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#sugar-meeting, 2011-04-06

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14:05 meeting <dirakx1-es> hello
14:05 <icarito-es> hello
14:05 <icarito-es> I think here we can make REU
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14:08 meeting <icarito-es> if it is possible to document the reunion here http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/sugar-meeting-es
14:08 <gonzalo_-es> ok
14:09 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, dirakx1 if they want to talk on skype units in simultaneous copied me the important thing here
14:09 <icarito-es> Rafael and I think we are + / - line
14:10 <dirakx1-es> ok.
14:10 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, no, better all around here, so we are in the same conversation
14:10 <icarito-es> but they count me:-D
14:10 <icarito-es> ok perfect
14:10 <dirakx1-es> if better.
14:11 <icarito-es> # startmeeting do?
14:11 <gonzalo_-es> ok:)
14:12 <gonzalo_-es> I wanted to see if we could coordinate a little work in the activities, since we are in the same area
14:13 <gonzalo_-es> for example the issue of toolbars
14:13 <gonzalo_-es> and some other things but
14:13 <gonzalo_-es> you think?
14:13 <dirakx1-es> yap ok
14:13 <icarito-es> clear
14:14 <icarito-es> btw I like your redesign of record
14:14 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, thanks
14:14 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, we can talk about that later also
14:14 <gonzalo_-es> Inclusions activities in our image will be http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User[…]ties_test_in_OS13
14:14 <gonzalo_-es> I think they are more or less the same with you
14:15 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: that we are going to work these http://openetherpad.org/EL5g7TqHEI
14:15 <icarito-es> we are working on (going to copy the same link dirakx1)
14:16 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: I think the diff is not much ..
14:16 <dirakx1-es> between the two lists
14:16 <icarito-es> anyone knows anything about the "Activities Team"? I followed the procedure to register etc. I have not seen any activity practically
14:17 <gonzalo_-es> I TuxPaint, TetrisMath, TurtleMachine, Spirolaterals, and PollBuilder as different
14:17 <gonzalo_-es> icarito: gary would have to ask
14:17 <gonzalo_-es> icarito: that the coordinated
14:18 satellit__ dfarning has posts in dextrose@lists.sugarlabs.org
14:18 meeting <icarito-es> well said, and also wade
14:18 <gonzalo_-es> it seems that we start seeing the state of new toolbars?
14:19 <icarito-es> good
14:19 <gonzalo_-es> make a list of activities that we lack
14:19 <icarito-es> I did the job to the list on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activity_Team/TODO
14:20 <icarito-es> umm I need to update the latest
14:20 <icarito-es> I thought I had updated it sorry
14:20 <icarito-es> I have words and jukebox
14:21 <gonzalo_-es> icarito: ok, then we'll be wanting cuale
14:21 <gonzalo_-es> TamTam *
14:21 <gonzalo_-es> Memorize?
14:21 <gonzalo_-es> Help?
14:22 <gonzalo_-es> InfoSlicer?
14:22 <icarito-es> est and also help
14:23 <gonzalo_-es> ok
14:23 <gonzalo_-es> Record I'm going to do
14:23 <icarito-es> http://git.sugarlabs.org/help/[…]/merge_requests/2
14:23 <gonzalo_-es> I have it GetBooks
14:23 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, I also get books and had done
14:24 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, if you take some of that, but change the whole UI
14:24 <icarito-es> super ah
14:24 <gonzalo_-es> http://git.sugarlabs.org/ ~ godiard / get-books / gonzalo-mainline
14:24 <gonzalo_-es> Finance?
14:25 <gonzalo_-es> Paint I have it
14:25 <gonzalo_-es> Colors?
14:25 <gonzalo_-es> Clock?
14:25 <gonzalo_-es> WatchMe?
14:26 <gonzalo_-es> ok, those are all that I have pending
14:26 <gonzalo_-es> uestedes?
14:27 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx, icarito: which ones are still pending include in git?
14:27 <gonzalo_-es> or chelated unresponsive maintainers?
14:27 <icarito-es> what have I done git hoping est merge in several cases
14:28 <icarito-es> but I think the merge request does not generate email and have not contacted directly to all maintainers
14:28 <dirakx1-es> icarito: in which we could help him Gonzalo and what we lack. ?.
14:28 <gonzalo_-es> which are waiting?
14:28 <gonzalo_-es> I already had contact with Wade, I can try again
14:29 <icarito-es> I think our list updated estn
14:29 <dirakx1-es> icarito: hmm do not think any are missing?
14:29 <icarito-es> if tam tam
14:30 <dirakx1-es> log
14:30 <icarito-es> I I can do - dirakx1 we thought if we include the entire suite?
14:30 <dirakx1-es> icarito: all;)
14:31 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: well you contacted to wade .. we need to move some activities such as log.
14:31 <icarito-es> log eats all my CPU - I have not yet diagnosed
14:31 <dirakx1-es> other activities that are missing from toolbars and IRC chat.
14:31 <gonzalo_-es> icarito: You might want to do as I did with Record, to arm the screenshots and send them to Gary to pull ideas
14:32 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx: chat is not new toolbars?
14:32 <gonzalo_-es> I'm pretty sure that if
14:32 <icarito-es> I tb
14:32 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: oh well I have not checked well. maybe.
14:33 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, if you want I can send you the svg you use to record, you can serve as templates
14:34 <gonzalo_-es> then you can use the same SVG icons and adding you
14:34 <icarito-es> ah super gracaias gonzalo_
14:35 <icarito-es> I think implementing a screen "Acerca de" in hello world and present it to the list
14:35 <icarito-es> today or tomorrow
14:35 <gonzalo_-es> Icarito what is your mail?
14:35 <icarito-es> sebastian@somosazucar.org
14:37 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1, ahi send the two
14:37 <gonzalo_-es> if used with inskape, it is very easy to assemble the toolbars or screens
14:37 <dirakx1-es> chevere.
14:37 <gonzalo_-es> ha ha missed the chevere:)
14:38 <gonzalo_-es> (Working with another Colombian, Pedro)
14:38 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, you're Argentinian?
14:38 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, if
14:38 <icarito-es> I'm Chilean but I live in Peru Colombia
14:39 <gonzalo_-es> ahh:)
14:39 <gonzalo_-es> back to the list, it seems that a Etherpad armemos?
14:39 <gonzalo_-es> http://openetherpad.org/ACsjCushL8
14:39 <icarito-es> Let's put a title this time
14:40 <icarito-es> http://openetherpad.org/sugar-activities-todo
14:40 <dirakx1-es> +1
14:40 <gonzalo_-es> there is
14:43 <icarito-es> cool
14:44 <icarito-es> gonzalo have other plans for the activities?
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14:45 meeting <gonzalo_-es> icarito: before we go, let's see if they are all missing from the list please
14:46 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1: What is the IRC activity?
14:46 lucian <lucian!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:46 meeting <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: http://git.sugarlabs.org/irc
14:47 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: I'm working on a version multilingualism. http://git.sugarlabs.org/irc-multilingua
14:47 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, interesting
14:47 <gonzalo_-es> are at ASO?
14:47 <icarito-es> gonzalo on your list I have some ready-made
14:47 <icarito-es> distance
14:47 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: irc sip.
14:47 <icarito-es> jukebox
14:48 <gonzalo_-es> icarito:'re looking http://openetherpad.org/sugar-activities-todo?
14:48 <icarito-es> typing turtle
14:48 <icarito-es> words
14:48 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, not the link WLO
14:48 <icarito-es> that is also
14:48 <gonzalo_-es> well, let's put in Etherpad
14:49 <dirakx1-es> icarito: words and has the new toolbars and is in ASO.
14:49 <icarito-es> dirakx1, so I say to gonzalo_ http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User[…]ties_test_in_OS13
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14:50 meeting <gonzalo_-es> icarito: ok
14:50 <dirakx1-es> ok
14:50 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito: if we put in the document that we now can see the current status
14:50 <gonzalo_-es> I put in the remaining patches, correct?
14:51 lucian <lucian!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:51 meeting <dirakx1-es> icarito: help is also within the patch pending?.
14:51 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, touched me to review one by one the merge Requests
14:51 <icarito-es> dirakx1, sip
14:52 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, log this with a new toolbar, just check it
14:52 <dirakx1-es> perfect
14:52 <gonzalo_-es> delete it from the ether
14:52 <icarito-es> what is the best workflow we always do a clone and merge Requests?
14:53 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, depends on the maintainer
14:53 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, and if a simple patch, I think that it makes little sense
14:53 <gonzalo_-es> if many changes if
14:54 <gonzalo_-es> Memorize believe it or was doing with Gary Simon
14:54 <icarito-es> dirakx1, I found that dextrose includes Finance - we know if it is used?
14:54 <icarito-es> dirakx1, not on the list have
14:54 <icarito-es> no clock or WatchMe
14:55 <dirakx1-es> icarito: the truth I have little info on finance; /
14:55 <gonzalo_-es> There are several educational activities proposed to Finance
14:55 <icarito-es> activities are all a matter of maintenance and monitoring
14:56 <gonzalo_-es> if
14:56 <icarito-es> I think we have to sort the process as possible ms
14:56 <dirakx1-es> icarito: could be suggested for inclusion in dextrose as well as clock.
14:56 <dirakx1-es> icarito: good clock has a problem however, then you can not even.
14:56 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, you're going to make the toolbars of TamTam *?
14:57 <icarito-es> dirakx1, for now centrmonos on feedback from Paraguay - we can give priority 3
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14:57 meeting <icarito-es> dirakx1 gonzalo not know if I explain what the priorities
14:57 <dirakx1-es> icarito: +1
14:57 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, no
14:57 <icarito-es> The idea is to dedicate 80% of time to priority 1
14:57 <icarito-es> Priority 2 20%
14:58 <icarito-es> and priority 3 basically let the community
14:58 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, ok
14:58 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, if
14:58 <icarito-es> looks tam tam
14:58 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: Each activity has 4 eyes, but two main eyes.
14:59 <dirakx1-es> that is, a dev responds priority.
14:59 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, do not understand what the eyes, 2 maintainers?
15:00 <icarito-es> eyes?
15:00 <icarito-es> hahaha
15:00 <icarito-es> speak only has eyes
15:00 <icarito-es> :-)
15:00 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: mainatainers is difficult to speak of, are like two people supporting, fixing and sending patches. laos supporting devs or official maintainers.
15:00 <icarito-es> The idea is that we can assume the co-maintenance
15:00 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, ok
15:00 <icarito-es> yes?
15:01 <dirakx1-es> there are some activities which are co or maintainers.
15:01 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito: ok
15:01 <icarito-es> Well that and also dirakx1 and I have divided the list
15:01 <icarito-es> Issues to address priority
15:01 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: There is an issue that can be discussed.
15:01 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito, that are activities that you could take over the toolbars?
15:01 <icarito-es> if you look http://openetherpad.org/EL5g7TqHEI for now we have dealt only priority 1
15:01 <icarito-es> I have a tam tam
15:02 <dirakx1-es> yop irc.
15:02 <gonzalo_-es> ok
15:02 <gonzalo_-es> I can see infoslicer
15:03 <icarito-es> memorize not we?
15:03 <icarito-es> 3rd priority umm
15:03 <dirakx1-es> icarito: I think podira memorize up to 2.
15:03 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, do not worry and do gary simon
15:03 <dirakx1-es> ah ok.
15:04 <icarito-es> dirakx1 of all I would like to upload mods priority
15:04 <dirakx1-es> sip
15:04 <dirakx1-es> is widely used
15:04 <gonzalo_-es> Colors are in danger, because fdunciona well in F14 and we will send emails to Wade and did not respond
15:05 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: true.
15:05 <icarito-es> I also works well in sweets
15:05 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: There is something to talk there .. as we do in these cases ... I think color is an important activity.
15:06 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, yes, but it is a problem when you got no response
15:06 <dirakx1-es> the alternative is to send patches / merge-request but if there is no definitive answer?.
15:07 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: Tenemo also merge multiple log-in request is to wade. iirc.
15:07 <gonzalo_-es> perhaps we should have policy propoponer MIA as in other projects
15:08 <dirakx1-es> yep .. we investigate and propose, for the community within the existing point.
15:09 <gonzalo_-es> please pasenme by mail after the things that are pending with Wade and I try to re-contact
15:09 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: ok. I think what is most remember colors and log, but only Requests merge log.
15:10 <icarito-es> I created a group gitorious
15:10 <icarito-es> activity-mantainers
15:10 <icarito-es> I'll aaadir gonzalo
15:10 <gonzalo_-es> perhaps you will agree to use the version of Typing Turtle we included in 10.1.3, because it has a couple of important corrections
15:10 <icarito-es> then we offer the mantainers that Aadan activity group as co-mantainers
15:10 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, ok
15:10 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: where is this version?.
15:10 <gonzalo_-es> you and I seek
15:11 <icarito-es> in theory this gives us access to members
15:11 <gonzalo_-es> ~ gonzalo/TypingTurtle-26.2.xo http://dev.laptop.org/
15:11 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1, also is an important thing
15:11 <gonzalo_-es> if the maintainer does its job
15:12 <gonzalo_-es> We can not send commits without permission
15:12 <gonzalo_-es> or publish versions ALSO
15:12 <icarito-es> gonzalo may want to include this patch http://git.sugarlabs.org/typin[…]/merge_requests/1
15:12 <gonzalo_-es> because it is passing over them
15:12 <icarito-es> for toolbars
15:12 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: +1.
15:13 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, ok
15:13 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, do not think it's best not to censor but if the release commits at ASO?
15:13 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, though that does not entindo
15:14 <gonzalo_-es> could you elaborate?
15:15 <icarito-es> that is, if we have permission to make commits, you must follow it, no? as I see the mantaienr is the owner of the release but the idea is to help repository
15:15 <icarito-es> gonzalo suggest going through a patch review process by email before you commit?
15:15 <icarito-es> it seems a bit cumbersome
15:16 <icarito-es> but perhaps the way
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15:16 meeting <icarito-es> for major changes
15:16 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, if the patches must be approved by the maintainer
15:17 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: I'm more in line with what you say icarito
15:17 <icarito-es> no, if I am maintainer and I give permission for you to do is commit commit
15:18 <icarito-es> The idea is to streamline the process
15:18 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, one thing is if you have an agreement with the maintainer and is permanently ayudandoilo
15:18 <icarito-es> commit to a release there is a large space
15:18 <gonzalo_-es> but if we patch up any activity will be a lack of control
15:18 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, besides, you do not learn
15:19 <gonzalo_-es> I know it's heavy
15:19 <icarito-es> I do not think that is a lack of control
15:19 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: just go up patches where you can commit.
15:19 <icarito-es> embrace the chaos :-)
15:19 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, as so you do not learn?
15:19 <gonzalo_-es> and some may be half unbearable maintainers
15:19 <icarito-es> mantainers guess those will not give us permission to commit
15:19 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, you learn a lot of corrections
15:19 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: the rest is a clone and merge personal request, the maintainer of making the merge depends maintainer and release.
15:20 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: if it can also be sent to the list for correction.
15:20 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, I think it's not a good strategy to clone and wait for the maintainer to take them or not
15:21 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito, if we want this in good Habar mvd
15:21 <icarito-es> suggest that minor changes can be committed where we have your permission whenever notified by email to the list or the maintainer directly
15:21 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: ok then do patch and send to the list.
15:21 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, if
15:22 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, so also, if the maintainer does not respond you put a little pressure;)
15:22 <gonzalo_-es> There are guys like James to review the patches jhacen
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15:22 meeting <gonzalo_-es> and friends helped me a lot when I started
15:22 <icarito-es> if it is good practice
15:23 <gonzalo_-es> but the first patch the send 10 times
15:23 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: there is also a thing .. there are activities where I am maintainer tacit, ie never talk to the dev but it gave me permission to commit and then make releases, or else that no one made them.
15:23 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, did not know existed tacit maintainers
15:24 <gonzalo_-es> but for example you know that a few were angry
15:24 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: correji sip is right and wrong.
15:25 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, I'm sure the idea is to work
15:25 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: was while adjusting the workflow.
15:25 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, I'm saying is that we care how
15:25 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: perfect. this has not happened again.
15:25 <icarito-es> well then we should document how
15:25 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, and that what we learned will serve to icarito now
15:26 <icarito-es> dirakx1, were angered by the release in ASO or commits?
15:26 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: but there are activities in which I have commit access, which are important and that the dev / maint officer has not changed in years ..
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15:26 meeting <dirakx1-es> icarito: by the release.
15:27 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, agree in this case would not be the maintainer? what activities are?
15:27 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: maze and speak.
15:28 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, I will suggest you send an email to the list asking to be the maintainer
15:28 <gonzalo_-es> in this way, we all know that you're in charge
15:28 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: ok sounds good.
15:28 <gonzalo_-es> I did with Paint, and now I'm doing with GetBooks
15:28 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, who has accounts that anyway - which is where he says he maintains that activity?
15:29 <icarito-es> MANTAINERS file?
15:29 <icarito-es> politics do have this file?
15:29 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, it is not very organized, we should improve
15:29 <icarito-es> so I say - not to speak once the list is documented
15:29 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, because one thing is access to git, another in ASO
15:29 <icarito-es> ie if noise but in the meantime
15:30 <icarito-es> correct
15:30 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: but beyond this the theme of the policy I think it is the crux of the matter.
15:30 <gonzalo_-es> yes, there are several separate things
15:30 <icarito-es> I think we should make an effort to keep the file MANTAINERS
15:31 <gonzalo_-es> if you want to send a mail to the list and so we treat
15:31 <icarito-es> is the easiest way
15:31 <icarito-es> +1
15:31 <dirakx1-es> ok.
15:31 <gonzalo_-es> ok
15:32 <icarito-es> easiest way (to know one who is in charge)
15:33 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1, there add the item to the ether, then fixed if it's okay
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15:35 meeting <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1, and we can send a mail with the state of toolbars and what we plan to do to see if anyone else is engaged to help
15:35 <icarito-es> that tasks with respect to git + ASO?
15:35 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, define a procedure
15:36 <gonzalo_-es> and update the information
15:36 <icarito-es> subi this section to the top
15:36 <icarito-es> (New toolbars are a task more)
15:36 <gonzalo_-es> icarito ok
15:37 <icarito-es> dirakx1, gitorious misbehaves with me to strip error aadir godiard the group: http://git.sugarlabs.org/+acti[…]s/memberships/new
15:37 <icarito-es> same thing happens to you?
15:38 <icarito-es> "We are sorry, but something went wrong.
15:38 <icarito-es> "
15:38 <dirakx1-es> icarito: sip no problems with the gui. , (
15:38 <icarito-es> :-(
15:38 <dirakx1-es> but not going there.
15:38 <icarito-es> who is the maintainer of gitorious?
15:38 <dirakx1-es> alsroot
15:38 <icarito-es> dirakx1, recently I aad without problems
15:38 <dirakx1-es> but this afk.
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15:39 meeting <icarito-es> ok
15:39 <dirakx1-es> from the day before yesterday is upset.
15:39 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, if
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15:39 lucian_ is now known as lucian
15:39 meeting <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, someone will notice if there are problems on the server?
15:40 <gonzalo_-es> there are also problems with the command line
15:40 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: the part of the server is fine now.
15:40 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, ok, I'll try again
15:40 <icarito-es> if I saw a thread yesterday
15:41 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito: I seem to see a more ar-do that would be good check on the activities?
15:41 <gonzalo_-es> For example: MAINTAINERS file update
15:42 <gonzalo_-es> self.max_participants = X
15:42 <gonzalo_-es> come out with Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-Shft-Q (all except the terminal)
15:43 <icarito-es> as a checklist
15:43 <gonzalo_-es> if
15:43 <icarito-es> if
15:43 <gonzalo_-es> something else happens to them?
15:43 <dirakx1-es> location
15:43 <icarito-es> +1
15:43 <dirakx1-es> i18n with at least .. that is a pot.
15:44 <dirakx1-es> and that user has access gi pootle.
15:44 <dirakx1-es> git *
15:44 <gonzalo_-es> ok
15:46 <icarito-es> well my proposal of "Acerca de"
15:47 <dirakx1-es> +1.
15:47 <icarito-es> I say our proposal:-D
15:47 <dirakx1-es> about necessary. in my opinion.
15:47 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, that it must send to the list and see it with the Design Team
15:47 <gonzalo_-es> I think it is necessary
15:48 <gonzalo_-es> you just have to see how
15:48 <icarito-es> yep agree
15:48 <dirakx1-es> oh yeah .. I think we agreed to send icarito this week.
15:48 <icarito-es> dirakx1, yeah, I'm doing the Hello World example activity
15:49 <icarito-es> regrets not having done # startmeeting
15:49 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, the idea is that this implemented in activity.py of sugar or that every activity you have to implement?
15:50 <icarito-es> I will initially be implemented in space activities
15:50 <icarito-es> a module to import and then add a button
15:51 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, a button where?
15:52 <icarito-es> I thought the info should remove it from the file and MANTAINERS activity.info
15:52 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, in the activity toolbar
15:52 <icarito-es> I think the place mslgico
15:52 Cerlyn icarito: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2011-04-06 has everything in English; -es is not logged unless there is a meeting started
15:53 meeting <gonzalo_-es> icarito, please no, there are activities that do not have room for anything
15:53 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, and where you suggest?
15:53 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, "actividad" bar should not be heavily populated in the toolbars Neuvas
15:53 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, would be good for me or add it to the menu of activity in the frame (like the view source)
15:53 <icarito-es> Thanks :-) Cerlyn
15:54 <gonzalo_-es> or on the screen as another tab view source
15:54 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, fijate the toolbar of the new "Escribir" or "Pintar"
15:55 <icarito-es> I think it should be an option but the activity because you're in another context
15:55 <icarito-es> and "ver fuente" should be a button within "Acerca de"
15:55 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, see Writing ...
15:55 <icarito-es> There is plenty of room
15:55 <icarito-es> for a button
15:56 <icarito-es> activity in the toolbar
15:56 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, mhh, in the activity if not the main
15:57 <icarito-es> clearly not in the main!
15:57 <icarito-es> Main *
15:57 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, ahh, ok
15:57 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, a display that I like to use as a base is to help to implode
15:58 <icarito-es> uy nice thank you very much like me
15:58 <icarito-es> it as it is made that animation?
15:59 <icarito-es> implode:-D
15:59 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, uses the same engine the game is very clever
15:59 <icarito-es> clever :-)
16:00 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, dirakx1, go two to Uruguay, no?
16:00 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, on this occasion I
16:00 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, insurance? can not do anything?
16:01 <icarito-es> I think if we leave the REU up there and we jump to those earrings? Look how the action item owner have the Etherpad
16:01 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, I send the mails
16:01 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, on this occasion, yeah, sure -
16:02 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, good will for the next
16:02 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, as is the thing, I think the next will be Peru:)
16:02 <icarito-es> gonzalo_, is to take care of our daughter 2 months
16:02 <gonzalo_-es> icarito, ahh, is a good reason! :)
16:03 <icarito-es> :-D
16:03 <dirakx1-es> +1.
16:03 <gonzalo_-es> Congratulations!
16:03 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, you think we could prepare together a talk for the eduJam?
16:04 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: good;)
16:04 <icarito-es> thanks
16:04 <icarito-es> dirakx1, you're going to go?
16:04 <icarito-es> :-D
16:04 <dirakx1-es> icarito: sip.
16:04 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, for example a discussion of activities that are missing
16:05 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, or things that would be good to add to the activities
16:05 <icarito-es> dirakx1, cool
16:05 <dirakx1-es> I think we should prepare well.
16:05 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, ok, I'll send an email with ideas and we'll discuss, you think?
16:06 <dirakx1-es> gonzalo_: perfect
16:06 <gonzalo_-es> well, this is all I have, not if you want to talk about something else
16:07 <dirakx1-es> ok now this.
16:07 <dirakx1-es> I think it's good to have these meetings from time to time.
16:07 <icarito-es> we are ok for me
16:07 <icarito-es> thanks to all
16:07 <dirakx1-es> ok thanks.
16:08 <gonzalo_-es> dirakx1, icarito, thank you, good reunion!
16:10 <icarito-es> dirakx1, gonzalo_ a little thing looking at the list of gonzalo
16:10 <icarito-es> we have two activities maze
16:11 <icarito-es> we do?
16:11 <icarito-es> "Mapas Mentales"? "Mapear"? "Conceptualizar"?
16:13 <dirakx1-es> icarito: I think it would contact garycmartin to rename .. because there is also a maze out there.
16:14 <icarito-es> dirakx1, this activity was originally a pygtk program
16:14 <icarito-es> unsugarized it when I showed tomeu
16:14 <icarito-es> but never change the name
16:14 <icarito-es> is an interesting activity
16:15 <dirakx1-es> sip
16:16 <dirakx1-es> ue creoq rename would not be problem.
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18:36 m_anish tch, hola
18:38 tch m_anish: you ready?
18:38 m_anish tch, well, partly... bug bashing and eating can go side by side :)
18:39 tch, how do we wanna begin, look at the high pri ones or go numerically?
18:39 tch, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ne&order=priority
18:40 tch m_anish: sure
18:42 m_anish looks at 626,1307,1309,1334,1349
18:43 tch #626 i am not sure it belongs to dx
18:43 meeting * icarito-es has joined
18:43 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:44 tch m_anish: thought we would check dx-only bugs
18:45 m_anish tch, ah do you wanna run through which bugs we'll be fixing frm dx2 or identifying the new ones we want to work on?
18:46 tch m_anish: well, we never run through the whole bug list we added during dx2 devel/testing cycle
18:46 m_anish: many of the fixes I did were hacks, and some of them will require proper fixes for dx3
18:47 m_anish tch, okay, lets do that then... i just wanted to run through the tracker to get a sense of the blockers existing in sugar...
18:47 tch m_anish: if its required
18:47 m_anish tch, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ity&keywords=~dx2
18:47 (dx2 related)
18:48 tch m_anish: ok lets go through that list together
18:48 m_anish tch, yep
18:49 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2588
18:49 we should fix this :-)
18:50 mchua is now known as mchua_afk
18:50 m_anish tch, what abt this ... we did a hack right ? http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2602
18:50 tch m_anish: +1, btw, I think I should spend some time working on the microformat.. some parts of the implementation looks like a copy/paste from the also format and sometimes doesnt make sense, that could cause bugs like this
18:51 m_anish tch, i guess i can check if it happens in olpc-f14 and olpc-f11 builds, that might get ppl interested :)
18:52 tch is the microformat stuff upstream yet?
18:52 m_anish: ^
18:52 m_anish tch, nope
18:52 tch, i guess we should log this in a meeting?
18:52 tch m_anish: sure
18:52 m_anish #startmeeting
18:52 meeting Meeting started Wed Apr  6 18:52:46 2011 UTC. The chair is m_anish. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
18:52 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
18:52 tch copy paste previous convo?
18:53 m_anish yep, standby
18:53 #link http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ity&keywords=~dx2
18:53 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2588
18:54 #help action
18:54 #action tch look into microformat updater
18:54 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2602
18:55 #action anish: check if the bug exists in olpc-f11/14 builds, raise priority if so
18:55 tch, next?
18:55 tch m_anish: 2609
18:56 silbe <silbe!~silbe@twin.sascha.silbe.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:56 tch wow, just in time
18:56 m_anish silbe, hola!
18:56 tch silbe: hey silbe,
18:56 m_anish silbe, bug triaging going on : http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ity&keywords=~dx2 :)
18:56 silbe hi everyone! :)
18:56 m_anish tch, re 2609, i haven't seen it happen since :/
18:57 silbe if you like you can test the new DX3 image. There are a few known bugs, but it's ready for an initial round of testing.
18:57 tch silbe: i have a suspicion that you have done something releted to #2609
18:57 s/releted/related
18:57 m_anish silbe, awesome, do you have it uploaded somewhere?
18:57 tch silbe: :D
18:58 silbe tch: nah, I can't have introduced any bug ;)
18:58 tch silbe: i mean that you could have fixed it :P
18:58 silbe m_anish: https://download.sugarlabs.org[…]rose/testing/dx3/
18:59 tch silbe: I remember seeing some upstream patch about palettes being destroyed before time
18:59 m_anish silbe, thanks :), i'l download them tonight, when internet is faster
18:59 tch silbe: not sure if it could be related though, I could never reproduce #2609
19:00 m_anish: which version you plan to test, so i can dowload and test the other
19:01 m_anish tch, xo1
19:01 tch kk, ill go for 14
19:01 1.5
19:01 m_anish and bombard silbe with bugs :P
19:01 tch m_anish: haha
19:01 silbe let me paste the known bugs first :)
19:01 m_anish tch, i guess you know what caused http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2663?
19:02 silbe - allow Sugar to dump core
19:02 - fix for default font size of Terminal
19:02 - make sure we disable the mesh on XO-1 via module parameter
19:02 - check dependencies, especially for accessibility series - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/r​pms/source/ax-1.0-1.uy.fc11.src.rpm - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpms/sourc​e/magnifier-Ceibal-3.3.2-1.1.uy.fc11.src.rpm - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpm​s/source/CapitalFont-1.0-1.uy.src.rpm - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpms/sou​rce/FlatbedCursors-0.2-1.fc11.1.uy.src.rpm
19:02 - check DX2 customised RPMs - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpm​s/source/bootfw-q2e43-1.fc11.src.rpm - /srv/upload/dextrose/testing/dxo2/rpms/​source/olpc-utils-1.0.29-1.fc11.src.rpm
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19:04 tch silbe:  fix for default font size of Terminal (could be related to patch introduced in dx1/dx2)
19:05 silbe:  that list is pretty much what I expected hehe
19:05 silbe there are also a few missing activities, e.g. Browse. Not sure if I accidentally dropped it while copying from the DX2 config or if something else is missing.
19:06 m_anish silbe, ok, i or maybe dirakx  can cross check list of activities if you want?
19:07 silbe m_anish: if doing your own build is faster than downloading (depends on how many of the packages are already cached locally) you can test your local build instead.
19:07 tch m_anish: that issue was caused and later solved by esteban accesibility patch, I also submitted a patch for it (mine is for contingency)
19:07 m_anish: 2663
19:07 silbe tch: yes, #2609 rings a bell. Let me check.
19:08 tch silbe:  :D:D
19:08 m_anish: should we close 2663?
19:08 m_anish tch, can you do the honors :)
19:08 silbe tch: might be 5b5ec6156bbba69a5a5f6e7caef19eaceb823c33: ActivityListPalette: fix bundle_changed disconnection
19:08 tch m_anish: ok
19:08 m_anish #action tch close #2663
19:09 :)
19:09 silbe tch: or wait...
19:09 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2592 (and 2609 being discussed)
19:10 i think walter had a patch for 2592
19:11 silbe tch: probably not 85e714ecb1e00e2652a6700a6868c698010c8c3e (fix regressions introduced by 29582de6 (fix for SL#1742)) in sugar-toolkit because that one is about the menu items not working, not the palette not appearing at all.
19:11 m_anish (maybe not)
19:11 silbe tch: so it might be a new bug. Would be nice to a) find a way to reproduce and b) check the logs for Tracebacks.
19:12 m_anish: somebody checking the list of activities and providing a "diff" would be quite appreciated.
19:13 m_anish silbe, ACK. will do
19:13 silbe m_anish: thx!
19:13 m_anish #action anish:check activity list in dx3 xo1/1.5 builds
19:14 re: 2592 I guess its not very painful but affects globally, no one in py discovered it, i accidentally hit it during testing
19:16 tch, ^ thoughts?
19:17 tch silbe:  ack
19:17 mchua_afk is now known as mchua
19:18 tch m_anish: did walter send you the fix?
19:19 m_anish tch, nope, whatever he posted is on the bug history
19:19 silbe m_anish: I just managed to view the animation for #2592 ("animate 2592.gif"). Looks like something that should eventually be fixed, but low severity + priority.
19:20 m_anish silbe, +1
19:20 tch m_anish: yeah is low priority but if there is already a fix, I don't see why we shouldn't try it and merge it
19:20 silbe: ^
19:21 oh, no patch yet..
19:21 silbe the "fix" didn't get into mainline yet because the code is messy (before the patch already) and Simon didn't want the patch in for now. We should try to get this moving again once 0.92.1 is released.
19:21 tch m_anish: can you turn this into an action? haha
19:21 m_anish: ^^
19:22 m_anish #action try to get walter's spiral patch into 0.92.1 (possibly related, #2592)
19:23 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2658
19:23 silbe m_anish: into 0.94, not 0.92.1 - that's why we're waiting until after 0.92.1 (because until then the focus will be on bug fixing)
19:23 m_anish I don't know if py really wants it this way... i'll double check with them
19:23 silbe, sorry :)
19:24 #action try to get walter's spiral patch into 0.94 (possibly related, #2592)
19:24 #action anish check with py if fix for #2658 is needed
19:25 silbe isn't #2658 an enhancement?
19:25 tch m_anish: +1 about #2658, there are some tabu in there
19:25 m_anish i guess #2659 is activity (this meeting is for platform only)
19:25 silbe, yep
19:25 silbe, but i'm not sure if that enhancement will cause more problems than solve them, so I need to check with py again.
19:26 silbe FWIW, it sounds like a good use of the notification feature (assuming it's only shown once per session).
19:26 tch m_anish, silbe: +1 if they approve it, I will make it happen :P since the original author is missing
19:27 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2673
19:27 silbe if your laptop is going to stop booting in the near future, the user should definitely be notified about it - via active notification, not via polling.
19:27 m_anish silbe agree, (that's why we filed it) :)
19:27 silbe ok, I'll shut up ;)
19:28 tch m_anish, silbe: silly as it sounds, there is a tabu in the technical team about olpc security system
19:28 m_anish, silbe: thats why we should ask first..
19:29 silbe tch: ok
19:29 m_anish re: 2673, WhatSayU? I guess we wait and watch how well the feedback thing works?
19:30 tch m_anish: +1, we could also try other approaches like putting the feedback server at XS
19:30 m_anish: using the same trick as with updater in offline schools
19:31 m_anish tch, yep, more than one possible soln
19:32 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2713
19:32 tch, silbe ^^ this would be very useful IMHO
19:33 tch silbe, m_anish: #2713 I think it will be necessary also for debugging purposes, we should consider sending that info aslo with the feedback reports
19:33 s/aslo/also
19:34 m_anish: I remember Roberto talking about that, so for me is a +1
19:35 m_anish tch, i guess this is pretty high priority then.
19:35 tch m_anish: yup
19:36 m_anish tch, any thoughts on the form in which the info should be displayed, 'last updated on' is a good start IMHO
19:37 tch m_anish: for the control panel,  last_updated_on is fine
19:37 silbe m_anish: re. #2713, what time would it show? yum update, activities list update? The older one of both?
19:38 tch silbe: yum update
19:38 m_anish silbe, hmm interesting, i was looking at it from just the yum point of view
19:38 silbe for the feedback stuff, a good start might be to include the versions of some important packages: sugar*, dextrose*
19:39 tch silbe: +1
19:39 m_anish silbe, +1
19:40 tch silbe, m_anish: showing last_update for activities could be confusing since not all activities are necessary updated
19:40 m_anish tch, (OT) in the few feedback logs i've looked at, I don't see the actual traceback (or maybe I'm just dumb) or maybe we're not printing a logging.exception or something similar
19:41 tch, yup, lets keep it yum only for the time being, but sending these infos as anonymous feedback reports could be interesting.
19:42 tch m_anish: please send me the log that doesn't show it, and ill check too
19:42 silbe tch: ok. We should make sure to have the wording indicate it's just for the system, not the activities.
19:42 tch silbe: +1
19:42 m_anish agrees as well :)
19:42 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2723
19:43 silbe tch: it's going to be a Dextrose only patch (because it depends on distro and even needs explicit support in the updater).
19:44 tch silbe: of course
19:44 m_anish I've uploaded the core dump for this, but don't really know what triggered it... silbe i wasn't able to reproduce  'sugar crash while browse downloading stuff'
19:44 silbe, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen ;-)
19:45 tch m_anish: #2723 huge log, looking
19:46 silbe m_anish: the Sugar crash thing (apparently only happening while the Journal is active) is hard to trigger and thus diagnose. :-/
19:46 m_anish tch, i basically everything remotely related so very verbose :)
19:46 silbe, yah :/
19:46 s/basically everything/basically uploaded everything/
19:46 silbe m_anish: that's one of the reasons I want to enable core dumps again for DX3
19:46 tch m_anish: if its that hard to trigger and even when it happens nothing very serious happens, we can give it a low priority
19:46 m_anish silbe, +1
19:48 silbe m_anish: when attaching core dumps, we need to know the exact build it was produced in. gdb can't do anything we the dump alone, it needs the binary and debugging symbols for binary + all libs.
19:49 m_anish silbe, hmm, i'm not sure I have that build with me now... i'll be sure to keep track of that info, if i hit it again
19:50 'latest Dextrose-2 international build' doesn't make it very clear in the bug description :-/
19:50 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2591
19:52 ^ This is bad, and should be fixed, and exists everywhere :-(
19:53 silbe m_anish: I remember walterbender wanting to fix it, but don't know what got of it. We should ping him.
19:53 tch yup
19:54 silbe, m_anish: ^
19:54 m_anish okay
19:55 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2616
19:55 Another usability hitch :/ (i suck at coding)
19:55 tch m_anish: I will take over that
19:56 m_anish: since i will be already looking into microformat
19:56 m_anish tch, okay
19:56 #action tch look into #2616
19:56 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2617
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19:57 tch m_anish: lets ping pgf and make sure it arrives to f14 kernel?
19:58 m_anish tch, this was another hack, right :)
19:58 lucian <lucian!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:58 silbe tch: it's already in the olpc kernel, we just need to enable it via module parameter. for DX3, too :)
19:58 tch m_anish: his solution is the proper one
19:58 silbe: great!
19:58 m_anish silbe, nice :)
19:58 tch m_anish: another action related to this one is to remove my hack from dx-platform
19:59 for dx3
20:00 m_anish #action remove hack from dx-platform for dx3 and enable mod_param for kernel having the fix
20:00 silbe is there anything in dextrose-platform yet that makes sense for dx3?
20:01 m_anish checks the dx-platform spec
20:01 tch silbe: good question, removing the whole rpm sounds a lot easier if there nothing else, otherwise I would probably have to hack the hack
20:02 m_anish silbe, nope, just the disable mesh thing for now
20:02 silbe ok, good. I didn't pull in dextrose-platform so far. :)
20:03 m_anish tch, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2618, this is already fixed, right?
20:03 tch haha,
20:04 m_anish: yup I fixed (hacked) it. The "problem" is that the logic for switching touchpad mode is part of the frame device code (on its model) and the hotkey  is a completely separated stuff
20:04 silbe oh, another incarnation of the "hidden" shortcut problem...
20:04 tch m_anish: the "proper" fix would require moving the model to a jarabe.model .. but not sure if its worth the effort
20:05 m_anish silbe, what do you suggest?
20:05 silbe or maybe not...
20:05 tch there are two options actually, duplicate the code or moving it to jarabe.models
20:06 then the frame icon and the hotkey code would use it from there
20:07 this model keep track of its current mode and trigger events... etc
20:07 m_anish tch, are we gonna push this for upstreaming?
20:07 tch m_anish: if we do it, we should push it upstream.
20:08 m_anish: the current hack simply waste memory by instancing the frame icon palette
20:08 m_anish: when the icon gets loaded
20:09 silbe as upstream, I still believe that this functionality should live in some system daemon, e.g. olpc-kbdshim.
20:09 tch silbe: that sounds interesting too, accessible through dbus?
20:10 silbe: who else we can ask about this?
20:11 silbe tch: why do you need to access it from Sugar?
20:12 tch silbe: we both talking about switching xo 1.0 touchpad mode, right?
20:12 silbe tch: yep
20:12 I'd imagine it to work like the brightness control
20:12 tch silbe: currently the code that does the switching is part of the device icon model
20:13 silbe tch: and that's the part I'd prefer to get rid of ;)
20:13 tch silbe: yeah me too
20:13 silbe: i suggested a new model in sugar and you suggested a system daemon
20:14 silbe: my concern is that, if we depend on that daemon it will be harder to upstream because of the dependency
20:15 silbe the only reason to keep some support for it in Sugar is the ability to indicate the current status in the Frame. I don't know how important that is. If we need to retain it, I'd say we should check the device status directly (via sysfs).
20:15 tch: upstream where? Sugar Labs or OLPC? SL would be quite glad to get rid of the code. ;)
20:16 tch silbe: if we don't keep track of its status it will create a lot of confusion, trust me.
20:16 m_anish tch, i agree
20:17 silbe, is the bug re: speaker frame icon not getting updated when the vol up/down keys are pressed a result of a similar limitation?
20:19 silbe m_anish: let's say the fix for that bug (missing update for Speaker) is the only thing I'd retain for the touchpad.
20:19 tch m_anish: we should move on, and go back on this topic later?
20:19 silbe in both cases we need to monitor the actual hardware state from Sugar
20:20 m_anish silbe, yep
20:20 tch silbe:  i agree too
20:20 silbe nice
20:20 m_anish so, any #action emerging from this :)?
20:21 silbe hack the olpc-kbdshim repo so we can sneak in the patch behind pgf's back ;)
20:21 tch silbe, m_anish: #action get rid of that code and put it somewhere else that allows us  to keep track of its status. Requires more discussion (?)
20:21 lol
20:22 m_anish #action  hack the olpc-kbdshim repo so we can sneak in the patch behind pgf's back ;)
20:22 #action get rid of that code and put it somewhere else that allows us  to keep track of its status. Requires more discussion (?)
20:22 silbe tch: almost. keeping track of the status is independent of where exactly the key handler lives.
20:23 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2586
20:23 silbe tch: or let's say we don't need explicit support for querying the status from the new owner. If it happens to already have a DBus interface that's a bonus.
20:24 m_anish: do you have a screenshot for this feature?
20:24 m_anish silbe, feedback? yep standby
20:25 silbe m_anish: the mentioned pop-up in particular
20:25 m_anish silbe, http://people.sugarlabs.org/anish/feedback.pdf this should have a screenshot
20:26 I just opened it to have a discussion later on...
20:26 tch silbe: always we can keep track of the touchpad mode status it will be fine, doesn't matter how really
20:26 m_anish for one, I cannot copy-paste stuff into the modal window while typing in the report
20:27 tch m_anish: #2586 same happens with any other modal window
20:28 m_anish: for the CP I recall there is a hack to avoid that to happen, but yet you can make it happen
20:29 m_anish tch, if we ever wanna get this upstreamed, we should have garycmartin's input on how it should look :-)
20:29 tch m_anish: i see, but what is the behaviour you suggest?
20:30 silbe modal dialogs must die™
20:30 m_anish tch, i'm not sure, what i'm sure is that it is an annoyance to not be able to switch to an activity and not being able to copy paste stuff
20:30 silbe let's make it an independent full-screen window, like activities and the Journal are
20:31 upstreaming this will definitely get interesting...
20:31 m_anish silbe, yep :)
20:33 tch silbe, m_anish: we can try that
20:33 debugging view?
20:33 lol
20:33 silbe :)
20:33 m_anish silbe, FWIW, the view source window is modal as well right? what happens when we pop that up, are we able to switch between things or copy/paste if we need to?
20:34 silbe or maybe we should just make it an activity.
20:34 m_anish s/between things/between windows
20:34 silbe, or maybe incorporate it in log?
20:35 separate activity sounds like a nice idea as well
20:36 tch we could lunch a notification  (disabled) to replace the device icon :P
20:36 silbe m_anish: maybe, yeah. BTW, what exactly is the workflow for the bug reporting feature? Is it always available or only after crashes?
20:36 m_anish silbe, is this fodder for a design meeting topic ;)?
20:36 tch otherwise, they will have to open the activity to _guess_ if something wrong has happened
20:36 and we get into the same situation again,
20:37 m_anish silbe, there are two things... one is automatic... it sends a crash log when an exception happens... and the other is manually typing in a report and sending it
20:37 silbe m_anish: depends on your goals. I'd move it to the bottom of the list to avoid a fruitless meeting. :-/
20:37 m_anish silbe, hmm, true
20:37 tch, yep, you raise a valid point
20:37 silbe tch: I guess a better place would be the activity frame icon
20:38 tch m_anish: when sugar fails, I think is it important that user are noticed about that.. is it important for testing processes, because is not like testers can be pendant of that activity 24/7
20:38 they are teachers and kids, that needs to be doing other things too
20:39 silbe m_anish: Christian favours modal dialogs, Gary is OK with them for a few things and I loathe them. So it takes a lot of time to agree to a solution.
20:39 m_anish tch, silbe there is a discussion about incorporating the 'about' button in the activity, maybe this could be bundled with that
20:39 tch silbe: that makes sense for activities but about sugar itself?
20:39 silbe m_anish: only if you want both to fail :)
20:40 m_anish: the About stuff is already controversial, it doesn't make much sense to put anything on top of it
20:40 m_anish silbe, okay
20:41 silbe tch: the zoom levels are windows as well. The CP would need to be made a top level window. ;)
20:41 m_anish i guess i get the feeling that feedback will remain downstream for a while
20:41 tch m_anish: me too, haha
20:42 silbe m_anish: I'd expect so, like the system resources indicator.
20:42 tch silbe: the indicator was the best idea we ever had :(
20:42 silbe I'll definitely try to upstream it, but not too hard. Let's just prove that our approach is good by doing a field test.
20:43 m_anish silbe, +1, more backing via positive feedback and impact
20:43 next topic?
20:44 silbe tch: FGrose did an awesome Feature page for the system resource indicator after we failed to get it upstream this time. Maybe it'll work the the next time (e.g. next year).
20:44 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2610
20:45 tch m_anish: guess i can look up to that too
20:45 silbe sounds like a data store bug to me.
20:45 m_anish #action tch look into #2610
20:46 silbe you might consider updating to upstream sugar-datastore 0.92.
20:46 IIRC you still ship an old version of aa's patch series
20:46 tch silbe:  ill test it and ill probably ask you for help if that is the case :)
20:46 silbe: yep, for the sort stuff
20:47 silbe tch: the data store is mostly independent of Sugar, so it should just work.
20:48 dogi <dogi!~nemo@pool-71-174-38-151.bstnma.east.verizon.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:48 tch silbe:  ok, i will know what happens when i look at it :)
20:49 m_anish move to next bug?
20:50 tch +1
20:50 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2614
20:50 this shouldn't be an issue in f14? or we can check anyways?
20:51 tch well, i already got the 1.5 build I can test it tonight hehe
20:51 m_anish tch, deme, u and your fast internet :P
20:52 tch m_anish: faster.. not fast
20:52 m_anish #action tch check if #2614 issue exists in f14
20:52 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2620
20:52 tch, did you ever hit it again?
20:53 tch m_anish: nope ;/ guess it should stay open just in case
20:53 m_anish tch, okay
20:53 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2621
20:54 tch m_anish: is fixed, but the CP section still shows the wrong layout right?
20:54 silbe: is this fixed upstream?
20:54 m_anish tch, yep, exactly
20:54 silbe tch: I don't even know exactly how it gets triggered.
20:55 tch silbe: no magic at all, you just go there and it always shows Akan, m_anish: right?
20:55 m_anish silbe, on an xo, just open the keyboard setting section, it will show Akan,Ghana as the default layout, even though it isn't
20:55 silbe tch: but why?
20:55 m_anish silbe, its the first entry in the combo box
20:55 silbe taking a peek
20:56 m_anish: the question is: Why doesn't it pick up the current layout correctly?
20:56 m_anish tch, IIRC, similar issue exists with the 3G CP section
20:57 tch m_anish: you sure? Last time i tested it worked fine
20:57 m_anish: i mean, for the CP section
20:57 m_anish tch, the problem isn't with what is selected, the problem is with what entry is visible
20:57 tch m_anish: at my xo 1 shows uruguay which is fine.. because that is the xo layout
20:57 and at my 1.5 shows united states
20:57 m_anish: regarding CP 3G section ^^
20:58 m_anish tch, i'll check some more re: 3G, but i guess we boht agree this exists for Keyboard?
20:58 tch m_anish: yes
20:58 m_anish checks on xo1.5 dx2-py build
20:58 silbe the code looks fine - it returns the gconf setting if there is one and the current XKB setting otherwise.
20:58 extensions/cpsection/keyboard/model.py
20:59 m_anish for some reason, the keyboard setting section takes 3-4 seconds to open up in the CP as well... on f14 builds it opens instantly
20:59 tch silbe:  why it works for 3G CP seciton then <confused>
20:59 silbe a bunch of debug prints might help figuring out where it's getting the wrong values from
21:00 tch: 3G and keyboard don't have anything in common AFAICT
21:00 m_anish silbe, tch, ah ok... lemme summarize (clear some confusion)
21:00 ===Modem config===
21:01 needs to check some more
21:01 ===Keyboard===
21:01 For the very first time atleast, even if the layout is set to spanish, if we open the keyboard setting CP, it shows as akan, ghana
21:01 tch, is that ok?
21:02 tch yes
21:02 icarito has quit IRC
21:03 tch flashing my 1.5 XO with silbe's dx3 image :D
21:09 m_anish ok so next topic :)
21:09 #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2587
21:09 i guess this is done, can you close this
21:11 tch ack
21:11 m_anish #topic http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2589
21:12 tch, i think this one is a flakey, and while your'e looking at  microformat, you could look at this as well :)
21:12 tch m_anish: i think ill be able to fix it too
21:13 so, basically ill do a surgery to the microformat updater ehehe
21:24 m_anish tch, deme, got disconnected :((
21:24 tch, silbe we're out of bugs :)
21:24 tch dx related*
21:24 m_anish tch, yep
21:24 (endmeeting for now?)
21:25 tch m_anish: alsamixer is present
21:25 on f14 dx3
21:26 silbe m_anish: cool! time to go to bed then :)
21:26 m_anish tch, i guess that means endmeeting, lol :D
21:26 #endmeeting
21:26 meeting Meeting ended Wed Apr  6 21:26:19 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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21:26 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-04-06T18:52:46
21:26 m_anish silbe, tch thanks a lot :-) , great meeting
21:27 silbe, g'night!
21:27 silbe thx too!
21:27 g'night!
21:29 tch silbe: my first impression on the dx3 build: looks  good!
21:33 silbe tch: nice! I'm curious how long it'll take you to notice the first bug :)
21:38 tch silbe: the boot images? lol
21:39 m_anish tch, rofl :D
21:39 silbe tch: huh? Don't tell me they're still buggy, it took me > 1 day to make them work.
21:40 tch silbe: i think it works fine, was a joke :P
21:40 silbe tch: grmpf. :-P
21:46 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
21:48 m_anish tch, we need dx3 now, right :P
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22:35 dirakx m_anish: ping
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22:38 m_anish dirakx, pong
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