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#sugar-meeting, 2009-08-18

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
10:07 subzero hi guys
10:07 iwikiwi hey
10:07 subzero good morning
10:08 homunq roll call: aa bemasc homunq iwikiwi (mchua) subzero silbe walterbender
10:08 silbe is there
10:08 mchua waves
10:08 walterbender here
10:08 iwikiwi is here
10:08 homunq subzero: Bryan is going to get on a plane in like 3 minutes and his internet is stuttering.
10:08 walterbender lucian has been on/off line as he is moving
10:08 subzero homunq: thanks, it's good to know it
10:09 homunq We need to set up another meeting to talk about final evals, student attendance is welcome but not necessary
10:09 mentor attendance is
10:10 I have friends visiting and wanted to go to the beach in the nat park starting thurs, but I can drive back to some outpost of civilization on Friday if necessary...
10:11 since Bryan is going to be on a plane for the next 35 hours, tomorrow is out, so I think Friday is best
10:11 I personally would prefer the UTC an hour from now - I forget if that's 1500 or 1600 atm.
10:11 how is that for the other mentors?
10:12 walterbender homunq: you mean today?
10:12 homunq: Fri. won't work for me :(
10:12 homunq walterbender: no, I mean, Friday
10:13 bemasc homunq: http://doodle.com/ if you care.
10:13 homunq hmmm... OK, I can do Saturday too... it really should be sometime before next monday. On monday at this time is I guess OK, but cutting it really really tight if we have a no-show or something.
10:14 walterbender homunq: Saturday? Monday won't work for me either.
10:14 homunq: why not today? just w/o Bryan?
10:16 homunq walterbender: OK, let's see what we can get done
10:17 So, let's start with aa and iwikiwi.
10:17 iwikiwi hi
10:17 homunq keep it brief please, we have a lot to cover
10:17 link and status
10:18 iwikiwi well, I posted the bundles on the mls
10:18 along with a list of bugs
10:18 current bugs
10:18 plus, readmes
10:18 one bug has been rather problematic
10:19 its still not clear whether its api related or not
10:19 setting the page ranges that is
10:19 homunq aa: are you here?
10:20 iwikiwi mozilla makes use of the same newer gtkunixprint api, and it works, i've been fighting with the mozilla code off and then. But sessions with daveb said, there are still a few bugs, so focusing on them atm
10:20 homunq iwikiwi: should we move on while you go get us the links?
10:21 iwikiwi homunq, http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ugust/018173.html
10:21 homunq, I hadnt written a blog post relating this yet
10:22 homunq OK, aa is not here I guess
10:22 moving on to silbe homunq versions...
10:22 silbe?
10:23 silbe my prefix support patch that i've been using as a test balloon for the review process has been accepted after about 5 rounds of review
10:24 i'm now working on rebasing my version support work in somewhat small, easy to review pieces on top of current "upstream"
10:24 homunq <silbe> homunq: not sure. there's nothing on my mind that we can't talk about during the meeting. i'm currently trying to get as much of my changes upstream before the feature freeze on thursday.
10:24 [08:15] <silbe> homunq: there's no decision yet on whether to include version support in 0.86 or not, tomeu wants the deployers (=> sugar-devel) to make that choice. i haven't sent the mail yet because i wanted to rebase my stuff first so people can try it out.
10:24 (sorry silbe, just reposting to save you typing)
10:24 silbe saves me some more typing :)
10:25 i'm going to do the screencast after i finish the rebasing. sdziallas has volunteered to do a custom SoaS build for me as well.
10:26 homunq OK. It is clear to me that you will pass GSoC.
10:26 silbe homunq: thanks :-|
10:26 sdziallas silbe: yup, I've :) just get me the kickstart files...
10:26 homunq good job! why the pipey face?
10:27 I will do the final eval on Sunday.
10:27 silbe: can you be online on Sunday?
10:27 silbe i'll need to figure out how to prepare the tarball/whatever to send to google as i've been doing some branch surgery inside the repo (=> not all intermediate revisions are referenced by a branch)
10:28 homunq: re. the pipey face: i haven't been able to spend as much time on as i'd planned.
10:29 sdziallas: i'd hoped you could do the kickstart files for me - that's exactly what i can't provide without diving into Fedora tools, which i don't have time to do before thursday.
10:29 sdziallas silbe: than just tell me what you need :)
10:29 homunq OK, yeah, I understand that. You could have done more, but there's no question you've created value. I have been less of a mentor than I'd planned, too.
10:29 sdziallas silbe: doesn't need to be now. at some point is fine.
10:29 silbe homunq: not sure about sunday, we're meeting relatives on the weekend :-/
10:30 homunq silbe: OK. I guess actually I mean monday morning from your perspective :)
10:30 silbe sdziallas: i just need sugar, sugar-toolkit and sugar-datastore to be pulled from my branch instead of mainline, no other change.
10:30 homunq: that sounds better :)
10:30 sdziallas silbe: uh :/
10:31 homunq OK, we'll be talking then.
10:31 silbe homunq: what time roughly?
10:32 sdziallas silbe: I'll need to rebuild the rpms then...
10:32 silbe sdziallas: yep. one of the parts i can't do (yet)...
10:32 homunq silbe: um, I can stay up until about 3 here, that's 9am UTC I think.
10:33 next, walterbender and lucian
10:33 silbe homunq: that means 11am for me. quite early (sorry), but no problem (i'll just be a bit sleepy)
10:34 homunq meant until the 0900 to 0959 hour.
10:34 walterbender: have you gotten a recent progress report?
10:35 walterbender homunq: I got a progress report yesterday afternoon
10:35 homunq link?
10:35 walterbender (should have kept a copy to paste)
10:35 It was in IRC
10:35 homunq ok
10:35 walterbender Basically, webify is finished.
10:36 homunq lucian: just in time
10:36 walterbender ah. Lucian is here just in time
10:36 homunq we were just starting with you
10:36 and walterbender
10:36 walterbender lucian I was about to repeat what you told me yesterday
10:36 lucian sorry about this, somehow my reminder didn't trigger
10:36 homunq welcome, go ahead.
10:37 lucian in the past week i've been busy moving, very annoying
10:37 i did get time to finish a prototype of the 'keep offline copy' patch
10:37 the GUI needs work, but it works rather well
10:38 walterbender lucian: can you give a summary of the status of the entire project?
10:38 lucian walterbender: sure. so far i've implemented support for bookmarklets, userscripts & userstyles
10:39 all of these can help integrate a web app into sugar more nicely
10:39 silbe lucian: can you remind me what a bookmarklet is in a few words?
10:39 lucian i'll need to rebase my work on a newer browse commit (i cloned browse before the tabbed gui work)
10:40 silbe: small pieces of javascript that can get executed when you click a button. like 'compose' for gmail
10:40 they live on a separate toolbar in Browse
10:40 homunq lucian: thinking of your total goals for the project at the start, what portion do you think is done?
10:40 lucian homunq: pretty much 100%
10:41 almost, because of the dependency on upstream work for Gears
10:41 but i did get to implement creating SSBs, customising them and keeping pages offline
10:41 homunq walterbender: are you ready to have your eval done in time (1700 UTC monday is Final Hour)?
10:41 walterbender homunq: sure
10:42 bemasc lucian: can you open random zip files now?
10:42 homunq walterbender: what do you want to tell lucian about that?
10:42 lucian bemasc: yes, i just unzip them and point browse to that path
10:42 bemasc lucian: oh, why not just use jar:?
10:43 lucian bemasc: because it doesn't really work, at least not all the time
10:43 bemasc oh well
10:43 walterbender homunq: I don't understand the question
10:43 lucian bemasc: there have been some security issues with jar:, so it has bad restrictions
10:43 bemasc hmmph
10:43 lucian bemasc: same-domain and a certain mime-type
10:44 bemasc: there is the small issue of cleaning up after which is left open, though :)
10:44 homunq walterbender: I mean, how do you think your evaluation will be? is there anything Lucian can do now to help you or to improve the eval?
10:46 walterbender homunq: lucian did a great job this summer
10:46 homunq: he was also helping out on other projects...
10:46 homunq: no complaints :)
10:47 homunq is thinking that a mentor meeting on Saturday at 1500 UTC would still be worth the drive for me, if other people can make it
10:47 walterbender I can attend.
10:48 homunq OK, move on
10:49 subzero: you're on
10:49 subzero ok, here is the last stable version of adding up activity: http://karma.sugarlabs.org/kar[…]10_2/lesson3.html
10:49 homunq Bryan said "[09:03] <BryanWB> homunq: subzero has a very basic karma activity working."
10:50 which sounds basically positive.
10:50 subzero: any loose ends which you are working on finishing this week?
10:51 walterbender bemasc: I don't see anything in the queue on ASLO
10:52 bemasc walterbender: weird.  I must have screwed something up.
10:52 subzero_ sorry, my internet...
10:52 iwikiwi <homunq> subzero: any loose ends which you are working on finishing this week?
10:53 subzero_ yeah, the animation part
10:53 also, there is one problem with the audio
10:54 after some "corrects" / "incorrects" it fails (overlapping)
10:54 homunq subzero_: and you can finish both of those this week? Or do you think it would be better to just spend time documenting what you have?
10:54 subzero_ and there is a security issue when loading audio when the document is loaded from file:// and not http://
10:55 I'm doing audio, but animation will be hard
10:55 homunq bemasc: how about you? you and subzero_ can talk over each other for a minute, sorry, trying to get in under time.
10:55 bemasc ok.
10:55 subzero_ ok
10:56 bemasc I spent the last week writing up documentation for Groupthink.  It's available at
10:56 http://bemasc.net/~bens/groupthink/
10:56 Strictly speaking, this GSoC was about the shared text stuff, which is http://bemasc.net/~bens/groupt[…]ngTree-class.html
10:57 homunq subzero_: You need to have your submission to google complete by 1700 utc monday. I'd definitely suggest freezing new development, regardless of remaining bugs, sometime within the next couple of days
10:57 bemasc I already said last week that Pippy 35 has been released with shared editing built in based on Groupthink.
10:57 silbe homunq: i'd thought that was yesterday 17 UTC?
10:57 bemasc I sent an announcement to the Telepathy list too; maybe someone there will try it out. Anyway, I'm done.
10:57 subzero_ homunq: ok, I'm working around the audio overlapping bug
10:58 homunq silbe: that is Google's suggestion, not absolutely firm.
10:58 bemasc My only concern is: who is going to write my evaluation?
10:58 homunq bemasc: good question.
10:58 walterbender bemasc: in a pinch, I can do it
10:58 silbe homunq: ah, ok! great, then my upstream merge work will be included as well. not that it matters anyway. :)
10:58 homunq the absolute drop-dead date is this coming monday.
10:59 subzero_ homunq: silbe: good to know it
10:59 homunq scorche: I know that you volunteered as a mentor, are you here?
10:59 bemasc walterbender: can you? I'm not even sure what the rules are.
10:59 iwikiwi homunq, btw, what all things should the documentation consist of? "where, what and how to use" and code documentation as well? does the code doc have to be written as docstrings or can i put a page discussing them on the wiki?
11:00 homunq bemasc: yes, he can.
11:00 iwikiwi: docstrings preferred.
11:00 bemasc homunq: for an Activity?
11:01 homunq iwikiwi: everything counts, but consider how it is most useful and accessible for future developers building on what you've done.
11:02 bemasc: um, what difference does Activity or Glucose make?
11:02 iwikiwi homunq, okay, right. btw, I just cant seem to get an XS development set up. And there seems to be a bug in the authentication, aa doesnt have a dev for XS set up either.
11:02 bemasc homunq: I was thinking of user documentation, I guess.  Anyway, don't let me interrupt.
11:03 subzero_ bemasc: I thought of developer documentation
11:03 homunq bemasc: ah, I had crossed threads for you. Yeah, iwikiwi, user docs should be on the web of course.
11:05 bemasc: for your mentor issue: I think it's time to switch your mentors. Basically, anyone's eligible. walterbender is fine, but if you can think of someone else so that walterbender is not doing two...
11:05 bemasc homunq: I'll leave the headhunting to you.
11:05 silbe iwikiwi: you might get admin rights on schools.sugarlabs.org. see the chat log for #sugar and talk to caroline and daveb.
11:05 bemasc presumably it has to be someone who's somehow "registered"?
11:06 homunq nah, we can register someone starting now.
11:06 bemasc ok
11:06 iwikiwi silbe, that would be great.
11:07 homunq bemasc: is there anybody who's been giving good comments on your stuff, is up on what you've done?
11:08 bemasc I think the only person who's really looked at it is m_stone.
11:08 homunq m_stone: ping, do you think you could be the official GSoC mentor for bemasc?
11:09 I will follow up on this.
11:09 bemasc homunq: it may be that assimd is willing to do it, though I haven't spoken to him very recently.
11:09 walterbender (I've played with it quite a bit, but I haven't dug into the code)
11:10 homunq bemasc: that is the issue. I will give assimd a chance, but it is time to have a replacement lined up in case he doesn't respond fast enough.
11:10 bemasc ok
11:10 homunq I will follow up on this issue in both directions.
11:10 bemasc thank you
11:11 homunq I will also try to wrangle all the mentors to a meeting Friday 1500 UTC.
11:11 I mean, Saturday, sorry.
11:11 and that's I think it for now. Anybody have anything to add?
11:11 10...9...
11:12 #endmeeting

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