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#sugar-meeting, 2011-03-18

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16:46 tch m_anish, bernie: here?
16:46 m_anish yep
16:47 can someone do startmeeting, i may have to ditch you guys in 30 mins if it goes on for that long
16:47 :)
16:47 bernie ok
16:47 #startmeeting
16:47 meeting Meeting started Fri Mar 18 16:47:38 2011 UTC. The chair is bernie. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
16:47 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
16:48 bernie #topic status update
16:48 m_anish Yep, I basically wanted to talk about forming a rough schedule for dx3 (due in 3-4 months?), important activities, and milestones
16:48 ok, btw i'm in DO right now :)
16:49 bernie m_anish: say hello to the director and her sister and to the teachers of 5th and 6th grade
16:49 lucian_ <lucian_!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:49 bernie i hope they still remember me
16:49 m_anish they made me drink banana-milk-shake, found out that i'm single and tried to get me married :)
16:49 oh they do, they call me bernie dos :)
16:49 tch lol
16:49 bernie ahahaha
16:49 m_anish: dextrose 2 powered by bernie 2
16:50 m_anish :)
16:50 bernie m_anish: stay around for lunch, sometimes they make empanadas and delicious stuff
16:51 m_anish yep :)
16:51 Prof Edid says hola!, btw :)
16:52 bernie oh say hello! she's the one who did most testing for dx1!
16:52 m_anish ok, back to dx3, i don't have a lot of time left before we go back to asuncion :)
16:52 bernie ok
16:53 so, silbe has cleaned up all our patches for olpc-os-builder and rebased them on the latest upstream olpc-os-builder
16:53 m_anish more or less, IIRC
16:53 bernie we have to choose whether we continue in the dextrose3 project or do this work on top of the master branch in the regular dextrose repo
16:54 we could branch the dextrose repo as of today and then put silbe's work on top of master
16:54 m_anish we can branch out a dextrose-2 from the mainline and continue work on the current mainline/master
16:54 ah! parallel thinking :)
16:54 bernie btw. is all the dx2 work in the upstream repo?
16:54 m_anish yep, now it is, there are some py specific patches in the py branch
16:54 http://git.sugarlabs.org/~m_anish/dextrose/py
16:55 http://git.sugarlabs.org/dextrose/mainline
16:55 (for reference)
16:55 tch getting ready for the int release ;)
16:55 bernie m_anish: is there an easy way to merge the py patches as well, in a way that does not disrupt the intl build?
16:56 m_anish ok, since we have time now, maybe we can chart out a plan for the next 3-4 months ... define a start-date :) and identify major tasks :)
16:56 bernie, the py build is on a clone of mainline as of now
16:56 bernie m_anish: it's good to have the customizations for the various deployments all in one place, for cross-reference
16:56 m_anish so they are separate entities
16:56 hmm
16:56 tch have we ever discuss whos going to be using it in 4 months?
16:56 bernie tch: heh
16:57 m_anish tch, probably no one
16:57 tch ok, is just important to make that clear :)
16:57 bernie tch, m_anish: can we at least ask py to test it in DO?
16:57 m_anish tch, its gonna be more like a preview release, with the next release being the stable one
16:57 bernie, exactly! i was gonna say that, it may not happen in DO... but...
16:58 tch i think one BIG task is to make sure every useful feature we got in dx2 must be present (working) in dx3
16:58 m_anish we're forming a group of 2-3 teachers, 2-3 formadores, martin and maybe 2-3 kids to test the updates that we roll out on the py repos...
16:58 bernie tch, m_anish: the two of you are already mostly free of dx2 work by now?
16:58 tch: yes
16:58 m_anish maybe we can ask them to do that in 1-2 months time
16:59 also, dfarning_afk was saying we might be having other testers, don't know what he plans
16:59 bernie m_anish: nice. i like this "testing task-force" idea
16:59 m_anish bernie, i'd say we'd be mostly free by 1st apr
16:59 tch, ^?
16:59 tch i keep fixing bugs, but seems that the bugs related to sugar are less frequent now
16:59 m_anish: i agree
16:59 bernie tch: when we switch to 0.92, you'll see :-)
17:00 tch bernie: yeah I am having some shaman visions already :)
17:00 bernie tch: but if we started to get bored, we could do one of the big things that were in our critical tasks list. for example, multiple selection in the journal
17:01 m_anish bernie, it'd be good to know when we'd have all the dx-2 stuff upstreamed... should we wait for it to get upstreamed before dx3?
17:01 tch bernie: true, that is an interesting task
17:01 m_anish bernie, what should our 1st (pre-alpha :)) release contain...
17:01 all dx-2 patches rebased over 0.92?
17:02 bernie m_anish: upstreamed as in accepted into sugar?
17:02 m_anish bernie, yep
17:02 tch definitely, we can't even start thinking of dx3 without the custom stuff we use in dx2
17:02 bernie m_anish: some of our patches may never be upstreamed... the maintainers were clear about that. but we should still try to upstream the rest.
17:02 tch we could use the time to discuss and see how to improve these features and improvements too
17:03 bernie m_anish: why don't we submit our dx patches to sugar-devel as we produce them rather than waiting for a specific upstream day?
17:03 m_anish its tough to be in a meeting when everyone's making fun of me in the room :)
17:04 bernie m_anish: haha, that's DO!
17:04 m_anish: there are two kids that helped a lot during the DX2 cycle. one was marcelo (a fatty kid), and the other one i can't remember the name (a blond kid)
17:04 m_anish bernie, sorry, continue :), you can't imagine, they're really trying to get me 'fixed' :)))
17:05 bernie (during the DX1 cycle)
17:05 m_anish: fix what?
17:05 m_anish bernie, karen?
17:05 bernie married?
17:05 tch bernie: i remember that kid, he had a broken XO
17:05 m_anish bernie, yeah!!!
17:06 bernie tch: yes, he asked me to take the XO-1.5 home for a few days
17:06 haha
17:06 m_anish bernie, was there another kid, kenny? in some other school ??
17:06 bernie m_anish, tch: anyway, all the DX2 patches up to 2 months ago should already be rebased.
17:07 tch ok, so silbe is in chage of that?
17:07 bernie m_anish, tch: silbe would know better... and he's pretty good at juggling patches in case some were missing
17:07 tch charge*
17:07 m_anish crap, i have to run :/// but i've put my stuff on the table :)
17:07 i may be able to use my 3g modem in the car, sorry :((
17:07 bernie m_anish: yes. kenny is a high-school kid. he's 16 or so. i can't remember in which school he goes... maybe t.te aquino.
17:08 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
17:08 bernie m_anish: he knows python and he has a blog
17:09 m_anish: found! http://kennymeyer.blogspot.com/
17:10 tch he seems to be very active
17:12 wow, he is doing great stuff!
17:12 bernie tch: paraguay educa should employ him!
17:13 tch: anyway, shall we postpone the rest of the meeting to a time when we have silbe and/or anish?
17:13 tch ok
17:13 dfarning hey all
17:13 bernie dfarning: ciao!
17:14 who's this voice? i can't see...
17:14 tch you should endmeeting/
17:14 bernie :-)
17:14 #endmeeting
17:14 meeting Meeting ended Fri Mar 18 17:14:19 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:14 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-18T16:47:38.html
17:14 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-03-18T16:47:38
17:14 tch lol
17:14 dfarning bernie, yep, no users for this next release.
17:14 tch and yeah someone should hire him .. !
17:14 dfarning but serveral are interested in a january release.
17:15 bernie dfarning: ok, so DX3 will be an interim release for promotional use only
17:16 tch: i just commented on your logo proposal
17:16 dfarning bernie +1 working on enegaging a team of professional testers for the jan release.
17:17 bernie that will require a load of debugging prior to the exploritory testing phase in the classrooms.
17:17 m_anish back:)
17:17 on 3g
17:18 dfarning hey m_anish how are you?
17:18 bernie dfarning: yup!
17:18 m_anish dfarning, great!
17:18 bernie m_anish, tch, dfarning: we could aim at making DX3 the release in which collaboration finally works
17:18 or journal improvements
17:19 3-4 months are enough to do a lot
17:19 dfarning bernie collobra has asked for funding to dedicate staff to sugar.
17:19 bernie dfarning: asked whom?
17:19 m_anish bernie, yep
17:19 dfarning bernie we can't afford that yet.
17:20 bernie dfarning: olpc should pay them for that...
17:20 dfarning: maybe we could ask rgs to help
17:20 dfarning yes just an FYI at this point.
17:21 bernie i should be resting my eyes a little
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17:21 dfarning bernie ttyl.
17:22 m_anish bernie, yep, ttyl :)
17:22 bernie, sorry, i had to run off in the middle of the meeting :/
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17:34 tch brb
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