last year) with Mel & Peter about SoaS was that they wanted to do their own marketing
15:02 satellit_ ok  just FYI for swag page
15:03 SeanDaly Do they have a procedure for updating? perhaps you could send me Todd's mail. Would be good to at least get Bluebeery there
15:04 satellit_ ok
15:04 SeanDaly SoaS since Blueberry not adapted to demoing Sugar, unfortunately
15:05 satellit_ looking for e-mail...
15:06 forewarded
15:07 SeanDaly got it thanks I will mail him!
15:10 what is Sugar Tree anyway - a Caroline variant?
15:10 satellit_ Caroline had such a stick for a while....for her company.....no longer available
15:12 SeanDaly in fact this was Mirabelle on CD, done without marketing team: http://on-disk.com/product_inf[…]/products_id/1055
15:13 actually I seem to recall from Karlie conversation that they could not guarantee bootable sticks (!)
15:14 satellit_ i still like real installs to USB not live systems....
15:14 easy to duplicate with dd of .img file
15:15 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]t/sck/dd_installs
15:15 SeanDaly by real install you mean VM or ?
15:18 satellit_ no use liveinst command and write a real fs to the USB   like bernies: http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tg[…]rected-README.txt
15:18 make .img from USB and duplicate it with dd command......
15:19 http://people.sugarlabs.org/Tg[…]Corrected.img.bz2  is one
15:20 sorry ---old discussion
15:20 SeanDaly so how does that work? boot from stick?
15:20 satellit_ yup  just like hard drive...persistent by it's nature
15:23 SeanDaly forgive my slowness but how is that different from live system? in terms of user experience / ease of use etc. ?
15:23 satellit_ most live f12-f13 distros can be installed as a full install to HD/USB/SD. This requires a 4GB USB/SD for Blueberry v2, Mirabelle v3' or 8GB USB/SD for Gnome-sugar [12] Use command "livinst" in root terminal. These produce a normal install with Persistence.
15:24 you are using the USB as a Hard Drive install in ext4 or watever file system you select
15:25 SeanDaly OK but how do you set that up if you have Windows or Mac machine?
15:27 satellit_ via a Virtualbox VM of linux or with limited dd in windows or Mac....I was thinking of on-disk doing the .img file for their USB's
15:28 SeanDaly advantage of on-disk (a big advantage of any supplier) is 1) avoid difficulties of own prep & 2) order more than one
15:28 satellit_ I do it all the time here....  it is 5-10x slower than HD when you use a USB however ; about as fast as a live system with overlay
15:28 SeanDaly so after installed to USB, you can boot off it if present at boot time?
15:28 satellit_ yes...we need a commercial source
15:29 yes works same as live usb
15:33 SeanDaly I want to try this... do we happen to have an image with dual-desktop GNOME? put another way I'd like to "simulate" or approximate OLPC XO-1.5 builds
15:35 satellit_ use a gnome live cd to install to USB then in terminal: yum install @sugar-desktop liveusb-creator.  (use 8 GB USB/SD) format /boot ext4 500 / ext4 7000 swap balance
15:36 then will boot at gdm to gnome or sugar or can use education/sugar for emulator in gnome
15:38 have to go out......have fun will look at logs later....: )
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15:40 satellit_afk SeanDaly: do you want me to build an .img for you? f11/12/13/14 ?
15:41 SeanDaly satellit_afk: that would be very helpful - what f is OLPC XO-1.5 built on?
15:42 satellit_afk not certain  I am using Dextrose2 atm here  will check
15:43 Dextrose2 has tweaks so it is different
15:45 SeanDaly satellit_afk: I can look at both my XO-1.5 and XO-1.5 HS tonight
15:46 satellit_afk ok have to go out.........
15:47 SeanDaly ok thanks!
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