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#sugar-meeting, 2010-01-12

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10:06 SeanDaly since it's much more fun, and we are not numerous, may I propose we start off by brainstorming about 2010?
10:06 JT4sugar Sounds good
10:07 SeanDaly well, this is easy, but one project I'd really like to see happen is: T-Shirts!
10:07 and merchandising in general (hats mugs etc)
10:08 a no-brainer, but always helpful in raising brand awareness
10:08 walterbender branded USB keys to give to teachers!
10:09 SeanDaly yes, hear hear we need help financing those but would be fabulously efficient way to get Sugar in the hands of teachers
10:09 JT4sugar Fundraising=Awareness=T-shirts and merchandising   Fundraising for Core Developer Capacity Fundraising for USB distribution program
10:09 SeanDaly by eliminating the search - download - format/load stick steps
10:10 JT4sugar: yes totally agree, i had specifically mentioned fundraising in my SLOBs plank
10:10 sdziallas hullos
10:10 (sorry for being late)
10:11 SeanDaly I'd like to put together a list (foundations, OEMs) and think about how we can reach & followup
10:11 greets mchua, sdziallas
10:11 sdziallas hi SeanDaly :)
10:11 walterbender SeanDaly: there is the list of EU program I sent you a while back.
10:11 SeanDaly: there are 3-4 US-based programs I am working on for January submission as well (Pepsi is due tomorrow).
10:12 SeanDaly my impression is that we generate interest easily enough, but sometimes drop the ball in followup
10:13 JT4sugar walterbender, what does submission aks for? Does it fund specific initiatives?
10:14 walterbender JT4sugar: another one of these cloud-sourcing initiatives--propose an idea and the world vote on it... :(
10:16 SeanDaly I'm guilty myself, our EU friends pinged me yesterday they are curious about Sugar pilots in Europe esp. germany
10:17 was on phone
10:17 about fundraising follwup,
10:17 it's often the case that people propose tools
10:18 however in my experience even a simple list will suffice if trusted people have access to document
10:18 for obvious reasons it's difficult to have such docs public
10:19 JT4sugar If we develop specific funding initiatives ourselves example: Teacher USB program-Awareness/Testing, University Testing Kit(Sugar on a stick, VMs, USB Creator, Some Documentation, What we want tested) and Core Developer funding,Swag
10:19 We know have a menu of funding choices to offer
10:19 sdziallas nods
10:19 SeanDaly a list where each contact point is logged; with name oof person who contacted; often best to have a "main" SL person as contact
10:20 JT4sugar: yes excellent suggestion to break out into programs
10:21 JT4sugar If we can get this into a presentable formats. Then each person picks three philanthropists to contact and make a direct pitch
10:21 SeanDaly i agree that direct pitch best approach
10:23 other ideas: labeling programs
10:23 JT4sugar Say 10 of us Sugar Labers do this that equals 30 Philanthropists, I'm pretty sure we can get at least one or two breakthroughs if not more
10:23 SeanDaly this year i would like to work on viral video "Sugar Boots" campaign
10:24 JT4sugar: no doubt whatsoever in my mind we will find funding
10:24 just need organized formalized approach
10:25 I got good feedback from the EU people will share soon (on todo list)
10:25 something else for 2010: website improvement
10:25 navigation, ease of use
10:25 look & feel?
10:26 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Is this something that can be outsourced to University level project
10:27 SeanDaly, Or do we need to get Christian some interns?
10:28 SeanDaly JT4sugar: perhaps... bu if we want to rethink our front pages, Design team should be with us
10:28 i'd like to use the following approach:
10:28 study stats, enumerate objectives, fix primary objectives, then talk design changes
10:29 right now I don't have access to site stats, i asked Bernie a while back but i think he missed my mail
10:30 I haven't made this high priority for a simple reason: our patched-together sites plus our press coverage have kept us fabulously well-referenced
10:30 stats will tell us how useful static intro pages are, where visitors (not contributors) go on the wiki, &c
10:31 we did somme common-sense stuff for the Blueberry launch: callout on the homepage, standard wiki page for SoaS
10:32 with Strawberry, Blueberry pages behind SoaS page
10:32 helps when ppl click on old links in news articles
10:32 let's talk university project some more
10:33 JT4sugar I ambeginning to  work with Instructors and Students at Oakland Schools Four Technical Campuses, we will be wading into the site to pick out key pieces for Teachers/students-How can we connect outside resources with marketing and design team
10:33 SeanDaly yes a wish I have for 2010 is to expand the marketing team
10:33 I draw inspiration from the Spread Firefox campaigns
10:34 it would be great if univ students could take Sugar into elementary schools
10:34 and students develop Activities, and work on documentation
10:36 JT4sugar I am working on an Investing in Innovation grant(US Dept of ED) will be working with Michigan State, Purdue, Oakland University and possibly Evangeline at BU-getting Ed students to do exactly that
10:37 SeanDaly this might sound dumb but i feel T-shirts could be helpful in these programs - univ students like to share cool news by word of mouth
10:38 sdziallas SeanDaly: http://mairin.wordpress.com/20[…]cape-class-day-1/ might be interesting.
10:38 SeanDaly cf. at Bolzano during the FOSS conference i had an XO on my shoulder strap, a crowd of people followed me around and asked for a demo
10:39 sdziallas: thanks! I recently fetched the inkscape installers and bought a book (another python one too) haven't had time to go further yet
10:39 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Would be great to have Cafe Press site with cool Sugar Labs shirts and be able to have studenst  participating to choose design they like best or create new one
10:39 sdziallas SeanDaly: Mo is introducing middle schoolers to it - and they get t-shirts for free, too ;)
10:40 (that's why I referred it)
10:40 walterbender SeanDaly: re a t-shirt, Christian Schmidt does a fabulous job on them... the one he designed for OLPC, which would work well for Sugar Labs actually, was perfect (even though NN didn't like it)
10:40 SeanDaly JT4sugar: in fact I had started a benchmark with cafepress and their 5 competitors
10:41 I would like wide range of different designs actually
10:42 in particular... giant icons of Activities, front of T-shirt say e.g. "Browse" with icon and back say "A sugar Activity"
10:42 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Think many designs best as well as create/submit your own option
10:43 SeanDaly different color combos will reinforce our multicolor logo branding
10:43 sdziallas SeanDaly: I like the idea of setting something up at cafepress or whereever.
10:43 SeanDaly i also think it could be cool to have versions in different languages :D
10:43 reminding ppl that Sugar is available in their language
10:44 JT4sugar "I've Been Sugarized" T-shirts and Stickers for laptops/netbooks-Multiple languages-Yes
10:45 SeanDaly I myself can't wait to have a tee with Neighborhood view :D
10:45 sdziallas_ sorry, I got disconnected.
10:46 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Can you put out call for updated screenshots of Views for T-shirts and Website Gallery
10:48 SeanDaly JT4sugar: in fact before starting t-shirts i'd like to wait until trademark policy is done (should be soon before end of month)
10:48 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Makes sense
10:48 SeanDaly Gary & Christian both handmade super high-rez screenshots for OLPC a month ago
10:49 in other words basic screenshot too low-rez for print
10:49 gary seemed to say that low to high-rez transformation couls be partially automated
10:49 walterbender SeanDaly: speak of TM policy, can we discuss the phrasing of 2a and 2b, which are our final hold-up on ratifying the new policy
10:50 SeanDaly Months ago i devised an imagemagick command to generate Activity icon SVG at super high rez
10:50 walterbender: yes haven't taken time to start thread on label phrase
10:51 for clarity I feel would be best if the phrase was part of policy
10:52 JT4sugar Is there link to draft policy
10:52 SeanDaly and we need to think through a few more scenarios that should be covered by tm policy; for example: hideous t-shirt design with SL logo
10:52 JT4sugar: looking...
10:54 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ernance/Trademark
10:54 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Thanks
10:55 SeanDaly JT4sugar: you are welcome to participate in SLOBs Friday meeting, we've been discussing the policy last few meetings
10:56 SFC still needs to vet it, but Karen told me first order of business is to be clear what we want/don't want and she will verify language is OK from there
10:56 JT4sugar walterbender, In 2a 2b what are sticking points9Which words)
10:57 SeanDaly JT4sugar: actually the stickler is me
10:57 I want to develop a label program loosely based on "intel inside"
10:58 but for Sugar distributions
10:59 the idea being easy & simple implicit licensing if named unconfusingly, but explicit licensing if name too close to our trademarks
11:00 label should reinforce Sugar brand
11:00 here are examples:
11:00 a sugar mix
11:00 a sugar confection
11:00 a sugar refinement
11:00 a sugar concoction
11:00 a sugar treat
11:01 a sugar conception
11:01 &c
11:01 each time with our logo
11:01 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Can that not become A then others follow on below as b,c,d
11:04 SeanDaly, Or is that a restructing of point A
11:05 SeanDaly, restructuring
11:10 SeanDaly was on phone
11:12 JT4sugar: yes, i would like A to be explicit so wriggle room reduced
11:12 I shall have to go soon, but
11:12 I feel there could be lots more brainstorming :-)
11:13 we can continue on list or at next week's meeting
11:13 but Sugar label text a todo before Friday I'll start that thread
11:14 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Are you ready to talk with Tripti MIT MarketLab-we can try to have them put together Fundraising program and leverage work of Babson group
11:16 SeanDaly JT4sugar: i don't feel ready yet lots on my plate in particular prep for OLPC France / Sugar Labs presentation to major French corporations on feb 3: http://www.atelier.fr/usages/3[…]gique-39192-.html
11:17 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If we don't have conversation in next couple of weeks we will miss this semesters project opportunity
11:17 SeanDaly JT4sugar: do you have link to babson report? i remember downloading a PDF but can't find it :-(
11:18 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Looking
11:19 SeanDaly, I will email you that
11:21 SeanDaly need to go soon
11:22 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I acn contact Tripti what would you like them to work on
11:23 SeanDaly, Can-I can't spell anymore
11:23 SeanDaly why don't I read babson report then fix a priority
11:24 JT4sugar OK-ping me when done then let's do skype call to work out what to ask for
11:25 SeanDaly skype iffy too no good internet at home yet and ofc moving this wk
11:26 JT4sugar Regular phone is fine or we can do IRC with a Google doc
11:26 SeanDaly ok sounds good
11:26 JT4sugar Just let me know when ready
11:27 SeanDaly need to sign off now, will end in 60 secs
11:28 JT4sugar Good day!
11:28 SeanDaly you too!
11:29 #endmeeting

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