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#sugar-meeting, 2010-03-01

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
09:00 walterbender #TOPIC 0.88 triage
09:00 welcome everyone
09:00 erikos hopes tomeu is excited too and happy that I had time for coding today....
09:00 walterbender seems like we have a good group
09:00 erikos hi walterbender
09:00 tomeu gets excited
09:00 walterbender hey dogi... I am at MIT today
09:00 garycmartin hi walterbender
09:00 walterbender hi garycmartin
09:01 so, this is my first time leading the triage effort...
09:01 I'll be leaning on erikos quite a bit
09:01 erikos I am here, no worries ;p
09:01 walterbender the first thing to do, I believe, is to get an overview of the problem
09:02 there are almost 200 tickets open with Milestone 0.88
09:02 erikos walterbender: yeah, and then chunk up the work into smaller peaces
09:02 walterbender but very few that are marked as urgent
09:02 yes. I suggest we break the list down and have groups do a quick review to see which ones are critical for this release.
09:02 erikos walterbender: I guess, this is just because people did not set that field
09:03 walterbender erikos: yes. well we should look at all the open bugs that are critical as well
09:03 but maybe a quick sort of the 0.88 Milestones first.. Should only take a few minutes
09:03 erikos maybe the first first thing we should do is to look at the review queue
09:04 walterbender OK. even better idea
09:04 erikos and see which tickets have the correct milestone and urgent field
09:04 so the work that has been done is not lost
09:04 gest the url
09:04 http://tinyurl.com/yhupwlf
09:06 walterbender who is "qualified" to review?
09:06 erikos walterbender: the maintainers of the modules
09:06 so, maybe the maintainers should clean those up
09:06 walterbender for this list, it seems it is mostly you and tomeu :(
09:07 erikos and the others do some other bits in the meantime
09:07 walterbender the rest of us can look at the other open tickets and try to decide on priorities
09:07 erikos walterbender: that would sound good to me
09:07 tomeu I think maintainers only need to modify tickets when they are working on something or when they want to prioritize the issues in their module's working queue
09:08 but triaging itself can be done by anybody who wants to participate on this effort
09:08 walterbender tomeu: or when they complete a review?
09:08 tomeu: yes... I recommend the rest of us triage.
09:08 tomeu being recommended that whoever wants to triage follows the wiki pages and attends meetings such as this
09:08 walterbender: you mean code review?
09:09 walterbender tomeu: yes.
09:09 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]quad/Triage_Guide --- as to here, only the maintainer can set priority and milestone
09:09 walterbender maybe we need a quick discussion of our goals for this release to help with our prioritizing?
09:09 erikos walterbender: sounds good
09:10 walterbender the new feature list is relatively short
09:10 3G, color selector,...
09:10 erikos walterbender: so, color selctor did never land
09:10 walterbender but we have a lot of behind-the-scenes work on stability and the like.
09:10 erikos: what? I though it was done except for review?
09:11 erikos: what did land, if anything?
09:11 tomeu walterbender: well, when a ticket is already being worked on, it becomes a bit out of triage, I guess
09:11 triaging is what needs to happen so people can decide on what to work next
09:11 erikos walterbender: right, and the review did not take place yet :/
09:12 what landed from here http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.88/Feature_List is:
09:12 - 3G Support
09:12 - enhanced gettext
09:12 walterbender tomeu, erikos: pardon my ignorance... I thought that today we were going to review what work is remaining for 0.88 and prioritize...
09:12 erikos - font config
09:13 walterbender: I think, the issue is, that we have many roles
09:13 tomeu is also confused
09:13 when we say review, are we talking about code review of patches?
09:13 erikos walterbender: in an ideal world, triaging would happen by other people then the developers
09:13 walterbender erikos: yes... which is why we need to prioritize.. we don't have infinite resources...
09:13 tomeu or about ticket review?
09:14 erikos walterbender: I meant something else, this time ;p
09:14 walterbender well, tomeu, I thought that the ticket review was the mechanism we use for triage
09:14 for prioritizing
09:14 tomeu walterbender: ah, so not "code review" then?
09:15 walterbender tomeu: is not code review one of the tasks that triage would identify?
09:15 tomeu walterbender: don't think so, code review starts when someone attaches a patch
09:15 so coding needs to happen before code review, and triaging is an activity that helps in deciding what to code on next
09:15 walterbender tomeu: tirage is only about coding?
09:16 erikos walterbender: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]Steps_of_Triaging
09:16 walterbender tomeu: I thought it was a more general allocation of our resources...
09:16 erikos walterbender: triaging as I understand it, is mainly what is described in here
09:16 walterbender: what you mean by triaging, as I understand it, would be *managing*
09:16 walterbender: release managing
09:16 walterbender erikos: yes.. and very little on that list ahs to do with code review
09:17 erikos something like that
09:17 code review is a separate process
09:17 walterbender erikos: agreed.
09:17 erikos sorry if I might have confused anyone with the list I posted
09:17 walterbender so I don't understand how we got on the topic
09:18 erikos my fault
09:18 walterbender again, I think we want to agree to what our goals are for the release and then use that as a metric for our prioritizing
09:18 garycmartin walterbender: should we go through 0.88 milestones first and push anything up to 0.90 that seems too hopeful to hit.
09:19 walterbender garycmartin: agreed. but, for example, we only have 1 new feature for 0.88 but a few things close to landing
09:19 tomeu sorry, I got confused by the mentions to code review
09:19 walterbender do we want to make it a goal to get a few more of these items out?
09:19 erikos if we take it strictly with the triage stes to do we would only set the severity of a bug
09:19 walterbender That is a big decision in terms of resources?
09:20 erikos the milestone would then be set by the release team
09:20 walterbender erikos: OK. maybe that is the first step... just to review the open tickets and make sure we agree with the severity and urgency
09:20 and then we can let the release team do its work.
09:20 erikos walterbender: severity only ;p
09:20 tomeu setting the right component is also an important part of triaging, as well as asking for more details when needed
09:21 erikos tomeu: yup
09:21 walterbender erikos: if not urgency, then triage is not about setting priorities...
09:21 erikos walterbender: right
09:21 walterbender erikos: that is why I was confused...
09:22 erikos: in its origin, the term was about urgency and allocation of resources...
09:22 but I suppose the meaning of words changes.
09:22 erikos walterbender: not sure, I guess the work we do helps to prioritize in the end
09:22 walterbender so, now that the light is dawning, we can get back on topic...
09:23 erikos it is just another step
09:23 and should be done by other people
09:23 walterbender: I guess, why everything is confusing is: the same people do the different works
09:23 walterbender I think that everyone here is probably qualified to set tickets to the right component and look to see if the details are adequate...
09:24 so maybe we just divide and conquer the list.
09:24 erikos walterbender: sounds good
09:24 walterbender so back to the original question: shall we begin with the tickets with a 0.88 Milestone and then catch other open tickets from there?
09:25 erikos is ok with me
09:25 tomeu ok with me
09:25 walterbender there are 167 tickets open for 0.88
09:26 shall we each grab 20 of them and then report back?
09:26 erikos http://tinyurl.com/yhupwlf
09:27 walterbender: ok
09:27 walterbender erikos: only ones marked for review first?
09:27 erikos walterbender: no, lets do from the start
09:27 walterbender: sorry wrong url
09:28 walterbender http://tinyurl.com/ylpnwrc
09:28 this list is 0.88 sorted by priority...
09:28 erikos will take the first 20...
09:28 tomeu: the next 20?
09:29 garycmartin: 41-60?
09:29 I will do 61-80
09:29 Anyone else?
09:29 tomeu yup
09:29 garycmartin walterbender: sort by ticket number first yes?
09:29 erikos yup
09:29 walterbender tomeu : you'd start at #1151
09:30 gary: #476
09:30 garycmartin walterbender: thanks I'm there :-)
09:30 tomeu ah, so in the order of the report?
09:31 hi DanielC
09:31 walterbender I'll start at 1336
09:31 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]Steps_of_Triaging
09:31 walterbender tomeu: yes...
09:31 erikos for the sake ;p
09:31 DanielC hi!
09:31 erikos hi DanielC, great you did make it!
09:31 walterbender DanielC: can you review for accuracy some tickets for us?
09:31 we are working from http://tinyurl.com/ylpnwrc
09:32 tomeu had the wrong report
09:32 walterbender DanielC: starting at ticket #666...
09:33 erikos DanielC: you should basically follow these steps when triaging: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]Steps_of_Triaging
09:33 DanielC: and that is the reason why we do this: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]iaging_is_helpful.3F
09:35 garycmartin erikos: so if I have one (and enhancement with no design input yet) that will never make 0.88 should I bump mile stone to 0.90 or leave it floating?
09:36 erikos garycmartin: best is to ask in this case for confirmation the release team
09:36 garycmartin: directly here of course ;p
09:36 garycmartin erikos: #476, it's about a feature for manually adding telepathy connections
09:37 tomeu erikos: what about http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1156 , did you land a gconf property for this?
09:37 erikos tomeu: 1307 I would say I move to 0.90
09:37 garycmartin: is good with me to move out, tomeu?
09:37 looks at 1156
09:37 walterbender erikos: it seems inefficient not to be asking about changing milestones as we go along...
09:38 erikos walterbender: you are right :/
09:38 tomeu erikos: is it a feature or a bug?
09:38 erikos walterbender: let's do this as a side effect
09:38 walterbender erikos: so, for example, #1336 is a new feature for browse, that I assume will not land?
09:39 erikos tomeu: I did not do a gconf option (1156)
09:40 tomeu: 476 is a feature (your request btw :)
09:40 tomeu walterbender: I guess all features in 0.88 can be moved safely to 0.90
09:40 erikos: sure about 476 -> 0.90
09:41 erikos garycmartin: ^^^
09:41 tomeu erikos: I mean, #1556 is a feature or a bug?
09:41 erikos walterbender: yes, can be moved to 0.90 (1336)
09:41 tomeu erikos: sorry, #1336
09:42 garycmartin erikos: tomeu thanks (wonders of component should be design as well at this early stage of it's life).
09:43 erikos tomeu: is a feature to me
09:44 tomeu I think all features from 0.88 should be moved to 0.90, and if something is really importnat for someone, they should bug to include it in >0.88.1
09:44 erikos though, in doubt if a feature/enhancement, please ask first
09:45 tomeu: agreed
09:45 walterbender +1
09:46 what do you guys think of #1447?
09:48 erikos walterbender: the patch is quite big :/
09:48 walterbender: and touches a critical place
09:49 walterbender: if yes, then better 88.1 - like tomeu said
09:49 walterbender erikos: OK... It is unfortunate that they had neglected to mark it for review until recently...
09:49 erikos walterbender: sure, I would like to see it too :/
09:49 tomeu feels sad about #1447
09:50 erikos walterbender: another problem with this one is, that wadeb is non-responsive at the moment
09:50 walterbender: so unless someone feels strong about it and trakes over...
09:50 walterbender erikos: Maybe bernie will take it over... I'll mark it for >0.88.1
09:51 erikos: marco is still the owner of Component sugar...
09:52 who is the current maintainer? We should update Trac
09:52 tomeu walterbender: hmm, I used to be the owner of the sugar component
09:52 erikos walterbender: it is tomeu (as well in trac) afaik
09:52 bernie walterbender, erikos: what remains to be done? I've applied the #1447 patch to my local tree for some time and it seems to work great.
09:53 erikos bernie: code review
09:53 walterbender bernie: it is an invasive patch... serious code review...
09:53 bernie erikos: ok, I'll do it
09:53 walterbender bernie:  :)
09:53 bernie yes, it's quite invasive
09:53 walterbender erikos: maybe it is just old tickets that still list marcopg as owner...
09:53 erikos bernie: is there a string change?
09:53 bernie: and an UI change?
09:54 walterbender: ahhh, that could be
09:54 walterbender tomeu: are you tracking all the old marcopg tickets? shall I add a tomeu keyword?
09:54 tomeu walterbender: we should change the owner from marco to me, though I don't track all tickets with me as owner, as are a lot fo them
09:55 walterbender I don't know how to change the ower... I'll file a ticket and CC you in the meanwhile
09:55 tomeu oh?
09:55 walterbender: you cannot change the owner from the box in the bottom?
09:56 walterbender by reassign?
09:56 yeah...
09:56 will do
09:57 tomeu thanks!
09:57 erikos again about 1447: we have string and ui freeze already
09:57 tomeu my queries aren't by owner, but it's important anyway to have that fixed
09:57 erikos so, if yes - 0.88.1 but I would really only want that if people go crazy and call it a must
09:58 tomeu: what do we do with http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/1142
09:59 tomeu: I feel 'Fructose' felt off the release, but we did not really decide on it
09:59 garycmartin erikos: FWIW #1447 is a lovely behaviour.
09:59 bernie erikos: hmm... I don't see any string change on first inspection...
10:00 erikos garycmartin: lovely - in which sense?
10:00 bernie: or adding of string
10:00 bernie erikos: and it's a UI change, sure, but only in an error case which was not handled at all before...
10:00 erikos bernie: do you have a screen shot?
10:00 bernie erikos: I could make one
10:00 erikos bernie: nice
10:00 garycmartin: if you can review the design quickly...
10:01 garycmartin erikos: it makes hacking on code in sugar much more responsive; and when trying out activities you imediately know if they are broken.
10:01 bernie looks for a broken activity :)
10:01 walterbender erikos: FWIW re #1142, alsroot handled that in his sugar-port package... in my activities, I look for an ImportError and try a few different jsons
10:02 bernie: try any of mine :)
10:02 bernie walterbender: lol :)
10:03 tomeu erikos: seems like that's fixed already: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]atform_Components
10:04 erikos alsroot: do we get one for 0.88, too ^^^ ?
10:04 tomeu walterbender: I think bemasc was only pointing out that sucrose was referenced from the platform page
10:04 garycmartin erikos: looks like #610 is fixed (wide palettes), and is only open incase someone has a better fix. Can this just be closed now, and a new ticked opened if folks don't like the fix?
10:04 alsroot erikos: nope afaik
10:05 copies 0.86 to 0.88
10:05 erikos garycmartin: sounds good to me
10:05 alsroot: thanks ;p
10:06 walterbender tomeu: I am confused about the status of #453
10:08 bernie erikos: ok, there are also 2 strings: ('%s failed to start.') and ('Close')
10:09 tomeu_ damned battery
10:12 walterbender Today is string freeze, so you could presumable make it under the wire...
10:12 erikos garycmartin: did you run the patch locally?
10:12 garycmartin: the everyone is talking about
10:13 garycmartin: is the UI, great?
10:13 garycmartin erikos: #668 seems like the milestone is irrelevant (making a native sugar run on OS X) should I just drop the 0.88 milestone?
10:14 erikos: #1447 patch? Yea I tested several cycles with Wade under sugar-jhbuild in a VM.
10:16 erikos: I very much liked it over the current 'watch the pulsing icon for ages' behaviour.
10:17 walterbender agrees with garycmartin
10:17 erikos back in 5 mins
10:20 tomeu_ almost done
10:21 hi tch, want to do some bug triaging?
10:22 walterbender must have scared Daniel_C away early with bug #666 :)
10:23 tch tomeu: sure, what can i help with?
10:23 walterbender tch: we are working from http://tinyurl.com/ylpnwrc
10:24 tch: walking through the tickets to make sure they are valid as per: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]Steps_of_Triaging
10:24 tch: if you could start at ticket #669...
10:26 tomeu_ walterbender: can you give me 10 more tickets? then I need to go
10:26 tch walterbender, tomeu: loading url...
10:27 walterbender tomeu: if tch is starting at #669, maybe you can start 10 tickets past that
10:28 tomeu_ ok
10:39 tch tomeu, walterbender: if i find something wrong (under triage guide considerations) do i create a new comment for the ticket or?
10:39 walterbender tch: you can create new comments... yes
10:39 tomeu_ tch: what's the specific case?
10:41 tch tomeu: just asking in case i need to,
10:42 walterbender needs to grab some coffee... back in 5
10:43 tomeu_ tch: sounds good, if you ask for more info (logs?) to the reporter, remember to set the Status to NeedInfo
10:44 tch tomeu: ok
10:47 erikos is back
10:51 walterbender is back, coffee in hand :)
10:52 I will start at the end of the list and work backwards...
10:52 anyone else run out of tickets to review?
10:53 garycmartin walterbender: no I'm still struggeling through my 20 (about half way there).
10:53 walterbender (we have progressed from 167 to 110 tickets...)
10:53 erikos struggles, too
10:53 walterbender: nice!
10:53 walterbender must of had easy ones :)
10:54 tomeu_ is about to leave
10:54 walterbender tomeu_: as always, thanks for the help today...
10:57 tomeu_ thanks to you all!
10:57 erikos bye bye tomeu
10:57 garycmartin waves to tomeu_
10:59 walterbender observes that %50+ of the tickets he is reviewing are Journal-UI related... seems to be an emerging theme for 0.90
11:01 garycmartin walterbender: my ones were more telepathy, custom user roster, jabber control.
11:06 walterbender: random interject - I did upload a SOM for last week, but didn't email you direct as the newsleter already went out. I'll just continue to upload in future, but not email everytime unless I have something useful to wave at ;-)
11:07 walterbender garycmartin: yeah.. I was in a rush last night because I wanted to advertise the triage session
11:07 garycmartin thinks last weeks map was actually more interesting than usual, lot's of on topic IAEP chatter lately.
11:12 erikos garycmartin: why do we always do maps of iaep and not sugar-devel?
11:12 garycmartin: (or sugar-devel too)
11:13 garycmartin erikos: I do (monthly) maps of sugar-devel, I have a huge stack on my desktop right now :-)
11:13 erikos garycmartin: oh, ok, maybe I missed that then
11:14 garycmartin erikos: I'm not really too aware of folks using them so I didn't want to swamp the wiki with heaps of maps (300Kb each).
11:15 erikos garycmartin: ahh, ok, I see
11:15 garycmartin erikos: ...so sugar-devel maps haven't been uploaded for a while - happy to upload if you think they are of use?
11:15 erikos garycmartin: maybe they should be posted with the release announcements
11:16 garycmartin: they could be an indicator for where people are working on
11:16 bernie walterbender: forgot to #endmeeting?
11:16 erikos garycmartin: (maybe including the bug tracker even)
11:16 garycmartin erikos: interesting idea, generate maps based on the release cycle...
11:17 walterbender bernie: still meeting... but if you need the room....
11:17 erikos bernie: did you do the screenshot?
11:17 bernie walterbender: no, I was just looking for the minutes after coming back fro mlunch :)
11:18 erikos bernie: if there us still a small window for the patch it is today...
11:18 bernie erikos: not yet, they called me for lunch...
11:18 erikos bernie: ok ;p
11:19 bernie erikos: I realized that I have a very different version of 0001-Display-error-message-when​-activity-fails-to-launch.patch applied to my local tree..
11:19 garycmartin erikos: bug tracker. I did generate a som for all of the milestone tickets a release or two ago, at the time I found there was not enough text description and too many source code and error log text to generate a usefull map. But I'm sure we could look at other ways of mining trac...
11:21 erikos garycmartin: ahh, I see
11:22 garycmartin: yeah, maybe only uing the title would be enough
11:22 garycmartin: that way, at least, one could see around which bugs there is work going on
11:23 walterbender: ok, I have to do a bit release work now
11:23 walterbender: landing patches etc
11:24 walterbender: I think today was a good day for 'triaging' though
11:24 if we would only do that regularly... :/
11:24 bernie: let me land a few patches I have in my queue, then I can apply the patch here, too
11:25 walterbender erikos: I'll keep at it for another 30 minutes or so... We did make some headway.
11:26 erikos: I'd like to discuss process with you at some point... to make sure we have clarity about some details that hung us up at the start and to make sure we have a way to engaging the user community in determining priorities (vs severities)
11:26 bernie erikos: oh, wait... I figured it out. 0001-Added-Close-button-to-acti​vity-launcher-rewrote-lay.patch is the correct patch for the sugar part
11:26 erikos: there are just two patches, not 3...
11:28 erikos walterbender: sure, we can do that
11:28 bernie: ok ;p
11:29 walterbender erikos: grab me on IRC whenever ...
11:29 erikos: and thanks for all the help and guidance today
11:29 erikos walterbender: ok, will do - np ;p
11:41 walterbender bernie: whereas you've been tracking NM lately, can you comment on #18?
11:42 bernie walterbender: looking
11:44 walterbender hey everyone: less than 100 tickets to go :)
11:47 tch i think #862 was suggested as a duplicate for #833 which has been reviewed a few minutes ago and set a milestone change to 0.90, shouldn't #862 be closed then? Could someone help me on this one?
11:47 erikos walterbender: hurray!!!
11:48 walterbender tch: yes. please mark as a duplicate and close it.
11:48 erikos tch: sounds about right to me
11:49 tch so be it!
11:49 walterbender tch: but please note the ticket #833 in the comment...
11:49 erikos +1
11:49 tch ok
11:51 garycmartin erikos: #1308, small string change for Terminal, too late?
11:52 erikos garycmartin: no, terminal is out of the release cycle
11:52 garycmartin: if you could do it *now* even better ;p
11:53 garycmartin erikos: for components out side of release cycle, should they have a milestone set at all?
11:53 walterbender erikos: so all of fructose is out?
11:53 erikos garycmartin: normally not
11:54 walterbender erikos: I should fix all the browse milestones then...
11:54 erikos garycmartin: though, you know what happened when we layed off fructose?
11:54 walterbender: no, not for now
11:54 walterbender: I don't really think killing fructose was a good idea
11:55 garycmartin: there is no attention anymore...
11:55 walterbender erikos: I am still hoping to get the l18n team to update TA strings :)
11:55 garycmartin erikos: we layed off fructose?? it doesn't exisit any more? I missed that memo :-b
11:55 walterbender erikos: I think killing fructose is a very bad idea.
11:55 erikos walterbender: me, too
11:55 garycmartin: well, there was a lot of discussion about that
11:55 walterbender erikos: I didn't realize we reached consensus on it... I must have been out of the room :)
11:55 erikos walterbender: me fully neither
11:56 walterbender: but we did not have any ex-fructose releases in 0.88
11:56 walterbender erikos: don't understand what you mean...
11:57 different subject: should we have a sep. component for sugar-emulator?
11:57 erikos walterbender: there were no releases of the fructose components
11:57 walterbender were or won't be?
11:57 erikos walterbender: weren't
11:57 walterbender: german past tense
11:58 garycmartin erikos: I admit to not being a fan of fructose for any of my maintained activities, but didn't think the plug had been oficially pulled on it. I just thought everyone was slacking :-b
11:58 walterbender but 0.88 is still in the future
11:58 erikos walterbender: ok, for me we are already in the final steps for 0.88
11:58 walterbender garycmartin: I've been hardly slacking re TA... trying to get in under the wire with my refactoring...
11:59 erikos walterbender: as only the hard code freeze is left
11:59 garycmartin: could be, too
11:59 walterbender erikos: well, I have been trying to follow the roadmap for my fructose activities regardless... no harm in that I suppose
11:59 erikos garycmartin: I mean, there was no development on fructose, except turtle art
11:59 walterbender but again, my real concern is how to get on the l12n roadmap.
11:59 garycmartin walterbender: You are the whopping exception to my comment, I apologise :-)
11:59 erikos walterbender: TA is the only one, of course ;p
12:00 walterbender: I guess you should just mail the list
12:00 walterbender garycmartin: no offense taken... I was just remarking that I think there has been activity movement as well as core sugar movement...
12:01 erikos walterbender: actually, to the translators everything looks like before
12:01 walterbender: so you should not have to worry
12:01 walterbender erikos: what I thought was rejected was the idea of using the Feature structure for activities, not just sugar core.
12:01 erikos garycmartin: did you push the terminal patch already?
12:01 garycmartin walterbender: hey I pushed a new Physics with updated locale ;-) (but that was never in fructose any way)
12:01 erikos walterbender: that was again another discussion ;p
12:01 walterbender erikos: to me, your framework is very useful and I would love a mechanism for getting features and feedback discussions in the world of activities
12:02 garycmartin: is it in Honey? Will the i12n team update your strings?
12:02 garycmartin erikos: push Terminal patch, no, I'm still doing a last ticket here (not sure I have access to terminal rep).
12:03 erikos garycmartin: I am sure unmadindu will push if you give it to him ;p
12:03 bernie: 1447 is very invasive :/
12:03 walterbender erikos: back to my other question... should we set up a component for sugar-emulator? right now, it is in sugar...
12:03 garycmartin walterbender: yes I think so, you're making me worry now...
12:03 erikos walterbender: no, I would not add another component
12:04 bernie erikos: is #18 really necessary at this point? we're deploying sugar 0.84 with nm 0.7 in paraguay with no problems
12:04 garycmartin erikos: it was unmadindu that filed the ticket!! #1308
12:04 bernie erikos: indeed, #1447 is very invasive, I just realized it...
12:04 walterbender garycmartin: to me, one advantage of Fructose was that it almost guaranteed to get your translation updated x2 per year
12:05 erikos bernie: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/attac[…]-terminates.patch I am worried about how we handle the GIL stuff, any commenst to this?
12:05 garycmartin: even worse ;p
12:05 garycmartin walterbender: agreed, that for me was the only advantage that made any sense. All the blocks on features and code are what put me off.
12:06 erikos: I'll add a ping comment to unmadindu's ticket incase he just forgot about it.
12:06 erikos bernie: did you make updates?
12:07 bernie: that was re #18
12:08 bernie: btw: if you are deploying 0.84 you might be interested in these ones: 1764 and 1765
12:09 garycmartin: ohhhh, I have an icon question ;p
12:11 garycmartin walterbender: yes physics is in Honey, just double checked. Oooooooh isn't translate.sugarlabs.org lovely these days, really looking the part!
12:11 erikos garycmartin: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/File:3G_device.png
12:11 garycmartin erikos: icon question, fire away!
12:11 erikos garycmartin: I don't think we have those arrow icons
12:11 garycmartin: we have similar ones in artwork, but not those
12:12 garycmartin erikos: you want me to go look, or make them and send to you?
12:13 erikos garycmartin: you might want to have a look first, if i missed something
12:13 garycmartin: and then, of course ifyou have aminute...
12:14 garycmartin: should be an easy task for you ;D
12:14 garycmartin erikos: OK, I'll look later today, and if not will make and email to you.
12:14 erikos garycmartin: perfect, thanks!
12:15 garycmartin finished 20 ticket chores, time to run away for a bit.
12:17 walterbender garycmartin: thanks very much...
12:18 erikos: can you remind me where we define our Severity scale?
12:18 bernie erikos: uploaded screenshot: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/atta[…]iled-to-start.png
12:18 garycmartin thanks guys, catch you next time.
12:19 bernie erikos: no,  we reflashed the laptops :)
12:20 erikos bernie: thanks for the screenshot, looks great
12:21 walterbender: you mean, what each severity means?
12:21 bernie: ok, so we should leave this ticket open ;p
12:21 walterbender erikos: yes. what is Critical vs Major?
12:22 erikos: I assume blocker is we cannot release with it open...
12:22 erikos walterbender: yup
12:22 walterbender erikos: but the others are less well defined in my mind
12:23 erikos: for example, a bug we have lived with for 2 years cannot be critical in my mind...
12:23 erikos walterbender: yah we had once a definition...
12:23 looks
12:23 walterbender: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/B[…]uad/Status_Fields
12:24 walterbender OK. I'll link to it from the Triage page... thanks.
12:26 bernie erikos: so it won't make it for 0.88? well, too bad... but I understand.
12:26 erikos walterbender: good idea, yes
12:27 walterbender erikos: done.
12:27 erikos bernie: well, you can make a first go at the review
12:27 bernie erikos: do you know if unmadindu is going to apply the patches for #1764 and #1765 to 0.84?
12:28 erikos bernie: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]m/Code_guidelines here are the guidelines
12:29 bernie: he wanted to have a look at them tonight
12:29 bernie: 1765 I think without doubt
12:29 bernie: 1764, we must see
12:29 bernie: you can of course test them and report back
12:30 bernie: that might help him for the decision ;p
12:50 walterbender is running out of steam... time for lunch
12:51 erikos walterbender: enjoy!
12:53 walterbender: why did you move 1737 and 1737 to 0.90 ?
12:53 walterbender: those are not features
12:53 walterbender: so, there is a chance they get fixed in 0.88
13:01 walterbender erikos: re 1699, there was no mention of the design discussion in the ticket, hence my decision to defer it... but if it has already been agreed to... still, no patch... seems very late...
13:02 erikos walterbender: yup, but tickets that have a chance to make it, we should leave open, imho
13:03 walterbender erikos: OK... I've been perhaps too aggressive today...
13:03 erikos walterbender: we have two more weeks to do bug fixes
13:03 walterbender:  :D
13:03 walterbender: once one is in move mode...
13:03 walterbender erikos: but we have a lot of code to review...
13:04 erikos walterbender: yeah, sure, personally I will work first on the review queue
13:04 walterbender: and then do the other stuff
13:08 walterbender: i will get 1737 1735 back
13:08 walterbender: oh, you did already, thanks
13:16 walterbender erikos: I am going to endmeeting... seems to have slowed down at this point...
13:16 erikos walterbender: sounds good to me ;p
13:16 walterbender: not sure how we will move on with triaging
13:16 walterbender when should we plan to continue? I could keep going any day this week except Friday
13:17 erikos my week is packed already :/
13:17 walterbender: next monday would be fine with me
13:17 walterbender erikos: well, I'll keep going... we've got a much more manageable queue for the release team at least :P
13:17 yeah... next Monday we can finish up any remaining items.
13:18 erikos walterbender: we can schedule another meeting for next week , and do async in th emeantime
13:18 walterbender +1...
13:18 erikos for now, I would only move enhancements out
13:18 walterbender OK. So that's all for today. Thanks everyone for helping.
13:18 #endmeeting

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