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#sugar-meeting, 2010-09-17

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13:53 satellit_ walterbender: I added some more VM links to your page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]_on_all_platforms  but wonder if I should just use one link to Sugar Creation Kit like http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]MU_Virtualization on your page?
13:54 it may be too complicated as it is presently
14:04 walterbender looks
14:08 satellit_ I tested the DL yesterday and they work
14:08 VMplayer and Virtual Box
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14:29 walterbender satellit_: I did a slight cleanup, but I think it is generally fine.
14:29 satellit_: the question is how well tested are these various options?
14:29 satellit_ ok  when will your page get moved to main wiki page?
14:29 walterbender satellit_: maybe we need an indicator of some sort re robustness.
14:30 satellit_ robustness?
14:30 walterbender satellit_: as soon as I get some feedback re the OSX stuff...
14:30 satellit_ ok but are usable for linux and windoz computers w/o usb boot...
14:31 or netbooks w/o CD
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17:01 satellit_ walterbender: did some edits to your page I think it is cleaner...can always revert...
17:10 walterbender looks
17:11 satellit_: yes. I like moving those details off page.
17:12 satellit_ :  )
17:13 walterbender maybe I should move the OSX soas instructions off page as well and leave just the VM instructions for OSX
17:30 yevlempy <yevlempy!~yevlempy@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:37 satellit_ not sure what you mean...
17:37 I am afk about 1/2 time today..
17:39 walterbender: you mean refet to Virtual Machines for OSX only? with link to back side for rest?
17:39 s/refer
17:40 should be more in line with what OSX users seem to do....
17:42 IAEP Digest, Vol 30, Issue 24  message 1 is field comment....
17:43 IAEP Digest, Vol 30, Issue 21 message 2 etc feedback...
17:44 message 5 Caryl Bigenho
17:46 walterbender: have we got daveb feedback on OSX? he is virtualbox wizzard
17:48 Dave Bauer dave  <at>solutiongrove.xxx
17:49 walterbender satellit_: I meant the standard SoaS instructions, not the VM instructions...
17:49 satellit_ ok what ever seem cleanest
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20:18 satellit_afk walterbender: +1 for Circle on get sugar page.....
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