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#sugar-meeting, 2010-12-30

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20:00 walterbender_ alsroot, bernie, CanoeBerry, cjb: you all around?
20:00 alsroot here
20:00 walterbender_ alsroot: I think last week many people said they could not attend today...
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20:01 walterbender_ bernie and CanoeBerry might be around, but as I recall, Mel, Sebastian, and Chris are not.
20:02 and next week, I am travelling: going to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Thursday :P
20:02 so our next 'official' meeting might not be until the 13th.
20:03 alsroot: but we should discuss where we are at as an organization... a traditional end-of-year exercise :)
20:03 alsroot: I've been a bit under the weather, but am working on a short end-of-the-year report to the community.
20:04 alsroot so, the date where holidays stop here in russia :)
20:04 SeanDaly <SeanDaly!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:04 walterbender_ alsroot: in the US, it is only the week between Christmas and New Years that is a slow period.
20:04 hi SeanDaly and JT4sugar
20:05 alsroot: you taking any holiday?
20:05 JT4sugar Hello All
20:05 alsroot walterbender_: in russia, two weeks after new year are holidays (ny and christmas)
20:05 SeanDaly hi everyone
20:07 walterbender_ so, just to give everyone a quick update on what I have been doing (besides hacking on Turtle Art)...
20:08 Things are moving ahead with our cycling team... I shared with a few of you the design they came with
20:08 I will see them at the end of January to talk in more detail about how they can help us with outreach and fundraising
20:09 I am meeting Kingston at CES and hopefully will finally get them to commit to Sugar in some way
20:09 and I meet with a Chinese OEM who is very interested in Sugar
20:10 SeanDaly walterbender_: great lots of things happening
20:10 walterbender_ I am in discussions with the US State Dept. about using Sugar for English language learning
20:10 SeanDaly is cycling meeting in Paris?
20:10 walterbender_ and connecting them to our friends in Colombia
20:10 SeanDaly: outside Barcelona
20:10 SeanDaly: too cold in Paris to cycle this time of year :)
20:11 SeanDaly walterbender_: as long as not too much ice I cycle every day :D :D
20:11 walterbender_ and I am still trying to organize a Sugar Camp in Lima in Feb., but it is probably too soon.
20:12 Also, I have been in discussions with OLPC Brasil about getting something going again there, now that the government is finally starting to purchase laptops.
20:12 and next week, I should meet with the MIT team that did the marketing study this past fall...
20:13 that's my quick list for the moment...
20:13 JT4sugar walterbender, Article says Brazil going with Mandriva on Intel machines. Is Sugar going to be in image?
20:14 walterbender_ JT4sugar: trying to get things moving in that direction. I think the Mandriva port is a bit stale...
20:14 I've been pinging my various contacts
20:15 SeanDaly walterbender_: I propose to go see Mandriva
20:15 walterbender_ there is apparently a bit of not-invented-here going on, but it is not consistent with the facts: Brasilians played a big role in Sugar development
20:15 SeanDaly: that could help... my old contacts there are all gone :(
20:16 SeanDaly walterbender_: the fellow who presented at Netbook conf Dec 2009?
20:17 walterbender_ SeanDaly: if you mean Patrick, then yes, he left.
20:18 SeanDaly arrgh
20:18 alsroot last sugar version in mandriva packages is 0.88, since 0.90 is not well, I guess, having 0.88 is fine in mandriva
20:19 SeanDaly I have tried and failed twice installing Mandriva on 2 netbooks
20:19 walterbender_ alsroot: wasn't aware that it was 0.88. Last I looked, it was 0.84 or 0.86...
20:19 SeanDaly Next I will try their netbook version, I naively tried DVD install
20:20 alsroot walterbender_: nope, I updated sugar for mandriva regulary before it was reorginized
20:20 so, it is 0.88
20:21 SeanDaly alsroot: that's good news
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20:21 walterbender_ alsroot: great. I should point the Brasilians at that work
20:22 alsroot walterbender_: all sugar packages are in official (contrib) repos
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20:23 SeanDaly I believe satellit has prepared a Mandriva VM
20:23 here it is: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/E[…]va-linux-one-2010.1-Gnome-sugar
20:23 ayushg_afk <ayushg_afk!~ayushg@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-rhwlkqzurwqjirzy> has joined #sugar-meeting
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20:24 walterbender_ I'll send a note to my gov. contacts tonight
20:25 meanwhile, I'll also try to light a fire under some of the university folks as well.
20:25 JT4sugar Would be nice to see Mandriva put resources in to getting Sugar to work on Intel Classmate
20:26 walterbender_ JT4sugar: or the Brasilian government/community
20:26 JT4sugar walterbender_, All of the above
20:26 SeanDaly Mandriva site Sugar mention for 2010.0: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/20[…]our#Sugar_Desktop
20:27 walterbender_ cool...
20:27 alsroot SeanDaly: sugar is being packaged for mandriva for 23 months :)
20:28 SeanDaly alsroot: bravo
20:28 JT4sugar I think it becomes a matter of Brasil Govt asking Mandriva and Intel to have Sugar in image
20:29 mukul_afk <mukul_afk!~mukul@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-aartuqawgelvtgii> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:29 SeanDaly JT4sugar: key question is, is interface & sufficient number of Activities localized to pt-BR
20:30 walterbender_ SeanDaly: pt-BR has very good coverage in general
20:30 bernie walterbender_: I'm around
20:31 walterbender_ hi bernie
20:31 bernie walterbender_: ah, the meeting
20:31 sits quietly
20:31 walterbender_ we are just chatting... planning an excuse to go to Brasil for Carnival :)
20:31 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-gqikwvzgjdsesjij> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:32 bernie walterbender_: your alter ego just logged in.
20:32 walterbender_ bernie: how do I turn off my never-used proxy on sl.o
20:32 bernie walterbender_: I could kill it, if you're not planning to use it
20:33 walterbender_ bernie: I don't think I will ever use it
20:33 SeanDaly bernie: haven't migrated my mailbox yet still trying to figure out & was offline for a week
20:35 walterbender_ alsroot: is there anything we should be discussing re workflow and support?
20:35 bernie SeanDaly: ok, we can keep it around
20:35 alsroot walterbender_: in what case?
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20:36 bernie walterbender_: ok, killed
20:36 walterbender_ alsroot: in regard to your agenda item for the SLOBs meeting
20:37 bernie SeanDaly: btw, please don't cc matt on that thread in the marketing list... he's pissed at me for all the mail he's receiving.
20:37 alsroot walterbender_: it was just ideas to think about, from another hand, I'm already work on some of impls (and planing to have results for 0.92 final release)
20:37 walterbender_ bernie: gracie
20:38 SeanDaly bernie: yes he just "bowed out"
20:38 satellit_ <satellit_!~satellit@2002:d064:95e7:0:219:d1ff:fe73:14e6> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:38 SeanDaly hi satellit_
20:53 needs to go now
20:53 walterbender_ bye SeanDaly
20:54 SeanDaly bye ;-)
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22:18 dirakx missed chatting
22:21 :(.
22:42 alsroot is now known as alsroot_away
22:52 satellit_ wlaterbender_: sorry we were out for x-country ski. /I have both KDE and Gnome VirtualBox Mandriva 2010.1 update easily to 2010.2 (latest) sugar is 0.88.0 on them. http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/E[…]va-linux-one-2010.1-Gnome-sugar
22:53 problem is that browse is not working. sugar is added in terminal with "urpmi task-sugar"
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22:55 satellit_ walterbender_: sorry for typo....: /
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23:27 bernie satellit_: how well does it work?
23:28 satellit_: brazil says they'll use mandriva on the classmates
23:30 satellit_ bernie: mandriva is nice. Problem with sugar is that at the moment there is no browse that starts. Firefox-6.xo does work when it is installed..... look at my gnome-sugar Virtualbox appliance http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/C[…]ibutions/Mandriva
23:30 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/E[…]va-linux-one-2010.1-Gnome-sugar
23:31 I saw this about brazil: http://www2.mandriva.com/en/news/?p=145&s=0
23:33 bernie: there is a split happening. Developers were fired en-mass and are on #mageia freeenode now
23:33 2010.1 is relabeled 2010.2 but is small upgrade only
23:34 bernie satellit_: the darn browse is really a big problem. we need to get lucian to finish Surf
23:34 satellit_ yup
23:35 for dfarning on ubuntu also USR
23:35 bernie satellit_: we should definitely do something about it
23:36 satellit_ bernie: alsroot has fixed browse on Trisquel 4.0.1 sugar (0.90.1)and Debian squeeze (which is a nice sugar also)
23:37 bernie satellit_: these two HUGE sales for classmate are also worrying. if we can't convince intel to bundle sugar with the classmate, sugar will be displaced from the classroom
23:37 satellit_: great alsroot!
23:37 satellit_ bernie: I have spent the last several weeks looking at all of the linux distros I know of that can add sugar-desktop....
23:38 bernie satellit_: sugar is still so olpc-centric... it's very dangerous for us to have no usable demo for other platforms.
23:38 satellit_: thanks, this helps a lot
23:39 walterbender_: what do you think? (see the conversation b/w me and satellit)
23:39 satellit_ quidam #trisquel says he will build Trisquel toast for 0.90.1 after new years
23:40 walterbender_ looks
23:40 satellit_ bernie: alsroot uses sweet build system for trisquel  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]_Toast#Trisquel_4.0.1_Gnome_Desktop_with_sweets_sugar_0.90.1
23:41 walterbender_ bernie: as you know, we are working to get Sugar onto the Argentine machines... and I am working on Brasil as well.
23:41 satellit_ maybe sweets system will fix other distros.....
23:42 walterbender_ bernie: re surf, I am not sure what we can do to accelerate the progress... the regressions re the Mozilla tools are really unfortunate.
23:43 satellit_ finish sugarizing firefox-6.xo?
23:43 It works fine....just says will not start after exit
23:44 It is on latest USR

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