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#sugar-meeting, 2011-01-13

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20:00 walterbender cjb, bernie, alsroot, CanoeBerry, icarito, mchua_Afk : are you around?
20:00 bernie walterbender: present
20:00 walterbender: can't type much though. got 2 splints
20:01 walterbender bernie: ouch
20:01 alsroot here
20:01 walterbender alsroot: thanks for getting back to Anton
20:02 icarito hi
20:03 walterbender icarito: spoke to Oscar this morning, but didn't manage to pin him down re Feb.
20:03 we have a quorum, so we should start
20:03 #start-meeting
20:03 meeting Meeting started Thu Jan 13 20:03:31 2011 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
20:03 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
20:03 walterbender Welcome all
20:04 We have a few topics listed in the wiki for today: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ht_Board/Meetings
20:04 and also some general catching up to do.
20:06 Maybe we can start with some outstanding requests regarding establishing Sugar Labs and the like
20:07 As you may recall, the national university in Asuncion wants to establish a Sugar Lab
20:07 bernie yay
20:08 walterbender They have a good CS program, want to offer courses for credit in Sugar and are anxious to work more closely with Paraguay Educa on Sugar deployments
20:08 They have a good working relationship with some of our developers, including tch and rgs
20:09 As part of a grant proposal I helped write to a foundation in .py, we are seeking funds to help them recruit more students to work on Sugar and Sugar-related activities.
20:10 I don't see any downside, but we should discuss/decide as a group if we agree to this as per our guidelines
20:11 Any discussion? or should I just make a motion?
20:12 CanoeBerry hiya
20:12 walterbender CanoeBerry: do you have the backlog?
20:12 bernie of course yea from me
20:12 icarito who is from py in the community? tch and rgs, right?
20:12 alsroot didn't see any possible issues here :)
20:12 bernie send them my way to setup the local lab physically
20:12 walterbender yes... and others
20:12 icarito thinks its great
20:12 CanoeBerry yes, ihave the above 20 lines
20:12 walterbender scs, pacita, cecilia, roberto...
20:13 bernie: I think we could get some hosting help from them
20:13 icarito: and some faculty and a dean from the university
20:14 MOTION: The Sugar Labs oversight board approves the application by the National University of Asuncion to create a local Sugar Lab.
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20:15 CanoeBerry +1, what's their site?
20:15 bernie walterbender: now we're good with hosting. we could use a new mirror though
20:15 walterbender thinks tch must not like the discussion topic :)
20:15 bernie +1
20:15 icaritox +1
20:15 walterbender +1
20:15 alsroot +1
20:15 walterbender motion passes :)
20:15 bernie CanoeBerry: pol.una.py
20:16 http://www.pol.una.py/
20:16 walterbender I'll let them know...
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20:16 walterbender That one was pretty straight forward.
20:16 bernie it'a beautiful uni
20:16 ClaudiaU: hola
20:16 walterbender I had circulated another request from a group in Germany
20:16 Has everyone seen it?
20:17 bernie nope
20:17 icaritox yup
20:17 CanoeBerry reminder?
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20:18 walterbender let me pastebin the email... one sec
20:18 ClaudiaU hello
20:19 walterbender hi ClaudiaU
20:19 icarito walterbender, does py have an application too?
20:19 walterbender as usual, pastebin.org is sloooow.... what is another one?
20:20 alsroot walterbender: try .com one
20:20 walterbender icarito: you mean an email? I think so, but I'll have to look. They has a letter of intent
20:21 http://pastebin.com/QsBPHieR
20:21 icarito just wanted to know as you mentioned guidelines
20:21 walterbender bernie: can you please change the reference in #sugar to .com?
20:21 icarito: the guidelines are in the wiki... /me looks
20:22 bernie walterbender: how about fpaste.org ?
20:23 walterbender bernie: that was the one I couldn't remember :)
20:23 icarito: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Local_Labs
20:23 has everyone read Raffael's proposal?
20:24 icarito yes
20:24 bernie nope
20:24 ClaudiaU what proposal?
20:24 walterbender to me, this one is fine in its intentions, but there is little track-record to go by...
20:24 bernie ah, yes,  I just did
20:24 walterbender ClaudiaU: see the pastebin above
20:24 cjb hi folks, sorry, had another Marvell meeting
20:24 ClaudiaU sorry.. I am trying to catch up... :)
20:24 walterbender cjb: do you need a backlog?
20:25 cjb nope
20:25 walterbender let me bring up a third request to add more context to the discussion.
20:26 bernie walterbender: yes, it sounds good but it's not easy to tell if it really is good. I'd say, let's give him all the support he needs to succeed with this idea and see what happens
20:26 alsroot cjb: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]etings/2011-01-13
20:26 icarito can more than one local lab exist in a country?
20:27 currently local labs seem terriotory based
20:27 but i remember that was not the idea, right?
20:27 +1 on what bernie said
20:28 walterbender http://pastebin.com/qWSeUvFH
20:28 icarito on giving him the support
20:28 walterbender this is a request to use our logo on a website in Pakistan
20:29 icarito: I don't see any fundamental issue with having multiple local labs in a single region
20:30 alsroot +1, to let people decide what it the most convenient scheme for them
20:30 walterbender re the Pakistan request, this is a commercial site that provides services to schools. They are trying to get funding for a SoaS project and want to say that they have a relationship with us.
20:30 bernie icarito: perhaps we could ask silbe and erikos to check on this guy? who else is from germany?
20:30 icarito me neither but all labs have names like SL chile, sl colombia, sl deutschland now
20:30 walterbender bernie: I had put Raffael in touch with erikos at one point.
20:31 bernie icarito: we have one exception: sugar labs dc. it's not even a state :)
20:31 icarito bernie, and somos azucar is sl peru name
20:32 walterbender bernie: but lets presume that he checks out as a capable person... it is more a matter of how much a part of the community he is/will be...
20:32 bernie: I think Local Labs need to be part of the global community too...
20:32 "Provide for communication,between the local communities and the global Sugar Labs community "
20:33 icarito would be good to recommend to labs to be subscribed and participate in IAEP
20:33 walterbender but presumably this will happen... how much to we trust to spec?
20:33 alsroot ..having all these local labs/portals we just need a global directory..
20:34 walterbender also, to the earlier point, since Erikos has a SL Berlin, maybe this should start as SL Muchen
20:34 icarito we could eventually develop a guideline for local labs as we did for SL Projects
20:35 ClaudiaU I think it is great to see all the labs developing.. it would be great to include in those guildelines what SL thinks are the elements of success... for example, connect to a local university, etc... but leave the final decisions to the locals
20:35 walterbender +1
20:36 wonders if anyone ever saw Raffael's post, since it was to sl@sl.o
20:36 maybe I should recirculate it to iaep
20:36 bernie icarito: +1, maybe edit the local labs page to add these tips?
20:36 ClaudiaU participating and contributing to the large community seems natural... they could have just opened any lab, but I wonder if guidelines to best ways to contribute and participate are also useful
20:37 bernie ClaudiaU: I we should have things such as "join iaep" written in the form of advices for local labs, not requirements
20:37 walterbender in this case, he has a university affiliation
20:37 bernie can't type well sorry
20:38 ClaudiaU yes, bernie... recommendations
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20:39 icaritox sorry my connectino dropped - reading log
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20:40 walterbender can someone agree to take charge of adding these recommendations to the Local Labs page?
20:40 bernie icaritox: if you want, you could get a proxy: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/IRC_Proxy
20:40 walterbender but what about these outstanding requests?
20:41 bernie icaritox: you do it! you're a local lab, so you know better than us what's needed
20:41 icaritox bernie there are some recommendations already like the university connection, did yuo mean specific recommendations like joining IAEP?
20:42 bernie walterbender: I'm +1 on initiating the process for both sooner, even if it means less formality. so far, it went really well.
20:42 walterbender I will (1) forward Raffael's email to iaep for comment; (2) make sure Sascha and Simon have spoken with him; and (3) ask about using SL Munich as the name.
20:42 icaritox +1 too
20:43 bernie icaritox: yes, plus any recommendation you can think of. take ownership of the page.
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20:43 walterbender bernie: I don't know what you mean by initiating the process
20:43 icaritox ok i can take responsibility for that
20:43 bernie walterbender: +1 +1 +1
20:43 walterbender and (4) report back at the next meeting?
20:44 bernie walterbender: for past LL's, we just gave them a wiki, an email domain and (sometimes) a google apps.
20:44 walterbender: and a link in the sidebar
20:44 I think it worked well for all the local labs we created so far.
20:44 walterbender bernie: and support with grants... and potentially (the next topic) authorization to issue Sugar certificates :)
20:45 bernie: but we knew all the players quite well in every previous case
20:45 icaritox offers to take charge of recommendations in Local Labs page
20:45 walterbender so we knew going in that we had a high probability of success
20:45 bernie walterbender: true
20:46 walterbender bernie: I don't want to make a lot of bureaucracy... just some due diligence
20:46 so let me do that and report back.
20:46 what about Pakistan? Any problem with someone using our logo on their 'partner' page? (What does that mean to us?)
20:47 bernie walterbender: who asked?
20:47 icaritox walterbender, about the topics for todays meeting, i find an old agenda in http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ht_Board/Meetings
20:48 walterbender icaritox: that is old in that we keep reusing it...
20:48 icaritox: but that is the agenda I have been working from...
20:48 icaritox: just not in the order it is written
20:48 icaritox ah since you mentioned certificates
20:48 walterbender can we just finish up re Pakistan first...
20:49 icaritox: I think certificates are part of the Local Lab discussion...
20:49 I think using our logo with a link back to our site would be fine for someone doing SoaS deployments... comments?
20:50 alsroot +1 for Pakistan request
20:51 walterbender anyone else have an opinion?
20:51 shahab has been working pretty closely with satellit_ on getting this working in Pakistan
20:51 icaritox i think its fine too
20:52 walterbender also, further background, he was part of the group that I worked with to promote Sugar at all the Pakistani univestiies
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20:52 walterbender let me make a motion then:
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20:54 bernie walterbender: I'm +1 on being liberal in granting logo usage to local labs
20:54 walterbender MOTION: The Sugar Labs oversight board approves the application by Shahab Najmi to put a logo and link to the Sugar Labs page from the partners page on www.uredge-Inc.com in support of his SoaS efforts in Pakistan.
20:54 +1
20:54 bernie: this is not a local lab
20:54 cjb seconded, +1
20:54 bernie walterbender: ah. I'm ok too, if the purpose is to run a soas pilot
20:55 silbe: read the backlog of this meeting, there's work for you to do :)
20:55 walterbender bernie: that is his intent... hopefully to go beyond a pilot
20:55 alsroot +1
20:55 bernie walterbender: do we need someone to give him technical backing?
20:55 walterbender: in case soas has bugs...
20:56 walterbender satellit_ and I have been helping... he is in #sugar a lot these days
20:56 in case or when :)
20:56 bernie: the work on getting virtual box to scale to full screen was in support of his efforts
20:57 any more votes?
20:57 we are hovering at 3+ right now...
20:57 CanoeBerry, icarito?
20:58 icarito +1
20:58 walterbender OK. the motion passes...
20:58 CanoeBerry I don't know these people, but +1 if other have confidence.
20:58 walterbender I'll let him know.
20:58 bernie walterbender: I think I know how to get the video driver to work in vbox... I just need to work with satellit_ a little longer
20:59 walterbender We are running short of time, but I want to touch on the related topic of certificates, if people are up for it.
20:59 I think we should have a certificate program that is administered by local labs
21:00 we need to design the ground rules... a task I am hoping a combination of ClaudiaU and perhaps icarito can take up.
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21:00 walterbender it would a nice authority to delegate, give them some leverage, and fill a real need
21:00 bernie walterbender: can we ask FP UNA to give us their model for the certificate, stripped of their logos? it looked good.
21:01 ClaudiaU I am happy to contribute!
21:01 walterbender bernie: let's get them involved to work with ClaudiaU and Sebastian
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21:01 walterbender bernie: I'll raise it with them when I write to them after this meeting.
21:01 but in general, what do people think of the idea?
21:02 ClaudiaU certificate program?
21:02 bernie ClaudiaU: perhaps you could coordinate the program?
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21:02 walterbender ClaudiaU: yes... the certificate program.
21:03 I see two different needs: teachers and developers
21:03 ClaudiaU walterbender: i think it is great! In educational settings is very motivating for teachers or any mentor who cares for the program
21:03 several programs I know have done that
21:03 bernie ClaudiaU: I ran a short Sugar course of a few weeks at FP UNA (paraguay's national university), alongside raul, tincho and jorge.
21:03 icaritox this subject has come up in Peru also
21:04 walterbender ClaudiaU: would you take this on and report back your thoughts when we meet again in two weeks?
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21:04 icaritox would be good to standarize
21:04 icaritox is now known as icarito
21:04 ClaudiaU we have to decide what we want the certificate to entitle?
21:04 walterbender ClaudiaU: I'll introduce you to Jorge, who is the person running the UNA local lab
21:04 ClaudiaU ok walterbender!
21:04 icarito i would like to be involved as walter proposed
21:04 would be glad to work with you ClaudiaU
21:04 walterbender ClaudiaU: you cannot use it to operate heavy equipment
21:05 ClaudiaU ok walterbender ;)
21:05 icarito: happy to work together!
21:05 bernie walterbender: lol
21:05 walterbender OK... so let's agree to discuss this time after ClaudiaU, icarito and Jorge have a couple of weeks to chew on it.
21:05 icarito yes great to finally work together and meet you
21:06 walterbender shall we meet again on the 27th?
21:06 bernie walterbender: which jorge? jorge levara?
21:06 ClaudiaU I am asking because a very successful certificate program I know in Colombia allows teachers to start teaching their science curriculum...
21:06 walterbender bernie: yes... is that not the Jorge you were also referring to?
21:06 ClaudiaU but I will brainstorm with icarito and report back
21:07 walterbender ClaudiaU: +1
21:07 bernie walterbender: we had a jorge from pyedu teaching and a jorge professor from fpuna as a student
21:07 icarito ClaudiaU, I'm in Colombia at the moment
21:07 for a while actually
21:08 walterbender bernie: I was thinking the prof. Jorge
21:08 ClaudiaU ahh? good for you!
21:08 walterbender we should perhaps end the formal meeting for today so alsroot can get to bed?
21:08 ClaudiaU icarito: let's email and coordinate a call! are you in Bog?
21:08 icarito ClaudiaU, lets coordinate over email perhaps we could skype some time to discuss the certificate program
21:08 walterbender anything else we need to discuss today?
21:09 alsroot has 3h for today :)
21:09 icarito yes i'm in bogota at the moment but residing in the countryside
21:09 ClaudiaU ok
21:09 walterbender thanks everyone... good meeting today.
21:10 #end-meeting
21:10 meeting Meeting ended Thu Jan 13 21:10:31 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
21:10 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-13T20:03:31.html
21:10 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-01-13T20:03:31
21:10 icarito thanks everyone
21:11 bernie good meeting
21:11 icarito when is next meeting?
21:11 bernie many good news
21:11 ClaudiaU bye everyone!
21:12 icarito bye ClaudiaU talk to you soon
21:13 bye everyone
21:13 cjb bye, thanks
21:16 walterbender icarito: in two weeks... 27th
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21:24 silbe bernie: what exactly? I don't have time to read the full logs right now.
21:29 walterbender silbe: your comments re http://pastebin.com/QsBPHieR
21:54 silbe walterbender: I don't know Raffael personally. He asked on the olpc-de list about half a year ago if others are interested in founding a Local Lab for the Munich area. Nobody replied on-list. His mail to you says he wants to found a Local Lab for entire Germany. He didn't announce this intention anywhere, especially not on the olpc-de list.
21:56 walterbender: we should check with bertf if he knows anything about it. I think bertf is even part of OLPC Deutschland e.V. which is an existing legal body covering similar activities. I don't know why Raffael wants to found a new association and who would be part of it.
22:01 walterbender silbe: thanks for the feedback.
22:02 silbe walterbender: please keep me posted.
22:04 It's a bit strange for me as both a German and a core Sugar contributor to hear the first time about Local Lab Germany when SLOB discusses it's request, rather than beforehand...
22:05 But I'll nevertheless assume best intentions.
22:05 walterbender silbe: I think the problem was that he sent his request to sl@sl.o by mistake. I didn't catch the error.
22:05 silbe: he only sent the request a short while ago.
22:09 silbe walterbender: What I meant was that there was a request without me knowing even about the intention. If it's a Local Lab for entire Germany, then why wasn't it announced to the olpc-de list and / or Sugar contributors that are known to be Germans?
22:10 walterbender silbe: I think it is really a Munich proposal... I am going to ask him about that...
22:10 silbe: note that it raised eyebrows at slobs too :P
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22:13 silbe walterbender: A quick look through me mail archive suggest he's definitely the guy for raising eyebrows. ;)
22:13 *my
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