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#sugar-meeting, 2009-08-04

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Time Nick Message
10:06 silbe roll call: lucian walterbender felipe BryanWB iwikiwi_ aa bemasc assimd
10:06 lucian is here
10:06 BryanWB is here but subzero is not
10:06 bemasc .
10:07 silbe we'll do subzero in between when he turns up, as usual
10:07 #topic Webified lucian walterbender
10:08 lucian right. i've finally done some actual work on web collaboration
10:08 (i've been busy with RL for the past few days)
10:08 right now, i have a proof of concept for bemasc's webcollab concept http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/WebCollab
10:09 silbe nice!
10:09 lucian so you would have the actual web app served by this server, at http://localhost:port/
10:10 and the server accepts HEAD, GET, POST or DELETE at http://localhost:port/messages/
10:10 this way, there's no issues with XSS security
10:11 silbe lucian: why isn't XSS an issue?
10:12 lucian because the XHR from the web app target the same domain
10:12 if the web app had been started from file://, you couldn't do XMLHttpRequest to http://localhost
10:12 or any other host for that matter
10:13 silbe ah, i see
10:13 lucian as i implement more, i will be making some changes to bemasc's model
10:13 bemasc lucian: feel free to document them on that page.
10:13 lucian mostly having to do with path names, i don't like encoding the unique id, index and key in the path name
10:14 we could create folders with POST just fine if we needed, to target specific users
10:14 and any other arguments i'd rather send through url arguments ( localhost:port/messages/msg?id=123
10:15 i have also found out that it's not quite straightforward to send POST requests with XHR
10:15 more details here http://www.openjs.com/articles[…]tp_using_post.php
10:16 iwikiwi is here
10:16 lucian so the collab stuff i'm building should probably be wrapped in an (optional) convenience js library
10:17 and about Browse SSBs, they're pretty much done
10:17 i should arrange some demos and get some patches merged in
10:18 silbe lucian: that would be great
10:18 subzero hi guys
10:18 sorry, I'm late
10:18 BryanWB: hi man
10:18 BryanWB subzero: hola amigo
10:18 silbe lucian: ok, do you have anything else to discuss? otherwise i'd switch to subzero
10:19 lucian not really, switch away
10:19 silbe #topic Karma subzero BryanWB
10:19 subzero HI SILBE
10:19 sorry, caps were on
10:19 http://karmaproject.wordpress.[…]-graphics-engine/
10:20 silbe (please remember to put #link before links so they'll show up in the minutes)
10:20 subzero I'm working on the karma plugin
10:20 ok, thanks
10:20 #link http://karmaproject.wordpress.[…]-graphics-engine/
10:21 well, I'm working on implementing option 2 (1 canvases with a Objects tree)
10:22 using that UML design
10:23 one of the problem I found is a "security error" when trying to use getImageData on ff
10:23 silbe ok. would be interesting to see how much performance that scaling stuff buys you, as it's obviously a trade-off vs. image quality
10:24 subzero silbe: yes, Bemasc, BryanWB and me were talking about it yesterday :)
10:25 other freak bug is that, it's necessary to update the page (press "f5") in ordet to get the content :S
10:25 silbe have you found the reason for the security error yet?
10:26 ouch
10:26 subzero silbe: not yet, it's linked with the place you put the code
10:28 silbe ok. do you know how to continue or are you stuck?
10:28 subzero silbe: about that I have asked yesterday on #firefox, but not luck
10:28 silbe: I know how to continue
10:29 silbe: in the worst case I won't use that function :(
10:29 silbe ok. is it needed for anything besides scaling?
10:30 subzero no, it's for layer support. my ideas was to get the bg, just some pixels and not the hole image
10:30 BryanWB sorry having internet problems
10:31 subzero draw the bg (a small portion) and then the new image
10:31 it would be useful  whit animated stuff
10:32 BryanWB: np, i know it's annoying
10:32 silbe ok
10:33 any famous last words? :)
10:34 #topic Print support iwikiwi aa
10:34 iwikiwi Hi
10:35 The recent update is that everything integrates well and works
10:35 There is still the problem of authentication
10:35 silbe great news!
10:35 iwikiwi that is, how to get the information: what is the default XO user's moodle ID
10:35 I've mailed regarding this to Martin.
10:36 silbe iwikiwi: isn't that just the public key?
10:36 iwikiwi silbe: hmm, well, I am not sure.
10:36 aa had suggested we talk to Martin about this
10:37 and I see that I sent it on a different email ID to sugar-devel, so its not on the lists
10:37 silbe ok, makes sense.
10:37 iwikiwi in the meantime,
10:37 I am writing a interface for Print which lets you enter the moodle username
10:38 The moodle side, code is already written by me which processes it.
10:39 There's still one key feature that Print lacks atm though, its page selection. Somehow I wasnt able to figure it out.
10:39 silbe what's the problem?
10:40 iwikiwi the code compiles/interprets* well. But I cant seem to get any response. Even if i select the pages, and send them back, the whole doc is printed
10:41 silbe: also i need a repo somewhere to put my Moodle Print Module code online
10:42 silbe iwikiwi: you can put it up on git.sugarlabs.org
10:42 everybody can create an account
10:42 iwikiwi yeah, I do have one.
10:42 right, I will put it up.
10:43 there's also another change that a dev from moodle Tim, and Martin had suggested. That is restate my course module into a Block. But I thought I would do it only after I have everything set up with this.
10:44 The only featuric advantage a block would have is:
10:44 silbe have you tried asking on the GTK mailing list about your page selection problem?
10:45 iwikiwi Blocks wont require a teacher adding print support for his course everytime.
10:45 silbe: yeah, I mailed them. But no response
10:45 :(
10:45 I will persist them again
10:46 silbe ok :(
10:46 iwikiwi but right now im focusing on authentication stuff, a subject of two nights. after wards its again back to that, and focus on indentation and stuff.
10:46 and then focus*
10:46 silbe ok, sounds like you're on track
10:47 iwikiwi: anything else you'd like to discuss?
10:48 iwikiwi silbe: naah, thats about it. Those are the current issues
10:48 silbe good...
10:48 #topic Groupthink bemasc assimd
10:48 waiting for some more amazing things :)
10:49 iwikiwi heh
10:49 bemasc I've added live shared editing to Pippy.
10:49 I'm not quite sure how to cut a release.  Anyone here know an easy way to strip out all of the .git*/ stuff from a git repository?
10:49 setup.py doesn't seem to be smart enough to ignore it.
10:51 Also, I worked with cjb and m_stone to get a first draft of a live shared arithmetic quiz activity working with Groupthink, but that was using the shared dictionary, not shared text, so it's arguably outside the scope of my GSoC project.
10:52 That's it.
10:52 On Sunday we had a symbolic demonstration of Pippy, shared between two computers, collaboratively editing its own source code.
10:54 umm... next?
10:54 silbe bemasc: IIRC git has a command for creating a tarball, but bundlebuilder should work fine with git. if it doesn't, it needs fixing.
10:54 bemasc silbe: maybe that's a post-0.82 feature?
10:54 I've been doing everything on 0.82.
10:55 silbe bemasc: ah, you're working on 0.82?
10:55 lucian bemasc: possibly. i'm using the bundlebuilder list_files in my ssb bundle creator, and it has .git in its ignore list
10:55 silbe then it's entirely possible that it's broken
10:55 bemasc lucian: ok.  I guess it's time for me to get a 0.84 instance running.
10:55 silbe i've never really used 0.82 as it was too broken for me :-/
10:56 bemasc silbe: well, the datastore was rewritten for 0.84, so it wouldn't be very useful for you!
10:56 silbe bemasc: even before my GSoC project
10:57 but we're getting OT :)
10:57 bemasc ok. I'm done.
10:57 silbe #topic Version support for datastore silbe homunq
10:58 i have to admit i don't have any real news
10:59 lecture time has just finished, so we've taken a "light" week. worked a bit on the patch i've submitted for review and am now waiting for another round of review.
11:00 i'll see how much Tomeu wants changed this time :)
11:00 ok, anything else to discuss?
11:01 3
11:01 2
11:01 1
11:01 #endmeeting

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