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#sugar-meeting, 2010-12-16

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18:24 meeting <ChristoferR-es> Hello
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19:59 walterbender_ any SLOB members around?
19:59 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@173-109-55-7.pools.spcsdns.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:01 walterbender_ hi JT4sugar
20:01 buendia: the finance stuff looks good
20:02 JT4sugar Hello all
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20:03 walterbender_ Could we do a roll call for quorum purposes??? any SLOB members present?
20:03 present
20:03 ClaudiaU_ <ClaudiaU_!~webchat@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:04 walterbender_ hi ClaudiaU
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20:04 ClaudiaU_ Hi Walter!
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20:04 walterbender_ seems we have everyone but SLOBs here :)
20:05 ChristoferR <ChristoferR!~webchat@diabetes-3.media.mit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:06 ClaudiaU_ is there a particular topic?
20:06 walterbender_ ClaudiaU we were plowing through the backlog of topics...
20:07 ClaudiaU_ ok
20:07 walterbender_ ClaudiaU see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ht_Board/Meetings
20:08 ClaudiaU once we clear the backlog, we'll not need to meet quite so often.. maybe once a month
20:08 ClaudiaU and hopefully we can routinely get reports from the teams, labs, projects, etc...
20:08 ClaudiaU walterbender_: understood!
20:09 icarito <icarito!~icaro@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:09 ClaudiaU I see the day/time of meeting is Friday at 15?
20:09 walterbender_ ClaudiaU since our last meeting was just two days ago, I suspect no one thought we were holding this meeting... and I forgot to send a reminder.
20:10 icarito hi sorry im late
20:10 walterbender_ Friday?? I thought Thursday. Where do you see Friday?
20:10 ClaudiaU the link you just sent me... "The Oversight board will be holding regular bi-weekly meetings on Fridays at 15 UTC on irc.freenode.net (channel: #sugar-meeting). "
20:10 walterbender_ hi icarito
20:11 ClaudiaU that is out of date... I'll fix it
20:11 ClaudiaU ok
20:11 icarito hi walterbender , hi ClaudiaU
20:12 ClaudiaU hi icarito!
20:12 walterbender_ ClaudiaU thanks for noticing the stale data
20:13 ClaudiaU I am glad I looked
20:13 walterbender_ while we wait, maybe we can have a discussion...
20:13 icarito: I just spoke with a group from the US D of State about programs they are doing in education
20:14 icarito: they are very enamored with Sugar and with the Maggie Orth work in Colombia
20:14 ClaudiaU how do they know about Maggie Orth work?
20:14 walterbender_ icarito: I told them there was a strong group of community activists there and that we should find a way to work with them
20:14 icarito Marina Orth? the sugar labs colombia team is very active
20:15 and ready to offer services
20:15 walterbender_ icarito: they want to do a project with SMS and English-language learning...
20:15 ClaudiaU icarito: so they know aboit Marina Orth thought Sugar labs?
20:15 walterbender_ I suggested we think about an SMS to IRC gateway, so kids could participate through Sugar
20:17 They are generally interested in ELL and are working on a portal. I suggested we compliment their work with tools that can be used off line
20:17 icarito walterbender, sounds like it is something that could be offered, dirakx do you have ideas?
20:17 walterbender_ we can work on a proposal to them... they may have some funding in 2011
20:17 icarito walterbender, within sugar, like an activity?
20:17 dirakx reading backlog
20:17 walterbender_ icarito: that was my initial idea...
20:17 within Sugar
20:18 JT4sugar walterbender, Are they thinking on a multiple country basis or just colombia?
20:18 walterbender_ JT4sugar: they are already active in Colombia and Chile and they are planning a regional conference in Uruguay in the April timeframe
20:18 icarito walterbender, a nice idea would be to connect children in colombia / peru / paraguay / uruguay
20:18 walterbender, we have been working a lot with identi.ca
20:19 walterbender_ icarito: and the US (for the English angle) :)
20:19 icarito walterbender, dirakx: a status.net activity with a SMS gateway would be interesting
20:19 dirakx icarito: we can begin to think in developing such communications and offering it.
20:19 walterbender_ BTW, we plan to have an Etoys/Squeakfest in Uruguay in May 2011
20:19 icarito http://somosazucar.status.net/ is an example of a status.net platform
20:20 walterbender_ looks
20:20 dirakx icarito: yes status is ''the'' tool to use in that case.
20:20 icarito its a "twitter" like platform very powerful
20:20 ClaudiaU icarito: i like that!
20:21 walterbender_ icarito: how does one interface to status net? just through an html interface?
20:21 icarito walterbender, there is an api and python bindings, yes thru http :-)
20:21 walterbender_ icarito: seems we could easily add an irc gateway
20:21 icarito actually there is one already i think
20:22 http://identichat.prosody.im/
20:22 ah its a jabber gateway
20:22 sorry
20:22 walterbender_ icarito: one thing is that they (the people I spoke with) want the communication monitored, so we may have to have two parallel worlds
20:23 ChristoferR Bye
20:23 ChristoferR has left #sugar-meeting
20:23 walterbender_ jabber is fine...  Chat is jabber
20:23 icarito there is also http://status.net/wiki/Irc walterbender  - but beyond the technicalities we would have to propose how we would use this
20:23 meeting * ChristoferR has quit ()
20:23 icarito in what context
20:24 walterbender_ icarito: they have in mind a classroom to classroom exchange
20:24 JT4sugar We are pushing that angle with Fargo-Southern Sudan XO project. Fargo, ND is refugee city. Working with Dept of State and tying in Refugee cities in US with home countries through Sugar a good idea? http://fargoxo.wordpress.com/
20:24 walterbender_ not a general, open forum
20:25 icarito so what are the next steps and how can we help? we can work together on a proposal
20:26 walterbender, we can even implement something, right dirakx ?
20:26 walterbender_ Let me contact them and also forward the documents they just sent me (which I haven't even read yet)
20:26 dirakx icarito: walterbender sure
20:26 walterbender_ icarito: maybe see if you can get the Chat activity talking to status.net
20:27 icarito but beyond the coding details, it would be interesting to do an entire project around this involving taking it to actual schools and working with the teachers, that would be very cool
20:27 walterbender_ icarito: then we can worry about channels, rooms, moderation, etc. as an orthoganal issue
20:27 icarito: that is exactly what they are interested in...
20:28 dirakx interesting.
20:28 icarito walterbender, rather than those issues i am concerned with actual real world usage, as an opportunity to take our expertise into the school system
20:28 step in the door mentality
20:29 not concerned but interested is the right word
20:29 gangil <gangil!~gangil@unaffiliated/gangil> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:29 walterbender_ icarito: yes... I agree, but we need to accommodate their concerns in order to work with them
20:30 icarito walterbender, absolutely - i always thought chat is a good base for a status.net client
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20:31 walterbender_ icarito: so next steps are to have me bring you and dirakx into the loop
20:32 icarito walterbender, would they want to hire development to accomodate their use case?
20:33 or would we develop to be able to be able to offer the service?
20:33 walterbender_ icarito: a bit premature, but I suspect so...
20:33 icarito: let's get a discussion going with them and see where it goes
20:33 icarito with funds probably an SMS gateway could be arranged
20:33 which would be the really interesting thing
20:34 as it would offer us some connectivity to remote areas beyond what we have with internet
20:34 especially for instance in peru
20:34 this was very much the idea behind http://somosazucar.status.net/
20:35 walterbender_ icarito: +1
20:35 dirakx also in Colombia sms is widely used more than wireless or adsl.
20:35 walterbender_ dirakx: I think that is universally true
20:36 dirakx right
20:37 so let's discuss with them.
20:38 icarito walterbender, yes lets discuss it with them
20:39 walterbender_ anything else to chat about today?
20:40 buendia has updated the finance pages in the wiki...
20:40 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]/Finances/2010-10
20:41 should we plan on meeting next week? the 23rd?
20:42 icarito walterbender, i'll show that to acaire who is interested in being in finance team
20:42 walterbender, yes i assume it isnt happening now, that is good for me as I have to get going soo
20:42 walterbender_ icarito: I am sure buendia would appreciate any help/advice
20:43 icarito walterbender, do we reschedule today's meeting?
20:43 walterbender_ let's just meet again at the regular time next week?
20:43 I'll log this 'unofficial' discussion as well.
20:44 icarito walterbender, okay - thanks
20:44 walterbender_ icarito, dirakx let's continue the SMS discussion on an email thread, perhaps on sur?
20:45 dirakx walterbender sur would be fine also.
20:46 icarito walterbender yes that will be okay -
20:47 walterbender_ OK.
20:47 well, I send a reminder for next week and thanks all for the discussion today.
20:47 icarito walterbender, would be nice to have a sugar labs - spanish channel to discuss services like these
20:47 but that is a different discussino
20:47 thank yuo too
20:47 i have to go now
20:48 walterbender_ icarito: we have #sugar-meeting-es
20:48 icarito thanks ClaudiaU dirakx walterbender see you next meeting
20:48 walterbender_ ciao
20:48 dirakx ciao! all.
20:48 icarito walterbender, i meant for email as Sur is wider than just SL
20:48 ClaudiaU_ has quit IRC
20:49 walterbender_ icarito: is that a problem?
20:49 dirakx icarito: remind me  also to tell this project to MINTICs in Colombia.
20:50 icarito walterbender, not usually - i have to go - see you
20:51 walterbender_ bye
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21:03 walterbender_ FYI, the log is http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/O[…]ng-log-2010-12-16
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