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#sugar-meeting, 2010-02-16

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Time Nick Message
10:09 SeanDaly this may be short, as I have a quite full plate today
10:09 JT4sugar Ok
10:10 SeanDaly in fact despite agenda there is no new news about OLPC-A joint PR; Rodrigo still waiting for my debrief of SL strategy and suggestions how could fit with OLPC-A strategy
10:10 I've been very occupied not least with changing cellphone, it's a whole new world
10:10 I wanted to bounce the idea off you of a web interface for Sugar
10:11 my reasoning is, the interface is unusual and is often disorienting for parents;
10:11 a pity since parents are usually helping kids get a little start
10:12 I saw the Paraguay OLPC association site later but they have the right idea
10:12 bernie lurks
10:12 SeanDaly greets bernie
10:12 JT4sugar A Software as a Service model or just a baisc test drive-get to know set up
10:12 bernie SeanDaly: when you're done with the meeting, I have a proposal to discuss... please ping me
10:12 SeanDaly bernie: ok
10:12 JT4sugar Hi Bernie
10:13 SeanDaly that's the thing... technically speaking I don't know if any chance Activities could run online or not
10:13 of course, demo would be great
10:13 but Sugar reach could be multiplied if online counterpart
10:13 dogi hi all
10:14 SeanDaly Someone told me at some point that HTML 5 + CSS could work wonders (and allow us to avoid Flash)
10:14 on phone...
10:14 JT4sugar A website that would allow interactivity with the Sugar interface would be a Great step forward
10:14 bernie JT4sugar: hi!
10:14 dogi: hi
10:15 JT4sugar: we'd need to rewrite Sugar in Javascript :-)
10:15 dogi #idea sugar on a website
10:15 SeanDaly Yes, that's what I think
10:16 JT4sugar bernie, How hard and how long?
10:16 SeanDaly greets dogi
10:16 dogi #info bernie suggest to use javascript
10:16 hi SeanDaly
10:16 cjb JT4sugar: my opinion:  about a year.
10:16 except you don't get any activities
10:16 SeanDaly bernie: that would be a great big job, right?
10:16 greets cjb
10:16 cjb howdy
10:17 SeanDaly hmm no Activities, no learning
10:17 cjb yeah.  I think the idea's a non-starter, but I might be being pessimistic due to under-caffeination.  ;-)
10:17 SeanDaly if that many resources are necessary we'll think about a demon then
10:18 s/demon/demo
10:18 we have to eliminate and sidestep barriers:
10:18 1) the installation barrier
10:18 2) the unfamiliarity barrier
10:18 walterbender we could write the .py page in CSS and have it launch video demos of activities...
10:18 SeanDaly 3) the no-hardware-available barrier
10:19 greets walterbender
10:19 what's great about demo is we could record voiceovers
10:19 JT4sugar cjb, Meaning an actvity could never run or could if rewritten
10:19 SeanDaly this would be reusable for DailyMotion channel
10:19 cjb JT4sugar: you would need to rewrite all the activities in javascript too
10:20 (except there are some things javascript can't do that our current activities can)
10:20 JT4sugar cjb, I see
10:20 cjb it's really not a very strong idea.  there's a reason there aren't any other javascript web operating systems online.
10:21 SeanDaly this is good I have specific answers to questions II had about feasibility
10:21 JT4sugar Just a interactive walk through of Sugar ending in a link to download I think would be all you need
10:21 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes quite
10:21 cjb yeah, that's much easier.  there's a particular flash version that we're interested in porting to javascript, I think?
10:22 from .uy or somewhere
10:22 SeanDaly we could also try Sugar-inspired home view nav, like our friends in Paraguay did
10:22 dogi #link http://www.paraguayeduca.org/
10:22 #info is a flash app
10:23 cjb cool, that's it
10:23 SeanDaly thanks for link
10:23 JT4sugar I think idea here is to get familiarity with interface in approachable way then let them download and discover
10:23 cjb so the idea would be to port to JS/CSS, and add things like the frame so that we can give people an idea of how to use the real Sugar, and perhaps have explanations on everything you click on?
10:24 walterbender cjb: I think it is a reasonable task
10:24 SeanDaly cjb: yes, so basic familiarity with frame possible
10:25 in my experience kids & parents on non-OLPC keyboards confused until I show how to bring out frame, and the 4 screens
10:25 cjb walterbender: yes, think so too
10:25 perhaps the MOMA video could be used for the explanations
10:26 SeanDaly by the way we should talk to cherry and other keyboard OEMs, who knows for possibility of large edu orders they might be willing to make special Sugar version?
10:26 cjb not directly, I mean as examples of the sort of text and animations we could show
10:26 JT4sugar cjb, This could be very helpful for outreach seeing Sugar in action would spur them to download and distribute
10:26 SeanDaly cjb: it's dated if that's the one in our gallery
10:26 oh yes
10:26 dogi #link http://idea.olpcorps.net/drupa[…]atorrent/idea/18/
10:26 SeanDaly I have been wrestling with screencam solutions
10:27 walterbender a discussion for another time, but I would like to see a teeny bit of the frame always visible, like a tab, in the corners of the screen...
10:28 another outreach issue is download+installation... SeanDaly: did you see my draft note re USB-key manufacturer?
10:28 SeanDaly walterbender: I believe hiding docks on both Win and OSX leave several pixels visible in horiz bar
10:28 walterbender: yes I did but forgot to read over... have been offline for 3 days
10:28 walterbender SeanDaly: something to target for 0.90
10:29 SeanDaly: np
10:29 SeanDaly I was gifted with an iPhone, been in discovery mode (and all my contacts mangled)
10:30 dogi: wow didn't know about that great
10:30 re outreach & installation,
10:30 install barrier is single biggest barrier
10:30 dogi SeanDaly, sorry ;)
10:31 SeanDaly OEM preinstall would make enormous difference
10:32 particularity of OLPC (limited distribution) makes inroads difficult in developed countries
10:33 Intel refernced Ubuntu on the Classmate after active Canonical discussions
10:34 OLPC competitors of course a sensitive point
10:35 My approach in that regard has been to talk about converting existing fleets
10:35 and positioning the XO as Sugar's "first and native" platform
10:37 I'm sorry but I have to run... very full plate....
10:38 let's mull over what a nice demo approximation of the Home View could do
10:38 JT4sugar walterbender, Draft note USB-key?
10:38 SeanDaly greets Ron_F but I have to run I'm afraid
10:39 Ron_F (sorry to be late)
10:39 :o)
10:39 SeanDaly JT4sugar: walterbender cc'd me with it but I haven't read over yet
10:39 Ron_F I will catch the log
10:40 SeanDaly Ron_F: yes I will post the log in the usual place: bottom of here http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]ing_Team/Meetings
10:40 Ron_F tx
10:40 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Just wondering if it's about asking to donate sticks or other
10:41 SeanDaly Ron_F: the basic idea is to demo Sugar online... overcome unfamiliarity barrier
10:41 JT4sugar: didn(t read yet <sheepish grin>
10:41 Ron_F a movie? or a simulataor?
10:41 SeanDaly Ron_F: something like this: http://www.paraguayeduca.org/
10:42 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I'll let you go-any luck on Online store project outline I have an Educator in mind to reach out to
10:42 SeanDaly but perhaps with Activity icons, and each one starts a film demoing the Activity
10:42 JT4sugar: no sorry i didn't put that together either will try to catch up
10:43 Ron_F it is cute! :o)
10:43 SeanDaly have to run!
10:43 JT4sugar SeanDaly, thanks!
10:43 Ron_F bye SeanDaly
10:43 SeanDaly #endmeeting

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