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#sugar-meeting, 2011-03-10

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21:02 pflores_ walterbender: see you in #sugar-meeting-es
21:03 walterbender pflores_: sure...
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21:03 walterbender aarg. the meeting bot is not working :(
21:06 aa walterbender: I guess it needs to join #sugar-meeting-es
21:07 !meeting
21:08 satellit_afk http://webchat.freenode.net/?r[…]sugar-es&prompt=1
21:08 aa meeting: lingvo join es
21:08 meeting aa: Follow me on #sugar-meeting-es
21:08 <aa-es> voila!
21:08 <pflores_-es> barbaro!
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21:09 meeting <pflores_-es> how does the bot?
21:09 <christophd-es> pylorus: haha, the meeting bot doesn't know how to translate Uruguayan slang (barbaro ;-)
21:09 <aa-es> pflores_: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/meeting
21:10 walterbender so, shall we begin?
21:10 meeting <pflores_-es> ok, let's start
21:11 walterbender My Spanish is limited to words used in Turtle Art, e.g., emprezar :)
21:11 erikos :)
21:11 meeting <pflores_-es> the skeleton of the event we put on http://ceibaljam.org/drupal/?q=node/1106
21:11 <aa-es> #startmeeting
21:11 <gonzalo_-es> we have a list of topics for the meeting?
21:12 <aa-es> try not to spam:)
21:12 <pflores_-es> (To make it in minutes) the skeleton of the event we put on http://ceibaljam.org/drupal/?q=node/1106
21:12 <pflores_-es> gonzalo_: I think the issues must be each of the parts of the program
21:13 <pflores_-es> 1. Friday morning workshops
21:13 <pflores_-es> 2. Sugar Summit
21:13 <aa-es> I think it was the first meeting with all concerned, should speak a bit of an overview of the event
21:13 <pflores_-es> 3. Track "Aprendiendo Sugar"
21:14 <pflores_-es> 4. Discussion about the deployments problemticas
21:14 <pflores_-es> 5. Unconference
21:14 <pflores_-es> aa: +1
21:14 <pflores_-es> aa: quers do the intro?
21:14 <gonzalo_-es> Maybe pflores_ would be better to start to the intended audience of the event and what are our goals
21:14 * FernandoSansberr-es has joined
21:15 <pflores_-es> Welcome Fernando!
21:15 <gonzalo_-es> pflores_: if we start with the program are not going to change anything
21:15 <aa-es> gonzalo_: yeah, that's something that was discussed in one thread of mails
21:15 <aa-es> hello FernandoSansberr
21:15 <FernandoSansberr-es> holaaaa
21:15 <aa-es> also discussed with walterbender at an IRC meeting
21:16 <gonzalo_-es> aa: and it is defined the issue?
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21:16 meeting <aa-es> the question was to whom is it directed the event, and that means that at the time to include people of other profiles on the same
21:17 <aa-es> in ceibalJAM the idea that we had from the beginning was clearly an event aimed at developers
21:18 cjb hello sugarcampers :)
21:18 meeting <gonzalo_-es> aa: is perfect, provided it is clear that people do not go to another profile and is unhappy because he understands nothing
21:18 <aa-es> CJB hello!
21:18 <gonzalo_-es> poprque in the wiki seems otherwise
21:18 cjb is hoping to make it over there
21:19 meeting <gonzalo_-es> CJB hello!
21:19 <aa-es> gonzalo_: initially understood it, and responds to the experience we had in other events ceibaljam
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21:19 meeting <aa-es> mainly had problems with the expectations of teachers
21:19 <gonzalo_-es> he thinks the rest?
21:19 <gonzalo_-es> aa: logically
21:20 <aa-es> walterbender argued at the last meeting to leave aside the teachers is not a good idea in this context
21:20 <aa-es> In principle I agree, teachers are very important stakeholders in Sugar
21:20 walterbender I argued that if we have an issue with teacher participation, we should confront it head on.
21:21 meeting <gonzalo_-es> aa: we can set a track for teachers / volunteers and other developers?
21:21 <aa-es> possible
21:21 walterbender I was suggesting a track with teachers about how to better engage with them
21:22 meeting <gonzalo_-es> walterbender: not a problem, is that if we are to discuss technical issues, they will also feel marginalized
21:22 <FernandoSansberr-es> The experience we have of the things that we organize is that if well targeted is more people, but of course you can not leave anyone out, but with this kind of thing covering a lot of people from different disciplines.
21:22 <aa-es> I think you can also explore ways to attract more teachers only "power users", as it were a
21:22 <FernandoSansberr-es> but of course if you do not go the other focused
21:23 * geirea-es has joined
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21:23 meeting <aa-es> I think we see clear examples of teachers who want to attract lists
21:23 <FernandoSansberr-es> which is the end of the event? that is, not what it says on the web, but the end, you want to accomplish with the event?
21:23 <geirea-es> Hi, sorry I arrived late
21:23 <gonzalo_-es> good question:)
21:23 <gonzalo_-es> geirea hello!
21:24 <aa-es> Rosamel people like Ramirez, flavio Danish
21:25 <FernandoSansberr-es> that people are looking forward to what I read in the list as they feel excluded from or defeated for several reasons
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21:26 meeting <aa-es> geirea able that we can refer to a clear statement about the end of event
21:26 <gonzalo_-es> we can make a day where teachers can talk about their experiences?
21:26 <gonzalo_-es> I am sure that developers that will interest them
21:26 <gonzalo_-es> 10 or 15 minutes to present projects
21:27 * Carolina-es has joined
21:27 <gonzalo_-es> projects might also have Developers
21:27 <Carolina-es> Hello! This is better!
21:27 <gonzalo_-es> state of progress, ideas, etc.
21:27 <aa-es> gonzalo_: that sort of thing can be frustrating, often teachers only care about how horrible it works ANEP and the political / educational
21:27 <gonzalo_-es> aa: but we can not do anything about it
21:28 <aa-es> gonzalo_: so it is frustrating
21:28 <gonzalo_-es> aa: but if they have what they are doing with their children can be very good
21:28 <geirea-es> discussion is whether or not to invite teachers?
21:28 * gonchimaster-es has joined
21:29 <Carolina-es> if you have positive things for the teachers do not have time for negative conmentos
21:29 <aa-es> geirea: I think we all agree that there should be teacher involvement
21:29 <gonzalo_-es> geirea, is not about setting goals and make them clear to the participants
21:29 <gonzalo_-es> aa: under
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21:30 meeting <gonzalo_-es> aa: is going to invite some teachers or they can all go?
21:30 <Carolina-es> suggerencias have seen me in the discussion?
21:30 gonchimaster <gonchimaster!be8735f6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:30 meeting <geirea-es> Ideally teachers should be selected and integrated proactive in discussions on developments,
21:30 <aa-es> (If you want a laugh, can see the automatic translation of this conversation in #sugar-meeting: P)
21:30 <geirea-es> in practice we have failed in every attempt over the last three years
21:31 geirea <geirea!be86027a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:31 meeting <aa-es> Carolina: you have a link to the mail? or can you remind us your suggestions
21:32 <gonzalo_-es> geirea: may be to convene a "encuentro activo" in which all participants have to have some time to present what they do?
21:32 <Carolina-es> caryl@laptop.org
21:32 <gonzalo_-es> geirea: clarify that is a bit crazy:)
21:32 <gonzalo_-es> geirea: but this way people will going to be doing something
21:32 <Carolina-es> I'm looking for the link to my suggerencias
21:33 <gonzalo_-es> Carolina: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]uguay_Summit_2011
21:33 <christophd-es> as I like the idea of ??having an event for teachers in parallel on one or two days?
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21:34 meeting <christophd-es> with the possibility of meetings with the technicians at points
21:34 <Carolina-es> Very good parallel can be
21:34 <pflores_-es> aa: pods spend a pastebin? xchat tir out without telling me anything and must write only: (: (
21:34 <gonzalo_-es> maybe a volunteers meeting + teachers? Carolina is happy!}
21:35 <Carolina-es> yeah .. yeah ... yeah!
21:35 <aa-es> #save
21:35 <geirea-es> gonzalo_: We come up against the passivity of the participants at our events, especially teachers, do not know if the presentations would be productive
21:36 <Carolina-es> nescesita I can help but some teachers like to be "la jefa" Rosamel
21:36 <christophd-es> pflores_: I'll do it in an instant
21:36 <pflores_-es> Permtanme paste what he was saying
21:36 <pflores_-es> Good things, pluck me. The idea is to bring together leading developers and make a proposal that is attractive and useful for development.
21:36 <pflores_-es> Having a broad vision of "desarrollador" terms, that is, not only programmers but all those involved in the development process.
21:36 <pflores_-es> Also looking to be an instance to improve the communication of the developer community, so that issues such as the coordination between members of the community are essential
21:36 <pflores_-es> There will be experienced developers (some "pesos pesado" of sugar), and also other intermediate people (mainly students) who want to learn
21:36 <pflores_-es> and join the community.
21:36 <pflores_-es> The central issues are how to improve as a community and see which are and analyze needs and priorities for moving forward.
21:36 <pflores_-es> (Community or ecosystem, as you want to call, there are many actors who are part of the development of educational sw. So prospects like FernandoSansberr, which comes from a private company that develops applications for the XO is very valuable)
21:36 <aa-es> pflores_: http://pastebin.com/ruKA2494
21:37 <aa-es> haha
21:37 <Carolina-es> what things you want the teachers can learn? As ... use irc? and others?
21:37 <FernandoSansberr-es> d +
21:37 <pflores_-es> aa: thanks!
21:39 <gonzalo_-es> pflores_: the problem is like putting together a two day event to keep everybody happy
21:39 <aa-es> Carolina ideas seem great, and I can see how they would work very well with a small group of dedicated teachers
21:39 <gonzalo_-es> people are going to do 8000kms
21:39 <pflores_-es> gonzalo_: impossible:) so developers focus on
21:39 <gonzalo_-es> pflores_: That's what I fear
21:40 <Carolina-es> impossible? Why?
21:40 <gonzalo_-es> Carolina: who would be volunteers who will go to Uruguay?
21:40 <aa-es> pflores_, gonzalo_: for many who are going to do 8000 km, the biggest motivation is to interact with teachers
21:40 <Carolina-es> If it is true
21:41 <gonzalo_-es> a question on Friday, teachers will be able to miss school to go to the event?
21:41 <pflores_-es> Carolina, aa: pre-summit activities SERN a great way with teachers Interactors
21:41 <gonzalo_-es> or we can do that on Saturday is a day for the teachers?
21:41 <Carolina-es> the teachers can gather in a different, but close to the developers
21:41 <aa-es> gonzalo_: is a complicated process to ensure that they can excuse the lack
21:41 <pflores_-es> The previous activities are much better than any summit to interact with teachers, have no doubt
21:42 <aa-es> very complicated, and political
21:42 <geirea-es> how can we do to that interaction between developers and teachers to be productive? somebody has successful experience with this?
21:42 <Carolina-es> may begin Friday afternoon
21:42 <Carolina-es> 9X SCALE in Los Angleles last week
21:42 <gonzalo_-es> geirea: my experience is that people feel part when he does something, if you sit to listen not only
21:42 cjb I think it's a mistake to try to get developers showing up to work with each other to interact with teachers if they don't want to :)
21:43 meeting <Carolina-es> have a group of teachers and developers
21:43 cjb so you could either plan on separate tracks, or just pick one focus for the event, but trying to have one event that merges teachers and coders doesn't seem particularly promising to me
21:43 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@mail.globisgroup.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:44 meeting <geirea-es> cjb: that was the original idea but some developers do not agree
21:44 <aa-es> cjb: our experience reflects exactly that
21:44 <pflores_-es> cjb: +1
21:44 <Carolina-es> separate tracks for the majority of things, but some things together very Aids
21:45 <christophd-es> Carolina: +1
21:45 <aa-es> yes
21:46 walterbender I don't recall anyone suggesting that everyone is together for everything... so we are simply agreeing to agree on what we already agreed to :P
21:46 meeting <aa-es> I think any of the proposals can run Carolina in http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]uguay_Summit_2011
21:46 <gonzalo_-es> walterbender: we are slow:)
21:47 <gonzalo_-es> rather, I'm slow
21:48 <christophd-es> a general question: how many people the thought of this event? any ideas?
21:48 <aa-es> well, then we remain in agreement: we give the opportunity for exchanging ideas, but do not force any group to work with the other
21:48 <geirea-es> christophd: we Estimate around 100
21:49 <Carolina-es> for teachers? 20 would be ideal. 30 is a bit much. 40 ... big
21:49 <geirea-es> Carolina: 100 people in total
21:49 <Carolina-es> nooo!
21:49 <gonzalo_-es> and be prepared tracks for teachers, developers and opportunities for exchange
21:50 <aa-es> the problem is how to attract more than 20 teachers involved? by invitation?
21:50 <Carolina-es> so great ...
21:50 <geirea-es> Carolina: may be 20 teachers and 80 developers
21:51 <geirea-es> aa: I think the invitation is the only practical alternative, but not very nice
21:51 <christophd-es> well, I think teachers and developers than the event could also attract people from RAP Ceibal Ceibo Flower, etc. no?
21:51 <Carolina-es> I think the teachers decide the number Uruguay nescesitan good
21:51 <Carolina-es> not for me to decide
21:52 <pflores_-es> In ceibalJAM been working for 3 years and have always tried to integrate the activities teachers do. We have made muchsimas activities to work together, trying different formats. In my view, experience indicates that achieving a good interaction within an event takes MUCHS efforts and the worst is that we never give them continuity. We have found more efe
21:52 dogi <dogi!~nemo@lupo.media.mit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:52 meeting <pflores_-es> ctive have specific instances of exchange. For example, going to school.
21:52 <aa-es> Carolina: it is circular: how many teachers decide which is the number?
21:52 <Carolina-es> 2! Rosamel and Gabriel!
21:53 <christophd-es> pflores_: I understand this story but in any case it is my opinion that further Intended
21:53 <geirea-es> I?
21:53 <aa-es> in any case is meritocratic:)
21:53 <pflores_-es> Carolina: Rosamel certainly going to be! :) What Gabriela?
21:53 <gonzalo_-es> back to propose to invite all teachers who want to come and present work, with a registration date
21:54 <Carolina-es> not in the corect name. I was wrong
21:54 <gonzalo_-es> and you can see to it that these teachers come
21:54 <Carolina-es> can find it
21:54 <geirea-es> Carolina: Guzman?
21:54 <Carolina-es> possible
21:55 walterbender guzman!!
21:55 meeting <Carolina-es> Would be happy to help them with this and any way nescesitan
21:56 lucian has quit IRC
21:57 meeting <aa-es> well, let a meeting time would be good to conclude something about the subject teachers
21:57 <geirea-es> try to reach an agreement, there are three options: 1) not to invite teachers, 2) to invite a select group of teachers, 3) open invitation to teachers
21:57 <pflores_-es> geirea: The discussion, most all of who they invite, is the program to follow
21:58 <geirea-es> pflores_: the program depends on the participation or not teachers
21:58 <Carolina-es> or 4) inviting a few and open to the maximum of 20 (or any number they choose)
21:59 <aa-es> ok, I propose this: appoint a working group to plan the track for teachers, and they give a number according to their ability to work
21:59 <gonzalo_-es> agree what he said walterbender: an event for teachers with a track for developers and other spaces for everyone?
21:59 <Carolina-es> we have 5 or 6 workshops at the invitation lidres
21:59 <christophd-es> gonzalo_: sounds great
21:59 <aa-es> geirea: yes
22:00 <aa-es> s / geirea / gonzalo_ /
22:00 <pflores_-es> gonzalo_: Only a track for developers seems not for the diversity of profiles that we
22:00 <Carolina-es> if
22:01 <gonzalo_-es> ok, then probably best to coordinate what would be the time for exchange between the two tracks, and then we need to set each track
22:01 <geirea-es> what worries me is how we do with "espacio para todos"
22:01 <gonzalo_-es> maybe it would be nice to have some teaching to program the models track teachers
22:01 <aa-es> gonzalo_: +1
22:01 <geirea-es> which methodology to use?
22:01 Cerlyn How do the Fedora Users and Developers conferences handle this?
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22:02 meeting <gonzalo_-es> geirea: if swap space, teachers can tell what I have worked in their studios and developers that are planning?
22:02 <Carolina-es> I think the space requirements for teachers can be a little different from those for developers
22:02 <aa-es> Cerlyn: I do not have profiles as heterogeneous FUDCon
22:03 <gonzalo_-es> a very interesting activity I saw in a PyCon, are LightingTalks, know them?
22:03 <aa-es> Carolina: you mean the physical space?
22:03 <aa-es> gonzalo_: yes, we were thinking of a day unconference
22:04 <Carolina-es> physical, yes. LightningTalks if I know from Scala
22:04 <Carolina-es> intersante and fun are
22:05 <Carolina-es> especially when the "slides" will automatically advance
22:05 <geirea-es> Carolina: that's 5 minutes for each presentation?
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22:09 meeting <christophd-es> Carolina: Caryl are you?
22:09 <Carolina-es> if I know
22:09 <Carolina-es> I am
22:09 <christophd-es> Carolina: ahh, hi there
22:09 <Carolina-es> hi!
22:09 <Carolina-es> thanks you too!
22:10 <gonzalo_-es> completed the reunion?
22:11 <geirea-es> I do not remember anything
22:11 <pflores_-es> : (
22:11 <FernandoSansberr-es> haha I did not learn anything
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22:11 meeting <gonzalo_-es> well, try to arrange something
22:12 <Carolina-es> is "OK" if Rosamel would talk to about this?
22:12 <aa-es> I think if Carolina is organizing a group to assemble the teaching side of the event?
22:12 <geirea-es> with respect to teachers, I do not have the strength to make an open invitation to meet the demand
22:12 <aa-es> able that the interaction between teachers and developers would be good to discuss it once we know who wants to make each group separately
22:13 <pflores_-es> aa: I feel good, but fifth organize logistics issues?
22:13 <Carolina-es> nescesita be agluin in Montevideo
22:13 <geirea-es> I believe that space can be adapted Saturday
22:13 <aa-es> pflores_: can it would be nice to tell Carolina and outsiders such as logistics
22:14 <Carolina-es> we can plan a schedule
22:14 <gonzalo_-es> aa: there must be some organizing teaching Uruguay
22:15 <Carolina-es> if what I said
22:15 <aa-es> gonzalo_: yes, of course, saying so they know the work you can take to handle inquiries from hundreds of thousands of Uruguayans teachers;)
22:15 <gonzalo_-es> aa: do not know if I want to know:)
22:16 <geirea-es> talk to Rosamel and Guzman to see if they plan on track faculty
22:16 <Carolina-es> they can send it to me:-D
22:16 <aa-es> geirea: +1
22:16 <geirea-es> maybe the teacher can track thinking for a day on Saturday
22:16 <Carolina-es> +1 And I want to help in any way they want
22:17 <aa-es> #action Carolina connect to Rosamel and Guzman to organize the teaching track
22:17 <aa-es> meeting ignored me: (
22:17 <Carolina-es> good. I have contact with FB and Rosamel via email, but not to Guzman
22:18 <aa-es> I do not know whether to speak of the developer track now
22:18 <geirea-es> We can also contact them
22:18 <geirea-es> aa: I do
22:18 <FernandoSansberr-es> I have to go, then I have ...
22:18 <pflores_-es> Talk about some aspects of logistics that come to mind: To spread to teachers, choosing quines van (we will have to make grants, very few teachers will be able to pay), cover the costs of any form (coffee lunch etc.) organize the track. Answer questions to stakeholders. Make diplomas (all teachers request them)
22:18 <aa-es> FernandoSansberr: bye!
22:18 * FernandoSansberr has quit ()
22:19 <Carolina-es> if certificates are cheap and like
22:21 <Carolina-es> a question .. think a one-hour workshop on using irc for teachers can be useful?
22:21 <pflores_-es> Well, I agree with the proposed aa, if there is a group in charge of organizing can be done
22:21 <pflores_-es> Carolina: in my opinion will be very useful to organize a workshop of its kind in any of the visits to schools
22:22 <pflores_-es> I personally have had good experiences giving workshops in schools
22:23 <geirea-es> Carolina: may be useful for the 20 people present, but the impact will not be significant if not planned how to replicate the experience
22:23 <Carolina-es> but I'm wondering if the teachers at the reunion learn how to use other teachers can teach
22:26 <geirea-es> can teach if they have adequate space, it might be good irc weekly planning meetings with the group of teachers
22:26 <Carolina-es> good idea!
22:28 <aa-es> I think we should end up here the meeting and schedule another to discuss space for developers
22:29 <geirea-es> aa: yes, it was late
22:29 <geirea-es> What if we put ideas on the wiki?
22:29 <gonzalo_-es> geirea: I feel good
22:30 <pflores_-es> aa: +1
22:30 <Carolina-es> +1
22:30 <christophd-es> +1
22:30 <geirea-es> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Uruguay_Summit_2011 or better use some of this page below?
22:31 <pflores_-es> Discussion?
22:31 <aa-es> last thing I want to mention is my interpretation of the event: the event Sugar Developer more important than has been done in Uruguay, and which requires teacher involvement
22:31 <aa-es> not vice versa
22:32 <pflores_-es> aa: +1
22:32 <geirea-es> pflores_: ok
22:33 erikos has quit IRC
22:33 meeting <aa-es> I say mostly because the problem of developer-teacher interaction is far beyond what we can fix in this instance and we can not let us wear too
22:33 <pflores_-es> I also would like to encourage those who are going to think the track teachers to think of creative ideas to take advantage of visits to schools: they are an excellent exchange
22:34 <pflores_-es> great scope of trade
22:35 <aa-es> good for them is good when the next meeting?
22:35 <aa-es> to me this time any day suits me
22:35 <geirea-es> Tuesday at this time?
22:35 <aa-es> well
22:35 <aa-es> walterbender, CJB?
22:36 <aa-es> Still with us? :)
22:36 walterbender yes
22:36 meeting <Carolina-es> may include Guzman Rosamel and if you plan ready?
22:36 walterbender +1
22:36 meeting <gonzalo_-es> Tuesday at this time is fine for me
22:37 walterbender I will be a bit late
22:37 meeting <aa-es> ok
22:38 <aa-es> Carolina: yes, we must ask if they have problems with IRC
22:38 <aa-es> well, talk on Tuesday at the same time
22:38 <Carolina-es> ok I Rosamel and has used it
22:38 <geirea-es> Well, greetings to all
22:38 <aa-es> #endmeeting
22:39 <christophd-es> Greetings to all
22:39 <Carolina-es> Chau
22:39 <aa-es> chau!
22:39 geirea has left #sugar-meeting
22:39 dogi ciao
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