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#sugar-meeting, 2009-06-26

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13:06 garycmartin The adgenda is up at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]ity_Team/Meetings
13:07 With the meeting prompted by dfarning, as we seemed to be making some progress last week regarding cleaning up where/how Activities are published
13:08 dfarning Yes, I think that we made pretty good progress on cleaning up the duplicate material between w.lt.o and w.sl.o
13:09 This weekend I should have a prototype sugar updater written as a proof of concept
13:10 garycmartin The vast majority of Activity traffic will be via w.lt.o still due to XO deployments, so we need to make sure their ride is as smooth as possible.
13:11 dfarning yes, existing deployments refer to w.lt.o for updates.
13:12 I think we can work with cjb to set up redirects from w.lt.o as needed.
13:13 garycmartin, would it make sense to set conventions as to where activity documention 'should' go?
13:13 garycmartin Question: should we duplicate Activity wiki pages over to SL, and then mark the old pages as migrated (using the template).
13:14 FGrose A long thread for the notes, http://n2.nabble.com/ASLO-Sugg[…]907.html#a3128237
13:14 alsroot_ hmm.. thought it should be Jun27, but anyway I'm here
13:15 garycmartin dfarning, lot's of Authors are no longer supporting their code, we are likely to have to do this all our selves, much like the slower than wanted migration of actual Activity work.
13:15 alsroot, hi :-)
13:15 dfarning hey alsroot
13:15 alsroot hi all
13:16 garycmartin alsroot, "all" is a little hopefull, it's like the night watch shift ;-)
13:17 dfarning gary, i think that it would make sense to migrate the wiki pages and mark them as migrated via the template.
13:18 the useful activities will get picked up by maintainers and the others will linger
13:18 garycmartin dfarning, regarding the actuall update process tech, I'm not so clear on the large scale view, just enough to manage some Activities.
13:19 dfarning garycmartin, I try to get with alsroot root on that,  It should be pretty transparent to activity develops and maintains.
13:19 garycmartin dfarning, should we only migrate relevant pages? There will also be quite a bit of wiki edits. I migrated my Moon pages a couple of weeks ago and there was lot's of language and references that didn't make sense for SL.
13:20 alsroot I guess it shouldnt be a problem (from ASLO side, just proper http url to get info about .xo)
13:20 garycmartin dfarning (i.e. it's not just a wiki copy and paste job)
13:20 dfarning garycmartin, the only difference for them will be indicating which versions of sugar the new version of the activity works with.
13:21 FGrose There is interwiki olpc: prefix at w.sl.o to back reference pages
13:21 dfarning yes, that makes sense grab the vaulable stuff and interwiki link back as needed.
13:21 FGrose In future we hope to transclude interwiki so connections have fewer seams
13:22 garycmartin FGrose, thanks, it's not so much inter links to old stuff, it's actual bad copy and mis-statements for OLPC vd SL.
13:22 dfarning garycmartin, alot has changed since some of those pages have been maintained/updated.
13:23 FGrose An OLPC-specific page is good too at w.l.o
13:24 we should recruit Activity fans to maintain the pages
13:24 garycmartin dfarning, I'm actually planning to add Labyrinth, and update for Physics-2 over on w.lt.o, as that's where are users are.
13:26 alsroot btw I guess in case of sucrose release cycle there is no rush with implementing updater(since we have some before 0.86) -- but waht about XO release cycle?
13:27 FGrose Perhaps solicit folks (on the AL page) that if they like an activity, to help maintain the wiki pages.
13:30 garycmartin FGrose, how about flag DEAD activities as DEAD with a template. The message can then sugest how they can be revived/migrated. That way the information is on the actual page.
13:30 dfarning yes, debian has a pretty good way of documenting packages as orphaned that could be adopted for our use
13:31 FGrose Good Idea,  a tombstone icon? and the references
13:31 garycmartin FGrose, I think it would need to be quite blunt, to help as a call to action if someone or some deployment realy wants to keep an activity going.
13:32 FGrose agreed
13:33 garycmartin FGrose, tombstone, might need to be careful, kids visiting pages and local custom (but tombstone would have worked for me :-))
13:35 dfarning I make it part way through the list at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities/All add comments to the template about which activities are on also
13:36 garycmartin I've noticed at least a couple of developers requesting OLPC dev infrastructure for new Activities, do we (should we) make sure w.lt.o Activity developer resources are pointing folks to SL?
13:37 FGrose Yes
13:37 dfarning garycmartin, that would make sense.
13:40 garycmartin dfarning, I didn't parse your "I make it part way through..." comment, you making edits now?
13:41 dfarning garycmartin, sorry, I 'made' it partway through the list last week adding links to the correct activity on also.
13:42 I think those template should be modified to point directly to the information on also
13:42 garycmartin dfarning, thanks. OK so how do we treat something like Browse and it's wiki page.
13:43 dfarning not sure yet, I was hoping the engage spage he is a template master:)
13:44 hoping to engage
13:44 garycmartin dfarning, you mean the "Activity Summary", the "Facts about ...", and the "Olpcboxtop"?
13:47 dfarning, yes getting spage would be good :-) For Moon I played it real safe, the w.lt.o page just was given the migrated template - I then re edited content and created a wiki page for the SL wiki.
13:47 dfarning activities/all is a list of 'Activity' templates, I think that template could be modified to point directly to information on also if a field such as also_number had a defined vaule
13:48 if that field were blank, it could default back to what it is now.
13:49 garycmartin dfarning, ahh I see, the All page rather than the individual pages.
13:49 dfarning yes
13:49 garycmartin dfarning, yes, that sounds like a low cost plan of attack.
13:50 dfarning Do you think you could get spage to work on that?
13:50 garycmartin dfarning, I can but ask.
13:51 dfarning i don't trust my template foo enough to mess with popular pages:(
13:51 garycmartin #action garycmartin to ask spage for help on adding aslo field to activities/all templates
13:52 dfarning garycmartin, I think that is enough for this week:)
13:53 we are proposing some pretty invasive changes lets take it slow.
13:54 garycmartin dfarning, well, not the most exciting/controversial of agenda items you droped on me there ;-)
13:54 dfarning, now slow. I can manage slow.
13:56 I was hoping to talk a little about a change from Tomeu, but not many folks here so I sould do it on the mail-list (Tomeu has added activity tag support into Sugar).
13:56 Any other business for todays meeting?
13:57 dfarning dfarning, I think if we get a working template that can point to also and migrate and mark as migrated the important activites that will go a long way toward increasing buyin
13:57 did I just send a message to myself:(
13:57 garycmartin dfarning, agreed.
13:57 dfarning sounds good
13:57 garycmartin End meeting in one....
13:58 End meeting in two....
13:58 dfarning wait wait wait we didn't talk about revamping the xo file structure yet.........
13:58 garycmartin :-b
13:58 dfarning sorry
13:59 garycmartin #endmeeting

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