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#sugar-meeting, 2010-05-27

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14:09 rgs_ #TOPIC deployments introduction
14:10 Anurag_ ok ready to start
14:10 rgs_ so, any deployment would like to start by introducing itself?
14:10 esteban: maybe .uy ... ?
14:11 Daniel_C: ?
14:11 Anurag_ I'll start
14:11 rgs_ Anurag_: great
14:11 Anurag_ I'll be working with two other Boston University students in Delhi from June to August
14:12 rgs_ Anurag_: deployment size, platform, most popular activities, upgrade plans.. are some questions that come to mind :)
14:12 Anurag_ we will be working with about 100 student across 2 different schools working closely with SEETA...www.seeta.in
14:13 Our team will be in India by June 7th
14:13 and we will begin working in the schools by July 1st
14:13 here is the project page if you haven't seen it already - http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ck_in_Delhi_India
14:13 rgs_ Anurag_: ahh, you'll be using SoaS
14:14 aa is here
14:14 hi!
14:14 rgs_ Anurag_: that would be latest Soas (0.88) right?
14:14 aa: welcome!
14:14 Anurag_ yes soas 0.88
14:14 rgs_ Anurag_: nice, planning to use school servers along with that? (XS)
14:15 Anurag_ that's the plan, hopefully we can set it up during the month of June
14:15 but we want to make sure that at least the "send to" function for the journal works
14:15 so students can send their journal to one of the "teacher" computers on the local network
14:15 this is a backup plan if we can
14:16 rgs_ dsd_: do you need a working jabber to use the send-to option?
14:16 Anurag_ ...can't* properly set up the XS
14:16 [scs] Anurag_: hi, here in PY we have a similar upcoming project, with SoaS... do you get multiple thumb drives or do you install in each hard drive?
14:16 Anurag_ we will be giving each student a thumb drive
14:16 not touching the local hard drive in the schools' computer labs
14:17 dsd_ rgs_: no
14:17 [scs] Anurag_: ok, I imagine they are cheap over there.. for us it is still a problem to use 4 GB thumb drives, a 2 GB version would be desirable
14:18 TonyForster Anurag_ what about localization? how far is it done?
14:18 [scs] I believe bernie said this was possible with 0.88
14:18 tabs what hardware will they use?
14:19 rgs_ TonyForster: we are starting to explore the possibility of translating to Guarani here in .PY.. its a considerable effort
14:19 tomeu is sorry to be late and reads the log from http://me.etin.gs/sugar-meetin[…]0100527_1409.html
14:19 icarito hello, .pe (peru) grassroots here
14:20 rgs_, we are also looking for ways to translate into Shipibo and other amazonian languages
14:20 dsd_ icarito: are you lima based? i will be arriving on saturday to work with olpc in peru
14:20 dirakx got disconnected..but here for .co sugarlabs.
14:20 icarito dsd_, !
14:20 dsd_, we are in Lima but hoping to depart on a journey this same saturday
14:20 Anurag_ I do not have the hardware specs for the computers in the schools, but from my understanding they are relatively new
14:21 will have a much better idea once I'm actually in the schools in 2 weeks
14:21 [scs] rgs_: I heard yesterday on a local radio station (PY) a teacher requested Hablar con Sara in guarani
14:21 icarito dsd_, are you planing to visit some other location besides lima? we have a lima group and have a volunteer assisting in a native school in Lima
14:21 Anurag_ we plan to use the month of June to resolve all technical related issues as students will not be coming to the schools until July
14:21 dsd_ icarito: i dont know yet
14:22 icarito dsd_, how long are you planning to stay? have you contact with others here?
14:22 dirakx Anurag_: if you are interested in the wiki there are instructions to install soas on a hard drive.
14:22 dsd_ 5 weeks or so, i'll be working with the MinEd
14:23 tomeu Anurag_: any chance you get the specs of the machines before getting there?
14:23 TonyForster Translation is an issue for deployments here, as well as strings in activities, a lack of good etextbooks
14:23 Anurag_ I've requested for the specs through SEETA, but still have not gotten a response
14:23 tabs Anurag_: if you can put the hardware specs on your wiki page or in a mail to testing@lists.laptop.org we can test some of the things you need for you
14:23 Anurag_ Will try to follow up on the hardware once I communicate with them through skype
14:24 tomeu Anurag_: you have soas experience from the gardner pilot, right?
14:24 icarito dsd_, and what is the goal of your visit? it would be great if you could meet some of the local volunteers as well as our finnish volunteers tuukka and kaisa who have a very clear picture of the landscape here
14:24 Anurag_ most certainly will post the hardware specs once they are available to me...probably not until the first week of June
14:24 dsd_ icarito: yes, i'll be in touch. i have to run now
14:25 tabs June is next week so I think we can wait
14:25 Anurag_ yes, I worked with Caroline and Walter at gardner last summer where we also used soas version strawberry
14:25 icarito dsd_, also it would be especially great if you could visit PUNO on the weekend of June 12th
14:25 there is a strong local community there and we are planning an activity
14:25 dsd_, we´ll be in touch
14:25 dsd_, thanks
14:27 tomeu Anurag_: ok, so you know about the bios and booting from usb problems
14:27 tabs TonyForster: where are you?
14:27 rgs_ Anurag_: anything else you'd like to add? Should we get the next deployment to introduce itself? We can continue the specifics of your deployment in the mailing list
14:28 TonyForster tabs Melbourne, talking to Timor Leste, Australia and Oceania deployments
14:28 Anurag_ yea I'm familiar with working with the bios, hopefully there will be no need to upgrade the bios to enable usb boot
14:28 but we plan on using a boot helper cd
14:28 and enabling the bios to boot from CD
14:28 tomeu that's cool
14:29 is eager to listen from the next deployment
14:29 dirakx cool indeed.
14:29 tomeu 27 minutes passed already
14:29 rgs_ tomeu: right
14:29 Daniel_C our turn?
14:29 rgs_ TonyForster: would you like to talk about the deployment in .au?
14:29 oops, sorry collission
14:29 TonyForster: maybe Daniel_C first and then .au?
14:29 Daniel_C: go!
14:30 Daniel_C Here in Uruguay we have delivered 360000 XOs.
14:30 rgs_ #TOPIC Uruguay's deployment introduction
14:30 Daniel_C We are like one hundred employs (teachers, sociologists, engineers).
14:31 Working on software we are like five people
14:31 tomeu that's a good ratio ;)
14:31 esteban I am one of them :)
14:32 ebordon I'm another!
14:32 Daniel_C Now we are using sugar 0.82, but we are making our first Fedora 11 image (thanks Paraguay:))
14:32 tomeu yay 60% of the hackers are here
14:33 tch Daniel_C: when are you guys planning to deploy the .uy build :)?
14:33 tabs Daniel_C: when your image is made you can post a request for testing to testing@lists.laptop.org - point us at your image and we will test it
14:34 Daniel_C tabs: great
14:34 tomeu Daniel_C: when are the first xo 1.5 going to be deployed?
14:34 dirakx i would like to know if or how  we can improve things between .UY and Sugar community, is there some opinions ideas, critics..etc ?.
14:35 same question for all deployments ;).
14:35 tabs How do the 100 employees talk to each other? Are they in the same place or spread across Uruguay (or world)?
14:35 tomeu well, maybe we need more people bridging before the country-specific lists and the SLs ones
14:35 rgs_ dirakx: other deployments can ask when we get to their introduction, what do you think?
14:35 tomeu dirakx, gonzalo and others already do it
14:35 dirakx rgs_: ok .
14:35 Daniel_C tch: We are planning July, August for our  F11 image on XO 1.0
14:35 tomeu yeah, maybe is better to finish the intros
14:36 dirakx tomeu: fine..
14:36 is not very patient. ;)-
14:36 tomeu dirakx: it will take us much more than this meeting to talk all that needs to be talked ;)
14:36 dirakx tomeu: right.
14:37 tomeu Daniel_C, others: any links that give some background on the deployment?
14:37 and then maybe move to the next one?
14:38 rgs_ tomeu: +1
14:38 TonyForster: would you like to jump in after .UY is done?
14:38 TonyForster ok
14:39 rgs_ Daniel_C: links, final remarks?
14:39 ebordon: ^
14:39 esteban: ^
14:39 Daniel_C tomeu: http://www.ceibal.org.uy/ is the site of the plan, https://desarrollo.ceibal.edu.uy/ is our technical site
14:39 rgs_ should we jump to .au?
14:39 tomeu great, thanks
14:39 rgs_ #topic .AU deployment intro
14:40 TonyForster: your turn
14:40 TonyForster I have made contact with Timor Leste (East Timor) 25+25 laptops, Australia 1500 laptops and Oceania 3000 G1G1 laptops
14:40 rgs_ Daniel_C: esteban : ebordon thanks guys
14:40 TonyForster The first 25 laptops for Timor Leste (East Timor) are about to arrive. The identified issues so far are lack of resources in Tetun, the national language and quality open source textbooks.
14:40 Also the relationship between the constructionist self-directed learning Activities and the more conventional curriculum. That is, the expectation for the equivalent of textbooks, worksheets and lesson plans in electronic form.
14:41 resources for the Timor Leste deployment are at http://www.seaton-olpc-ug.org/?q=node/54
14:41 OLPC Australia has been very active. For Australian indigenous communities, low English literacy coupled with a large number of indigenous languages each with a small number of speakers is an issue.  (Localization seems to have been effective for large deployments sharing a single language but less successful for smaller deployments and languages).
14:42 tomeu wonder if we are able now to estimate the effort required for translating the basics
14:42 unmadindu: are you still awake?
14:43 that may help planning and bootstrapping such efforts
14:43 unmadindu tomeu: yes
14:43 tomeu unmadindu: do you know if we can get those estimates?
14:44 unmadindu It may be useful to translate at least the core sugar UI (since it is shared between a number of activities, etc)
14:44 tomeu maybe it's a question for the localization mailing list
14:44 rgs_ tomeu: note taken.. we have to start with Guarani translation here.. so can share the technical tips
14:44 tabs is that the 250ish terminology list?
14:44 tomeu rgs_: yup, good topic for follow up
14:44 TonyForster tomeu: one interface issue between deployments and software developers and translators is breaking into new communities, knowing who to ask and whats ok to ask on a list
14:44 rgs_ unmadindu: any low level (glibc) support needed?
14:45 unmadindu rgs_: yes - the locale needs to be added if that is not there
14:45 tabs it is not long to translate a few hundred words if there is an experienced sugar user explaining context to the translator, few hours?
14:45 tomeu in porto I met some students from timor leste, pity I moved earlier this year
14:46 TonyForster tabs: there are thousands of strings for a full localization
14:46 tomeu TonyForster: it's a long shot, but I could ask my friends in portugal about contacts in universities that could ask for help with translating
14:46 tabs TonyForster: know anyone in the military that has been there? Army would have  translators,
14:47 rgs_ TonyForster: something else you'd like to add?
14:47 tomeu what other deployments we have here? .py and what else?
14:48 rgs_ dirakx: do we have a .co?
14:48 icarito: would .pe like to go next?
14:48 dirakx rgs_: yes i can tell you about .co,
14:48 rgs_ #TOPIC .CO intro
14:48 TonyForster Thats enough from me
14:48 unmadindu tomeu: it's ~400 strings
14:48 rgs_ icarito: go
14:48 icarito here we are in .pe - we can be after .COM
14:48 rgs_, topic is .CO
14:48 dirakx, please
14:48 :-)
14:48 we can go next
14:48 dirakx ok
14:49 so as you might know we are the first local lab created..
14:49 co.sugarlabs.org is our wiki.
14:49 there you can find all the info..
14:50 rgs_ dirakx: do you have an active or planned deployment?
14:50 dirakx mainly we have been working in little-medium deployments of SOAS and Sugar..
14:50 Sugar is being planned to be adopted by 7 district schools here at Bogota.
14:50 [scs] dirakx: no XOs in .co?
14:50 tomeu yay
14:50 dirakx [scs] there are also .XOs
14:51 rgs_ dirakx: Sugar 0.82)
14:51 dirakx: ?
14:51 dirakx but these efforts are being managed separated from us.
14:51 rgs_: sugar 0,84
14:51 rgs_: the XOs here have 0,82.
14:52 tabs cant follow - so the Bogota schools are going to use SoaS?
14:52 rgs_ dirakx: in what city are the XOs deployed?
14:52 dirakx tabs: the Bogota Schools are going to use Sugar Installed in the Classrooms.
14:53 tabs do you know hardware?
14:53 dirakx tabs: but we have other deployment working with SOAS
14:53 blueberry.
14:53 tabs ok so three options :-)
14:53 dirakx tabs: hardware is very diverse...because we are talking off public schools..lots of computers are very old..
14:54 tomeu dirakx: will be interesting to know the hard low limit for soas
14:54 rgs_ dirakx: any thing else before we move to the next deployment?
14:54 dirakx tomeu: i don't haver figures but can investigate..
14:54 tomeu and if sugar on a distro more focused on older hardware performs better there
14:54 dirakx rgs_: nop... we can move on ;)
14:54 rgs_ #TOPIC .PE intro
14:55 icarito: your turn!
14:55 dirakx: thanks!
14:55 icarito thanks dirakx
14:55 we are a group of volunteers, many of us working 2+ years here
14:55 tabs where is here?
14:55 icarito we have a website http://somosazucar.org/
14:56 hosted by sugarlabs, and also the wiki: http://pe.sugarlabs.org/
14:56 tabs, Lima, Peru mostly
14:56 tabs thanks
14:56 icarito alfredogutierrez is another volunteer
14:57 alfredogutierrez is working in collaboration with tuukka and kaisa (finnish vulunteers) in a native amazonian school in Lima
14:57 tomeu that's with XOs, right?
14:57 alfredogutierrez hello everybody
14:57 rgs_ alfredogutierrez: hola, welcome!
14:57 tomeu alfredogutierrez: welcome, nice to meet you
14:57 icarito and myself and laura, another volunteer are going to visit PUNO where there also is an active community and where our finnish friends are now
14:58 tomeu ah, in puno there's an etoys expert, right?
14:58 zdenka
14:58 alfredogutierrez thanks
14:58 icarito tomeu, yes the schools is receiving 24 laptops and alfredo will be helping them with methodology
14:59 tomeu, yes we will meet zdenka for the first time
14:59 tabs Are these XO-1.0s?
14:59 or XO-1.5s?
14:59 tomeu icarito: what about connectivity?
14:59 icarito we are in the process of establishing our governance model so that its all formalized
15:00 tomeu, the school will have connectivity but it is in process at the local education board with telefonica
15:00 alfredogutierrez and me will meet the director of the educaitno board today
15:00 the idea is to propose a methodology for collaboration with other schools that we visit
15:01 tomeu excellent, will be awesome when teachers in .pe interact in the mailing lists as much as the ones in .uy
15:01 icarito get them in touch
15:01 tomeu, there is a very big digital gap, so to say
15:01 most teachers barely understand using email
15:01 and have no internet at home
15:01 some dont have electricity
15:01 tomeu there's one teacher from .pe since the start in olpc-sur
15:01 icarito and this is in Lima, the capital itself
15:02 tomeu, there is more than one, memolibre from chiclayo perhaps?
15:02 rgs_ icarito: would you like to wrap up your intro?
15:02 tabs Sorry to go back a step here, but did all the other deployments have electricity and connectivity that introduced themselves today?
15:03 tomeu icarito: there's another one
15:03 icarito yes just would like to say that it is important that deployment teams have an open communicatino with volunteers and we must put this in writing or a policy
15:03 rgs_ tabs: in .PY, we haven't arrive there yet, there is good electricity and connectivity
15:03 tabs and icarito: what Sugar will you use please on what machines?
15:03 tomeu ah, Elmer Antonio Esqueche Sipión
15:03 dirakx tabs: in most parts..yes,..but not a very good connectivity in our case.
15:03 rgs_ Daniel_C: electricity and conectivity in .UY?
15:04 ebordon: ?
15:04 icarito tabs, the deployment team at the ministry has, for instance, a policy to not-update the machines
15:04 rgs_ esteban: ^
15:04 icarito so 0.82
15:04 tabs Thanks :-)
15:04 icarito 2 volunteers will begin a tour in schools but have no funding, we call it Proyecto Malla
15:04 to connect schools with each other and the larger community
15:05 tabs are there any other deployments here?
15:05 dirakx tabs: also some schools have fails in electricity but its a small percentage..
15:05 tomeu icarito: don't worry, when they start deploying xo-1.5, they won't want to support 2 different versions of sugar
15:05 icarito we'll keep you updated on the blog
15:05 rgs_ should we move on to the next deployment?
15:05 tabs: .PY
15:05 #TOPIC .PY intro
15:05 icarito thank you all for your attention and time
15:05 rgs_ icarito: thanks for the intro!
15:05 tch Currently we have 4000 F11 Sugar 0.84 XO-1, we'd like to update to 0.88 on August and the same goes for the 5000 XO-1.5 that we'll deploy in Sept. :)
15:05 dirakx icarito: thx
15:05 :)
15:05 tomeu tch: you are leading there ;)
15:06 dirakx tch: great ! ..
15:06 tch we are also working on some sugar activities like poll, adding new features,
15:08 dirakx who many of you are working in development ?
15:08 how/
15:08 rgs_ it seems like tch's irc client died
15:08 so I'll answer that
15:08 icarito tomeu, Elmer Antonio is memolibre, i think
15:08 tomeu ah, ok
15:08 rgs_ here in PY we are a team of 3 developers
15:08 TonyForster tabs: oceania, each has a satellite station mainly solar, Timor Leste no net, one unreliable mains other solar, au will have net and quality solar/diesel
15:08 tomeu Koke Contreras is also from .pe, right?
15:09 icarito tomeu, yes and he is part of our group
15:09 tch sorry, back a little bt laggy over here!
15:09 tomeu y andres cabrera?
15:09 rgs_ (I collab a random line every once in a while), but our activity players are Martin (tch), Jorge (jasg) and Bernie
15:09 tabs If any deployment wants testing please tell us - olpc-nz@lists.laptop.org and testing@lists.laptop.org
15:09 icarito tomeu, no lo conozco
15:09 dirakx tomeu: el es de .co
15:10 SeanDaly TonyForster: did you see Rudd announced tax deduction for OLPC donations?
15:10 TonyForster: in au
15:10 tomeu ah, ok
15:10 tch any other question related to .py deployment?
15:10 tomeu we are 10 minutes into the second hour
15:10 rgs_ any other deployment that would like to introduce itself?
15:11 tomeu: yup, I want to start wrapping things up..
15:11 tomeu mtd: .uk is sleeping? ;)
15:11 tch greato!
15:11 tabs where should i mail a summary too please?
15:12 rgs_ #TOPIC ideas for collaboration among deployments
15:12 tomeu ah, maybe tabs wants to introduce her group at .nz?
15:12 TonyForster SeanDaly: au has policy to put (conventional) laptop for each student, subsidy i think applies equally to olpc, as we are nearing election, policys are changing, not sure of impact
15:12 tabs I wrote it in terms of testing
15:12 oops true
15:12 Hi I am Tabitha from New Zealand and we have lots of testers here who want to help deployments
15:12 tomeu we need to replicate the .nz success everywhere else
15:12 rgs_ indeed
15:12 dirakx truth
15:13 rgs_ tabs: could you help us test F11/0.88 ?
15:13 tomeu tabs: we'll have you at the community team meetings?
15:13 rgs_ tabs: for both the XO-1 and the XO-1.5
15:13 tabs rgs_: yes
15:13 tomeu: as long as I can wake up
15:14 rgs_ tabs: great!
15:14 any other deployment left?
15:14 if we've all got to know each other, we could use the last minutes of the meeting to see how can we help each other or what concerns deployments have
15:14 tomeu oops, it's 7am in .nz
15:15 dirakx tooo early.
15:15 tomeu rgs_: something realted to that is the language used in communication
15:15 tabs tomeu: yes I got up at 5.55am today
15:15 TonyForster 5am in au  :(
15:15 tomeu do we need special channels in spanish?
15:15 dirakx wow.
15:15 rgs_ at least here in .PY, we've learned that bootstrapping a deployment is soooo much work that we would like to safe from that startup effort for others..
15:15 tomeu rgs_: that's very interesting
15:15 rgs_ sorry, save others from the effort (english had messed up)
15:16 tomeu reboots to change battery
15:16 dirakx rgs_: your work has been great..and also you publicize it in olpc-sur very well.
15:16 tabs I would like to know how volunteers inside a deployment talk (across one country) - and if they do that online or on phone or by post
15:16 rgs_ dirakx: but, we need to work even more to close the gap between Development and deployments
15:16 TonyForster py builds are great!
15:16 tabs I would like to know if we can join the existing way to talk that deployments already use
15:17 rgs_ dirakx: I think the best way to say thankyou to the Development team is to better organize our testing and deployment efforts (in the sense of feedback)
15:17 TonyForster: big thanks to Bernie Innocenti for the builds!
15:17 dirakx also a would like to see more discussion in -sur about developments..in that way teachers can have more technical foundations and give feedback etc..
15:17 tabs Can we come to where deployments talk so they don't have to do more than they already do?
15:18 rgs_ but it would be really cool if other deployments could reach the top of the wave (Sugar 0.88) as we did thanks to bernie's wonderful work, using the latest version helps the communication with the development team (imho)
15:18 dirakx tabs: mail list are key to that...but dunno if all people use these mediums of communication.
15:18 rgs_: +1
15:18 rgs_ tabs: I think the idea of meetings like this is to create a space where we can relay messages from deployments, to make it easy for them
15:19 dirakx rgs_: in some parts ,Xo are still using 0.82.
15:19 TonyForster tabs: a problem is breaking into a community, understanding how a list works, what you can ask etc
15:19 dirakx rgs_: that's the case in Colombia from what i've heard.
15:21 rgs_ so, deployments face serious issues.. localization, technical incompatibilities, etc.. if we could share more learned lessons among deployments time could be saved, and the Development team would have a more organized mass of users
15:21 I can only imagine how hard it is for a small development team to manage users with disimilar software base
15:21 tabs I am a teacher, and know what its like to be alone with a piece of technology not working and students sitting there waiting for you to fix it - under pressure you don't always remember how to get help, unless you speak to help every day you do feel alone and unsupported, hence my question of how do we go to them
15:22 dirakx From experience Wikis are also a great medium to communicate!.
15:22 TonyForster teaching is very much real time, like live theatre
15:22 tomeu yeah, I think we could see this as a very small first step, we shouldn't try to rush things
15:23 dirakx tomeu: sure.
15:23 tomeu I think there's an amazing diversity of experiences that can be shared between deployments
15:23 tabs when the internet doesnt work they cant get to us
15:23 tomeu yes, this is one of the challenges to get to teachers in .pe
15:23 rgs_ so I'd like to wrap this up with 2 questions 1) how do we (deployments) aggregate our feedback so developers can know better how to act upon problems and 2) how do we (deployments) share our lessons learned to make it easier for new/others deployments
15:23 tomeu and I guess in mongolia and africa
15:24 dirakx thinks that bridges like .UY-.PY should be emulated.
15:24 TonyForster rgs: good question
15:24 tomeu Daniel_C, rgs_: can you describe which relationship you have between .py and .uy?
15:24 alfredogutierrez thats right, tomeu
15:24 icarito we must run, but will check the logs later
15:24 thank you!
15:24 dirakx icarito: thanks!
15:24 tomeu icarito: hasta la proxima!
15:25 rgs_ tomeu: its very ad hoc.. we started collaborated (on the technical level) when we both noted that we *needed* 3G in Sugar
15:25 tomeu ah, starting with a concrete need
15:25 rgs_ tomeu: which ended up in tch spending a week in Mdvo with D_Castello and they pushing a new feature into Sugar
15:25 tomeu well, he spent some days in the beach ;)
15:25 rgs_ tomeu: yes, we have to find out needs.. that is the best (imho/experience) way to start aggregating efforts
15:25 tabs so face to face you built a relationship?
15:26 rgs_ tomeu: he told me he spent all days coding.. I'll discount his vacation time :-)
15:26 tomeu rgs_: needs are a very good way to start a relationship
15:26 rgs_ tabs: it started online though..
15:26 tabs: it ended up writing code on a same room
15:26 tabs: but nowadays it continues collaborating over the mailing lists
15:26 co-authoring patches
15:26 SeanDaly rgs_: we had set up e-mail feedback at sugarlabs dot org some months ago ; it is hardly used but Walter & I have routed questioners to appropriate lists
15:26 tch lol,
15:27 rgs_ SeanDaly: being part of a deployment myself I can tell you that it is hard to break away from everyday issues and communicating..
15:27 SeanDaly: you've get swallowed by a plethora of things... users, connectivity, spare parts, you-name-it
15:28 esteban .uy and .py have projects in common, for example jornal backup and 3G modem.
15:28 TonyForster rgs: thats the au feedback, deployment people time poor and difficult to get into a new (list) community
15:28 tomeu esteban: hope those will be of use to many other deployments
15:28 rgs_ SeanDaly: one of the things we (.PY) wanted to do but finally got to do it in our 2nd year of deployment is share every piece of (useful) code that is build here.. (as you might have seen tch's announcement of YAAS - yet another activation system, last week)
15:28 tabs Perhaps we ask deployments to blog from the day we start planning? So they see their own development and we watch and assist as appropriate
15:28 rgs_ but it takes time..
15:28 tomeu yeah, we are facing a very hard problem, and very interesting as well
15:29 and the rewards will be big
15:29 rgs_ TonyForster: correct, that is why we should actively try to stop new deployments from re-inventing the wheel
15:29 tabs if you are in the habit of 5 minutes at the end of every day, maybe that helps - a deployment team reflection each day
15:29 rgs_ TonyForster: that , indirectly, will help Sugar become better cause it'll help us put into better use our energy and time
15:29 SeanDaly rgs_: i also volunteer at OLPC France association and Nosy Komba deployment (160 XO-1) in Madagascar has been very challenging
15:30 tabs then we help the deployments by collating the information from them for others
15:30 rgs_ tomeu: so.. aggregating the feedback seems to be one of our challenges as a community.. then answers will come up easier
15:30 tomeu so, we had this idea from the start, that SLs wouldn't be able to get everybody interested in Sugar joining SLs. so we thought about local labs bridging the global and local communities
15:30 tabs deployments dont have time to read everything and probably dont have the internet to do so either
15:30 tomeu rgs_: yes, it's really great we are already talking about it
15:30 SeanDaly rgs_: code + sharing very exciting bravo
15:31 rgs_ we are over with the first half of the second hour.. I am not sure how much do these meetings usually last
15:31 tabs I have to go - where do you want me to post summary? testing@lists.laptop.org yes, but where else?
15:32 rgs_ tabs: iaep
15:32 tabs thanks, got to go to work
15:32 tomeu rgs_: use to be 1 hour, but it's not rare to extend if there's interest
15:32 rgs_ ok, any final remarks?
15:32 TonyForster thanks rgs for chairing
15:32 rgs_ I'll post a link to the logs and a small summary of the meeting to iaep
15:33 #TOPIC next meeting date?
15:33 tomeu rgs_: yes, thanks for bootstrapping this effort again
15:33 dirakx thanks all. ;)
15:33 rgs_ how about in 2 weeks, same day and hour?
15:33 tomeu regularity helps
15:33 sounds good to me
15:33 dirakx rgs_: for me +1
15:33 rgs_ I'll propose the idea on iaep
15:33 tomeu great
15:33 rgs_ great
15:33 TonyForster preferably not 4am au time
15:33 tomeu rgs_: do you need help with the minutes?
15:33 TonyForster: yeah, we could rotate times
15:34 rgs_ thanks everybody for coming! It was great meeting everybody and getting to know about your deployments! Hope to see you again!
15:34 tomeu: yes, I'll close the meeting and we can discuss that afterwards?
15:34 #endmeeting

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