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#sugar-meeting, 2010-04-27

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Time Nick Message
10:10 SeanDaly I have received final version of OLPC-F press release - I will forward to you now
10:13 JT4sugar Got it-one minute to print and read
10:13 SeanDaly hi walterbender
10:15 sending to walterbender
10:18 I understand NN will be in Brussels for a couple of days before going to Gaza
10:18 JT4sugar Good article for it's purpose. One mention of localizing software no mention of Sugar
10:19 Should build off localization angle-highlight work of XO in Palestine work
10:19 SeanDaly No, no mention of Sugar, and I believe they mean Activities when they say "learning modules"
10:20 JT4sugar We should look to UNRWA for some funding
10:20 SeanDaly however, rather than try to negotiate Sugar mentions, I think we can succeed in raising our profile with companion PR
10:21 JT4sugar: agree with that, and our PR may aid us. I have a contact
10:21 I haven't written a draft yet, been underwater with work & under the weather (hayfever)
10:22 JT4sugar I think that will be the case going forward with any OLPC announcement in a dstressed area. Always putting out a companion piece will be helpful
10:22 SeanDaly well, OLPC-A (Rodrigo) agreed to joint PR which I haven't been able to follow up on yet
10:23 I believe OLPC-F's April 29th release will make news because of the size of the project: nearly half a million XO-1s over the next two years
10:25 JT4sugar Yes and that is a big train to jump on explaining these children's learning is being provided on Sugar Learning Platform
10:25 SeanDaly greetings Carlof!
10:26 Carlof ciao a tutti...
10:26 SeanDaly something I don't know: how many Activities are available in Arabic
10:27 Carlof: I have forwarded OLPC doc to you
10:28 I've been in touch with Tamer Alkhouli of PaleXO on that question and asked for a quote but no reply
10:29 Carlof SeanDaly: Yep!
10:30 JT4sugar Who is point at OLPC on software/content side for this deployment, that is who we need to talk to
10:30 SeanDaly my understanding is that PaleXO worked with pilot project - original 1000 XO-1s donated by OLPC
10:31 PaleXO blog: http://palexo.blogspot.com/
10:31 PaleXO site (English): http://en.palexo.com/
10:32 JT4sugar 150 electronic learning modules? If these are Sugar Activities that is a key point
10:33 SeanDaly see this: http://en.palexo.com/sugar
10:36 JT4sugar Looks like only one activity. Best information will come from UNRWA and OLPC point persons. Will also point you to Palestinians for quotes
10:39 SeanDaly I just mailed Jackie for clarification
10:40 see this link for blog posts/photos re PaleXO: http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=310859682495
10:42 oops looks like that was a planet-like redirect from PaleXO
10:43 JT4sugar Need to find out if XO in Palestine project is working with UNRWA-are they just one of may groups?
10:43 SeanDaly What's very interesting about that post is that the girls in the class wanted more Activities
10:43 JT4sugar: not clear
10:44 JT4sugar My suggestion is to email three UNRWA contacts on press release, you should get good mileage from that for press release and setting up funding possibilities
10:47 SeanDaly just heard from Jackie, she doesn't know if "electronic learning modules" are Activities
10:48 JT4sugar Probably should check with Rodrigo and have him put us in touch with Palestinian Project point person-should be a very good relationship to put in place for many reasons
10:49 SeanDaly JT4sugar: good eye I had one e-mail address for contact but yes the PR doc has three
10:50 tomeu if we had a deployment team, you would have this so much easier...
10:50 I had contact at some point with someone at palexo, but don't remember who nor what it was about
10:51 SeanDaly hi tomeu, true but unfortunately we don't :-(
10:51 tomeu yeah, wish we had prioritized that
10:52 JT4sugar In PR "Goal is to reach all Palestine refugee children across Middle East by 2012" this is something we need to take advantage of, should allow for some excellent fundraising opportunities
10:53 I would say in a way there is a deployment team but it is OLPC based and we should be directly in touch with them on this deployment as well as others
10:53 SeanDaly I think next step is to contact UNRWA, get clarifications & a quote, develop contact for fundraising
10:55 needs to go soon
10:55 JT4sugar: my understanding is that OLPC-F (NN) has coordinated this project, not Rodrigo
10:56 JT4sugar Think of it this way they will pay approx$200each for 500,000 laptops, if we could raise just a dollar or two per laptop for software infrastructure thats $500,000 to $1million. They will learn much better with a better Sugar Learning Platform
10:56 tomeu unfortunately, explaining to deployments the importance of software and how they can contribute would fall as well in the deployment team
10:57 JT4sugar SeanDaly, OLPC-F will also have a key deployment person, maybe ping Chris Ball to get the information
10:57 SeanDaly JT4sugar: we don't know what OLPC-F sales pitch was; if for ex. they said Sugar was "free" (as in beer)
10:57 cjb: here?
10:58 cjb SeanDaly: yup, hi.  I don't have any knowledge about PaleXO, unfortunately.
10:58 likes to hide in his engineering cave.
10:59 SeanDaly cjb: it seems UNRWA project <> PaleXO
10:59 JT4sugar cjb, Do you know who is heading up deployment for OLPC on Palestine. Who is on ground overseeing?
11:01 cjb hm, nope.  usual candidates are Barbara Barry or Matt Keller.
11:02 yeah, I think it's Barbara.  Have you guys talked to her before?
11:03 SeanDaly cjb: I haven't, could you e me her e-mail pls?
11:04 cjb sure, it's barbara at laptop.org
11:04 definitely worth a mail introducing yourself
11:04 I think her job title is "Director of OLPC Middle East"
11:06 SeanDaly cjb: many thanks
11:07 hi walterbender are you able to see backlog?
11:19 hi JT4sugar waited to see if you'd be back
11:19 i cc'd you on mail to Barbara
11:20 JT4sugar Yes connection snafu then a restart takes forever. Just got email-Thanks
11:20 SeanDaly I need to go now.. will mail UNRWA people later
11:21 looks like deadline for PR will be pushed back again... oh well, more expensive, but too bad, beter to do good job
11:21 counting down to meeting end... going once
11:21 JT4sugar OK-I think this could lead to some good outcomes if we can follow up. Palestine is always high-profile.
11:22 SeanDaly ... going twice...
11:22 yes I agree
11:22 #endmeeting

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