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#sugar-meeting, 2009-08-19

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Time Nick Message
10:09 CanoeBerry Ciao, just invited ritaf to join us for a bit.
10:10 tomeu is there a place to know about the pilots going on in germany?
10:11 transbot0 gch_> Hi I\u0026#39;m from Peru I would like to participate:)
10:11 ritaf_ hi
10:11 transbot0 befana> the idea of this reunion is to revive the group deployment
10:11 befana> gch_: welcome
10:12 gch_> thanks
10:12 befana> we simultaneously on two channels, # sugar-reunion in Spanish and # sugar-meeting in English
10:12 befana> everything you read in one language will be translated into a channel to another channel by transbot0
10:14 befana> the idea of using this tool is to involve more people than those implemented in Latin America
10:14 tomeu befana: should we set a topic?
10:14 transbot0 befana> is a test of patience so I ask if the translation is not perfect
10:15 caroline Its a very cool technology.
10:15 befana tomeu: we have an agenda
10:15 #TOPIC Status update Sugar deployments
10:16 transbot0 gch_> primarily wanted to submit diculpen interrupcion investigate the sugar in a community that has formed in my university who investigates sugar in the XO and we would like to work with the learning platform:)
10:17 walterbender there are probably many univrsities who want to do such investigations
10:18 how can we help them and leverage their numbers?
10:18 transbot0 befana> gch_: One of our goals is to strengthen the ties between sugarlabs and local groups that can help in local implementations
10:20 befana walterbender: i ithink we need more marketing and difussion in local universities
10:21 walterbender befana: more coordination as well... there are so many universities doing things with Sugar, but little communicatin among them
10:22 befana walterbender: i agree, we need more coordination, and others communications channels
10:22 tomeu hmm, maybe gregdek or mchua know someone non-technical at an uni that would like to take care of it? given that they are visiting lots of people at universities
10:22 befana walterbender: i was thinking about using microblogs: twitter and identi.ca
10:23 tomeu by taking care of it meant coordinating, making sugar known in more universities, etc
10:23 walterbender befana: and maybe a facebook group?
10:23 tomeu: not to my knowledge. But I think we have the opposite problem too
10:23 transbot0 gch_> in our case I tell them that sugar spread explaining the importance of the platform:)
10:23 befana walterbender: yes, facebook too, i don't like it but it's practical
10:23 walterbender too many university projects we don't know about
10:23 mtd thinks there are too many channels and not enough signal.  Pick one or two, tell everyone about it.
10:23 transbot0 gch_> We workshops so they can learn sugar platform
10:24 tomeu walterbender: yeah, I think that person would also take care of making sure all sugar projects are known, and maybe having conferences, etc
10:24 walterbender mtd: good point, but we also have to rech out to where they are
10:24 ideally we'd get every uni to contribute to the planet
10:25 tomeu yeah, not everybody will use the two channels we choose
10:25 walterbender tomeu: I'll try again to write some grants for these conferences... it was the focus of almost every grant I wrote last year and all were rejected :(
10:25 tomeu not sure we can do anything about that, each person has their style of communicating online
10:25 mtd walterbender: cool, so planet.sugarlabs.org is the coordination / focal point of sugarlabs deployment communication?
10:25 tomeu: indeed - but at least if we point to an official one nobody can say "there is not enought coordination" :)
10:25 walterbender mtd: ideally yes... but we need to get the word out
10:25 tomeu walterbender: maybe if we find 6 projects at universities, they would organize their own conference, then we can go there and lurk ;)
10:25 mtd walterbender: sure
10:26 transbot0 befana> Tomeu: ideally cover as much of the media and have a reference to the wiki
10:26 tomeu walterbender: it's just that I see the academic world very different than the FLOSS one, may be better let them organize themselves as they better see
10:27 mtd tomeu: hmm good point...so nominate someone and let them pick the communication channel(s)?
10:27 walterbender tomeu: agreed, but they love their conferences and if we can extract from them a blog...
10:27 transbot0 tomeu> gch_: there is a website where we can learn more about your project?
10:28 gch_> http://cixosfia.libreusmp.org
10:28 tomeu walterbender: sure
10:28 mtd: yeah, I love delegating :p
10:28 mtd tomeu: sounds like an #ACTION to me
10:28 meeting: help
10:29 transbot0 gch_> ahi put all the information and input, I had the opportunity to speak with Walter Bender and make an interview that helped us a lot:)
10:30 mtd befana: perhaps you can make an #ACTION and then we can get back to the agenda?
10:30 walterbender gch: and your univesity organizes an international conference every year!!
10:30 befana #action create groups in facebook, identi.ca and twitter
10:30 walterbender very important
10:30 transbot0 gch_> if
10:30 tomeu befana: what do you think about an #ACTION: propose from the people that we currently know that are doing sugar-related projects at universities to choose one coordinator that discovers, aggregates and promotes communication between academic projects and the broader sugar community?
10:31 walterbender tomeu: +1
10:31 befana #ACTION: propose from the people that we currently know that are doing sugar-related projects at universities to choose one coordinator that discovers, aggregates and promotes communication between academic projects and the broader sugar community?
10:31 tomeu: thanks +1
10:32 transbot0 gch_> events could be disseminated university is a good point of reunion and distribution
10:32 befana #action include as many sugar relative blogs we can find to the planet
10:33 something else?
10:34 transbot0 befana> this was the last item on the agenda ... other channels of communication
10:34 mtd befana: nope
10:34 transbot0 tomeu> gch_: according
10:35 befana> Status update Sugar Deployments?
10:35 mtd can give a short status update on UK potential Sugar deployment after everyone else is done.
10:37 tomeu nice
10:37 transbot0 befana> I can talk about what we have advanced in colombia
10:38 befana> Today we are installing fedora sugar and 11 in the second of five public schools
10:38 befana> have begun working on teacher training
10:40 CanoeBerry mtd: your turn if befana's done?
10:41 tomeu befana: would be nice to see blog posts and articles on new outlets about these, maybe we can ask the marketing team for opinions about giving more publicity to your work?
10:41 befana tomeu: we are going to begun a blog with teachers
10:42 and we are going to have a maganize article next month
10:42 tomeu awesome :)
10:43 kristianpaul yes ! :-)
10:43 befana but i could be fine more publicity, maybe when we finished installations
10:44 tomeu befana: nice, sean might have ideas
10:44 befana i'll write him
10:45 mtd CanoeBerry: ok - I'll wait until befana says he's done :)
10:45 befana i'm done :)
10:46 mtd befana: ok :)
10:46 the UK pilot is scheduled to start the beginning of september
10:46 with XOs
10:47 the OS build will be chosen in the next week
10:47 caroline mtd how many students/XOs?
10:47 mtd the candidates are: OLPC 802 and SoaS-strawberry-for-XO
10:47 transbot0 gch_> xo how are going to deploy?
10:47 mtd caroline: 30 students, 30 XOs + teacher/school XOs.  We have 50 XO-1s.
10:48 gch_: what do you mean?
10:48 one area of concernt that's developed is internet access
10:48 caroline mtd: grade/age level? School demographics?
10:48 befana mtd: he ask about how many XO
10:49 mtd gch_: 30 XO-1s to one class, we have 20 more for teachers, administrators, spares.
10:49 pilot wiki page is http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]Pilots/London2009
10:49 transbot0 gch_> ok to understand the data of 30 students 30 Annexes that was my question
10:49 mtd caroline: school is mixed - 30-40% of kids from very low income families
10:49 caroline: location is West London
10:50 we are getting serious concerns about the level of internet access
10:50 the concerns are quite vague and non-technical
10:50 I suggested we might have the head teacher speak to other head teachers at deployments to gain comfort
10:51 caroline how big is the school total? how old is the class you are deployting to?
10:51 mtd otherwise, we may have to 1) prevent kids from taking laptops home; or 2) diable internet accces; 3) limit web site acces in Browse; 4) log all web site accesses; or 5) something else
10:51 caroline: primary school, years 1-6, which is ages 6-11
10:52 caroline: target pilot is one whole class, year 5, which is 10 r olds
10:52 (approximately)
10:52 caroline: I don't know the total school size but I imagine it's a few hunfred kids
10:52 hundred
10:53 caroline mtd, I will be intereested in your solution inregards to internet usage, we will have similar challenges
10:53 mtd is especially looking to set up a conversation between the school's head teacher, the school's IT teacher, and other teachers / administrators who have done or are doing deployments
10:53 caroline Does anyone have samples terms of use agreements that kids sign?
10:53 mtd caroline: sure, we will share the results
10:53 CanoeBerry mtd: yes, we're overdue for these calls, let me know :)
10:54 mtd if anyone thinks they can broker a phone call between head teachers, or can speak to head teachers about deployment concerns, please let me know
10:54 transbot0 gch_> I wonder how we can participate more actively supporting SUGAR?
10:54 mtd CanoeBerry: sure :)
10:54 CanoeBerry mtd: Caryl can join in dsd's absence, etc
10:54 If you like.
10:54 daveb mtd: do they already have computers wit internet access in the school?
10:55 mtd is done - but please let me know if anyone has any contacts with head teachers
10:55 CanoeBerry: to talk to the head teacher?  That'd be cool!
10:55 CanoeBerry Anytime.
10:55 mtd daveb: yes, there is a computer lab
10:55 daveb: the computers are wired ethernet and inside a walled garden.
10:56 daveb i see.
10:56 mtd daveb: www.lgfl.net (heh I can't access that site ::)
10:56 :))
10:56 daveb well that's a touch wall then
10:56 caroline will you have an XS?
10:56 daveb so do they have wireless for the XOs?
10:56 mtd caroline: no, no plans
10:56 daveb yeah XS seems like a good plan. for a small number you can run it on any hardware
10:56 mtd daveb: they are going to purchase an AP
10:56 transbot0 tomeu> gch_: coming here to talk all together is a very good start;) now discusses the current state of the pilots and deployments, maybe we can add to the agenda an item on how the pilots can participate more actively in sugar labs?
10:56 mtd daveb: hmm will consider it
10:57 transbot0 tomeu> Befana: ^
10:57 mtd gch_: yes that'd be good
10:57 daveb of course the AP could go through the schools wall alredy right?
10:57 thatseems simplest for them
10:57 policy-wise
10:57 mtd tomeu: yes - I think we need to start with getting information flowing from deployments
10:57 daveb: yes but home use is the main concern
10:57 CanoeBerry mtd: when you're done, let me mention how so many volunteers are suddenly pulling together community deployment success stories in Washington, DC Sept 6-11
10:58 mtd CanoeBerry: yes - I've watched that process with interest and regret that I can't be there.
10:58 daveb mtd: ok sorry, i did not realize that.
10:58 mtd daveb: I didn't mention :)
10:58 CanoeBerry Consider a bit of remote editing, in particular photographic / visual contributions!
10:58 daveb i was going off carolines question about use agreement :)
10:59 mtd is really done :).
10:59 daveb mtd: so homes may not have internet at all
10:59 mtd CanoeBerry: considering :)
10:59 transbot0 befana> Llista CanoeBerry in the south called yama to include stories in Washington, DC
10:59 mtd daveb: indeed.  It's a PR concern (IMO) rather than an actual one.
11:00 CanoeBerry Quick recap for those that missed it.  Last week a large group of Support volunteers organized a Community Book Sprint in DC around creating a 30-page booklet to inspire teachers to do their own deployments:
11:00 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Class_Acts
11:00 tomeu oh, thought it hadn't happened yet
11:01 walterbender what is the event in early Sept.?
11:01 CanoeBerry If you can join in person Sept 6-11 please do!  Or remotely if you can pick a story/chapter you believe will spark teachers/small school to get off their butts :)
11:01 The Table of Contents is a bit of mess for now, don't take it too seriously:
11:01 befana CanoeBerry: yama did a call for stories at olpc-sur list last week
11:01 CanoeBerry http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Clas[…]Table_of_contents
11:02 walterbender: It's about getting entrepreneurial teachers to start their own deployments.
11:03 Now that OLPC's Contributors Program has loosened up its criteria, and Small Sales are (more) flexible than in the past.
11:03 tomeu great news!
11:03 CanoeBerry So a ton of volunteers rallied all on their own to make teachers aware of this.
11:03 With lots of photos ideally.
11:03 befana really? amazing!!
11:03 walterbender CanoeBerry: is this great news documented anywhere?
11:04 CanoeBerry Mike Lee is driving a lot of the editorial voice around "National Geographic" photogenic understanding of how easy (and hard!) a deployment can be ;)
11:04 But again, our TOC isn't settled, we do want the final product to be Short (30 p)
11:05 walterbender: I've updated the CP FAQ here, around the gradual opening of our criteria over the past months:
11:05 http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Contributors#FAQ
11:06 walterbender CanoeBerry: it would be nice if OLPC would issue a press release... most people don't know to keep check ing the FAQ to see if OLPC had changed their mind...
11:06 CanoeBerry Anyway Gallaudet University deserved all the credit here -- for pulling out all the stops hosting this event!
11:07 Arrive a day early (3PM Sunday Sept 6) if you can help Luke Faraone, Rita Freudenberg etc begin to "freeze" the TOC.
11:08 befana walterbender: +1
11:08 tomeu hi hpachas, icarito
11:08 should we move to more updates from other deployments?
11:09 already looking forward to the next meeting, so much to cover...
11:09 CanoeBerry aside for walterbender: I'm personally very much hoping CP criteria and small sales criteria will open up even much wider over the coming year. At that point yes, there may finally be a press release, but honestly OLPC doesn't yet have its own Sean Daly Superstar :)
11:10 tomeu heh
11:10 befana tomeu: i think it's good to know about Peru deployments, icarito hpachas hi :)
11:10 walterbender CanoeBerry: on the contrary, OLPC has the pro bono services of Racepoint...
11:10 CanoeBerry: I'll talk to Chuck
11:11 tomeu then racepoint needs a sean daly ;)
11:11 CanoeBerry walterbender: Let me know how it goes :)
11:11 hpachas tomeu: hi
11:11 mtd CanoeBerry: Racepoint has some UK members that we've met at the last meeting, so if you need us to poke anybody "in person" let us know :)
11:12 walterbender hola hernan
11:13 icarito1 hello my mouse just froze had to switch irc client
11:13 tomeu updates from peru and paraguay? who else do we have? caroline about boston?
11:14 icarito1 volunteers at escuelab are preparing a newsletter
11:14 to be distributed to rural schools by USB
11:14 caroline School starts at the GPA Sept 8th
11:14 icarito1 hope to release first version this month
11:14 caroline everyone is on vacation right now as far as I can tell.
11:14 icarito1 comes with a podcast in .ogg format
11:15 will share this month
11:15 caroline Our goal for the year is to deploy Sugar Sticks to all students, but we expect to phase that in. We will meet with the prinicpal and faculty when they get back to work out the details.
11:15 befana hpachas: we have transbot working in #sugar-reunion if you want to write in spanish
11:16 tomeu icarito1: any links you can share related to that?
11:16 befana icarito1: the newspaper sounds great :) nice work
11:16 tomeu caroline: how many people are working on the boston deployments?
11:16 caroline We have funds to hire interns using US Work study
11:17 icarito1 tomeu, not really but i can post the proposed TOC today
11:17 caroline we will be hiring them in Sept and also accepting volunteers
11:17 tomeu icarito1: maybe a page in our wiki?
11:17 caroline My goal is to make it easy to volunteer and have that be a pathway to getting involved in Sugar.
11:17 icarito1 tomeu: ok will do that
11:18 caroline This summer Anurag from BU volunteered and he will intern this Fall. He will also be working on starting a deployment in Delhi India next summer.
11:18 tomeu great, hope to read about it in the sugar newsletter
11:18 hpachas walterbender: hola
11:18 transbot0 befana> icarito1 is possible to include in the newsletter a survey to know what you think or need service?
11:18 caroline So my hope is that GPA can serve as a training ground for people to go out to other places next year.
11:18 tomeu caroline: that's a great idea
11:19 caroline Anurag's family is from India so he has local contacts.
11:19 icarito1 befana: it is possible to include whatever we see fit
11:19 walterbender befana: I had written a survey for the teachers in Uruguay (in Spanish)) but it was never used :(
11:19 befana icarito1: we can use it as fed
11:19 as feedback instrument
11:20 tomeu boston is full of talented people from all around the world, same as london (hint for mtd)
11:20 befana walterbender: we can use it in Peru with the news letter
11:20 mtd tomeu: :)
11:20 caroline I hope to also have at least one intern focused on curiculum and would love to collaborate.
11:21 tomeu nice, the deployment team is going to really start rocking with such contributions
11:21 caroline about half of GPA students speak spanish so we are also interested in collaboration with spanish speaking deployments.
11:21 befana caroline: great, :)
11:22 transbot0 hpachas> During the holidays some U.S. universities, students / graduates / professionals arrived in Peru to help, so call now to walterbender \u0026quot;urops\u0026quot;
11:23 hpachas> _urops_
11:23 befana urops ?
11:23 walterbender undergrauate research opportunity program
11:24 transbot0 icarito1> I interviewed some of them before you go ...
11:24 hpachas> funded by the students reach their universities
11:24 hpachas> and / or other agencies.
11:25 icarito1> hpachas: and how was that? any product / project / report that we can read?
11:26 icarito1 by the way anyone at OLPC or SugarLabs got feedback from these UROPs?
11:26 transbot0 befana> or blogs of them know their views on their experiences in field
11:26 icarito1 befana: there was some blogging
11:26 tomeu icarito1: haven't heard any
11:27 transbot0 gch_> another group coming to peru?
11:27 befana tomeu: i remember one about god it's everywhere...
11:27 tomeu heh
11:28 icarito1 i dont think there's another plan right now for doing the same
11:28 frankly when I met them they seemd frustrated
11:28 befana icarito1: why?
11:28 transbot0 gch_> ?
11:29 tomeu looks like we could have tons of news from deployments, wonder how we'll aggregate them effectively
11:29 though we still need to get them ;)
11:29 mtd tomeu: planet / sugar digest
11:30 tomeu mtd: yeah, that sounds good
11:30 befana action?
11:30 tomeu mtd: btw, you don't have your blog syndicated, right?
11:30 icarito1 i ve been thinking maybe ill start translating walters sugar digest
11:30 tomeu icarito1: +1
11:31 walterbender icarito1: there was an earlier attempt, but it stopped for some reason...
11:31 icarito1 ok ill start with the latest one
11:31 tomeu also someone from peru would like to take the task of sending walterbender news form time to time?
11:31 befana icarito1: other colombian new volunteer can help you, if you want
11:31 tomeu efforts like this need someone who takes the lead
11:31 icarito1 ok im putting it on my agenda
11:31 tomeu and makes sure the other people keep going on the right track
11:32 mtd tomeu: my blog is just a web page, not even a "real" blog - but it's not high volume enough :)
11:32 befana icarito1: perfect
11:32 tomeu mtd: ok, olpc-uk will be blogging?
11:32 mtd tomeu: agree someone need to lead
11:32 tomeu: ah sorry I thought you meant my personal blog
11:32 tomeu: olpc-uk will be blogging
11:33 tomeu: I have just emailed out to re-start that process
11:33 tomeu mtd: actually meant that, I remember having read something about olpc some years ago
11:33 awesome
11:33 mtd: so you are leading that ;)
11:33 icarito1: are you leading the newsletter translation effort?
11:33 mtd tomeu: right now it's just http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-uk
11:33 tomeu: heh
11:33 icarito1 tomeu: yes I am
11:34 tomeu I think we have lots of people who want to do the actual translation work, but we need someone to give initial consistency to the team
11:34 awesome
11:34 caroline It would be nice to have a central place with common info like location, # of computers/sticks, SoaS or XO or other hardware, age of students, curricular focus.
11:34 tomeu caroline: true, can we do an action item? with a responsible if possible
11:35 s/do/have
11:35 that will be a lot of work, but very useful
11:35 befana caroline: we can created  Deployment/On_Course with that information
11:35 caroline I cna't take any more on personally, but the problem with blogs is it can be hard to find the background info if you come in from the middle.
11:35 tomeu possible starting point: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Deployment_Team/Places
11:36 caroline: sure, an action item about finding someone to take care of it is already very good
11:36 caroline maybe a support gang person will volunteer
11:36 tomeu someone with accountant mentality would be good ;)
11:36 sounds good
11:37 how are we in the agenda?
11:37 befana #ACTION to create  http://sugarlabs.org/go/Deployment_Team/Places
11:37 tomeu misses mchua
11:37 befana tomeu: we are on first item :(
11:37 second one... local labs
11:38 tomeu yeah, we have tons of ground to cover, I would say it's better to do so superficially today, extend on future meetings
11:38 befana i think we need to do that
11:38 we need an overview today
11:39 icarito1 are we moving to item 2?
11:40 local labs?
11:40 befana there are more sugar deployments updates here? last call
11:40 local labs then
11:41 icarito1 ok local labs peru, maybe Im out of the loop there
11:42 befana i invite sugar labs chile but they don't have time for this meeting, maybe next one
11:42 tomeu nice they are busy ;)
11:43 icarito1 is there a loop to be out of reg local labs peru or should we at escuelab start an innitiative?
11:44 walterbender icarito1: maybe we should discuss this with Hernan...
11:44 what the best strategy is to break the log-jam
11:45 icarito1 walterbender: yes i am happy to collaborate. dont know where they are right now reg that
11:45 tomeu log-jam?
11:46 icarito1 ok ill try to find out whrer hernan is reg this and how we can colaborate
11:46 walterbender icarito1: I will be in Peru in Oct to try to mae sure the local lab is flourishing
11:46 icarito1 okay we wil be happy to have you here
11:46 transbot0 befana> disappears just when we needed it .... : (
11:47 tomeu ok, we can leave sl.pe for the next meeting?
11:47 icarito1 ok
11:47 tomeu if there are updates by then
11:47 befana well, we, sugar labs colombia .... we are working a lot....
11:48 another local lab update?
11:49 tomeu btw, manusheel gupta seems to be doing a lot of activity development
11:49 may that be a good candidate for a local lab?
11:50 one of the people working with him has been doing very good work, wonder if this could help other similar efforts
11:50 just mentioning, I don't have any other info about that
11:51 befana moving to item 3?
11:52 OLPC deployments, there are a lot of XO pilots but i'm afraid they don't know about us
11:53 tomeu wonder if we should first consolidate the bigger deployments we already have relationships with, then get the rest more involved in a second phase?
11:53 just a suggestion, not sure about that
11:54 icarito1 feedback is not proportional with deployment size ;-)
11:54 tomeu well, sure
11:55 just suspecting that we may need to grow some more momentum before we can reach to every single pilot
11:55 JT4sugar tomeu, The best way to get information from deployments may be to set up weekly SKYPE meetings with Teachers and Students in classrooms with internet access
11:56 tomeu JT4sugar: yeah, it's not the first time I heard about the importance of phone communications
11:56 that sounds great
11:56 icarito1 JT4sugar: except most deployments wont have good conections or connections at all and language is a problem
11:56 tomeu though we need someone to put on writing the important stuff at some point
11:56 icarito1: well, no need for everybody to talk to everybody, we have already a good part of our community that speaks spanish
11:57 JT4sugar tomeu, Skype meetings can be recorded for later translation if important feedback comes out
11:57 tomeu but I understand how using phone would allow us to reach people we wouldn't be able to reach otherwise
11:57 caroline It would be great if people could check out http://getsatisfaction.com/sugarlabs and give us feedback if you think its useful or not.
11:58 befana tomeu: i agree, but there is one who can do it?
11:58 tomeu befana: maybe not now
11:58 walterbender ls
11:58 befana caroline: i have a question about getsatisfaction... we have spanish version for the site?
11:59 tomeu befana: but the idea of having the head master of GPA talking on the phone with the head master of the london pilot sounds great to me
11:59 caroline they are working on internationalization but don't have it yet. :(
11:59 JT4sugar Skype allows you to be in the classroom with the whole class if you want
11:59 befana caroline: could we help?
12:00 caroline befana yes, they want our help.
12:00 tomeu JT4sugar: skype didn't worked too well for me with the olpc meetings
12:00 caroline shall I send an email introducting you to the company?
12:00 befana caroline: maybe you could write a mail to localization list, or IAEP or olpc-sur with instructions
12:01 icarito1 JT4sugar: same not so good experience with skype
12:01 caroline hmm, I don't know that i know the intructions.
12:01 instructions
12:01 tomeu befana: I guess they don't have any support for localization in their web app :(
12:02 btw, perhaps even more important that SLs <-> deployment communication is communication between deployments
12:03 icarito1 tomeu: only itd be nice if those conversations happened in the open
12:03 so other deployments can follow / participate
12:04 befana caroline: send me a mail, and we try to help
12:04 tomeu icarito1: sure, but we first need them to understand how important is for them to work with other deployments
12:04 befana icarito1: +1
12:04 tomeu without that...
12:05 icarito1 tomeu: thats why it would be nice that best practices be shared, so others can learn / its a sort of catch 22
12:06 tomeu icarito1: sure, it's a virtuous cycle ;)
12:06 icarito1 the more people share, the more learn the benefits of sharing
12:07 tomeu will need to leave soon
12:07 any concrete actions we can take regarding OLPC pilots?
12:07 befana icarito1: :) that fine, but how could do it if we don't have comunication with them
12:08 i'll invite some uruguay ones to the next meeting
12:08 tomeu befana: I think that if we proof that the deployments with whom we have already relationships are having a benefit from that, others will follow
12:08 icarito1 befana: we have same roadblocks it seems, my take was the newsletter
12:08 befana ok
12:09 tomeu yeah, translating the newsletter seems to me like a good first step
12:09 befana tomeu: i agree
12:09 well, last item, Roadmap?
12:09 mtd JT4sugar: I'm up for a skype weekly meeting
12:10 befana have to go soon
12:10 tomeu I have already cried in IAEP a good bit about deployments not caring about us, now we need to proof it can have a benefit for them
12:11 JT4sugar mtd, The idea would be to hook up with a deployment classroom and talk directly to students and teachers using Sugar in the classroom
12:11 mtd JT4sugar: hmm interesting.  I'll definitely suggest that to the pilot project managers.
12:12 tomeu befana: how are we in the agenda?
12:12 befana tomeu:  Most urgent needs from deployments - Roadmap
12:12 and Communications: alternatives to lists and IRC channels
12:12 tomeu that's a big one for me
12:13 how do I know as a develeoper if a feature or bug is important for deployments, and also for which deployment and why
12:13 befana i'm worry about time
12:13 tomeu we can leave items for the next meeting
12:14 if deployers just added a comment in the ticket explaining why is important for them, I think it would be already great
12:14 icarito1 +1 i dont think we'll solve that today
12:14 unless we hve some action suggstion
12:14 befana tomeu: we can suggest it in the local lists
12:15 tomeu we can also follow up on the mailing list after posting the minutes
12:15 no stress
12:15 befana ok
12:15 icarito1 perhaps it is a good idea to take the subject to the mailing list
12:16 tomeu I need to go now, was great to be in this meeting, and look forward to the next ones
12:16 walterbender tomeu: maybe a summary email of all the features being considered?
12:16 tomeu sounds good as well, or wiki page
12:16 cheers!
12:16 befana #action added a comment in the ticket explaining why is important and in which deployment
12:17 i have to go too... :(
12:17 icarito1 is going also thanks great meeting good to be back
12:18 walterbender befana: thanks for taking this on...
12:18 icarito1 +1 thanks bfana
12:19 mtd befana: thanks!
12:19 befana :) we need to keep it
12:19 mtd befana: please #ENDMEETING
12:19 befana #ENDMEETING

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