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#sugar-meeting, 2011-04-26

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Time Nick Message
00:12 dirakx1 ready for the meeting ;) m_anish
00:13 m_anish dirakx1, /me ready, icaritox bernie tch ?
00:14 icaritox m_anish, dirakx1 and I talked earlier
00:14 m_anish icaritox, ah. so you guys are already set activity wise :P ?
00:15 dirakx1 m_anish: yep. all set now.
00:15 icaritox wrt coordinating our tasks this week pretty much unless you have some suggestions
00:15 :-)
00:16 m_anish icaritox, dirakx1 nope, you've been doing great! just wanted to touch base :-)
00:17 dirakx1 m_anish: thx, btw a q, what are your thoughts about updating xulrunner for our builds..?.
00:17 re- browse stuff.
00:17 m_anish dirakx1, how much work is it?
00:17 dirakx1, if it has the potential to break other stuff, i'd stay away from it
00:20 bernie, btw http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/wiki/Dextrose2 needs fixing :-)
00:24 dirakx1 dirakx I have to test potential breaks, but afaik it only afects browse.
00:25 m_anish dirakx1, ok, I can help with testing as well, if needed :)
00:28 dirakx1 m_anish: hmm btw this new xulrunner is in sweets running on sugar 0.88 and sugar 0.92 w/o any problems afaik.
00:30 m_anish btw, the priority field in trac doesn't seem to understand the 'major, minor, trivial, normal, blocker' fields very well (in terms of sorting in that order)
00:31 bernie, ^
00:34 bernie m_anish: oops, here i am
00:34 m_anish: it's because i removed the seeta_dev field
00:34 m_anish: (which was useless clutter)
00:34 m_anish tch, ping :)
00:34 bernie, ok
00:35 bernie m_anish: fixed
00:35 m_anish bernie, great!
00:36 bernie m_anish: the Dextrose page also includes bugs for Dextrose3? I guess so
00:36 m_anish: are we planning to have a new DX2 release soonish?
00:37 m_anish bernie, nope, there might be one for 1.5 if the browse issue is fixed and tested in time,
00:37 bernie aa: you should do #endmeeting
00:37 m_anish bernie, mostly it'll just be about releasing updates
00:38 bernie m_anish: sure, this is what i'd expect in a good stabilization branch :-)
00:38 m_anish bernie, or are you talking abt an intl release ? (that might be considered development)
00:38 bernie m_anish: have you been at the schools recently?
00:38 m_anish: yes, i was thinking about the intl release, which is our ongoing "ad campaign" for dextrose :-)
00:39 m_anish bernie, sadly, no :/ (not for the last 2-3 weeks)
00:39 bernie, i'll be going once during this week
00:39 bernie, makes sense :)
00:39 bernie m_anish: i don't know if there's still the opportunity, but when i was there i'd often sleep at fernando's place or in a nearby house so i could stay 2 or 3 days in a row
00:40 m_anish: when we go there by car, there's never time to do anything
00:41 m_anish bernie, yah, that's gonna be difficult with the time i have left though, i'll see if i can stay overnight for one night
00:41 bernie m_anish: understandable...
00:41 m_anish: how are we gonna spend our time in montevideo?
00:42 m_anish: there will be some time for hacking, and we could use it to get started on the XS, or to give DX3 a big push forward...
00:42 m_anish: or to do testing sessions with people from ceibaljam...
00:43 m_anish bernie, +1!
00:43 bernie m_anish: we should come to montevideo with the latest and greatest DX2 release on a usb stick, minimum.... and give it to anyone who would like to try it out
00:43 m_anish without gnome ;)
00:45 bernie, i'll merge some of tch's recent mf-updater enhancements (on dextrose-ml), and have to make an updates release locally here as well
00:45 bernie, that'll sync nicely with another dextrose-2 intl release
00:45 tch, ^
00:47 tch here
00:47 just got back from running, sry
00:48 m_anish bernie, me+ tch earlier went through http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]one&keywords=~dx2 , so we gotta find new/high priority existing issues
00:48 bernie tch: yeah, i've seen your patches fly by
00:49 m_anish: wow, i can't believe we're out of high priority things to work on :-)
00:49 tch :)
00:50 bernie tch: one personal favorite is: add support for joining a hidden wifi network
00:50 tch: my home has it and i need to kill networkmanager in order to join
00:50 tch bernie: +1, I also want to do it, becasue yama and .au olpc deployment is asking for it :)
00:51 bernie tch: another thing i'd like to add to networking is the proxy configuration from olpc-au
00:51 tch: finally, something hard to do but highly rewarding would be doing the registration to the XS automatically, in the background
00:51 tch bernie: sure, guess we can put those at the dx3 TODO :)
00:51 bernie: auto-registration is already on dx3 TODO
00:52 bernie tch: sure... probably not dx2 material.
00:52 m_anish: how about this? did anyone speak to pgf? http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2617
00:52 tch bernie: everything that is not stabilization or minior enhancement should be left for dx3
00:53 bernie tch: ah, i've seen the comment on #2617... it should be very easy to set the module option, you don't need a script. just drop a file in /etc/modprobe.d
00:53 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d14-69-207-139.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:53 bernie tch: there should *already* be a file for libertas... created by olpc-utils
00:53 tch bernie: I already did that
00:54 bernie tch: ah kwel... then the ticket is done?
00:54 tch bernie: but pgf told me that is not included in latest kernel yet
00:54 bernie tch: ah
00:54 tch bernie: we do have time to "play" with kernel stuff for dx3 but i don't think is sane for dx2 anymore
00:54 cscott <cscott!~cscott@> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:54 meeting * cscott-es has joined
00:55 bernie tch: ok you're right
00:55 tch: there are 3 hard bugs that we may want to spend some time on:
00:55 (these are all very hard)
00:56 1. sometimes Browse crashes when we close a tab. suggested debug strategy: put a gdb on the process while it's running, then install debuginfos for the library where it stops
00:57 tch still crashes?
00:57 bernie 2. sometimes sugar crashes in the pythin garbage collector, usually after sending a dbus message. recommened debug strategy: recompile the python rpm with a lot of debug stuff turned on, then download a big file to trigger the bug
00:57 tch: apparently Browse crashes a little in fedora 11, and a lot in later releases
00:58 tch taking notes~
00:58 bernie 3. sometimes menus appear completely black. seems like a bug in gtk, but it happens across many versions of fedora... so maybe it's a bug in the theme
00:59 suggested strategy: dunno. ideally, we'd want to break into the python interpreter and look into the palette object with introspection... but how could we do this?
01:00 it's also hard to trigger
01:00 There are bugs in trac for all 1, 2 and 3.
01:00 ok, this was my bug 3: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2184
01:01 and this was bug 2: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2155
01:01 m_anish bernie, tch this one's still open ? http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2023 ... i guess there would be more similar pain points
01:01 bernie, tch http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2367 ?
01:01 bernie, tch hey, can we start assigning dx2/3 keywords to them on trac :P
01:01 bernie and bug 1, the hardest, is this: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2064
01:01 cscott has quit IRC
01:02 bernie ah, we may want to recompile python *WITHOUT* debug instead of with more debug... it won't help debug the issue, but it might at least make it go away for the poor users.
01:02 because python blows up in an assert()
01:02 apparently fedora 14 already compiles python with asserts disabled.
01:02 m_anish bernie, yep +1!
01:03 JT_4sugar <JT_4sugar!JT@d192-24-161-145.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:03 bernie m_anish: #2023 is still present, as far as I know. if you go to Bar Asuncion in caacupe, you can see it for yourself
01:03 m_anish: the essid is "Asunción"
01:04 m_anish bernie, fwiw , i've seen all three of the issues you mentioned in recent dx builds as well (not very sure abt 1)
01:04 bernie, browse crashes without fail everytime if you try to open maps.google.com
01:04 JT4sugar has quit IRC
01:04 tch if those bugs are present in 2, they are definitely present in 1
01:04 bernie m_anish: for #2367, i think fgrose might be right. let's try his recommended timeouts...
01:05 m_anish: nice, this will help us find the bug
01:05 m_anish: ah, without even trying to debug, i'd recommend trying to build the latest xulrunner rpm before fedora switched to firefox 4.
01:06 m_anish: it should still build fine on fedora 11... you can grab it from the updates repository of fedora 14, i think.
01:07 m_anish bernie, ok, i think dirakx1 is working on browse|xulrunner issues
01:08 tch for some reason i suspect #2184 could also be a palette logic bug, like destroying the palette object before time..  not sure though I could try debugging it with some logs
01:09 dirakx1 it's on F14 ;).
01:09 m_anish bernie, also, for me this is part of a bigger 'real-world' problem, browse can just get too-slow, and reduce everything else to a crawl (on an XO1)
01:09 bernie tch: do we cache them? i thought we did
01:09 tch bernie: not sure,
01:09 bernie tch: this would explain why the bug is persistent on the same menu once it happens
01:09 icaritox has quit IRC
01:10 bernie tch: it might be a race condition: maybe we forget to remove a timer in some cancellation path...
01:10 m_anish (next in queue;-) ) tch, bernie, dirakx1 here's another http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2659
01:10 tch bernie: maybe we can ask silbe or alsroot for ideas
01:11 bernie tch: yeah, they're always good at finding these hard-core bugs ;-)
01:11 tch m_anish, dirakx, bernie: is there any "clear cache" option in browse?
01:11 s/clear/clean
01:11 bernie m_anish, tch: i thought xulrunner was being configured to use only 50MB of cache or so... so there might be a bug there
01:12 m_anish tch, not as far as i know
01:12 dirakx1 afaik nop.
01:12 tch:
01:12 m_anish bernie, i think me and tch saw this issue in one computer, the cache was occupying 400MB, we didn't check any other machinre re this specific issue
01:12 bernie tch: no option in browse, but if it were for me, it should be 100% transparent for users. just work.
01:13 m_anish bernie, +1
01:13 bernie m_anish: it would help to make a copy on a usb stick when you see these horrible things
01:13 dirakx1 bernie: how is xulrunner configured to run only that cache MB space ?.
01:13 tch how xulrunner handles it currently?
01:13 bernie m_anish: i have collected a number of broken journals, for example.
01:13 tch haha,
01:14 bernie dirakx1: i think it's done somewhere in the prefs.js file
01:14 tch: the disk cache should be LRU, with a limit on the size.
01:14 dirakx1 bernie:  hmm /me should dig on the js part of browse.
01:14 bernie tch, dirakx1, m_anish: ah, i bet I know what could make it grow to 400MB! Try downloading a huge video :-)
01:15 m_anish bernie, or lots of huge videos or songs :P
01:15 tch i am pretty sure that was the case
01:15 bernie bets 1 bitcoin that xulrunner cannot download a file without going through the cache first.
01:15 dirakx1 but then it should warn the user somehow..
01:16 bernie dirakx1: maybe i'm wrong... in sugar files are downloaded directly into the journal. you should try and see what happens during a download. where the file is being stored.
01:17 dirakx1 bernie: will do, I'm not sure how the journal - browse interaction works exactly.
01:17 m_anish tch, bernie, here's another related issue that i'll just repeat verbatim (as pacita told me), since we have 1GB space (total) on the XO and kids want to have big videos _and_ their work... they end up deleting their work to make space for the videos
01:19 tch oh my (and probably someone else) cloud journal device idea ;);)
01:19 dirakx1 so kids prefer fun to work. ;)
01:19 tch: +1.
01:19 tch: but then there is the privacy issue.
01:20 m_anish tch, something to talk on during eduJAM i guess
01:20 tch well, i think is different is the service is hosted at the XS
01:20 s/t is t/t if t
01:20 mchua is now known as mchua_afk
01:21 dirakx1 I thought there was a backup journal to xs service..
01:21 tch it would be an interesting approach for XS backup too
01:21 there is
01:22 dirakx1 tch: can it be configured somehow to erase al ready backed up entries ?.
01:22 talks from ignorance.
01:22 aa bernie: I was planning on doing #endmeeting when I got back
01:22 bernie: sorry about that...
01:23 tch dirakx: well, that is easy, but the problem we face is that the current restore script replaces everything with the backup content, so is not very friendly yet
01:23 meeting <aa-es> #endmeeting
01:24 dirakx1 tch: no worries i think this should be addressed in uy. could be ot for this meeting.
01:24 tch :)
01:24 id vote for the """clould""" journal idea haha
01:24 m_anish aa, didn't think it worked :)
01:24 dirakx1 haha. /me remembers silbe's idea about a git backend for the journal.
01:25 christianmarcsch <christianmarcsch!~christian@cpe-24-193-242-220.nyc.res.rr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:25 jtmengel <jtmengel!~slm@cpe-72-230-133-47.rochester.res.rr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:25 christianmarcsch hi jt
01:25 jtmengel hi all
01:25 christianmarcsch hi!
01:25 m_anish bernie, remember any more interesting bugs offhand ;) ?
01:25 aa m_anish: I guess it doesnt, the meeting logs seem to be broken
01:25 :(
01:25 jtmengel sorry for the delay - IRC client troubles
01:26 christianmarcsch jtmengel: no problem, i was late too
01:26 JT_4sugar: hi!
01:26 jtmengel: is mike there?
01:26 m_anish aa, can you try from the sugar-meeting (english) channel?
01:26 jtmengel christianmarcsch, just got word from Mike, he's en route
01:26 christianmarcsch jtmengel: sounds good
01:27 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, Hi I am on Skype call with Fargo and New York pilot will just be surveying
01:27 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: sounds great, thanks
01:27 aa m_anish: oh, found them! http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]ing-es/2011-04-25 the links in the meeting summary are broken though
01:28 christianmarcsch jtmengel: so mainly this is for you and mike to give us an update on how things are going with the content production, and to see how we can help
01:28 tch m_anish, bernie, dirakx1: anything else? :0
01:28 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i sent out a next-steps email after our last chat--did everything make sense?
01:28 m_anish browsing thru trac ;)
01:30 dirakx1, tch, bernie i guess we're good for now :)
01:30 dirakx1 ok ;)
01:30 thanks all.
01:30 m_anish will test-drive silbe's awesome dx3 build/1.5 today and hopefully open lots of bugs :)))
01:31 dirakx1, tch bernie thanks :)
01:32 christianmarcsch jtmengel: still there? :)
01:32 jtmengel shall we wait for Mike to start or shall we start and pass him the log?
01:33 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i guess we should get started
01:33 jtmengel: not sure when he will be arriving
01:34 jtmengel as content creation has gone, I took tutorial creation and Mike has taken up the task of gathering media from sugar deployments, etc
01:34 christianmarcsch jtmengel: that's great
01:34 jtmengel: anything there that you can share yet?
01:34 jtmengel I have moved into creating 3 plans of attack for how I could create video / slideshow (image reliant) tutorials
01:36 nothing too illustrative - I added a basic outline to the bottom of the GoogleDoc we used for the other outlines and beyond that have been lurking in IRC channels and striking up conversations with people to get my bearings on this section of the proj
01:36 christianmarcsch jtmengel: could you send me the link again to the google doc?
01:37 jtmengel (things like, if we want to include tutorials on how to add new audio tracks, what software to create a sort of 'meta' tutorial for)
01:37 sure, pulling it up now
01:38 full URL https://spreadsheets.google.co[…]&authkey=COeo2cQP
01:38 christianmarcsch jtmengel: thx, looking now
01:38 jtmengel you'll see in the bottom basically my pro's cons and this led my digging around
01:39 I haven't really committed to making videos yet because we had 3 good directions to go
01:40 christianmarcsch jtmengel: yes, i think that's great. the slideshow format may also be good. though screencasts can actually be fairly economical to put together
01:40 jtmengel: but all three directions sound good.
01:40 jtmengel so at this stage (where we need content) do you have a preference?
01:40 on which to make first :D
01:41 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i guess i might lean towards the video
01:41 jtmengel: either voice over or captioning
01:41 jtmengel: for a tutorial that seems like it might be most effective
01:41 jtmengel: i am definitely drawn to the remixing idea we had on a recent call, which i gather is behind the first slideshow option
01:42 jtmengel: but i wonder if, instead, we could make short chunks of video content per feature
01:42 jtmengel I think that I will try voice and then create captioning via YouTube? I have been led to believe that it *can* support multilingual captions
01:42 christianmarcsch jtmengel: and allow children/educators to remix those
01:42 jtmengel could you elaborate on the remixing? I cannot recall
01:42 christianmarcsch jtmengel: sure, that sounds fine
01:43 jtmengel: the idea that kids/teachers can create their own tutorials from component parts
01:43 jtmengel: for instance, if they wanted to create a specific tutorial for their classroom or unique purposes
01:44 jtmengel: but: i wouldn't overthink it at this time; we need a practical solution that we can launch with first. we can then later think about remixing and other applications
01:44 jtmengel I recall that now. that's an interesting premise - I am unsure if my tutorials on how to create tutorials will meet the needs there, but I can create those tutorials to be more kid friendly
01:44 christianmarcsch jtmengel: that's why i'm leaning towards the screencast
01:44 jtmengel and of course I'd make a tutorial video before making the tutorial-tutorial video :D
01:44 christianmarcsch jtmengel: does youtube allow people to create their own voiceover tracks?
01:45 jtmengel I do not believe so - that is where I would have to include tutorials for other editing software
01:45 I have a list of free, open source software fit for the task if that's a fitting solution
01:45 christianmarcsch jtmengel: hmm, i wonder if video with captioning might be a better solution, if that is something people can edit directly
01:45 jtmengel: editing software will likely be a barrier
01:46 jtmengel: what do you think about the second option?
01:46 jtmengel true - I was looking into the editing solutions based on what the professor in San Francisco (?) spoke about, regarding captioning being inaccessible in some areas
01:46 mikedevine <mikedevine!~Adium@province-wireless-173-84-27-172​.dr02.roch.ny.frontiernet.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:46 jtmengel the second option is definitely accessible in my mind - I come from a deaf family so I know I can make it work
01:46 christianmarcsch jtmengel: hmm, i don't recall that... why is it inaccessible?
01:47 mikedevine hey, sorry i'm late!
01:47 christianmarcsch hi mikedevine
01:47 jtmengel hey mikedevine
01:47 mikedevine so what have we covered so far?
01:47 jtmengel his thought process was that it was a barrier to areas with low literacy rates
01:47 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i see
01:47 mikedevine: we are talking about the approach for tutorials
01:48 mikedevine ah
01:48 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i suppose though that the video itself would be explanatory enough
01:48 jtmengel I would tend to agree
01:49 christianmarcsch jtmengel: i still think a good approach would be to chunk the screencast into individual features & how-tos, interrupted by caption slides
01:49 jtmengel and, without audio, the video is no more or less difficult to edit to add audio
01:49 christianmarcsch jtmengel: exactly
01:49 jtmengel: let me give you an example of what i'm thinking
01:49 jtmengel: take the write activity
01:49 jtmengel: one "how-to" could be how to set the font color
01:50 jtmengel: it might start off with a simple caption "Setting the text color" or something to that effect, simple text on a black bg
01:50 jtmengel: then follows the screencast, without voice over or captioning, just straight video
01:51 jtmengel: and we could repeat that pattern for as many features as need highlighting
01:51 jtmengel ah I see - so time wise it wouldn't be much longer than say 30 seconds
01:51 christianmarcsch jtmengel: it might be, depending on how many features need explaining
01:51 jtmengel: there would be one tutorial per activity
01:52 jtmengel: ultimately it would be even better if we could do dynamic captioning
01:52 jtmengel: if youtube allows for that, all the better
01:52 mikedevine it does
01:52 christianmarcsch http://www.youtube.com/t/captions_about
01:52 mikedevine i dunno about muyltiple caption files, but we could theoretically make multiple videos w/ different language captions
01:53 jtmengel yea, and I have been led to believe that it will support multiple languages ... "led to believe", though, isn't "have done it myself"
01:53 christianmarcsch ok, so how about this
01:53 short, feature-oriented how-to clips
01:53 sequenced to form one tutorial per app
01:54 overlaid with dynamic captions
01:54 and we'd either have multiple languages, or multiple clips per language
01:54 jtmengel regarding captions - if I make the actual video, having splash screens with captioning added in would be a minimal task - if we like them with the captions we can leave them in or take them out in favor of YouTube's captions
01:54 and that sounds good to me
01:54 christianmarcsch jtmengel: actually, if we have dynamic captions there probably isn't a need for splash screens at all
01:55 jtmengel: that would make it even more straightforward
01:55 jtmengel certainly
01:56 christianmarcsch jtmengel: so we have a plan?
01:56 jtmengel and it doesn't close the door to the other option at all
01:56 christianmarcsch jtmengel: true
01:56 meeting * pflores has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
01:57 jtmengel so I will be making short, series of videos regarding a theme (in this case, SugarOS itself)
01:57 focus on dynamic captioning and no audio overlay
01:57 christianmarcsch jtmengel: great
01:59 sounds good
01:59 mikedevine: jtmengel mentioned you were working on gathering assets?
02:00 mikedevine yeah i've been pinging all the locations on the deployment map
02:00 just got a reply from someone with some links i need to look into
02:00 meanwhile i gotta mve all the existing assets to dropbox
02:00 christianmarcsch mikedevine: ok. i checked an the folders are still empty
02:01 is anyone focusing on case studies yet?
02:01 i think that is one of the biggest areas apart from tutorials
02:02 mikedevine i can run some searches for them
02:03 i included that in the email but no one's replied with any yet
02:03 christianmarcsch mikedevine: that would be good. remember that you can contact sean or john to help locate assets
02:03 mikedevine but i can reply to the people that got back to me and see if anyoner knows where i can find some
02:03 christianmarcsch mikedevine: we need to be resourceful--we didn't have much luck first time around gathering content
02:04 mikedevine yeah, that's why i think mining the deployment map will yield some better results
02:04 christianmarcsch mikedevine: that sounds good. i know that there is plenty of available material. bernie may also have images and other materials
02:04 mikedevine: have you been in touch with bernie? he would be able to help
02:05 mikedevine yeah he's been pretty helpful in getting the first batch
02:06 if i were to just google a lot of it i'd get plenty- the key is getting it from people who have the rights to use it, and being able to credit the sources of the assets properly
02:06 dirakx1 has quit IRC
02:06 christianmarcsch mikedevine: definitely
02:06 JT_4sugar Here some stuff from OLPC site might help lead to other info http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_research
02:06 dirakx1 <dirakx1!~dirakx1@> has joined #sugar-meeting
02:07 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: thanks, that looks very useful
02:07 bernie christianmarcsch, mikedevine: hello guys
02:07 sorry, i have to leave in 2 minutes :-(
02:08 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, I will be at Uruguay Summit so I will try track down case study info there. We should probably ask Walter for links-they are probably somewhere in wiki just don't know where to look
02:08 christianmarcsch bernie: hi!
02:09 bernie: no worries, let's catch up later. we are still trying to track down content for the new website
02:09 JT_4sugar: that sounds promising...
02:09 mikedevine, jtmengel: have you reached out to walter yet? JT_4sugar mentions he may know of additional links
02:11 jtmengel would those links be appropriate for the videos? (though I suppose I won't know until I ask..)
02:11 meeting * pflores-es has joined
02:11 jtmengel I can send him a ping to let him know what I am doing and ask if he has any input(?)
02:11 bernie christianmarcsch: have you seen: http://people.sugarlabs.org/be[…]g/website-images/
02:11 ?
02:12 just a suggestion, i don't know which images would work best
02:12 we have mike lee's permission to use those images
02:12 christianmarcsch bernie: oh wow, i'd seen the images with the girl before
02:12 bernie: but not the triangle!
02:12 JT_4sugar jtmengel, If you email Walter just ask him for links or copies of all reseach and case studies he knows of on Sugar
02:12 bernie christianmarcsch: that one's very cool :)
02:13 JT_4sugar research
02:13 bernie ok, gotta go i'm  so late
02:13 jtmengel have a good night, bernie
02:13 christianmarcsch bernie: thanks! jt and mike will get in touch with you about those images...
02:14 so, how else can i help right now?
02:16 jtmengel I can create storyboards for some tutorials (for SugarOS) for you to see in the next day so you can help me move that forward
02:16 mikedevine i think we're set on what we need to do for now
02:16 christianmarcsch jtmengel: that sounds great
02:16 mikedevine or at least i amj as far as gathering content
02:17 christianmarcsch mikedevine: ok, just let me know if there is anything i can do to help
02:17 i'll recap the meeting via email, and then let's reconvene next sunday
02:17 btw,
02:18 i'm actually going to be relocating to seattle in about three weeks
02:18 i'm trying to get as much of this wrapped up before then, because i may need some time to get settled once i land in seattle
02:19 jtmengel understandable - hope you like it out there from your past trips :D
02:19 i've heard good things, but I have never been myself
02:19 christianmarcsch jtmengel: thanks! it will be a change from new york for sure, but seattle is a nice town
02:19 jtmengel: the summers are apparently nice
02:20 mikedevine yah i've heard it's a nice place to live
02:21 contrary to what grunge music would have you believe
02:21 christianmarcsch mikedevine: the lack of sun may take some getting used to... :)
02:21 alright
02:21 jtmengel and old friend recommended (I think) this to me if I made it out there http://www.seattle.gov/parks/p[…]apanesegarden.htm
02:22 but yea, digression :D
02:22 christianmarcsch jtmengel: thanks--that looks great
02:22 i'll recap the notes from the meeting on email
02:22 can both of you make it on sunday?
02:23 jtmengel I believe I will be - it's spring cleaning day, so you'll be a reprieve
02:24 mikedevine yeah i should be around too
02:25 christianmarcsch excellent!
02:26 mikedevine ok then i will sign off for now
02:26 christianmarcsch talk to you then, and in the meantime let's be in touch via emai
02:26 jtmengel night, all
02:27 christianmarcsch thanks! good night
02:27 thanks JT_4sugar
02:28 mikedevine has left #sugar-meeting
02:28 JT_4sugar Thanks All!
02:28 christianmarcsch bye for now
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14:23 SeanDaly JT4sugar walterbender satellit_ pbrobinson : hi i didn't schedule a marketing meeting for today since swamped by work & it's a quiet week, unless anything pressing to cover?
14:24 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Hi Sean-nothing very pressing
14:25 SeanDaly hi JT4sugar glad you could make website meeting yesterday was too late at night for me
14:26 satellit_ nothing here
14:26 walterbender hi sean...
14:26 JT4sugar SeanDaly, JT is beginning to work on tutorials. Case studies and other content very slow to come in
14:26 walterbender nothing pressing AFAIK
14:27 SeanDaly hi walterbender, satellit_
14:28 JT4sugar: yes I have seen that content is slow in coming... I intend to help out with screen tutorials if i can get a decent screen recorder working, intend to try recordmydesktop
14:28 pbrobinson SeanDaly: No issues, its a 3 day week in the UK so its pretty hectic here too
14:29 SeanDaly hi pbrobinson ok will schedule a mktg mtg for next week then thanks
14:30 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Keep in touch with JT on that so you don't duplicate work and try to coordinate how they will be set up
14:30 pbrobinson SeanDaly: I'll be in Boston next week at RH Summit so my attendance might be iffy, if anything comes up I'll post it to the mailing list before hand
14:31 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes of course interested to see how deal with multilanguages sometimes quickest/easiest solution is to just add black bar on bottom for subtitles
14:31 pbrobinson: ok
14:32 bye everyone loads of work today
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14:38 walterbender pbrobinson: remind me again when you get to Boston. (I leave on the night of the 1st.)
14:41 pbrobinson walterbender: not until the 2nd unfortunately
14:42 walterbender pbrobinson: well, bernie will overlap with you a few days at least.
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