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#sugar-meeting, 2010-10-27

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12:45 walterbender ping CanoeBerry
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15:23 walterbender Cerlyn: haven't heard back yet from the SFC re copywrite
15:24 Cerlyn walterbender: It's your group; take your time - I just was confused how a group which seemed to be unincorporated was trying to claim something
15:25 {Although you really shouldn't have logo versions with and without (R); either it's a registered trademark or it isn't)
15:25 walterbender Cerlyn: it is registered, by the SFC
15:25 we are incorporated as the SFC
15:25 Sugar Labs is like a division of a larger entity
15:25 Cerlyn walterbender: I know the text is; but I was wondering if the logo should be as a graphic
15:26 logo registered (instead of just plain text)
15:26 walterbender Cerlyn: we debated that... but haven't taken any action yet... the SFC seems to think that the text was adequate
15:31 Cerlyn walterbender: Researching this some more it looks like Sugar Labs went into a different category than Fedora (Which also didn't register a logo, but uses TM instead of (R)), but that might have been due to timing
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