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#sugar-meeting, 2009-09-29

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Time Nick Message
10:05 SeanDaly meetbot seems to be in full effect
10:06 walterbender waves
10:06 SeanDaly Did all of you have a chance to look at my peoposed agenda? anything else to add? (we can subtract too)
10:06 waves to walterbender
10:07 resounding echoes in chamber :D
10:07 ChristianV it's ok for me
10:07 SeanDaly OK perhaps we can talk marketing recruitment a little
10:08 We have contact info for some professors and we will be following up on that
10:08 I have a couple more in the list to contact
10:08 what I would really like is to delegate merchandising to one or more volunteers
10:08 ChristianV okay. Do you need more contacts ?
10:08 walterbender SeanDaly: We have the Babson team as well
10:08 SeanDaly merchandising is fun and very visual
10:09 walterbender: yes Babson
10:09 caroline didn't we have a volunteer who was an SEO expert, did we follow up with him?
10:09 SeanDaly ChristianV: not sure... I've been thinking of mentioning this on a couple of marketing boards I'm on
10:10 walterbender SeanDaly: I think we should also find a way to work with Blackduck
10:10 SeanDaly caroline: yes Dennis E, but his thing is SEO and Google Adwords
10:10 if you notice... we are super-well referenced in Google, and News, and Images too
10:11 walterbender: yes if Black Duck can offer us something useful
10:12 JT4sugar Can Black Duck work with the Babson Team
10:12 SeanDaly ChristianV: we had spoken about working on the Google adwords proposal, perhaps you'd rather somebody else work on it? I know I don't like to get "assignments" :D :D
10:12 ChristianV lol i've done a first draft but not much more....that's right
10:13 SeanDaly ChristianV: well if we can get that going again would be great, we have a good shot at getting that I think
10:14 ChristianV okay. Does someone have ever done marketing campaign on adwords ? (it will be usefull to do ping pong with him)
10:15 SeanDaly Well, I haven't... aside from briefing web agencies to buy from a hit-parade list ("best" keywords first)
10:15 caroline Maybe Dennis E?
10:16 SeanDaly By the way a very recent legal ruling in Europe I think allows Google to sell trademarks as adwords
10:16 caroline: yes that's true Dennis E could advise us!
10:16 as long as the advice is free, and not consulting :-)
10:17 caroline he responded to a volunteer ad, doesn't hurt to ask.
10:17 SeanDaly caroline: OK I will contact him
10:17 about recruiting...
10:18 my idea is that whomever is coordinating merchandising,
10:19 as a second step could coordinate social-media photos/videos/tweets of marketers and teachers wearing swag
10:19 continuing the idea of Activity icons, could be amusing get-togethers themed by Activity not just "Sugar"
10:20 ChristianV wich type of profile are ou searching for that ?
10:21 SeanDaly ChristianV: not very selective... just eager to do PR/marketing and fabulous merchandising on shoestring budget I guess
10:21 caroline SeanDaly, maybe put up a volunteer match ad?
10:21 SeanDaly the cause is a good one,
10:22 and the visuals for t-shirts etc. will I think be so cool that even non-initiates will like them
10:22 caroline: sure, if you think that will help
10:22 we could get lucky and find a professor willing to get her whole class in on it
10:22 JT4sugar All good tasks for college students-marketing students can approach Film students for the shoots-all college students must do projects
10:23 caroline sounds good
10:23 ChristianV oh ! just an idea : once the T-Shirts are there you can do partnerships with http://www.threadless.com !
10:23 SeanDaly JT4sugar: yes exactly
10:24 JT4sugar SeanDaly, When you speak with Professors sell the cross-discipline team approach
10:25 SeanDaly ChristianV: I think I missed that one! will add to the list of potential suppliers
10:25 JT4sugar: yes good point
10:26 just a word about SEO: we are taking the "shortcut", which is obtaining press coverage. Most startups have difficulty getting to the SEO point we are at now...
10:27 by the way I don't feel the need to do PR for recruiting marketers,
10:28 I'm ready to do "direct-mail" campaign... very narrowly targeted to professors, as it were
10:28 all right may I say 2 words about Inq article?
10:29 briefly, we have been very fortunate to locate a sympathetic journalist willing to tell our side (and the OLPC side) of the story
10:30 I went out on a limb by communicating OLPC positions (i was perfectly clear that I was not formal spokesperson in any way for them),
10:31 and I would have preferred some talking-point coordination with someone from OLPC first,
10:31 but in the end a positive message got out (even if some small factual errors such as SL is a "company")
10:32 I have been lobbying OLPC colleagues to capitalize on tech press interest in the XO-1.5 refresh to reshape misperceptions, but
10:33 no change in position at higher levels
10:33 caroline is there a high level position?
10:34 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Can that OLPC communication Gap be bridged-where exactly is the constraint-can we contact those individuals
10:34 caroline it feels like a lack of a position, a lack of communication.
10:35 SeanDaly JT4sugar - my last two mails to Chuck this month have gone unanswered. Of course, since he doesn't know me personally, perhaps they are languishing in the spam bin :-(
10:36 you may have seen however that Adam has been hired on permanent contract with a wider remit
10:36 caroline I think you are doing the right thing, leading by example, and all we can do is wait and see if they notice.
10:36 SeanDaly he wants to do tweets & identi.ca messages about OLPC
10:37 I asked him right away if he wanted to work on talking points & joint press and he said basically "don't rush me yet :-)"
10:37 caroline: yes, I feel they have been overly fatalist about the negative coverage... it is indeed possible to shape & influence press coverage with some techniques & lots of luck
10:38 caroline right, they aren't exactly agile in their marketing, we should give them time, if only to not waste our energy trying to push faster then they will ever go.
10:38 SeanDaly anyone know if sdziallas is around? went somewhere this week I think?
10:41 mtd SeanDaly: he's away from the internet this week.
10:41 SeanDaly: Paris.
10:42 caroline wow you guys should meet in person :)
10:42 mtd thought Sean was in Brussels
10:42 SeanDaly caroline: in fact they have tremendous aided (as opposed to unaided) recognition, a marketing term which means if you mention the "$100 laptop for kids"
10:43 mtd: in Paris since Sept.
10:43 mtd SeanDaly: nice.
10:45 walterbender SeanDaly: I think SDZ is planning to have Lebanese this week off Rue de Magenta; maybe you could join him :)
10:45 SeanDaly caroline: they make the connection with OLPC
10:46 walterbender: would love to, I'm having a coffee with Bastien G after this
10:46 caroline say hi for me :)
10:46 SeanDaly OK well I'd rather brainstorm Blueberry launch with sdz than without, I just want to say
10:47 that we need to think up an event or hook or news which will entice editors to cover us
10:47 caroline when are we planning on launching?
10:47 SeanDaly reminder, I have a batch of new beauty shots of netbooks standing by
10:48 my photog friend Philippe who did the marvelous Sugar on a Stick mirror photo did those other shots too
10:48 caroline :)
10:49 SeanDaly one thing I would like to try for one of these launches is collaboration by two classes across a continent or ocean, and
10:49 walterbender SeanDaly: are we planning any noise about 0.86?
10:49 SeanDaly ideally between an OLPC classroom and a SoaS classroom
10:49 walterbender (of course, Blueberry is based on 0.86)
10:50 JT4sugar A Sugar "SD" card solution to upgrade XO's in the field may be our best strategy to turn OLPC winds in our favor-A Blueberry XO spin would be Sweet
10:50 SeanDaly walterbender: remind me when v0.86 release date is, very close right?
10:50 walterbender SeanDaly: just happened
10:50 SeanDaly JT4sugar: I'm a bit confused where new Sugar on XO status is at right now
10:51 walterbender SeanDaly: I think it just works, except there may be some F12 issues with some drivers.
10:51 SeanDaly walterbender: the thing is, the availability of code,
10:51 walterbender SeanDaly: I think we have lots of testing to do on the XO before we can recommend it to a deployment
10:51 SeanDaly is not the same as availability on PCs or netbooks... except for the small minority already running GNU/Linux
10:52 in fact we got burned with the March press release... some websites covered us, but Wayan did a big spread,
10:53 and was understandably disappointed that the release didn't run on XOs or on PCs without GNU/Linux
10:53 JT4sugar If we could get a few SD cards made up and get them to Daniel Drake to test in field that would be a good start
10:54 SeanDaly walterbender: yes, needs to be bulletproof for production... i wish i knew what versions are in what countries now
10:54 walterbender SeanDaly: Uruguay is just moved over to 0.82 and Peru is in the process of doing the same.
10:55 SeanDaly I'm open to PR about the v0.86 release, but there's another thing: we captured journalist's attention by creating a meme that 1 year after founding, SL came out with Strawberry v1
10:55 walterbender: thanks for info
10:55 walterbender SeanDaly: some of the smaller deployments are running 0.84
10:55 SeanDaly: no one is using 0.86 yet in a deployment, AFAIK
10:56 SeanDaly So, if we announce a v0.86 now, some journalists will be confused, and moreover, as that version isn't SoaS which they can boot, they will be even more confused
10:56 satellit do we have a wiki page listing version used by countries and deployments?
10:56 SeanDaly put another way, the v0.84->v0.86->v0.88 track is a horror to communicate, and runs on 2% of machines,
10:57 while a v1->v2->v3 track is instantly understandable to everyone, and can boot just about anything
10:57 so I feel we should put our PR eggs in the SoaS basket
10:58 which is why I did 10% of the 150 mails on the SoaS topics :D :D
10:58 walterbender SeanDaly: FYI, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.86/Notes
10:58 SeanDaly looking now...
11:00 there's loads of great stuff in v0.86 we can capitalize on for the Blueberry launch
11:00 not least of which is the concept of how quickly we can improve quality as the project gains critical mass
11:01 JT4sugar What distributions will have 0.86 included in them when you download them? A seperate marketing push targeting distributions+Sugar may help in developer recruitment
11:01 SeanDaly in our last PR we implied that growth was so quick, we practically had to ask FSF to help out with new servers :-)
11:01 walterbender Trisquel is using 0.86, I believe.
11:02 and F12 will have 0.86 when it is released.
11:02 I think 0.86 is available now on Debian
11:02 and if you use a PPA, you can get 0.86 for Ubuntu
11:02 satellit opensuse-edu with next release also
11:02 SeanDaly JT4sugar: I'm more and more convinced that best way to reach developers will be where they are... IRC boards, mailing lists and conventions... merchandising absolutely vital for this last and I hope we have a merchandising offer by Blueberry
11:03 walterbender: PPA?
11:04 alsroot_ SeanDaly: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/C[…]#Using_sugar_PPAs
11:05 SeanDaly I may be wrong but I don't see distros pushing Sugar... what we should do I think is a blog post not a press release? (says the non-blogger)
11:05 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If we can make a developers favorite distribution look like a Hero because it includes Sugar and is helping Kids and let them know making Sugar better makes their distribution better may attract help we need
11:05 SeanDaly JT4sugar: sure, but how do reach them? always same problem
11:06 walterbender well, I suppose I should blog it... I'll see if I can gather the data from the devel list.
11:07 SeanDaly distros could push Sugar, but I rarely see them doing so... of course, I or someone else could lobby them to do so...
11:07 It's just I'm focused on reaching teachers, which we are barely doing right now.
11:08 JT4sugar SeanDaly, If we give some press to distributions that have "Sugar On Board" hopefully we will see a flow of help in our direction-Just make them look really good-Thats what your really good at
11:08 SeanDaly My hunch is that as the project grows in fame, distros will be more inclined to talk about Sugar and developers more inclined to contribute
11:09 walterbender SeanDaly: I just CC'd you on a note to gather data from the distros.
11:09 SeanDaly JT4sugar: huge task... I have my hands full explaining day in day out to SL contributors that marketing is useful :D
11:10 to be honest I think OEMs may bear more fruit
11:10 walterbender SeanDaly: PPA (Personal Package Archive) http://www.google.com/url?sa=t[…]evg1pIxpwikY4PnUA
11:10 SeanDaly if we can show that Sugar boots on netbook after netbook, OEMs will figure out that the distro underneath is doing the heavy lifting, while
11:11 Sugar marketing is actually easier & more effective than distro marketing
11:11 I say that because it's very clear what we do
11:12 while most distros will list a bunch of technical choices only the initiates understand, then say it's a good general-purpose system
11:14 ok I need to go any other comments or questions?
11:14 JT4sugar SeanDaly, Granted but the school IT administrator who ultimately is the Gatekeeper for widespread adoption will be looking at the Distro-level just saying that somewhere in a release the distro's with Sugar should be given some light
11:15 SeanDaly JT4sugar: again... how do reach those admins? they read the tech press where we are shaping our message... how else can we reach them?
11:16 JT4Sugar: i'd just as soon expend effort on influencers such as bloggers who are pro-FOSS (or at least not anti-)
11:17 caroline if we can get the distros to do pilots in schools wiht kids then perhaps we could write a story that school admin would read.
11:17 SeanDaly the ZDNet edu blogger was the *only* blogger invited to Intel's conference last June....
11:17 and he recently mentioned Sugar in a positive way
11:18 JT4sugar SeanDaly, I will do some research on Admin front and see what I can find out
11:18 SeanDaly to someone like that I'd still rather pitch Blueberry, and (as in all previous PR) mention that Sugar is available for GNU/Linux distros
11:19 i'd feel differently if GNU/Linux distros had market penetration... but they don't
11:19 and in fact, it's not impossible that Sugar could become a breakout vector for them
11:20 in part, because what Sugar does is so easy to understand for everybody
11:20 yikes have to run now... anything else before the bell?
11:21 caroline thanks Sean!
11:21 walterbender ciao Sean
11:21 SeanDaly going once..
11:21 going twice...
11:21 JT4sugar Good Day
11:21 SeanDaly bye everyone
11:21 going thrice
11:22 #endmeeting

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