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#sugar-meeting, 2009-10-06

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Time Nick Message
10:07 caroline I sent the email to the Winchester paper, no reply.
10:07 I wonder if their spam filter ate it.
10:07 SeanDaly caroline: you can follow up Winchester with a phone call
10:07 caroline yes I'll put that on my todo.
10:07 what should we do next with that article?
10:08 SeanDaly probably best to see if one of the papers will run it
10:08 caroline Dave came up with a list.
10:08 should we send it to more papers? If so how many?
10:09 SeanDaly well, there's not such a thing as "too little publicity" unless the news is negative :-)
10:09 I'd say try biggest papers first
10:09 caroline ok, do we mail one at a time or send to the 6 or so he identified?
10:10 SeanDaly my advice is to mail 'em out... like fishing... first one to jump at the bait gets to publish
10:10 greets JT4sugar
10:10 JT4sugar Hi Sean
10:10 caroline ok
10:11 hi JT
10:11 JT4sugar Hello
10:11 SeanDaly JT4sugar: talking about GPA publicity
10:11 JT4sugar ok
10:11 caroline the next thing David Han is working on is letter to local companies, have you seen it?
10:11 SeanDaly I'd like to do the Nexcopy press release with GPA in there
10:12 caroline sounds good. let me know how to help on that.
10:12 SeanDaly caroline: to tell you the truth I had an awful sore throat last week and 3 days in Brussels, I saw 1 or 2 GoogleDocs but didn't read yet
10:12 caroline ok, just put it on your list if you get a chance.
10:13 SeanDaly caroline: will do
10:13 caroline If we are done with GPA I also want to discuss SIIA
10:13 just sent the email to the marketing list.
10:13 SeanDaly caroline: remind me SIIA?
10:13 caroline We need to pay them $50 and give them some more stuff.
10:14 its a conferene in NYC
10:14 we are competing to be on their innovative new ideas list.
10:14 SeanDaly Oh yes
10:15 caroline One (1) one-minute voice recording
10:15 i. One PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides
10:15 these are the annoying ones.
10:15 I wonder if we can submit the existing video for MoMa instead of these two.
10:15 SeanDaly now, I thought this was more for commercial startups?
10:15 caroline yeah
10:16 SeanDaly remind me where is MoMa vid?
10:16 caroline but we are trying anyway.
10:16 http://www.sugarlabs.org/index[…]ery&page=media_01
10:17 SeanDaly It's true that many conferences &c. are oriented "startups", not realizing lots of innovations coming from open communities
10:18 caroline: oh the gallery vid... a bit out of date that one but still good for people who have never heard of OLPC/Sugar
10:18 caroline yeah, but I don't know if they'll let us do it.
10:18 I wonder how long it is.
10:18 SeanDaly Some of these things are really startups meet venture capitalists things
10:19 caroline venture capital woudl not be a bad thing :)
10:19 SeanDaly I think that vid is 5' or so?
10:19 I have not yet found a reliable screencam method
10:19 caroline they want one minute.
10:20 JT4sugar caroline, Can you get Walter to pick his to top ten presentation slides to do the job
10:20 caroline maybe, he is traveling and the deadline is soon.
10:20 SeanDaly Ten slides is quite a short presentation
10:20 they don't want to wade through endless slides
10:21 caroline the movie is 1 minute
10:21 I'll give it a try.
10:21 SeanDaly it will be hard for me to help with that, I'm up to my ears in work after being out sick & away
10:21 wonders if sdz is around
10:22 JT4sugar Also has 2 page PDF for detailed description and 1 minute elevator speech
10:24 caroline JT I'm hoping the video will count for both powerpoint and voice cause I don't have time to put either together :(
10:25 do we have a date we are shooting for for Blueberry release?
10:27 SeanDaly caroline: 24 november according to roadmap
10:28 caroline ok
10:29 JT do you want to volunteer for the PPT and 1 minute sound bite if they won't take the video or should we just pass on SIIA?
10:29 SeanDaly on phone...
10:31 JT4sugar caroline, I am at Dassault PLM conference in Florida let me see if I can cherry pick some slides tonight
10:31 caroline they just said no
10:31 I don't know if this is worth it or not. :(
10:32 JT4sugar caroline, 1 Minute voice is a call in, I think Walter best for that could do in his sleep and its a 800 number
10:32 caroline ok, do you want to ask him? I think he's mad at me right now :)
10:33 JT4sugar caroline, I will see if we have slides to make compelling case tonight if so I think it might be worth a shot I'll let you know
10:34 caroline http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]ces#Presentations
10:34 JT4sugar caroline, What about the 2 page detailed PDF
10:35 caroline We have text I think I jsut emailed it out? do you see it?
10:36 SeanDaly sorry about that back here
10:36 ChristianV_ christian is late. Sorry !
10:36 SeanDaly greets ChristianV
10:37 discussing SIIA.net innovators proposal
10:39 caroline I am getting burnt out on these contests
10:39 with all the rules
10:39 JT4sugar caroline, Looks good
10:39 SeanDaly It's tiring to apply over & over
10:40 caroline if it was a common app it wou;dn't be so bad but to reformat and new lenghts everytime is very hard.
10:40 SeanDaly Presentations are my bread and butter, I should work on that page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/M[…]eam/Presentations
10:40 JT4sugar I've got to run Dassault CEO Bernard Charles speaking I'm hoping to meet with him tomorrow will be in touch tonight
10:40 SeanDaly caroline: yes and then they nickel-and-dime you with the fees
10:41 JT4sugar I'll read the log-Have a Good Day
10:41 SeanDaly JT4sugar: I know someone hhere in Paris who kbows B. Charles too
10:42 concerning Blueberry launch, I'd rather not brainstorm without sdz
10:42 caroline yeah
10:42 SeanDaly he was in Paris last week but i didn't call him because I would've given him my sore throat germs
10:43 caroline are you feeling better?
10:43 SeanDaly we still have a little time but i believe we need to find a knockout hook or event or news for the launch
10:43 caroline: yes much better thx :-)
10:44 I'd like to talk a little about a show coming up in Paris
10:44 caroline Sean, what are you looking for? How would I know it if I saw it?
10:44 SeanDaly it's called Educatec-Educatice
10:45 ChristianV i'm on the web page
10:45 SeanDaly URL in the marketing invite or: http://www.educatec-educatice.com
10:45 caroline ah its like EduCause France
10:46 So we are looking for a show to annouce with?
10:46 SeanDaly Attendees are hyperqualified: buyers for schools, teachers, education dept. ministry people,
10:46 caroline We are going to be giving a presentation at NYSCATE around that time.
10:46 SeanDaly Well I would love to announce with that show, but it's 4 days before planned Blueberry date
10:46 caroline Nov 24th is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
10:46 SeanDaly what are NYSCATE dates plz?
10:47 caroline Our presentation will be Nov 22nd
10:47 SeanDaly Wow Educatec-Educatice is 18th-19th-20th of November
10:47 caroline Is it a good idea to do the launch the Tuesday before Thanksgiving?
10:48 SeanDaly sdz's roadmap is Nov. 24th for Blueberry
10:49 caroline ok anythign further we can do today?
10:50 do we know when we can meet with sdz?
10:50 SeanDaly Ah yes http://www.nyscate.org/confere[…]s.cfm?subpage=361
10:50 I think that's the ticket!! what are NYSCATE plans, a presentation?
10:51 caroline We have 1 hour presnetation on Sunday 9am
10:51 so not that spectatuclar but we are there.
10:51 It will be the Rochester guys and Gerald, a teacher doing an implementation in NY State.
10:51 SeanDaly I'm tempted to fly over... are there booths, or is it just conf with speakers?
10:52 caroline we don't have a booth
10:52 we are not going to have that big a prescence.
10:52 We need to plan ahead and get space at some shows.
10:52 SeanDaly ok maybe not such a great idea... however I am trying to organize a booth for the Paris show
10:53 ChristianV what would you like to do for the paris show ?
10:53 SeanDaly it's quite expensive, I am hoping to do with OLPC France and negotiate price down
10:53 ChristianV: ideally, launch Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry
10:54 But, the show is 4-5 days before targeted release date
10:54 and of course we can't rush dev schedule without discussing with sdz
10:54 caroline I wonder if we should save our money for some stuff in the spring when we'll be more prepared.
10:55 we'll have schools running it, well tested Blueberry, hopefully the demo CD we want etc.
10:55 SeanDaly advantage of presence there is to reach influencers, including visitors from francophone countries
10:55 e.g. half of Africa
10:55 caroline nod
10:55 SeanDaly also large press presence
10:56 and excellent opportunity for competitive landscape look-sees
10:57 ok I will need to wrap up here, very tight day today...
10:57 any other quick topics?
10:57 ChristianV just
10:58 i'm going to paris this end of week
10:58 SeanDaly ChristianV: great! we can hook up
10:58 ChristianV are you available sean for a meeting to understand what you want to do and how i could help ?
10:58 SeanDaly yes of course
10:59 I can loan you an XO too if you don't have one
10:59 ChristianV i just bought one on ebay
10:59 he's on his way from australia =)
10:59 SeanDaly ChristianV: bravo that's how I got my 4 (and 2 G1G1s)
11:00 ChristianV when are you available ?
11:00 SeanDaly But Adam Holt says he should be able to arrange some XO-1.5s for us when production starts
11:00 e me offlist we'll fix a time
11:00 ChristianV okay no prob
11:00 going back to classes
11:00 SeanDaly ok wrapping it up... going once...
11:01 ChristianV tchao !
11:01 SeanDaly going twice...
11:01 bye
11:01 #endmeeting

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