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#sugar-meeting, 2011-02-12

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12:51 dirakx meeting:
12:52 meeting: #startmeeting
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12:52 dirakx just testing
12:52 #startmeeting
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13:20 silbe meeting: help addchair
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13:21 silbe #addchair #sugar-meeting freenode dirakx
13:21 meeting: addchair #sugar-meeting freenode dirakx
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13:22 silbe #chair silbe dirakx
13:22 meeting Current chairs: dirakx silbe
13:22 silbe ah, finally!
13:23 #endmeeting
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13:24 silbe #startmeeting
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13:25 #chair silbe dirakx
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13:25 silbe #more
13:25 more
13:25 meeting: more
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13:54 dirakx Hi
13:54 all.
13:55 tch :)
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13:56 dirakx is everybody in ? ;)
13:57 dfarning dirakx: morning
13:57 dirakx dfarning: morning
13:57 arjs dirakx: morning
13:57 dfarning: morning
13:58 dfarning hey arjs
13:58 good to see you
13:58 arjs likewise:)
13:58 dirakx arjs: Hi
13:59 m_anish hola todos
13:59 dirakx m_anish: hola
13:59 dfarning bernie: m_anish, alsroot, silbe, SMParrish, tch
13:59 dirakx ok i guess we can start
13:59 tch buen dia :)
13:59 alsroot here
14:00 dirakx #starmeeting
14:00 #startmeeting
14:00 meeting Meeting started Sat Feb 12 14:00:23 2011 UTC. The chair is dirakx. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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14:00 dirakx #topic Short progress summary to inform the rest of the team
14:00 #topic
14:01 Short progress summary to inform the rest of the team
14:01 a quick summary about what i have been doing
14:01 silbe dirakx: the first one was correct, it's just a "silent" command.
14:02 dirakx silbe: Ok thanks.
14:02 ok thi week we have been following and fixing bugs realted to activities reported by field.
14:02 this*
14:03 some specifically related to Xo-1.0 sound issues.
14:04 there are new versions gcompris, scratch, conozco-uruguay, paint..that have minor fixes and shoulde be tested in field.
14:04 alsroot that an odd issue, XO-1 and XO-1.5 have the same fc11 and use pulse, but it works fine on XO-1.5 but doesn't for XO-1
14:04 dirakx we should be looking close to that.
14:04 alsroot eg, gst sends fails(in some cases) while playing files
14:05 dirakx alsroot: not sure what could be the fix there.
14:05 alsroot dirakx: for GC, I've added workaround, will look to TamTam/csound
14:06 dirakx alsroot: oh yes..I haven't tested the workaround for GC.
14:06 alsroot dirakx: it is in v17
14:06 dirakx alsroot: noticed.
14:06 silbe alsroot: maybe the codec (or default alsa config) on the XO-1.5 can play multiple streams in parallel, but the XO-1.0 cannot?
14:07 alsroot silbe: the thing is that both envs use pulse
14:07 so it should be ok
14:08 will recheck it closer, though
14:08 silbe alsroot: does pulse use software mixing automatically?
14:09 alsroot silbe: at least I though it
14:09 all time though that one of the reasons to use it was that there is no need in alsa dmux
14:10 dirakx #action silbe and alsroot to look at sound issues on XO-1.0
14:10 ;)
14:11 alsroot s/dmux/dmixer/ though
14:11 dirakx ok moving on.. pootle is working now for activites still need to do some minor fixes for creating our dextrose project.
14:12 next week should be fixed.
14:12 m_anish alsroot, dirakx is it also true that if i turn the speaker volume down during boot time, i cannot turn it up when sugar is running because they control different settings
14:12 alsroot dirakx: do we have the ready-to-go plan how handling dextrose pathces on pootle?
14:13 dirakx alsroot: for now I think we can work with dextrose-translations repos provided by silbe,
14:13 the question woul be on how to sync patches to those repos.
14:13 alsroot m_anish: how did you turn volume down during the boot time?
14:13 dirakx: ok, /me was just curious
14:14 dirakx alsroot: ok np :)
14:14 m_anish alsroot, pressing the down volume key
14:14 silbe dirakx: I'll do the juggling the patches between Dextrose-3 and the dextrose-translation repo.
14:14 alsroot: ^
14:14 dirakx silbe: nice.
14:15 m_anish: that sounds like a familiar issue. not sure if solved.
14:15 silbe m_anish: if there's a mismatch between OFW, olpc-kbdshim and/or the Sugar volume control, we should bring it up on devel@l.l.o.
14:16 dirakx silbe: +1
14:16 dfarning as an aside  -- m_anish can you send the priority work list to the dextrose ML.  Since it is technical it should be public.
14:16 silbe m_anish: IMO all components should only touch the master control and just initialise PCM to something sane. Master exists on all systems (including non-XOs).
14:16 m_anish dfarning, ok np, i'll add this and send to dextrose ml
14:16 dfarning m_anish: thanks
14:17 dirakx m_anish: thanks.
14:17 m_anish silbe, hmm, this issue doesn't seem to be there, i'm testing w/ xo1
14:18 silbe m_anish: if it works fine on XO-1, that's a start. :)
14:19 dirakx #action m_anish to make mail about sound start issues (dx and devel-laptop).
14:19 ok next topic..
14:19 m_anish dfarning, sent
14:19 dirakx #Dextrose-2 (m_anish) .
14:20 #topic Dextrose-2 (m_anish) .
14:20 ;)
14:21 m_anish ok, so I summed up the critical issues in a mail I cced dextrose just now...
14:21 dirakx m_anish: great.
14:21 m_anish re: activity, #2593, #2605, and Trying to install OpenOffice (i'll upload xo somewhere) are the major ones...
14:21 alsroot m_anish: btw do we need OO/LO on XO-1?
14:22 thinks it sounds overkill
14:22 dirakx oo in xo-1.0 it's very memory exhausting.
14:22 tch its OOo4Kids ?
14:22 m_anish alsroot, well they say they don't need it by default on the build, but some teachers wanna install it... its tricky :/
14:23 and its over 1/4th the space on the xo.
14:23 silbe m_anish: sounds like installing OOo from bundles should work eventually, but isn't a release blocker.
14:23 m_anish re: platform #2602, #2608, #2609, #2588/89, Keyboard layout problem...
14:24 Nubae <Nubae!~Nubae@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:24 m_anish and another issue we were facing yesterday (atleast with xo1.5's) that the laptops weren't registering to the schoolserver, and if they were, the lease.sig file wasn't there for some reason... me+tch will debug this some more
14:25 tch ^ critical
14:25 m_anish silbe, yep, i'd say the activity issues are high-priority but not blockers
14:26 walterbender <walterbender!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:26 m_anish silbe, but platform ones are critical/blockers
14:26 silbe m_anish: some other time I'd be curious to know what they're using OO for, i.e. what kind of feature they're missing in the existing Sugar activities (Write, SocialCalc).
14:26 alsroot m_anish: I've decreased http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2589 since we have tch's patch
14:27 m_anish so dirakx , can you take the lead in resolving the activity issues, while the rest of us take care of the platform ones?
14:27 dirakx also a solution could be running OO from USB, avoiding memory consumption.
14:27 m_anish: sure!.
14:27 m_anish silbe, well for one, they told me to remove socialcalc :)
14:27 silbe is puzzled
14:28 dfarning good morning Nubae, the logs will be available at the end of the meeting.  right now we are going through blockers/crtitical/high priority bug for next week.
14:28 dirakx m_anish: I've pulled back socialcalc to sand-box until major bugs are fixed.
14:28 m_anish silbe, that's how things work here :)
14:28 Nubae cool :p
14:29 m_anish so re: remaining tasks, anyone interested in doing anything particular :)
14:29 (tch + me working on XS)
14:29 tch m_anish: i will check the activation one with you, and also the wifi one
14:30 m_anish tch, ok, the XS-rpm you're making can wait for a bit :)
14:30 silbe if you report the wireless issue to dev.laptop.org, maybe someone from OLPC (pgf?) will work on it.
14:30 tch m_anish: yup,
14:30 silbe: +1
14:31 silbe I have a suspicion it's got something to do with their rfkill vs. NM hack.
14:31 We should first check whether we use their latest code, though.
14:31 m_anish silbe, tch , i'll report it to them, but we should ideally have a fix/workaround in the next 4-5 days
14:32 tch m_anish: yup, in the worse case we will just enable it after every boot
14:32 silbe m_anish: try pinging pgf on #olpc-devel then
14:32 m_anish tch, +1, silbe ok
14:32 silbe or was it martin_xsa? Probably worth checking some changelog for who did the rfkill hack
14:33 m_anish ok, #2608 (dup of #1948), i've seen this happen on an XO-1|dx2
14:34 alsroot m_anish: we already have #1948, if you can repoduce #2608, it is another issue
14:34 silbe m_anish: I've been seeing this for ages on XO-1.5 running mainline/master on Debian Squeeze.
14:35 m_anish alsroot, silbe so this is a different issue then.. and a high priority one :)
14:35 silbe alsroot: why do you think it's a different issue? I have never seen a complete fix for it anywhere.
14:35 and the symptom is exactly the one I've been seeing for a long time
14:38 dirakx more on this topic ? .
14:38 m_anish dirakx, yep
14:38 dirakx ok
14:38 go on.
14:38 alsroot m_anish: btw, when you are editing acitivty titles?
14:39 m_anish: in case of #2608
14:39 m_anish: *where
14:39 m_anish alsroot, in the activity toolbar textfield
14:40 alsroot m_anish: for what activity?
14:40 m_anish alsroot, i've checked it for write
14:40 alsroot m_anish: it works fine for me
14:40 m_anish alsroot, on a xo-1?
14:41 silbe m_anish: can you reproduce in Calculate? Write is a bit special sometimes...
14:41 alsroot m_anish: nope, on my box (but it should be the same), though will test on XO-1
14:41 m_anish alsroot, i just checked it on write again, it happens
14:42 alsroot, will check on calculate and let u know
14:42 we have the keyboard layout problem, the osbuilder /modules/base/ksmain... says the default keyboard should be US, the setting however is set to Akan, Ghana, we actually need to set it to spanish
14:43 dirakx will also test #2608
14:43 m_anish also, i'll try to reproduce a relaible testcase for #2609, but keep an eye open when this happens to you on an xo
14:44 alsroot, can you take care of #2608 then?
14:44 alsroot m_anish: will do
14:45 m_anish alsroot, great, thanks!, /me will look into the keyboard setting issue
14:45 silbe interesting, I can't reproduce it (using Calculate and Write) on mainline/master. It's at least harder to trigger now...
14:45 m_anish silbe, its quite easy to trigger on write on an xo1 :)
14:46 silbe m_anish: shouldn't the keyboard layout be set according to manufacturing tags during boot?
14:47 m_anish: can you trigger it using Calculate and/or Write on XO-1.5, too?
14:47 m_anish silbe, i'm not sure, if so,  it definitely shouldn't be ghana, also, maybe its related to the issue bernie reported (keyboard CP setting takes 4-5 seconds to open)
14:47 alsroot m_anish: I can't reproduce #2608 on XO-1/1.5, as well. recheck your env (if it is dx2) and check shell.log
14:47 silbe (with the same build)
14:47 m_anish silbe, haven't tested, but will do
14:47 i'll upload yesterday's build somewhere as well
14:48 silbe m_anish: shouldn't we hide the keyboard CP on XOs? Is anyone actually changing keyboard layouts at run time on an XO?
14:48 (related, but different issue, of course)
14:49 m_anish silbe, good question!
14:49 silbe m_anish: if the default is US and it's choosing Ghana, then probably either the manufacturing tags are incorrect or some lookup table is. Best to dump the manufacturing tags and ask on #olpc-devel I guess.
14:50 m_anish i'd imagine not, tch , bernie what do you think?
14:50 silbe, ok, will do, thanks!
14:50 dirakx k next topic everyone ?.
14:51 m_anish dirakx, yep
14:51 dirakx #topic  Dextrose Server (nubae)
14:51 tch m_anish: i think ES-UY is the default, maybe we removed thats why it switches to EN?
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14:52 dirakx Nubae: your word now.
14:52 Nubae ok..
14:52 silbe tch: I thought it uses Akan, not english?
14:52 m_anish tch, it switches to ghana!
14:52 tch m_anish: add ES-UY to the example file and regenerate the build, it could work.
14:52 silbe all ears to nubae now
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14:53 tch what?! ghana?
14:53 sorry, we can continue later,
14:53 Nubae: we listen :)
14:53 Nubae ok well, over the last couple of weeks we've managed to get a pretty clear vision of what's needed for dextrose server
14:54 the most important part was some system that would build the server with the least amount of hassle and the fastest turn around for end user deployments
14:55 dirakx likes that point.
14:55 silbe Nubae: for tiny/small and/or large scale deployments?
14:55 Nubae In the past, I used 2 titles for the parts of the system, mothership dextrose and schoolserver
14:56 mothership, however doesnt seem like the best term, but I'll use it here just to make it differentiated from the final product
14:56 The idea here is that we wanted something as stable as possible, so we opted for RHEL 6, as opposed to Fedora
14:57 currently rhel6 is really quite upto date, having been released last November
14:58 silbe, yes the idea is to make it work for all deployments... I'd imagine a deployment generally  needs 2 or more servers right?
14:58 dirakx Nubae: how do we manage RHEL updates..?.
14:58 Nubae If its one, we could always just use the builder inhouse and send them the iso
14:59 for now, there are many workarounds for updates, as I guess you are reffering to Red Hat Network
14:59 silbe Nubae: I would imagine many deployments to start out rather small, with just a single server (and probably bare able to get the hardware running, no mentioning having sufficient admin knowledge).
15:00 Nubae RHN is really just an instance of the opensource software spacewalk, which is the upstream project for sattellite, that Red Hat uses to update
15:00 silbe I don't know where our priorities are, though - quite possibly at the large deployments. dfarning would know. ;)
15:00 Nubae silbe that's exactly the reason for having a builder in place... the builder simply creates an iso
15:01 size =! issue
15:01 the whole point is scalability though
15:01 better to build for large networks in mind, than for single installs
15:02 silbe ok, so you boot the server from an ISO (via CD, DVD or USB stick) and it'll install you an XS semi-automatically with very few if any questions asked?
15:02 Nubae anyway, instead of RHN, spacewalk or something other more complex solution
15:02 dfarning silbe: the top priority is puppetizing the school server so it can be installed and updated remotely
15:02 Nubae silbe it will ask u no questions
15:02 silbe Nubae: nice!
15:02 Nubae right, getting to puppet
15:03 but let me get to it in order :p
15:03 silbe Nubae: sorry :)
15:03 dfarning silbe: if we can git the puppet stuff working the rest should fall into place pretty logically
15:04 Nubae we've chosen to simply automatically create schoolservers with this master server/builder
15:05 for those interested in how I'm actually implementing this, ie. the code... check the wiki under dextrose/server/building
15:05 silbe dfarning: I was mainly worried that the smallest setup requires more than one server (anything Puppet based usually does).
15:06 Nubae the end product will be a server that has all the necessary services, packages, content and puppet+nagios+ejabberd
15:06 silbe #link https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/[…]e/Server/Building
15:06 Nubae silbe, my idea behind that would be to have a centralised puppet+nagios+ejabberd server for ourselves
15:07 lets say at the tier 3 level
15:07 silbe Nubae: is TFTP+NFS just for initial installation (probably at a central location) or for regular operation (via WAN)?
15:07 Nubae instead of the deployments controlling it, we do... IF they require updates/security/help/collaboration and the like
15:07 silbe Nubae: ah, interesting.
15:07 Nubae no no... thats just the builder
15:08 that part is how _I_ am creating the builder, the documentation... the guts
15:08 silbe ah, ok.
15:08 dirakx great
15:08 Nubae just so that in the future, its easy to understand and no need to reverse engineer what I've done
15:08 as is the case for me right now with the XS server
15:08 ;-)
15:08 silbe Nubae: +1. I was just confused about what the page describes. :)
15:08 Nubae that is in fact, where I am at now... the Building page isn't totally finished
15:09 when it is, I hope its less confusing
15:09 I'll get silbe to look at it again for me :p
15:09 silbe <g>
15:09 Nubae should be finished Sunuday evening
15:09 silbe is now known as silbe_afk
15:09 dirakx Nubae: ok anymore to add?
15:10 ;)
15:10 Nubae right... so that means we now have the following:
15:10 almost done dirakx
15:10 dirakx ok np
15:11 Nubae a working builder, that when u connect necessary servers to build, they are added to a network box, and dhcp hands them an address, and network autoboot does the rest of the magic... a completely unattended install
15:11 this ususally takes about 30-35 minutes
15:11 but u can add up to 100 servers at once to be built
15:12 so hopefully with gigabit this shhould make it possible to deploy servers extremely fast
15:12 silbe_afk is now known as silbe
15:12 Nubae finally, there is of course an option to create an iso directly
15:12 dirakx sounds good to me.
15:13 Nubae from the startup options, there are also various choices for installs (right now we have install, upgrade, or raid - 2 disks)
15:13 dfarning silbe this is based on the work Nubae did in spain on the very large edumarea(sic) deployment.
15:13 Nubae Are there any otehr ideas about this?
15:13 silbe dfarning: nice!
15:13 Nubae guadalinex-edu
15:13 :-)
15:13 dfarning sorry.
15:13 Nubae we ddid it there with debian
15:14 silbe Nubae: not for now. I'm keen to try it out in a set of VMs once you're finished, though. :)
15:14 Nubae but rhel6 is far far easier to work with
15:14 silbe Nubae: and I'd be even more keen to try a Debian based variant. :-P
15:14 Nubae heh, I even have a solaris variant :p
15:14 but thats a total different story...
15:15 dirakx Nubae: I'm concerned about rhel updates..do we have to register (to redhat)  or something in order to update?
15:15 Nubae but if it were necessary in the future we could handle supporting solaris and debian 6 servers too
15:15 dirakx that was my first concern too
15:15 dirakx debian +1
15:15 Nubae there are many workarounds
15:15 dirakx Nubae: hacks?.
15:15 :)
15:15 Nubae no
15:16 no hacks! :-)
15:16 dfarning dirakx: we will work out the details with RH or shift to Centos.
15:16 Nubae thats the main 2 options as dfarning states
15:16 dirakx dfarning: ok nice.
15:16 Nubae but right now I am using 3rd party repos
15:16 dirakx let's call it a meeting then.
15:16 Nubae and the only possible negative is using beta repos of rhel6
15:17 but there are many very good 3rd party repos, I wouldnt worry about it
15:17 is done
15:17 dirakx Nubae: hmm ok
15:17 #endmeeting
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15:17 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-02-12T14:00:23
15:17 silbe hmm, no upstream part today? well, so be it. :)
15:17 dirakx Thanks everyone..we can continue the altks about debugging..and stuff.
15:18 silbe: next time will be then.
15:18 talks*
15:18 Nubae silbe, would it be helpful for me to document the debian server creator part too?
15:18 silbe Nubae: if it doesn't take you too much time, please do.
15:19 Nubae I'll do it my free time, it was quite enjoyable to do :-)
15:19 silbe dirakx: don't worry. The focus right now is (and should be) on getting DX-2 out of the door.
15:19 Nubae also, I think it would give us a full product to support Urugay servers
15:19 heh, UrugUay even
15:20 silbe (on the upstream side it's about getting 0.92 out of the door so we can base 14.whatever and DX-3 on it)
15:20 dirakx silbe: ok also,,/me don't like long meetings. anyway for next meeting we have to talk about upstream.
15:20 m_anish very good meeting :)
15:20 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
15:20 silbe wonders where pflores it today
15:20 dirakx Nubae: for me it would be crucial to have a debian server creator too.
15:21 silbe dirakx: +1 on short, focussed meetings. :)
15:21 dirakx Nubae: not all deployments like rhel or fedora.
15:21 Nubae dirakx excellent... for me it makes MUCH more sense to have puppet working to support multiple architectures
15:21 thats what its actually meant for
15:22 dfarning silbe: pflores has two twins that are a couple of months old.  he fits his work in when they are napping:)
15:22 dirakx Nubae: great.
15:23 silbe is ashamed he forgot about those nicely named twins... :-/
15:23 Nubae nicely named?
15:24 silbe well, the boy at least :-P
15:24 dfarning Sascha :)
15:26 silbe Nubae: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]Events/2011-02-04
15:26 The first Sugar twins: The Sugar community just got larger: Pablo Flores and Micaela Acosta had twins, Nacieron
15:26 Facundo and Sasha, born on 27 December.
15:27 Nubae nice
15:27 dirakx :)
15:28 silbe hmm, reading it again I'm not even sure about the gender of the kids...
15:30 Nubae facundo is a boy ;-)
15:30 sasha girl :p
15:30 silbe Nubae: do you know or suspect?
15:31 Nubae I know spanish pretty fluently
15:31 dirakx confirmed..
15:32 silbe Nubae: well, that's not a guarantee. I've met boys with the spelling Sasha (though it's rather unusual)...
15:33 dirakx: ok, thanks. Then my assumption was correct. :)
15:33 dirakx silbe: to tell you the truth the first impression of you was that you were a Girl..because in spanish sacha is a girl's name , then i realize that you had to be german.
15:33 :)
15:33 silbe even if you had met there would have been a chance you'd mistake me for a girl :D
15:33 (without even knowing my name)
15:33 dirakx hehe
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