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#sugar-meeting, 2011-02-05

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13:39 bernie lucian_: oh, hello
13:39 lucian_: how are you?
13:39 lucian_ is now known as lucian
13:40 lucian bernie: hi. ok
13:40 bernie dfarning_afk, m_anish_afk, tch, alsroot, SMParrish, dirakx: meeting in 20 mins
13:40 dirakx I'm on.
13:42 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
13:43 dfarning bernie, nice I was just looking up your number for your wake up call:)
13:47 looks tch is going to miss
13:47 SMParrish, will also probably need to catch up at AA after FUDcon.
13:55 bernie dfarning: Alcoholics Anonymous?
13:56 dfarning: Andres Ambrosios?
13:56 dfarning bernie, Americian Airlines:)
13:56 bernie lol
13:56 dfarning: oh, they canceled his flight too?
13:57 dfarning: we could have gone together to the Grand Canyon... i could have used some company
13:57 dfarning bernie, he works full time at American Airlines
13:58 bernie, we need to follow up on FUDCon when you get a chance.
13:58 bernie dfarning: sure... after this meeting?
13:58 dfarning bernie, +1
13:59 bernie if you guys don't mind, i'd like to do some bug triaging today...
13:59 silbe <silbe!~silbe@twin.sascha.silbe.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:59 bernie the list is still long and release is closing
13:59 silbe: hello
14:00 silbe bernie: hi!
14:00 dfarning silbe, morning.
14:02 dirakx bug triaging ++
14:02 arjs <arjs!7aa2cd83@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:03 dfarning arjs, morning.
14:03 arjs dfarning: morning...or rather good evening :)
14:03 dfarning alsroot, ping:) you are up!
14:04 alsroot #startmeeting
14:04 meeting Meeting started Sat Feb  5 14:04:06 2011 UTC. The chair is alsroot. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:04 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:04 alsroot m_anish_afk: ping
14:05 looks like m_anish_afk is afk, and tch as well
14:05 #topic activity patching progress, short summary
14:05 passes the word to dirakx
14:05 dfarning m_anish_afk and roberto were at a school doing the first round of testing thursday and Friday..... they might need to recover.
14:05 dirakx hello all.
14:06 so ok there have been some minor tweeks for tamtam, record, wikipedia and maze.
14:07 wikipedia is a must (in my opinion) to upload to aslo
14:07 i've already tested it on dextrose and runs fine.
14:07 bernie dirakx: martin langhoff's team is working on fixing the wikipedia activity
14:08 dirakx bernie: yep.
14:08 it's now almost fixed.
14:08 bernie dirakx: they seem to have finished: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10510
14:09 alsroot dirakx: btw, did you talk w/ m_anish_afk and tch about taking responsibility to maintain dx activitiy collection on aslo?
14:09 dirakx alsroot: oh..not yet.
14:09 alsroot it should be natural since you are taking care about activities..
14:09 dirakx that should be an action for me ;).
14:10 bernie dirakx: can you upload it to aslo pls?
14:10 dirakx bernie: sure.
14:10 bernie alsroot: +1 for dirakx activitymaster
14:10 dirakx bernie: i was expecting a minor patch. and then it has to go to aslo.
14:10 bernie dirakx: nice. did they rebundle also the spanish version?
14:11 dirakx bernie: indeed.
14:11 I've been working also with NZ team reports..and follow trough their requests
14:12 also with devs at ceibaljam...
14:12 with certain limits we should be able to suport them someway.
14:13 and also i've been un-tangling up pootle..the dextrose project is up but it needs some symlinks that saya's code was doing..but failling now.
14:14 I've talked with him, he kindly said to me that he would take a look at it today or tomorrow.
14:15 I have work to do..in fixing some measure bugs and also tamtam not fitting xo-screen well on rotation.
14:15 fitting it is also a recurrent requeriment for activities.
14:16 alsroot dirakx: that will be not so trivial, at least for Edit :(
14:16 dirakx :(.
14:16 alsroot guesses that everyone (including people who afk) are +1 for making dirakx activity master on aslo to take case of dx collection
14:16 any -1?
14:18 #action dirakx is activity master to take care of dextrose collection on ASLO, at least for common one, further interaction is needed to with onsite people to shake it(or new collection) down for local deploymnets
14:18 dirakx great.
14:19 alsroot dirakx: for now, we use fructose on activity-testing.sl.o to test activity updater code, but it will be moved to production and we need to create new collection, for dextrose
14:19 dirakx alsroot: ok.
14:19 alsroot: i'll follow with you on that.
14:20 if necessary.
14:20 alsroot dirakx: I'm waiting for m_anish_afk "go ahead" for moving aslo code to production
14:20 it seems that nubae is not used for regular meetings yet..
14:21 dirakx alsroot: there are some minor issues on admins/editor interface on activities-testing
14:21 alsroot: besides from that it's o.k
14:22 alsroot: btw how can i test activity-updater..(microformat) ?.
14:22 alsroot dirakx: for admin/editor UI, we are switcing to new ASLO anyway these months. good chance to revisit this issue
14:22 dirakx right.
14:22 alsroot dirakx: dx-2 already has microformat updater
14:22 just run it, it will look to fructose collection on -testing.sl.o
14:23 dirakx hmm ok
14:23 alsroot dirakx: you can add new activities and/or set particular version for them to fetch only this verstion
14:24 dirakx great.
14:24 alsroot dirakx: but contact w/ m_anish_afk, he uses fructose on -testing in the field right now
14:25 #topic how dx-2 patches are flying to the trunk, short summary
14:25 passes the word to silbe
14:25 dfarning alsroot, can you introduce dirakx to your contacts at Mozilla so he can start tracking upstream AMO development.? If necessary we can add a web developer to help with the transition if you and dirakx are too busy.
14:25 silbe what's "trunk"?
14:25 alsroot silbe: yup, from branches
14:25 silbe ??
14:25 alsroot to master repos
14:26 silbe ah, you mean merging the improved DX-2 patches to upstream mainline/master?
14:27 alsroot dfarning: I didn't contact with mozilla people for months, but will take a look, especially about transaltion..
14:27 silbe: yup, are there any ideas/progress
14:27 lucian has quit IRC
14:28 silbe Simon and I finally agreed on how to proceed re. 0.92 and the new OLPC release resp. DX-3, so I can finally push the patches (I had put them on hold to avoid one of them being the cause for OLPC not basing on 0.92).
14:28 dfarning alsroot, thanks
14:28 bernie silbe: cool. so, will the release be called 0.92 or 0.90.1?
14:28 silbe I still need reviews for these patches before I can push them: https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/169/ https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/596/ https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/616/ https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/612/ https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/597/
14:29 bernie: probably 0.92.0.
14:29 bernie silbe: k
14:29 silbe We'll also keep downstream repos and only push bug fixes into sucrose-0.92.
14:29 m_anish_afk is now known as m_anish
14:29 silbe I have a feeling my recent chat with dsd played a major factor in that decision. :)
14:29 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
14:29 alsroot silbe: will take a look, if can help w/ patches you posted
14:30 m_anish (just woken up)
14:30 bernie silbe: 597 is nice!
14:30 arjs m_anish: morningt
14:31 bernie silbe: also #612! compliments
14:31 dirakx m_anish: morning
14:31 bernie arjs: 'morning
14:31 lucian <lucian!~lucian@78-86-217-168.zone2.bethere.co.uk> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:31 silbe bernie: please review it. Aleksey already said he doesn't have time. I've asked Quozl some time back; maybe I should ping him again.
14:31 arjs bernie: morning! hows it going
14:32 alsroot m_anish: since dirakx is working on activity bug fixing, would be great if he takes care about dx aslo collections.. so he is :)
14:32 silbe and maybe lucian could review https://patchwork.sugarlabs.org/patch/619/ ?
14:32 bernie silbe: i'm very glad that, for the first time, olpc is going with the same Sugar version that sugar labs published.
14:32 dirakx arjs: good to see you here ;)
14:32 dfarning silbe, alsroot speaking of merging.... Are there any other interesting trees that can be harvested?  IIRC mstone has one.
14:32 silbe bernie: +10
14:32 lucian btw, sorry i've been missing. very busy
14:32 m_anish morning everyone
14:32 alsroot, ok
14:33 arjs dirakx: same here:) pretty exciting work with regard to activities that you are doing :)
14:33 m_anish alsroot, we've found some pretty wierd bugs and the formadores have reported some bugs to us as well
14:33 lucian silbe: that patch doesn't sound very safe
14:33 dirakx arjs: thanks..btw measure is involved :)!.
14:34 alsroot m_anish: via feedback, can I see the log?
14:34 m_anish alsroot, nope, we were in caacupe yesterday in a meeting with formadores
14:34 silbe dfarning: for 0.94 I'm going to go the "sugar-core" (merged repositories) route. After we did that, we could take a closer look at Michaels repository (it's a merged one, too). For 0.92 it's probably too late, unless it's a bug fix.
14:34 bernie silbe: +1
14:34 m_anish: do you have some notes on these bugs?
14:34 alsroot m_anish: could you post reports to dextrose@
14:35 m_anish alsroot, btw the updater works, since they were asking about a strange icon with '?!' appearing out of nowhere :)
14:35 bernie, yep
14:35 alsroot, ok
14:35 bernie silbe: m_stone also has a script that recreates his repo on the fly. so it's always fresh
14:35 silbe lucian: ok, maybe we could chat on #sugar later about why you think it isn't safe? Would you have some time?
14:35 lucian silbe: today, yes
14:35 silbe bernie: Interesting. Where does he put his own custom patches then?
14:35 lucian: great, thanks!
14:36 bernie m_anish: did you take logs and journals from the machines with weird bugs?
14:36 dfarning silbe, let's activitly look for trees.  There is a lot of good stuff out there that looks useful if it can be cleaned up and merged.
14:36 m_anish will wait for current topic to get over
14:36 bernie lucian: btw, is there any chance we could involve you in finishing Surf for Dextrose 3? now we have fedora 14, so all the deps should be there
14:37 lucian bernie: if the deps are there and i find the time, sure
14:37 bernie lucian: i'll ask SMParrish to make sure the deps are there
14:38 m_anish: sorry to interrupt you, please go ahead
14:38 silbe dfarning: if you can point out some trees (I don't think Michael uses git.sugarlabs.org for his, so I can't easily "discover" it), I'll try to set some kind of commit notification up so I notice new patches in those repos.
14:38 lucian bernie: by 'deps' i mean pygobject with gobject-introspection. Surf can't be complete without a libsoup binding
14:38 bernie silbe: he does use git.sugarlabs.org now
14:38 silbe bernie: oh, cool.
14:39 dfarning silbe, I'll poke around
14:39 silbe alsroot: is there a way to let gitorious mail me patches that get pushed to some repo?
14:39 dfarning: thanks!
14:39 m_anish bernie, well they showed me the bugs on my xo, so I didn't really take the journal or logs, also some of them are more like 'UI changes' rather than 'bugs'
14:40 alsroot silbe: yup, go to your dashboard and click "Mail notification" or so
14:40 silbe alsroot: great, will try it!
14:40 m_anish bernie, but, /me discovered a few bugs that probably affect mainline sugar as well
14:41 bernie m_anish: which ui changes did they not like? (they never do, initially... then after a while they get used to it and like it more the new way)
14:41 silbe I guess we're done with this topic for now. I'll take a look at the recent DX-2 patches (there seem to be a lot of them) and see if there's anything that qualifies for getting upstreamed. (a lot of what I've seen fly by didn't, at least not in its current form)
14:41 alsroot ok, I guess this (upstream/downstream) is huge, but we have one more topic to discuss
14:41 #topic Dextrose projects admin on git.sugarlabs.org
14:42 my ideas was to have such admin(one person) who will be aware of all dx related projects/repos on git.sl.o
14:42 and would be useful to have one of newcomers
14:42 dirakx alsroot: what taks would be involved?
14:42 tasks*
14:42 bernie alsroot: i could take this...
14:42 m_anish bernie, UI changes in activities... for example in Paint, moving from version 27 to 31, there have been major bug fixes, but the UI has changed somewhat. They were reporting it as missing a palette selection icon
14:43 alsroot dirakx: just taking care of dextrose team on git.sl.o, add new members, ping projects owners of dx projects to pass ownerhip to dx team (to collect all projects in one place), I think..
14:44 m_anish bernie, or in turtleart, pressing the clear button clear's the grid as well (probably it didn't earlier), /me will check
14:44 bernie, but some were genuine
14:44 alsroot dirakx: if you are planing to be busy for actiivgty relates tasks, maybe arjs? ie would be useful to have dx duties spread among all dx contribs
14:45 dirakx alsroot: i can do it also..but bernie already step in.
14:45 m_anish bernie, and one is a little scary... after suspend/resume my keyboard/touchpad doesn't work!
14:45 alsroot bernie: what about arjs?
14:45 bernie m_anish: at least it shows that they actually used the activities
14:46 m_anish bernie, apart from the nitpicky wierd bugs i've discovered with the platform, this is the only serious platform issue seen
14:46 bernie, yep
14:46 bernie dirakx: i'm ok with you doing it
14:46 silbe m_anish: check that you have the latest (non-beta) firmware and latest kernel. (re. suspend/resume)
14:46 m_anish silbe, ok
14:47 dirakx alsroot,bernie i can do it
14:47 silbe m_anish: BTW, is this on XO-1 or XO-1.5?
14:48 m_anish silbe, the suspend/resume thing is on xo1
14:48 bernie #action dirakx becomes dextrose team admin on git.sugarlabs.org
14:49 alsroot ok, I guess we cloed agenda...
14:49 silbe m_anish: then a firmware upgrade might do the trick. There was some related bug that got fixed recently...
14:49 m_anish silbe, oh great!
14:50 alsroot dirakx: I'll downgarade all dx team members on git to regular contributors and leave you as an admin
14:51 dirakx alsroot: perfect.
14:51 alsroot bernie: I guess we need to pass dx project ownership to dx team
14:51 bernie: in that case we will see all dx related project on team page
14:51 would be useful
14:51 bernie alsroot: ah yes.
14:52 alsroot: go ahead... no need to add back committers who did not commit anything in the last few months.
14:53 alsroot bernie: ok, I'll just leave only +dextrose as only committer to dx project
14:53 #action move dextrose git project to dextrose team
14:54 #e-n-d-m-e-e-t-i-n-g
14:54 meeting Meeting ended Sat Feb  5 14:54:13 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:54 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-05T14:04:06.html
14:54 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-02-05T14:04:06
14:54 bernie alsroot: why is endmeeting with all dashes now?
14:54 m_anish meeting over?
14:54 meeting m_anish: Error: "over?" is not a valid command.
14:54 alsroot just tested meeting code
14:55 m_anish: you mean you are keen to know is there life on mars or not?
14:55 bernie alsroot: hey, the "full logs" links in the meeting minutes don't work
14:55 dirakx :)
14:56 m_anish lol, actually the chances are probably higher on saturns moons, but /me will shut up and listen :P
14:56 alsroot bernie: you mean "http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-02-05T14:04:06" ?
14:56 silbe alsroot, m_anish: I'd volunteer to be on-site developer for that deployment. ;)
14:57 dfarning silbe, does the university there have an exchange program for your girlfriend?
14:57 m_anish silbe, haha , they speak a dialect of klingon and anime over there
14:58 dirakx hehe.
14:58 bernie alsroot: no, click on "full logs" in this page: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-05T14:04:06.html
14:59 alsroot bernie: works for me, the only thing that doesn't work is per entry links on minutes page..
14:59 bernie alsroot: oh, it's a bug in chromium!
14:59 alsroot: it inserts a %32 before the "2011"!
15:01 alsroot looks like bug..
15:02 silbe dfarning: I suppose we could arrange something if she actually went on an interplanetary journey ;)
15:04 dirakx goes for some minutes.
15:21 satellit_ alsroot: got 20 updates to Trisquel4.5 with CP/software update some did not work or did not start: http://pastebin.com/LKinAJB8
15:21 sweets sugar 0.88.1
15:26 alsroot satellit_: for read, it might be because sweets-distribution-0.88 was tested on Trisquel4
15:26 satellit_: could you pastebin logs for Etoys and Flip Sticks?
15:27 satellit_: GC and TamTam, most likely the old issue w/ blobs
15:27 satellit_ alsroot: there were new applicatons on the software update. I never have seen new applications added that were not already installed
15:28 let me bring it up...back in a few
15:28 alsroot satellit_: dx uses another updater, it fetches activities only from particular collection on aslo
15:28 satellit_ So it seems. Is it normal to bring in non installed applications?
15:29 alsroot satellit_: yup, thats the feature of dx updater
15:29 satellit_ there are now 30 +- on it
15:30 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
15:30 alsroot satellit_: for GC and TamTam blobs, I think would be useful to stick sweets-distribution-0.88 only to trisquel-4/ubuntu-10.04, I'll recheck if these blobs run well there
15:30 satellit_ Terminal (Works but icon on top bar to go to # does not work- This is Ubuntu; COMMAND SHOULD BE "SUDO SU"..) not su. #  Terminal crashes if use top icon for # is used
15:31 alsroot satellit_: hmm, it was ok for me on lucid, /me rechecks
15:33 silbe satellit_: probably "sudo -i". I have no idea who originally started the "sudo su" usage, but it's... odd. :) (both commands serve a very similar purpose; using either of them suffices).
15:33 satellit_ Terminal -31 installed   do not know if updated when cp/update used
15:34 alsroot heh, Terminal root doesn't work on lucid as well
15:35 satellit_ interesting...
15:35 alsroot nope, it works but activity is being cloned on wrong root password
15:35 *closed
15:36 which is, I guess, how it is coded
15:36 satellit_ my vm is installed with a root password the same as users here
15:37 silbe wonders if we should get rid of the get-root button and just add a note to motd.
15:37 satellit_ ( I think) done too many VM builds lately
15:38 silbe The get-root button destroys the current shell which might have something running in it - happened to me at least once, and to others as well AFAIK.
15:39 alsroot satellit_: since sweets-distribution just packages activities w/o patching, could you file tickets on bugs.sl.o for activity bugs
15:39 satellit_ ok
15:40 TamTamMini cannot find proper binary blobs"
15:41 VM will not let me use a USB so cannot pastebin
15:42 G Compris 15  tries to download but quits after 1 second. never installs it
15:46 Scratch-20100321   Could not open the Squeek image file '-vm-display-X11'
15:49 Etoys: could not open the Squeek image file '-encoding'
15:51 (etoys) top line "found gettext in path /opt/sweets/etoys "
15:53 alsroot satellit_: you are still on trisquel-4.5?
15:58 dogi has quit IRC
16:00 satellit_ yes
16:01 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
16:01 satellit_ alsroot: I was starting to build a Trisquel 4.0 with sugar sweets 0.88.1
16:02 arjs has quit IRC
16:02 alsroot satellit_: Trisquel-4.5 is based on ubuntu-10.10, so sweets-distribution-0.88 might not work there
16:02 just found that
16:02 dogi <dogi!~nemo@c-65-96-166-32.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:03 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
16:03 satellit_ But in About my Computer: It says Trisquel 4.5 LTS   10.10 is not a LTS version....?
16:06 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-66-30-2-16.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:12 satellit_ alsroot: It will take 3-4 hrs to make new VM with Trisquel 4.0 with sweets 0.88.1  will report when done.... : )
16:13 alsroot satellit_: np, thanks
16:13 satellit_ yw
16:34 mchua_afk is now known as mchua
16:34 mchua is now known as mchua_afk
17:08 tch has quit IRC
18:30 satellit_ is now known as satellit_afk
19:35 walterbender has quit IRC
19:36 satellit_afk is now known as satellit_
19:41 dirakx has quit IRC
20:26 dirakx <dirakx!rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:35 satellit_ alsroot: I did install of gcompris15; g compris  15 admin and ooOKids1.0  to Trisquel 4.0. sweets0.88.1 VM by drag drop from USB to journal. they run fine.
20:37 alsroot satellit_: ok. btw issue w/ tamtam is lack of dependencies, will fix it
20:37 satellit_ I note that the file downloaded from CP/software update is called GCompris-15 while mine is gcompris-15.xo  note caps.
20:37 great
20:46 Backup and restore to/from journal to  USB seem to work also. : )
20:47 backup-4.xo and restore-3.xo
21:04 yama has quit IRC
21:08 dfarning_afk is now known as dfarning
21:09 yama <yama!~yama@124-168-24-231.dyn.iinet.net.au> has joined #sugar-meeting
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21:09 yama <yama!~yama@ubuntu/member/yama> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:10 dfarning is now known as dfarning_afk
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22:04 m_anish is now known as m_anish_afk
22:11 satellit_ alsroot: Trisquel 4.0 update sweets-etoys  sweets-distribution sweets-squeek (new install)
22:14 alsroot satellit_: that doesn't work yet
22:16 satellit_ alsroot: still not working....
23:41 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:42 tch has left #sugar-meeting
23:54 silbe has quit IRC

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