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#sugar-meeting, 2010-12-06

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01:39 alsroot satellit__: after dd command, would be better to call "sync" command to be sure that all data a zeroed on the disk, just in case
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10:51 satellit__ bernie: New Virtualbox Appliances of Trisquel-3-sugar and Debian-squeeze-sugar :    http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Emulator_image_files   : ) thanks
11:00 silbe satellit__: thanks for making them!
11:02 satellit__ they really work nicely and are very easy to import into Virtualbox......: )
11:03 silbe: this may be a better way to distribute sugar than Soas
11:03 silbe satellit__: at least for some use cases, yep.
11:03 satellit__ Bernie's idea
11:05 silbe: the Debian is a full gnome-squeeze desktop plus sugar emulator....nice
11:05 silbe satellit__: there's a lot of hardware (esp. netbooks) that doesn't have hardware virtualization support => VMs are horribly slow on them.
11:05 satellit__: but you get a native Sugar session by default?
11:06 satellit__ I am using it on Acer Aspire One...decent performance there
11:06 will try on EeePC900 next.
11:06 MacBook Air is Very Fast.....: )
11:08 silbe satellit__: which model of the aspire one? Wikipedia claims some of them have an Athlon II which has hardware virtualization support (Atom N270/N280 doesn't).
11:09 satellit__ Mine has n450  Atom
11:10 same as used in test at MIT last year by ?Caroline and walter?
11:11 532h
11:12 Acer Aspire One
11:12 silbe interesting. The N450 is supposed not to support hardware virtualization.
11:13 satellit__ 2 to 3x faster than Live USB though
11:14 EeePC 900 original one is 900 MHZ Celeron testing now.....
11:15 silbe _faster_? That's strange.
11:16 satellit__ New Virtualbox works very well. I like it more than Vmworkstation 6.5 or VMPlayer now.....
11:17 silbe even with the best virtualization software I wouldn't expect it to be faster than running on bare metal.
11:18 satellit__ no better than a booted live USB.....
11:18 silbe The only thing that might make such a difference is USB stick vs. hard disk.
11:18 satellit__ yes HD plus Virtualbox better than booted USB2 Soas
11:19 silbe ok, so you're comparing SoaS running from a USB stick with a VM running from hard disk?
11:19 satellit__ yes
11:19 silbe that explains it, of course :)
11:21 it impairs the portability, though - that's why I said it's only better for some use cases.
11:21 but if it runs well enough even without hardware virtualization support now, that's awesome news!
11:22 satellit__ nice for teachers
11:23 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]rtualbox_Boot_USB  also tried this where files are on 2nd USB (Portable) works but slower...
11:23 testing
11:25 Silbe: It is very possible to have files on 2nd USB and use HD install of Virtualbox.
11:26 portable solution. no need for Boot USB with VB installed on it
11:30 silbe hmm, I don't quite understand that. Maybe you can explain it to me some other time, I should get started tidying up or I won't be finished when the guests arrive. ;)
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11:31 satellit__ OK have fun
11:32 silbe thx, you too!
11:32 satellit__ : )
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12:25 Debian-sugar-vb test
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15:39 bernie satellit__: nice! have you been working with the trisquel folks?
15:39 satellit__: the fsf also works with them
15:39 silbe: btw, I never told carlos to slam the jffs2 image on the usb stick! I told him to rsync the files over... of course!
15:44 satellit__ bernie: I did some testing last year when trisquel-3 sugar was being built
15:46 I just heard from sean: he likes the Virtual appliances....needs tam tam ....suite to work. I am testing them on 3 Virtual appliances on MacBook Air now.....
15:53 bernie satellit__: very cool, thanks!
15:59 silbe bernie: Did you tell him how to mount the jffs2 image? Neither the OLPC builds nor the Debian distro kernel ship the module required to do that...
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16:07 satellit__ bernie: It turns out that on MacAir speak and 3 tam tam apps have nice audio only on Trisquel-3 sugar Speak works on speak works on all three.
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16:46 bernie silbe: I told him to mount a usb stick on an XO, then do rsync -PHAXphax / /media/FOOBAR/
16:47 satellit__: on which distros are these apps buggy?
16:50 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:52 satellit__ bernie: tam tam suite only work well on Trisquel-3 sugar. Soas-v3 has choppy audio, Debian-squeeze sugar-emulator they do not start. Have not tested on others except here:http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]vity_Test_Results
16:54 all three Virtualbox Appliances play speak on MacBook Air NOT on Acer Aspire One.
16:55 (no sound on speak on Acer)
16:57 have to go shovel snow.....afk for a while
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17:49 silbe bernie: we don't have any Dextrose image that you can put on a USB stick and mount from a regular system. We only have JFFS2 images and those require special kernel modules to mount.
17:52 satellit__afk silbe: I t would be nice to generate an .iso of dextrose if it can be done...
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17:55 silbe satellit__afk: ISO would require a lot of additional work. An ext3 image that's able to boot on non-XOs is possible, however, and SMParrish promised to give it a try.
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18:11 bernie silbe: the olpc-os-bulder outputs a tar.gz.
18:12 silbe: and the sd images built for the xo-1.5 are probably ok for an external USB or SD too
18:12 silbe: probably SMParrish does not upload the tar.gz
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18:15 silbe bernie: nop, he isn't uploading them yet. He promised to do it the next time, though. :)
18:16 bernie: the XO-1.5 images are jffs2, too. None of them work on external media for XO-1; haven't tried XO-1.5 (I specifically needed an XO-1 for testing).
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19:46 bernie SMParrish: you could just rsync the entire build/output directory, the other files are also useful
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