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#sugar-meeting, 2010-01-27

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10:17 SeanDaly should have started that 10 mins ago
10:17 JT4sugar How is preparation for Feb. 3 Paris meeting going?
10:18 SeanDaly I'm underwater right now with work, but OLPC France people doing great job
10:18 My idea is to do PR that day announcing Sugar on XO-1.5
10:18 JT4sugar Who exactly is the Audience and what is goal of meeting?
10:19 SeanDaly audience is corporate social responsibility directors and corporate foundations for France's top companies
10:19 the angle is presentation of the OLPC project, via OLPC France association and Sugar Labs
10:19 JT4sugar Asking to understand better how we can dovetail off and leverage
10:20 SeanDaly with goal of asking not just funds, but participation
10:20 volunteer contributors, or engineers, or local infrastructure
10:21 JT4sugar Can you get me some info on what companies will be there? Is info on OLPC France site. Do you know if Dassault on list?
10:21 SeanDaly I'm told "CAC-40" companies - the top multinationals, so likely Dassault will be
10:22 JT4sugar Can you connect me to someone who would know for sure we have local Dassault people I have been working with this could be opportunity to tie
10:22 things together
10:23 SeanDaly http://www.atelier.fr/espace-p[…]2010/-39185-.html
10:24 L'Atelier contact (BNP Paribas) did not wish to give us their mailing list, but I can ask
10:25 L'Atelier has told us that if this seminar successful, they will replicate in USA (San Francisco) and Asia
10:26 JT4sugar I just need a contact I can call and ask, if I know they will be there or can get them invited I think it could be beneficial. There new push at Dassault on the V6 Platform is Social Innovation
10:26 SeanDaly by all means if you could ask your contact who CSR or foundation person for France is, would be easy for me to ask l'Atelier if s/he is on list
10:28 in any case i ned to check with them if they have invited some corporate contacts i have
10:28 JT4sugar That might be hard to find out with different staffs in Michigan and France. Can you call and just see if they are being represented and if they give name great if not I can still work from this side
10:29 SeanDaly ok let's work from both ends
10:29 JT4sugar Thanks!
10:30 Not sure what the silence is from MarketLab but will try ping Tripti tomorrow if nothing
10:30 SeanDaly by the way for sure i will be near you in late June or early July for 1 week, would very much like to get together
10:30 yes pls ping Tripti
10:31 I think we should make a focus on growing marketing team with primary goal fundraising
10:31 JT4sugar I am working with a Local County school district that serves 28 districts and has four Technical Schools. Can you come up with some bite size marketing tasks these High School students could tackle
10:32 SeanDaly a very fun one: setting up t-shirt stores e.g. cafepress
10:32 JT4sugar That's a fanatastic idea-I will pitch it to Career Focused Education Director at our meeting Friday
10:32 SeanDaly another fun one but requires some tech: booting SoaS on computers on film, posting to DailyMotion channel
10:33 I hve done preliminary work identifying candidate merchandise cos
10:33 looking for link
10:34 JT4sugar We are putting together an Open Source Development Lesson Plan Module/Open Source Project Participation Model so if we can get our needs into Bite Size projects I think the students would love to do some of this stuff
10:35 SeanDaly see thread at http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]9-May/001108.html
10:36 also see here for tasks: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ember/002079.html
10:36 JT4sugar I guess we need to start Thinking like Teachers and turn our needs into Lesson Plans-Learn while you do-Service Learning
10:37 SeanDaly well this would be I think a very interesting business case even for midlevel students - do we pick only one, or several suppliers? do we sample quality? do we do store-in-store?
10:37 that first thread and second mail sum up all my thoughts to date
10:39 JT4sugar I like the way you are approaching this. If we can set up projects as sets of questions I think that would be best way to engage. Question-Observe/Capture-Assess-Decide-Create
10:40 SeanDaly thanks  - I do feel that whoever tackles this can really create it, because I care more that it's done nicely than exactly how it's done and when
10:40 JT4sugar Missed that get together line in June/July that would be Great!
10:41 SeanDaly and very concrete - we will all be proud to choose our favorite Activity t-shirt, or Neighborhood View coggee mug :D
10:41 s/coggee/coffee (could use some now ;-)
10:41 JT4sugar I think having a Group of Students(Checks/Balance) is probably more helpful than just one volunteer trying to set up
10:41 bernie lurks
10:42 SeanDaly completely agree - there could be different roles
10:42 greets bernie
10:42 that's in part why i haven't done it myself - I have felt would be ideal project for group of students
10:43 JT4sugar It would be Great then to have these students connect with students in other countries to help open local language store  with Sugar Labs goodies in their country
10:44 SeanDaly yes, and in fact some services like spreadshirt and vistaprint are international, so once setup done, easy to localize
10:45 JT4sugar The next question is to we set up in a franchise structure so Local Store front helps Fund a Local Sugar Labs/Activity Teting in Local language
10:45 do we
10:46 Testing-This wireless keyboard makes me look like I can"t spell
10:47 SeanDaly in fact this project is related to trademark issues; basis of franchising
10:48 JT4sugar Just something to think about-and does relate to the ongoing branding issues/challenges
10:49 SeanDaly for example ii think it would be great if anybody could put together SL tees, but I think it would be better if we had a handle on the branding
10:50 for example i want to emphasize Activities; Gary C Martin really liked that idea
10:50 such an approach would communicate info way beyond a logo
10:51 JT4sugar I know you have been getting there in SLOBS meetings when do you see that being finalized-Activities YES
10:51 SeanDaly also possible: one-liners, e.g. "Recycle that computer for a kid" or something
10:52 I'm sorry to say I'm much more worried about the trademark issues than anyone else, so i have been taking my time to get it right
10:52 but if it's not done soon I'll be hung up on the yardarm by my SLOBmates
10:53 JT4sugar Well having a well formulated approach at the beginning paves way for long-term branding success. What are stick points at this point?
10:53 SeanDaly it's a real challenge, because we need to license to protect marks and nurture brand, while encouraging use of marks
10:53 i don't know anybody else in FOSS doing this
10:55 i'm very pleased David working on ubuntu project version
10:55 Chris Ball made an excellent point, if david won't be interested in licensing marks, our policy will need to be done better
10:56 community members often reflect on what FOSS projects have done, but nearly all have very poor brand recognition
10:57 the way I see it is: good policy - merchandising - fundraising - advertising
10:57 with that approach we will have a chance of a breakout
10:58 adverts = teacher magazines publications sites blogs
10:58 JT4sugar We seem to be a special case because of the Arena we are in, So getting it Right is important and we be setting the precedent to some degree-It becomes a question of Quality of Output and do we have a say in quality of product that bears SL Logo
10:58 SeanDaly FOSS folk instinctively trust social media since they are familiar with it, but we need to go where teachers are, and not just geeky teachers
10:59 yes we are very certainly in a special case
10:59 and we absolutely need a say in product quality to protect & nurture the brand
11:00 by the way Jolicloud is adopting a similar marketing approach, even if their target is different
11:01 by the way OLPC probably has better brand recognition than any FOSS project with exception of Firefox
11:02 that's why i am so disappointed at strategy & communication difficulties
11:03 need to run i'm afraid
11:04 JT4sugar Yes at same time we must make it easy for folks to take Sugar and put it on top of their product-offering. Do we have a process that had partners join a certification program
11:04 SeanDaly that's precisely the process under discussion with SLOBs
11:05 by the way any community member can speak up in SLOB meetings
11:07 i want a labeling program, cf. http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]nuary/002621.html
11:07 JT4sugar Ok will check on MarketLab-please check on OLPC France info-Have a Good Day!
11:07 I will spend some time reading through more carefully and see if I can add anything constructive
11:08 SeanDaly we are leaning towards "sweetened by Sugar" or "sweetened with Sugar", i like because easy to translate
11:08 the designers are on board with graphic approach
11:09 on the policy side, need to define procedure for licensing, but lots of unknowns still
11:09 such as: licensing always free? period? conditions for acceptance? conditions for revocation? how revocation would work?
11:11 licensing needs to be simple enough that partners encouraged to license
11:11 we are not helped by distro and desktop brand weakness
11:11 and so far only openSUSE has promoted Sugar
11:12 much more fruitful to work with OEMs offering education solutions
11:13 and that will be easier if teachers tes SoaS then ask buyers who ping suppliers
11:13 s/tes/test
11:13 need to run now I'm afraid
11:16 hoping Ron comes to next marketing meeting, i want to motivate him to produce a dozen videos
11:17 end going once...
11:18 end going twice...
11:19 #endmeeting

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