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#sugar-meeting, 2011-03-28

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17:00 cjb sug
17:00 oops
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21:11 <geirea-es> we are the ones?
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21:13 meeting <pflores-es> that rare godiard
21:15 <geirea-es> It was not clear whether it was at 18 or 19
21:16 <pflores-es> warns you that is connected gmail
21:16 <pflores-es> but answered an n
21:16 <pflores-es> Walter told me that no pruning
21:16 <pflores-es> Fernando and I send SMS now
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21:17 <gonzalo-es> hello!
21:17 <pflores-es> hi!
21:18 <pflores-es> aa: TAS?
21:19 dirakx where is this meeting hapening  ? ;)
21:19 meeting <pflores-es> geirea, godiard: Well, we start between us?
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21:20 pflores #sugar-meeting-es
21:20 ditakx: ^
21:21 meeting <pflores-es> godiard: Not much to take in clean answers about the program sent the lists, right?
21:21 <pflores-es> gonzalo: ^
21:22 <gonzalo-es> pflores: begin the reunion?
21:22 <FernandoSansberr-es> hello
21:22 <pflores-es> hello
21:22 <geirea-es> hello
21:22 <pflores-es> I say start, if
21:22 <gonzalo-es> ok, hello everyone!
21:23 <gonzalo-es> pflores: responding to your question, there is little
21:23 <gonzalo-es> pflores: Rosamel can give a talk of integration into the curriculum, but I have to confirm
21:24 <pflores-es> gonzalo: if, spoke with me
21:24 <gonzalo-es> I'm beginning to think that we can be the strategy blunders
21:24 <pflores-es> est good proposal to chat
21:24 <pflores-es> a vision from the educational needs SW
21:24 <pflores-es> gonzalo: for?
21:25 <gonzalo-es> instead of defining the issues and look for people who give the talks, perhaps we need to make a call to give talks and proposed that people want to talk
21:25 <gonzalo-es> set a deadline, etc.
21:26 <pflores-es> I liked but I'm not sure that we achieve a greater response ... : (
21:26 <geirea-es> that is the usual mechanism, the problem is that we do not have much time
21:26 <gonzalo-es> overcomes any ideas?
21:26 <pflores-es> the most effective way I can think of is to contact directly to those coming estn
21:26 <pflores-es> talk to them one by one
21:27 <geirea-es> I agree, is much more work
21:27 <pflores-es> macro to see which program they would like to ...
21:27 <aa-es> hello
21:27 <pflores-es> aa: hi!
21:27 <geirea-es> hello
21:27 <gonzalo-es> hello aa
21:28 <pflores-es> geirea: is that at this point I doubt that works as anything but
21:28 <pflores-es> 1 to 1 ..
21:28 <gonzalo-es> ok, then we can move on we have to clean today? Etherpad?
21:28 <geirea-es> I have a listed proposals: creatic (accessibility), werner (experience in Chile) and Rodolfo Maple
21:29 <pflores-es> ok, I have what Rosamel ...
21:29 <geirea-es> http://openetherpad.org/jbLB7nGaz6
21:29 <geirea-es> messy is half the poor pad
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21:30 meeting <gonzalo-es> You can clear all colors
21:31 <gonzalo-es> see everything in black now?
21:31 <geirea-es> remember: Friday morning and 6 round table talks
21:31 <geirea-es> Friday afternoon: track and track basic sugar summit
21:31 <geirea-es> Saturday morning: deployments
21:31 <geirea-es> Saturday afternoon: unconference
21:31 <pflores-es> One possibility is to keep throwing ideas about the program as last week And after throwing proposals that we know are
21:32 <pflores-es> also be responsive to people who are going to pull their proposed signing ...
21:32 <gonzalo-es> I seem to write down a list of what is already volunteers responsible?
21:33 <pflores-es> gonzalo: Best as all white:)
21:33 <geirea-es> we assume that the sugar summit track manages itself?
21:33 <aa-es> geirea: I think it will be the best
21:33 <pflores-es> geirea: or at least we can manage most of the time ...
21:33 <gonzalo-es> geirea: if
21:33 <geirea-es> well
21:34 <geirea-es> then we can narrow the problem to the following: 1) talks Friday morning, 2) basic track sugar and 3) discussions / exchange of deployments
21:34 <geirea-es> to 1) have some good candidates
21:34 <geirea-es> for 2) we need a volunteer
21:34 <geirea-es> for 3) we need to contact the deployments
21:35 <pflores-es> for 2) Philip proponaa trojanchicken
21:35 <geirea-es> Philip may be fine but we would like someone to talk about gtk
21:35 <geirea-es> because they did everything in pygame trojanchicken
21:36 <pflores-es> ok .... any ideas?
21:36 <geirea-es> (Someone other than Felipe say)
21:36 <aa-es> would be nice if someone mentions a technical overview of sugar rather than gtk
21:36 <pflores-es> aa: +1
21:36 <geirea-es> the problem is that someone is going to miss the summit
21:36 <aa-es> The basic track is sugar in 2 tracks?
21:36 <aa-es> pun intended ...
21:37 <geirea-es> aa: no, it's 1 track
21:37 <geirea-es> the other track is the pinnacle
21:38 <geirea-es> I imagine the basic track overview of sugar type, how to do an activity, and gtk basic basic pygame
21:38 <aa-es> ok, there are 5 lectures then?
21:38 <aa-es> Friday we're talking 14 to 19 do not?
21:38 <gonzalo-es> one would be "mi primera actividad"?
21:39 <pflores-es> aa: so there is a brainstorm of things that may go on top
21:40 <geirea-es> aa: yes
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21:41 meeting <aa-es> I think that what is on the okay Etherpad
21:41 <aa-es> - Description of Sugar
21:41 <aa-es> - How to do an activity
21:41 <aa-es> - Development with PyGTK
21:41 <aa-es> - Development with PyGame
21:41 <geirea-es> Felipe da suppose it Pygame, who gives the other?
21:41 <aa-es> would be nice to have a party responsible for organizing this
21:42 <pflores-es> all begs the question: quin
21:42 <aa-es> one of the guests have a good Spanish?
21:43 <aa-es> would be great if the did the first part walter
21:43 <pflores-es> will have to be someone not too keen on the top sugar
21:43 <aa-es> clear
21:43 <aa-es> Flavio?
21:43 <gonzalo-es> is a difficult combination:)
21:44 <geirea-es> Flavio can ask, yes
21:44 <aa-es> could stagger so that everyone can be for the overview of sugar
21:44 <geirea-es> I do not know if he dominates the architecture of sugar
21:45 <aa-es> geirea: I think to give an overview yes
21:45 <aa-es> in 45 minutes you can not go into much detail
21:45 <pflores-es> Flavio sounds great
21:45 <aa-es> I like flavio for the second and third part
21:45 <pflores-es> if it is as effective as with her students:)
21:45 <aa-es> and / or
21:46 <geirea-es> is true that the focus will be to develop an activity, then the architecture of sugar does not matter
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21:47 <aa-es> Paul Moleri?
21:47 <pflores-es> To see which you think as I put it in Etherpad?
21:47 * gonzalo-es has joined
21:47 <aa-es> hmm, felipe is so deep as to talk in the overview?
21:47 <geirea-es> pflores: 3 and 4 would change
21:47 <pflores-es> pmoleri perhaps all that may help track
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21:48 meeting <pflores-es> geirea: true
21:48 <aa-es> I guess I like the first lecture topics are: - History of sugar (10 min), - Principles of HIG (20 min) - Implementation Overview (20 min)
21:48 <pflores-es> seems like a good combination if Flavio, Philip and Paul join forces for this track will be great
21:49 <gonzalo-es> aa: but an introduction and make the Friday morning
21:50 <aa-es> gonzalo: but not to that level, I think
21:50 <pflores-es> aa: I like it, but fifth of those who do not are participating in the summit may give it sugar?
21:51 <gonzalo-es> aa: perhaps for the tar5de what is more important how to build your development environment
21:51 <aa-es> pflores: anyone who reads a little wiki can talk 20 minutes from the HIG
21:51 <aa-es> gonzalo: yes, that insurance must be in one of those talks
21:52 <pflores-es> They seem to propose to Flavio, Philip and Paul, if you can order?
21:52 <gonzalo-es> pflores: yes, who can be charged?
21:52 <aa-es> +1
21:52 <geirea-es> pflores: well, then we propong√°moslo
21:53 <gonzalo-es> geirea: put a charge of communicating with them
21:53 <geirea-es> I am writing
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21:53 meeting <gonzalo-es> ok:)
21:53 <pflores-es> ok, great
21:53 <geirea-es> someone has felipe mail?
21:55 <aa-es> geirea: I was in a mail ...
21:55 <aa-es> geirea: Felipe Otamendi
21:55 <geirea-es> thanks!
21:55 <aa-es> np
21:56 <pflores-es> Les seems to happen to Saturday from morning?
21:56 <aa-es> ok, let the sugar summit?
21:56 <aa-es> ok
21:56 <aa-es> I believe that the summit would have to build a sugar in sugar-devel thread
21:57 <pflores-es> aa: +1
21:57 <gonzalo-es> Rosamel chat should be in the morning
21:57 <pflores-es> gonzalo: I'm not sure
21:57 <aa-es> saying that the purpose of the thread is put together a schedule for that period of time
21:57 <aa-es> I send the mail
21:57 <pflores-es> aa: +1
21:57 <gonzalo-es> aa: ok, hope you have better luck than me ....
21:58 <gonzalo-es> pflores: why?
21:58 <aa-es> gonzalo: someone answered?
21:58 <pflores-es> gonzalo: I was thinking on Saturday in the afternoon is a good time to invite more open to teachers, something more of the style of what we Caryl
21:59 <gonzalo-es> aa: almost no response
21:59 <aa-es> gonzalo: ok, try back then
21:59 <pflores-es> anyway chat Rosamel perhaps be more oriented towards developers that teachers
21:59 <pflores-es> so I say I'm not sure:)
21:59 <gonzalo-es> pflores: I think teachers will you have to take a more structured framework (talks / discussions, but with time)
22:00 <aa-es> gonzalo: +1
22:00 <pflores-es> gonzalo: +1
22:00 <aa-es> and certified! : P
22:00 <pflores-es> that deca is that in any case that we do on Saturday afternoon
22:01 <pflores-es> What I said Rosamel is to give a talk with Jose Barrios, who is inspector and worked in Ceibal / ANEP for 2 years
22:01 <pflores-es> on the most important needs in the XO from the point of view SW
22:02 <aa-es> great
22:02 <pflores-es> Maybe we can make a panel of teachers for that
22:02 <gonzalo-es> pflores: but that does not fall within the experiences of deployments?
22:02 <aa-es> is a talk for power-users than developers can
22:02 <pflores-es> aa: how?
22:02 <aa-es> I think at this event, when we talk about teachers should be power-teachers: P
22:02 <pflores-es> gonzalo: Yes, you can be
22:02 <pflores-es> haha
22:03 <gonzalo-es> haha, a new term power-teachers!
22:03 <aa-es> pflores: that is, teachers who are interested in exploring the subject and have some idea of ??the thing and
22:03 <gonzalo-es> certificate that can be said:)
22:03 <aa-es> haha
22:03 <pflores-es> haha
22:03 <pflores-es> Let's see, about the experience of deployments, we have:
22:03 <gonzalo-es> Teachers will also pay 100 usd?
22:03 <pflores-es> - Several of UY
22:03 <pflores-es> - Several of PY
22:04 <pflores-es> - Werner, Chile
22:04 <pflores-es> - Koke Contreras and Vladimir Castro Per
22:05 <pflores-es> dirakx: podrs you speak some of Colombia?
22:06 <pflores-es> AFTER someone from El Salvador, not whether there will be someone from Argentina (in addition to gonzalo)
22:06 <geirea-es> I guess Ceibal want to have their space in the part of deployments
22:06 <pflores-es> geirea: I'd like to know ...
22:06 <geirea-es> soon as the technical team certainly going to want to participate
22:06 <dirakx-es> pflores: wow .. then I wish I could!, But I might not be in edujam. unless there is a support of some kind .. BC and gave the necessary support. : (
22:07 <pflores-es> gonzalo: one of the benefits of inviting the Saturday afternoon is not involving costs, so that they may waive or charge much less
22:07 <gonzalo-es> pflores: then it would have to be warned
22:07 <pflores-es> dirakx: Then we talked. AC I think you can give a partial support \
22:08 <dirakx-es> pflores: ah well.
22:08 <dirakx-es> want to go:).
22:08 <gonzalo-es> dirakx: you should come!
22:08 <gonzalo-es> dirakx: Summit Activities;)
22:08 <pflores-es> gonzalo: you could contact someone from La Rioja?
22:09 <gonzalo-es> pflores: not yet, ut I will travel in a couple of weeks
22:09 <pflores-es> Well, how do you think of organizing the talks of deployments in the morning?
22:09 <aa-es> pflores: else you need sponsorship is sascha silbe
22:09 <pflores-es> Make a unique panel? SPECIFIC give talks?
22:09 <dirakx-es> gonzalo: so it is!
22:10 <dirakx-es> is very necessary!.
22:10 <gonzalo-es> pflores: with people who already have confirmed, you can not ask them to prepare a presentation and then make a table abiwerta?
22:10 <pflores-es> aa: I know ... but more difficult ah est
22:10 <pflores-es> gonzalo: if it is a possibility
22:10 <gonzalo-es> pflores: with 20 minutes to present what they want
22:10 <pflores-es> be an open table for 2 hours?
22:10 <gonzalo-es> pflores: and then table and questions
22:11 <geirea-es> I like that do focus on specific issues: connectivity, logistics, training, ...
22:11 <pflores-es> for example, to Ceibal seems to me that 20 minutes is not going to
22:11 <gonzalo-es> pflores: Enlarged cxomo of Uruguayans are: D!
22:11 <pflores-es> geirea: +1. And add: most important needs in Sugar
22:11 <pflores-es> gonzalo: jua jua
22:12 <pflores-es> habrn several exhibitors say that because of different areas ...
22:12 <gonzalo-es> but here we can pull a slogan, for example, that everyone does n "informe de avances" and then the challenges he sees each
22:14 <geirea-es> one problem is that the deployments want to look good and do not discuss problems
22:14 <pflores-es> I like the proposal to build geirea of panels on topics SPECIFIC
22:14 <pflores-es> But will focus primarily on development issues
22:14 <geirea-es> (The deployments would be ...)
22:15 <geirea-es> I write in the Etherpad: connectivity, logistics, training, technical support, Sugar needs, impact assessment,
22:15 <gonzalo-es> not only of development, this is the time for deployments that have seen similar problems and to join efforts and share
22:16 <pflores-es> And if we reach about panels on more serious problems?
22:16 <geirea-es> if we limit to development then lose interest
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22:16 meeting <pflores-es> ok, but as "evaluaci
22:16 <pflores-es> discussed many events that ...
22:17 <geirea-es> ok
22:17 <gonzalo-es> and is a subject most likely to own ministries
22:18 <FernandoSansberr-es> I have as that May 5 is the tentative date for the event Ceibal content
22:18 <geirea-es> then we have 5 axis: connectivity, logistics, training, technical support and needs of Sugar
22:18 <geirea-es> FernandoSansberr: chan!
22:18 <geirea-es> must try to change it
22:18 <pflores-es> FernandoSansberr: if you're in contact with them let them know;)
22:19 <FernandoSansberr-es> if you notice if, what is that will not
22:19 <pflores-es> ok ...
22:19 <gonzalo-es> event content?
22:19 <geirea-es> gonzalo: Rayuela Project, will present the content developed on the basis of last year called
22:20 <geirea-es> (We have one)
22:20 <gonzalo-es> also of you, one is open source?
22:20 <geirea-es> gonzalo: I do not know but I doubt it
22:21 <geirea-es> had difficulty signing contract
22:21 <FernandoSansberr-es> if that content, say hello, chess, etc. ..
22:21 <geirea-es> is not an issue that lawyers handle much
22:21 <FernandoSansberr-es> do not know if open source is not heritage
22:21 <gonzalo-es> geirea: is the only thing I do not like the ceibal
22:22 <geirea-es> FernandoSansberr: What is heritage? is a portal?
22:22 <FernandoSansberr-es> if
22:22 <FernandoSansberr-es> a heritage site where heritage items rise
22:23 <geirea-es> use drupal or something?
22:23 <FernandoSansberr-es> if drupal
22:23 <FernandoSansberr-es> heard once at home it would be open source, I can not confirm if this is still so
22:24 <geirea-es> whom?
22:24 <FernandoSansberr-es> Red Floor Design
22:26 <aa-es> open source! = use open source;)
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22:26 meeting <aa-es> Taliban mode off
22:26 <dirakx-es> I love that translation.
22:26 <aa-es> haha
22:26 <gonzalo-es> ok, back to the reunion (yes, you get them out of the topic:))
22:26 <FernandoSansberr-es> If no idea
22:26 <aa-es> I have to go
22:26 <aa-es> Greetings!
22:27 <gonzalo-es> ok, before we leave the rest
22:27 <geirea-es> aa: chau
22:27 <gonzalo-es> Homework: Continue looking for volunteers split as talks?
22:27 <geirea-es> not yet cut their teeth at Friday morning, which is critical means
22:28 <gonzalo-es> I'll try to chat with Walter about it when plugged in
22:28 <pflores-es> Etherpad put in a proposal of panels on Saturday morning
22:28 <pflores-es> (Space deployments experience)
22:30 <geirea-es> missing include some logistics and training
22:30 <gonzalo-es> all this morning? it is a bit much?
22:30 <geirea-es> and I think that connectivity and technical support are two very different to be on the same panel
22:31 <pflores-es> I thought of it in 2 parallel tracks
22:31 <geirea-es> should include the safety issue?
22:31 <pflores-es> if the problem is that there are many issues and little time, then we have to cut
22:32 <gonzalo-es> pflores: there are going to lose half
22:32 <pflores-es> geirea: well, at least that has been UY 90% of the development work:)
22:32 <pflores-es> gonzalo: is it better than just 1 track?
22:32 <gonzalo-es> pflores: if
22:32 <geirea-es> the second and the third could not be together?
22:33 <pflores-es> geirea: if, maybe, but the subject is too vast ...
22:35 <gonzalo-es> pflores: you talked to Adam and Caryl about what they want to do them?
22:35 <geirea-es> perhaps we can arrange in 3 panels: engineering aspects (connectivity, logistics support), aspects of SW (Sugar, security) and educational aspects (training, vision teacher)
22:36 <pflores-es> gonzalo: if what happens is that so far have been unable to organize anything concrete ...
22:36 <FernandoSansberr-es> I have to leave for home, for half an hour I will not be, I come and if they connect
22:36 <gonzalo-es> geirea, pflores: it was that on Saturday was more oriented to teachers?
22:36 <pflores-es> geirea: in 1 or 2 tracks?
22:36 <geirea-es> FernandoSansberr: bye
22:36 * FernandoSansberr has quit ()
22:36 <pflores-es> FernandoSansberr: bye!
22:37 <geirea-es> if possible in 1 track
22:37 <geirea-es> we have all the morning, may be more than one hour each
22:37 <pflores-es> gonzalo: I propose to make a space for teachers on Saturday afternoon
22:37 <pflores-es> geirea: ok, it seems very long but ...
22:38 <pflores-es> I like the distribution of geirea
22:38 <geirea-es> yes, there is little time
22:38 <gonzalo-es> pflores: and the people who come to the dfeployments is technical or pedagogic?
22:38 <geirea-es> gonzalo: good question
22:38 <pflores-es> yes, good question, there is everything
22:38 <pflores-es> but tell that mainly technique
22:39 <geirea-es> could be invited to deployments that expose the main lessons learned in each of these three areas
22:40 <gonzalo-es> wonder about connectivity, we can learn / contribute something?
22:40 <geirea-es> gonzalo: the idea is that the deployments can also be exchanged on issues of concern
22:41 <geirea-es> and connectivity is a real issue
22:41 <pflores-es> 3 panels to add a panel of geirea community: interaction with the community, social Mobilisation sought / achieved, collaboration upstream ...
22:42 <gonzalo-es> pflores: these issues if they can be more enriching
22:42 <gonzalo-es> connectivity seems to me that everything is a subject very cold and economic / technical
22:42 <gonzalo-es> on which we can not do much
22:42 <geirea-es> gonzalo: we are influenced by Ceibal:)
22:42 <pflores-es> haha
22:43 <pflores-es> gonzalo: +1
22:43 <gonzalo-es> and not the same state have been fulfilled with a communications company arg private monsters, etc.
22:43 <geirea-es> is true that we can not do much but you will not have a space for deployments to share their experiences?
22:43 <pflores-es> Not that it is not important, but if I have to prioritize removed the Panel 1
22:43 <pflores-es> But we can make 2 tracks ...
22:44 <geirea-es> one technical and one pedagogical?
22:44 <gonzalo-es> I return to my proposal, a report asking them to arm themselves compact, current status, progress and challenges
22:45 <gonzalo-es> and then open table
22:45 <gonzalo-es> and a time limit for each
22:45 <geirea-es> how many deployments we talking about?
22:45 <pflores-es> 4-for now, expect some more ... there are several in the back to be confirmed
22:46 <geirea-es> that the proposal may be malfunction of gonzalo
22:47 <geirea-es> we must be clear and strict with the times allocated to each
22:47 <geirea-es> but still is good to define some key
22:48 <pflores-es> gonzalo: your proposal will panel the same pedagogical issues and technicians?
22:48 <gonzalo-es> pflores: yes, it forces them to synthesize and implement the most important
22:49 <pflores-es> ah not really agree: there is no common language
22:49 <pflores-es> less if you need to compress much that is shared
22:50 <gonzalo-es> We can do a test, send a mail to those who already have confirmed, and ask them what issues they consider important to them to present their deployment and how long it would need
22:50 <gonzalo-es> and on that basis we
22:50 <gonzalo-es> pylorus; do you think?
22:52 <pflores-es> may be, if
22:52 <pflores-es> I put a 3 in Etherpad IDEA
22:52 <pflores-es> to see which you think
22:54 <geirea-es> I think it's OK to ask the deployments and guide the activity in terms of response
22:54 <pflores-es> well
22:54 <geirea-es> I have not clear whether to do 2 tracks or one
22:54 <gonzalo-es> I also
22:54 <pflores-es> I also
22:54 <pflores-es> :)
22:55 <pflores-es> Well, I propose to start closing:
22:55 <geirea-es> we have to decide is whether this will be a space in terms of deployments or if we are going to outline in terms of what we want from the sugar side
22:55 <pflores-es> geirea: ah est la division just in my proposal of 2 tracks. 1 is oriented to the challenges of the depliyments, the other Sugar
22:56 <gonzalo-es> geirea: lso have good information on deployments serves us all
22:56 <geirea-es> well, hopefully the answers
22:56 <pflores-es> ok
22:56 <gonzalo-es> geirea: but they tell us, we have many machines, the guys are happy, so we do not serve any
22:56 <pflores-es> I talk to the people of the deployment to see that
22:56 <pflores-es> gonzalo: +1
22:56 <geirea-es> gonzalo: agreement, that is a risk, one must be careful
22:57 <geirea-es> (I have attended too many presentations ceibal)
22:57 <gonzalo-es> if
22:57 <pflores-es> To be closing ...
22:57 <pflores-es> On Friday morning, someone should send mail to those who confirmed estn preguntndoles if they would like to participate in any part of the draft of talks we have
22:57 <gonzalo-es> but we must clarify that there is a presentation to publicco
22:57 <gonzalo-es> will be the people they can solve their problems or not
22:57 <pflores-es> gonzalo: podrs you address that?
22:58 <gonzalo-es> with ls deployments?
22:58 <pflores-es> no
22:58 <pflores-es> gonzalo: as of Friday morning
22:58 <gonzalo-es> ah, ok
22:58 <pflores-es> According to clarify these things to the panelists of the deployments
22:58 <gonzalo-es> pass me the list of confirmed?
22:59 <gonzalo-es> (By mail, later)
22:59 <pflores-es> gonzalo: ok
22:59 <pflores-es> and aa stayed with starting a thread on the top of Sugar
23:00 <pflores-es> I liked Juntra us again this week
23:00 <geirea-es> is taking shape:)
23:00 <pflores-es> to advertise the program more on the upcoming weekend
23:00 <pflores-es> how to see it?
23:00 <geirea-es> this time I can only Thursday
23:01 <pflores-es> I served my
23:01 <gonzalo-es> pflores, geirea, would have to change in the wiki the issue of objectives
23:01 <geirea-es> I do not know if we will have answers soon
23:01 <gonzalo-es> still the focus in Latin America that leaves a little from side to some people
23:02 <gonzalo-es> I think next Monday is fine
23:02 <gonzalo-es> and we keep abreast of mail while
23:02 <geirea-es> objectives are the 6 points we have at first in the Etherpad?
23:02 <gonzalo-es> geirea: if
23:03 <pflores-es> needs to be refined a little, right?
23:03 <geirea-es> refine and condense some
23:03 <gonzalo-es> paa I are better than this in the wiki
23:04 <geirea-es> I would stay with 2, 3 and 5
23:04 <pflores-es> true
23:05 <geirea-es> (Main objectives)
23:05 <pflores-es> geirea: I like to take 1, but perhaps we can put it more briefly
23:05 mchua is now known as mchua_afk
23:05 meeting <geirea-es> pflores: 2 can be integrated somehow
23:06 <gonzalo-es> geirea: if you want to leave 2, 3 and 5 for me is fine
23:07 <geirea-es> let's think a bit and exchanged proposals by email
23:07 <gonzalo-es> ok, I have to cut
23:07 <geirea-es> yeah, me too
23:08 <gonzalo-es> well, hugs for both River Plate!
23:08 <pflores-es> Ok!
23:08 <pflores-es> up people!
23:08 <pflores-es> This painting is beautiful!
23:08 <pflores-es> salu2
23:09 <geirea-es> chau!
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