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#sugar-meeting, 2011-03-01

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10:30 alsroot bernie: Re: mtd: i think it's a bug... iirc, alsroot_away already knows why it happens --  what should I know?
10:34 satellit_ is meetbot intentionally not posting full logs? question from mtd 3 hrs ago
10:37 alsroot satellit_: it logs all channels where logging is enabled, though there was a bug w/ not logging if mysqld is restarted, but it was fixed
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12:44 bernie alsroot: ah, that's the bug i had in mind. if it's fixed, then what mtd reported might be something different.
12:44 alsroot bernie: what was the problem? I don't have backlog
12:45 bernie alsroot: <mtd> 04:27:18> is meetbot intentionally not posting full logs? http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-26T14:10:06.html
12:46 alsroot bernie: logs are here for that meeting
12:46 bernie: maybe it is chromium bug you found recently
12:47 bernie alsroot: ah, i know. mtd ran into the chromium bug with the links containing %32
12:47 alsroot: i should report it
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15:02 garycmartin SeanDaly: Hi, long time no see!
15:03 SeanDaly garycmartin: greetings Gary! hope you are well
15:03 I'm easing back into activity after some setbacks
15:04 garycmartin SeanDaly: Thanks, yes all seems well, just seem to be more in a procrastinating loop than a doing loop at the moment.
15:05 SeanDaly JT4sugar ping?
15:05 walterbender ping?
15:05 JT4sugar Hello all
15:05 SeanDaly hi JT4sugar
15:05 #start-meeting
15:05 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar  1 15:05:46 2011 UTC. The chair is SeanDaly. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:05 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:06 SeanDaly agenda is short just as well since I am short on time today
15:07 we just need to be sure nothing's blocking on UY bike race event with April deadline
15:07 JT4sugar: I saw your mail, I will try calling Seso later
15:07 garycmartin: in case you haven't had a chance to follow latest developments, we
15:08 are acting on Marketlab study recommendations to revamp website
15:08 to that end we have located 2 resources: a design/event firm based in California, and
15:08 an RIT design student
15:09 garycmartin SeanDaly: yes, have been vaguely following, though don't know the specific details/results.
15:09 JT4sugar SeanDaly, OK let me know. Idea is to set up conference call for next week Christian, RIT(Prof Jacobs-student), Seso?, Sugar Labs folks
15:09 walterbender SeanDaly: hi...
15:09 SeanDaly walterbender who organised Garmin-Cervelo team sponsorship had idea for event with kids during their Uruguay race
15:09 oh hi walterbender
15:10 walterbender SeanDaly: well, I organized the discussion... that is all so far
15:10 SeanDaly garycmartin: i was in NYC a week ago and had a great talk with Christian there
15:11 We haven't raised Seso on the phone yet, idea is conf call for sometime next week
15:11 walterbender: did you see team jersey? it's incredible
15:11 garycmartin SeanDaly: Yes Christian mentioned you two had caught up during the Design Team meeting on Sunday, nice to hear :)
15:11 walterbender SeanDaly: haven't seen it yet in the flesh
15:12 SeanDaly it's shaping up (JT4sugar correct me if you see differently) that student + Seso will likely best be tasked with Uruguay microsite event
15:12 while Christian could also work with student on gathering content for site revamp
15:13 in fact content gathering (images, films, screenshots) time-consuming and student could really help there
15:14 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I see both being very important. Race will push lots of people to regular site as well and key pieces should be in place
15:14 SeanDaly walterbender: we have a bump with onlinr virtual sugar (dogi's experiment), apparently can't scale
15:15 walterbender SeanDaly: it cannot scale without throwing resouces at it that we don't have... but
15:15 SeanDaly: we can have a view-only mode as a backup plan
15:15 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes,but between microsite & frontal main site, even if ideally both in place by UY race, only one has hard deadline
15:16 walterbender: interesting
15:16 walterbender SeanDaly: dogi and had a long discussion about that yesterday...
15:17 SeanDaly JT4sugar: although Christian is quite occupied next week, he thinks mid-April deadline can be met for frontal site, but
15:17 that implies we organize teacher beta test group ASAP
15:17 JT4sugar SeanDaly, It would seem that Seso positioned and have ability to handle race site. With 40hrs per week student has for quarter I think time best spent with Christian on Site and Teacher Beta testing
15:18 SeanDaly JT4sugar: my understanding was Prof Jacobs wanted student to work with Seso, but if he could work with Christian on frontal site, that would be fabulous
15:20 by the way we haven't discussed content of microsite; for me, starting point is here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Vuelta_a_Uruguay
15:20 I imagine a site kids could go to to share & obtain race info
15:21 in Spanish of course... ideally in English too
15:21 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Prof Jacobs and student are flexible. the key at moment is what is Seso willing to do and in what time frame
15:21 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes, confirming Seso commitment is key
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15:23 SeanDaly JT4sugar: remind me, when is student available?
15:24 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Starting March 7th
15:24 SeanDaly ok great
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15:26 walterbender SeanDaly: we need to converge on some concrete plans for .uy before designing the website :P
15:26 SeanDaly walterbender: Quite
15:27 walterbender SeanDaly: although, at worst, we can just highlight  a bunch of project ideas
15:27 SeanDaly walterbender: ideas
15:27 ?
15:27 walterbender there are 5-6 already listed on the webpage
15:27 (Vuelta_a_Uruguay)
15:27 SeanDaly yes link is above ^^
15:28 #link: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Vuelta_a_Uruguay
15:29 dream photo from race: a team rider with Sugar Labs jersey passing kids with XOs ;-)
15:30 kids could take photos or videos of race? write reports of each stage?
15:30 garycmartin <garycmartin!~garycmart@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:31 SeanDaly kids study statistics of each stage? e.g. length / time = average speed?
15:32 satellit_ gimp or photoshop combine pictures?
15:32 SeanDaly Pablo Flores has mentioned that ceibalJAM brainstorming about how to engage kids with race
15:33 hi satellit_, what do you mean combine, like a gallery?
15:34 JT4sugar walterbender, Is Plan Ceibal going to take advantage of race for any PR or planning events around that you know of? Or is it just volunteer crowd taking advantage of?
15:36 SeanDaly JT4sugar: good question I will run that by OLPC-A too
15:36 satellit_ dodge in the 2 photos so they appear as one
15:36 walterbender JT4sugar: I contacted Ceibal... nada. need to contact them again
15:37 JT4sugar: so far, I have been in direct contact with teachers and volunteers in .uy (and elsewhere)
15:38 SeanDaly I think students in other countries could be interested in following the race...
15:38 JT4sugar walterbender, Are teachers planning on bringing kids out to race in cities they are going through?
15:39 walterbender JT4sugar: I hope so, but we need Ceibal help for that sort of effort
15:42 JT4sugar walterbender, Officially sanctioned-I see. It would be helpful to understand their curriculum for that week and see if Seso and others could build activities for kids that would satisfy what teachers need to teach allowing Ceibal to say yes
15:43 walterbender JT4sugar: interesting... I wonder if Guzman or Rosamel could help us there
15:44 JT4sugar walterbender, Try to build situation they have a hard time saying no to because we did a little homework ourselves
15:44 walterbender JT4sugar: I'm sending a note to some teachers... will CC you
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15:46 SeanDaly I remember reading somewhere that April 19th this year is a holiday in Uruguay
15:48 http://www.uruguayaldia.com/20[…]entales%E2%80%9D/
15:50 http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/B[…]y_Tres_Orientales
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15:51 JT4sugar SeanDaly, My thought would be to get Prof Jacob-student and Christian working together starting early next week and fold in Seso if they come on board. Allow student to begin to look/gather resources and work to set up a teacher usability team-Caryl Bigenho and crowd, Dr. Gerald Ardito, others
15:52 SeanDaly JT4sugar: I agree good plan
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15:53 SeanDaly re visuals: we need to ask community for "documentary" photos (Sugar in classrooms), although I believe we will also need to do one or more shoots with photagraphers
15:53 in all cases we need releases to be signed for recognizable individuals
15:54 photographers
15:56 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If Seso comes on board since they are in SoCal might be able to hook them up with Caryl Bigenho for photo shoot?
15:56 SeanDaly JT4sugar: wow that would be ideal
15:58 anything else for now? I need to run
15:59 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If you can work on Seso contact and let us know what they are up for that will allow for planning going forward
15:59 SeanDaly JT4sugar: will do
16:00 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Good Luck!
16:01 SeanDaly ok counting down... going once
16:01 by the way bernie tells me he & Dogi have moved frontal site into git
16:01 going twice....
16:02 thanks all
16:02 #end-meeting
16:02 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar  1 16:02:58 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:02 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T15:05:46.html
16:02 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-03-01T15:05:46
16:03 satellit_ bye
16:03 garycmartin SeanDaly: Thanks, sorry didn't have much input.
16:03 SeanDaly garycmartin: very glad you are here!!
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16:15 bernie JT4sugar: hello there
16:16 JT4sugar Hi
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17:05 mtd bernie: damn that bug...got me twice.  "fool me...can't get fooled again"
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18:35 bernie mtd: in my experience, the chromium folks have been very good at responding to bug reports. you might want to try filing this one.
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