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#sugar-meeting, 2010-07-05

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15:02 sdziallas meeting time!
15:02 #chair mchua pbrobinson sdziallas
15:02 #topic Sugar on a Stick meeting (2010/07/05)
15:02 #action somebody to nag bernie to get a newer meetbot
15:03 #action sdziallas to setup meeting reminder emails for the list
15:03 mchua Actually, I know how to do the meetbot setup now
15:03 I'll file a ticket and note that I can do the work if given access
15:03 does that now
15:03 sdziallas that's what I had in mind, now we're getting into the real agenda :)
15:04 #topic Release Schedule
15:04 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]#Release_schedule
15:04 Nothing immediate coming up, feature freeze later this months. Reminders will go out later in July. Moving on.
15:04 #topic Features Requests
15:05 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]mitted_for_review
15:05 #topic ASLOxo USB Installer
15:05 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]Oxo-USB-Installer
15:06 pbrobinson I dob't believe this is really a SoaS feature
15:06 mchua #link http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2078 - meetbot ticket, for the record
15:06 sdziallas: I'd like to come back to the release schedule in a bit if we have time, btw
15:06 sdziallas mchua: okeydokey, noted!
15:07 mchua agrees that it's not a SoaS feature, but it is a cool project
15:07 sdziallas yup.
15:07 pbrobinson mchua: agreed that its a cool project!
15:08 mchua satellit__: would it help if there were a wiki page template for projects, so you can get project pages for your stuff up? it's great work, and you *totally* don't have to wait or ask for feature approval to do it since you're actually making things that aren't a subset of SL's existing projects
15:09 satellit__ Yes it would be nice to get a left bar listing for projects?
15:11 JT4sugar pbrobinson, Think you should think of getting it in. Having activities available locally will help in locations with spotty connectivity which are many. Also helps with testing of all activities. A very nice enhancement
15:11 mchua satellit__: ok - that's outside the scope of the SoaS meeting, but tell you what... let's set up a time thursday or friday after I fly to california to sit down online and work on that before SLOBs
15:11 satellit__: so just pick anytime thursday and let me know
15:11 satellit__ I still am thinking of sneaker net installs
15:11 pbrobinson JT4sugar: who is going to package and QA 140 packages?
15:11 satellit__ They are on ASLO
15:12 mchua JT4sugar: I think what we're trying to say is "this is an awesome project, we hope Tom continues with it, it's also not part of SoaS"
15:12 just like the DVD is a separate yet related project
15:12 this is another thing that works well *with* SoaS but is outside the scope of "make a liveusb-bootable distro with Sugar on it"
15:13 pbrobinson JT4sugar: It will also double the size of the .iso which makes it harder to download for those that don't have the bandwidth to download it in the first place and don't need 150 Activities
15:13 satellit__ pbrobinson: this was never intended to be included on the .iso
15:14 mchua yeah, I read it as a separate project
15:14 (also, can you imagine 150 activities in home view? ouch!)
15:14 (I know, I know, list view.)
15:14 JT4sugar mchua, Ok. It was up for discussion as a feature. If we can get into field together without it being a feature in SoaS thats fine with me
15:14 pbrobinson satellit__: I realise that, but then by definition it is not part of SoaS
15:14 mchua JT4sugar: oh, totally - I think satellit__ should keep on working on it
15:14 satellit__ ok
15:14 mchua JT4sugar: i mean, this is an open source community, folks can work on whatever they want, they don't have to ask for permission :)
15:15 sdziallas would like to wrap this convo and move on.
15:15 mchua +1
15:15 sdziallas #agreed ASLOxo Installer *is* an awesome project that is related to SoaS, however not part of the latter
15:16 next up:
15:16 #topic Revised Browse Page
15:16 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]lt-bookmarks.html
15:17 Thoughts?
15:18 mchua Well, satellit__ did commit the change, http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]64168d5d8c98a8178, so it's testable
15:18 satellit__: this was intended to be a patch *just* for SoaS? not upstream Browse?
15:18 satellit__ yes
15:19 pbrobinson mchua: that was my original suggestion
15:19 mchua that's the part I'm a bit fuzzy on - okay, so the goal is *not* to get this patch committed to upstream Browse, the feature proposal is for SoaS to carry that small patch.
15:19 (as I understand it - trying to make sure I'm clear on what's happening first)
15:19 satellit__ the concept could be extended but the intention was for soas v4
15:19 mchua satellit__: I may have asked this before, but... why not push it to upstream Browse? That way *all* of Sugar will have it as a feature.
15:21 satellit__ I thought it would meet opposition from others but it could be used that way... maybe targeted start pages like os240py uses
15:22 my example is mirabelle specific...
15:22 mchua It could be updated for each Sugar release.
15:22 satellit__ yes
15:22 mchua I don't know what release cycle the Browse folks are using, but it seems logical that could be updated every 6 months for each new Sugar release
15:22 because it's such a tiny change
15:23 just updating the links to new Activities, etc.
15:23 satellit__ the key is it points to a wiki page that can be edited
15:24 mchua so actually, here's my suggestion.
15:24 the patch is very small - it points the Browse homepage to a wiki page, which as Tom pointed out is editable.
15:25 I think that's a good idea - it gives a ton of flexibility.
15:25 and then we can worry about the wiki page, which can be edited by anyone at any time without needing to go through a feature process, push a patch, etc.
15:25 so what I'd propose is that we take this patch, make it generic so it doesn't say "Mirabelle" on it - branch the links out so they point to fairly generic wiki pages
15:26 try to get the Browse maintainers to adopt that patch
15:26 and then just work on the individual wiki pages, since there's nothing blocking that
15:26 that makes it such a tiny/easy change that we wouldn't normally even have to +1 it as a feature
15:27 sdziallas I... think I'd +1 that. :)
15:27 mchua but since that makes it very easy to do, we could then use this as a little example of how features work - upstreams, downstreams, etc. that makes a small but obvious change.
15:27 pbrobinson mchua: sounds good to me too
15:27 mchua (as in, "here's an example of how features get made and how stuff happens" that isn't "woooo look at lots of code that nobody can understand")
15:27 satellit__: thoughts? I'd be more than happy to sit down tih you in Portland and do this.
15:27 er, with you.
15:27 I can't type!
15:27 satellit__ great...
15:28 mchua Now who wants to copy that into an #agreed? :)
15:28 sdziallas mchua: you're chair, too ;)
15:29 mchua so it sounds like we are +1 to this feature with that implementation?
15:29 I can help Thomas push it through.
15:29 sdziallas: oh fine. :P
15:29 satellit__ with the update capability from fedora this can be specific and targeted...
15:29 sdziallas mchua: (I hope this meetbot supports #chair, but... yeah)
15:29 mchua It does, it said so at the beginning when you #chaired us
15:29 #agreed Browse start page feature accepted - mchua is the feature sponsor
15:30 satellit__ thanks.....
15:30 mchua #info Implementation: genericize patch, push to upstream Browse, edit wiki pages it links to - use this as an example of the feature process, as it's simple but an obvious change
15:30 sdziallas (hah, sounds like I should read better about what the bot tells me, heh.)
15:31 mchua hm, "clearly visible and easily to understand" is probably better than "obvious" but anyway...
15:31 satellit__: so go ahead and move it to the "accepted" section of the features list, and let me know when you're going to be in Portland and we'll sit down and work on it then.
15:31 and then if we have time in Portland, testing. :) but we should be able to get this done in one short sprint.
15:31 looking forward to meeting satellit__ in person
15:32 what's next?
15:32 satellit__ mchua; ok I think we said the 21st at noon?
15:32 sdziallas #topic Testing Process
15:32 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]s#Testing_process
15:32 mchua satellit__: noon? I think that works for me... we'll find each other online that week, er... should get back to the meeting :)
15:32 </offtopic!>
15:33 #info Chris Tyler wrote us a script! Mel has not tested it yet
15:33 #link http://blog.melchua.com/2010/0[…]loading/#comments
15:34 #info we have weekly builds and a place to find/keep them, and testers waiting, and some test cases and a place to put them (thanks to satellit__)
15:34 so I think all we need to do this week is pick *one* for everyone to run, to see if this works
15:34 and just.. do it.
15:34 sdziallas mchua: it's in the ticket, we apparently just need to crontab it. I'd like to pass that off to somebody not me. :)
15:34 #link http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2058
15:34 mchua I'm kicking infra this week anyway, I'll keep poking at that.
15:35 sdziallas Awesome!
15:35 mchua #action mchua bug infra about #2058 (weekly build script crontabbing)
15:35 sdziallas can move on or do we have more here?
15:35 (thanks mchua!)
15:36 mchua that's it from me
15:37 satellit__: I will probably poke you at some point to help me pick a test case - stick installation methods + one cool Activity test, I think
15:37 sdziallas alright cool!
15:37 mchua #action mchua and satellit__ kick off the first weekly test party
15:37 sdziallas #topic SoaS Scripts?
15:37 satellit__ ok
15:37 mchua has to drop out for a moment to drive, back at the end of the hour
15:37 sdziallas pbrobinson: is that still current or can we drop that from the agenda?
15:37 mchua: we're almost done :)
15:38 pbrobinson sdziallas: sorry, was not keeping up
15:40 sdziallas pbrobinson: no worries :)
15:40 pbrobinson sdziallas: sorry, we've not managed to meet up to cover that off. My fault as I've been travelling and moving house. Will follow that up this week
15:41 mchua pbrobinson: sdziallas: before I run I was going to bring up Activity selection / selection criteria
15:41 sdziallas pbrobinson: naw, that's cool :) (not your fault)
15:41 mchua we should figure out (by whatever means) which ones we want to target - fructose, whatever
15:41 sdziallas mchua: ayup! let me pull out my list real quick
15:41 #topic Activity Selection
15:41 mchua and where the bar is going to be set
15:42 and start poking Activity authors
15:42 sdziallas (afterwards I'd like to wrap this meeting)
15:42 mchua pbrobinson: you may recall that lunchtime conversation better than I do
15:42 sdziallas On my list I have (to be worked out): Maze / Implode / Paint (or replacement) / Memorize
15:42 mchua but "it doesn't count unless it's documented," so ;)
15:42 --> off, back to read backlog later
15:43 pbrobinson I believe it should be, and the conversation was, the core sucrose/fructose list
15:43 sdziallas (others that came up were: Physics / Speak)
15:43 (but we ship these already)
15:43 mhms.
15:44 We should probably work out a list of which activities we want to get ready and... yeah, mchua is right, poke their authors and stuff.
15:44 pbrobinson plus anything else that assists in delivering the requirements of EU language support (so we can be supported in the EU) and also what is required for K-6 in the USA requirements (that doesn't open the flood gates though)
15:44 sdziallas #action activity list to be worked on by the release team, discussion will also happen on-list
15:45 satellit__ words 4 is nice
15:45 pbrobinson so that's where Physics/Speak and possibly _some_ others which move us towards that goal
15:45 BUT they need to have an active upstream
15:45 sdziallas nods.
15:47 I guess we can agree on that.
15:48 Anything else for today or are we good? :)
15:48 pbrobinson so maybe we need to come up with a suggested list, put it out to the SoaS list and gather feedback, and the make the decision from there? I can do the mail and initial list
15:48 sdziallas pbrobinson: yup, that sounds good!
15:48 pbrobinson: I'll action that, thanks!
15:49 #action pbrobinson to take care of keeping the list in the loop regarding activity selection
15:49 pbrobinson sdziallas: thanks!
15:49 sdziallas awesome! :)
15:50 Closing in 5.
15:50 4
15:50 3
15:50 2
15:50 1
15:50 1/2
15:50 *pooof*
15:51 #endmeeting

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