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#sugar-meeting, 2009-06-23

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10:39 silbe order is the same as on the wiki page
10:39 #topic Webified: Lucian, Walter
10:39 walterbender lucian and I are comparing notes on the latest version of Webified...
10:40 lucian yes. bookmarklets almost work
10:40 i'm actually thinking of putting them in their own bar and making them available to Browse
10:40 walterbender lucian: http://pastebin.be/19352
10:41 lucian walterbender: it looks alright, it should work. i'll have a look at the bookmarklet reader
10:41 i've been working on a workaround for getting Gears to work properly
10:42 i fumbled about a lot, but i think i know what to do now
10:42 bemasc that's great news!
10:42 silbe lucian: ok, so i guess you'll continue working on that. is there anything you need help with to keep going?
10:43 lucian not really, at least i can't think of anything right now
10:43 walterbender we have some general issues to sort out about bookmarks above and beyond lucian  project
10:43 silbe lucian: and have you got anything that can be tried out?
10:43 walterbender silbe: git clone webified and try it
10:43 lucian silbe: http://git.sugarlabs.org/projects/webified
10:43 silbe ok, good. :)
10:44 lucian i'll probably switch from .ini files to the Browse model for storing Bookmarklets
10:44 but in general, things are going quite well
10:45 silbe lucian: ok, so despite needing to sort out the what-kind-of-bookmarks-do-we-want you can still continue working?
10:45 lucian silbe: i'll stick to storing bookmarks in the activity preferences for now
10:46 it can be easily changed later, i want to get the UI and storage sorted out
10:46 silbe sounds good. anything left you want to tell us?
10:46 lucian not really, just that i'm a bit excited because my SSBs are starting to act like SSBs :)
10:46 walterbender lucian: one other issue to sort out at some point: I am uncomfortable that the customize toolbar starts off empty...
10:47 lucian walterbender: that will change
10:47 walterbender lucian: we can take that topic up later...
10:47 silbe so you're even more motivated now? good :)
10:47 lucian silbe: yep :)
10:47 walterbender: sure
10:47 walterbender silbe: shall we go onto you?
10:47 silbe #topic Version support for datastore: silbe
10:48 #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/V[…]ogress#2009-06-16
10:48 got a working prototype
10:48 walterbender :)
10:48 silbe it's not pretty, hasn't got branches, doesn't use a VCS backend, ...
10:48 but the basic user experience is there
10:49 you can choose old versions in the details page, change their metadata and resume them
10:49 otherwise it's invisible to the user
10:49 walterbender silbe: how do we try it?
10:50 silbe had to break API, but most activities should continue to work as-is
10:50 walterbender: you need to check out my branch of sugar, sugar-datastore and sugar-toolkit (links on the page i posted)
10:50 walterbender silbe: saw the links... thanks.
10:51 bemasc silbe: maybe you should mention the API break on sugar-devel, so we can have a detailed discussion.
10:51 silbe just remove the current ones in sugar-jhbuild/source and use git clone to get mine
10:51 bemasc silbe: (if you think that the API break will persist in your final version)
10:51 silbe bemasc: i'm preparing for even more API breaking right now :)
10:51 will post (for discussion) once i decided on it
10:52 walterbender silbe: you should post BEFORE you decide
10:52 bemasc silbe: ok.  good.
10:52 silbe walterbender: decide on what i'm going to propose, not what i'm going to implement
10:52 walterbender :)
10:53 silbe ok, any question left?
10:53 walterbender silbe: I'll try it after I get back from FOSSED tomorrow night
10:53 silbe #topic Karma: felipe lopez toledo, bryan berry
10:54 subzero I'm dealing with the canvas drawing funtion, it works fine with a common pc, but with the XO the performance is really bad
10:54 I found the problem is "clearing and redrawing"
10:54 bemasc subzero: do you know about the difference between css pixels and device pixels? I think <canvas> has both, and they behave very differently.
10:55 subzero bemasc: sorry, could you explain me?
10:55 bemasc subzero: no, because I don't understand it myself.
10:55 subzero bemasc: ok, I'll look fordward it
10:55 silbe subzero: have you seen the posts (on sugar-devel and devel@laptop IIRC) about the scaling stuff on the XO? 134DPI vs. 200DPI?
10:55 lucian bemasc, subzero: i think CSS pixels are before DPI adjustments and device pixels are after
10:56 subzero bemasc: I read about browse DPI problems
10:56 bemasc lucian: presumably.  I think canvas has accessor functions that speak both standards.
10:57 subzero lucian: sounds logical
10:57 well, I have asked in #firefox but currently I don't have a solution
10:57 silbe subzero: it might make sense to try out the technique explained in those posts to speed up drawing in Browse
10:57 lucian subzero: all i could find right now was this http://bytes.com/groups/javasc[…]ixels-than-canvas
10:58 silbe subzero: and maybe asking the author for pointers to documentation
10:58 subzero silbe: agreed
10:59 silbe ok, sorry to hurry, but IIRC there's another meeting scheduled in 5 minutes, so we should move on
10:59 subzero silbe: what I have done is to optimize my code, but at this point css pixels or device pixels could be the solution
11:00 silbe: ok
11:00 silbe subzero: optimizing your own code certainly will help as well :)
11:00 subzero lucian, bemasc, silbe: thanks for your help
11:00 silbe subzero: so you're ready to continue? or do you need anything else?
11:00 subzero silbe: continue please
11:00 silbe SeanDaly: sorry, will be a bit delayed, trying to hurry up
11:01 #topic print support: iwikiwi, aa
11:01 iwikiwi aa is missing
11:01 SeanDaly no sweat keep going
11:01 iwikiwi well anyway, I've made the printerdeviceicon
11:01 silbe IIRC you could talk to him yesterday?
11:02 iwikiwi which performs well
11:02 walterbender iwikiwi: following the progress... seems great
11:02 silbe iwikiwi: can you give a quick outline what's currently working?
11:02 and how (i.e. what does the user need to do)?
11:03 iwikiwi silbe: well, currently there is a way to convert odts to pdfs
11:03 and ofcourse directly print to printspooler
11:03 and, show those updates on the deviceicon
11:04 plus a way to cancel them
11:04 silbe iwikiwi: small side question: do you output PDF/A-1 or full-featured PDF? i've recently discovered OOo can output the former now, which would be great to use (=> looks the same everywhere)
11:05 iwikiwi: how does a user achieve that?
11:05 print button in Write, resume with special print activity, ...?
11:06 iwikiwi silbe: I am not sure i understand pdf/a-1 and full-featured pdf. But cups-pdf can do a fully featured pdf provided we have anything but abiword 2.6.8
11:06 silbe: also, for the time being printing is possible only through the print activity
11:06 silbe iwikiwi: PDF/A-1 is a subset of normal PDF that ensures the document will look the same everywhere. no javascript, no transparencies, ...
11:07 iwikiwi: so the user opens the entry with a print activity? or start up the print activity and use the object chooser?
11:07 iwikiwi its the latter
11:07 SeanDaly I believe PDF/A is an ISO standard too
11:08 walterbender iwikiwi: any plans to do the former?
11:08 silbe ok
11:08 iwikiwi walterbender, actually im discussing with tomeu right now about it
11:08 SeanDaly Hi JT_4sugar
11:08 silbe SeanDaly: it is - used by large digital archives
11:08 iwikiwi the plan right now is to deliver a fully featured printing scenario
11:08 I have two options:
11:08 JT_4sugar Hello all
11:09 silbe JT_4sugar: sorry, we're a bit delayed - gsoc meeting still running
11:09 iwikiwi 1) go with the printing libs provided within evince and abiword libs
11:09 2) go with the following approach:
11:10 walterbender iwikiwi: wouldn
11:10 t it be a simple matter of mimetypes?
11:11 JT_4sugar silbe, Quite alright
11:11 iwikiwi export files from Write and Read, and connect those with gtkprint through the set source file method, and select gtk printing options. which also means use the code ive written already
11:12 walterbender: well, now that the filter exists, printing from print spooler odts isnt impossible
11:12 the odts*
11:12 silbe iwikiwi: i'd suggest moving that topic over to #sugar so we can discuss it at length
11:12 iwikiwi right
11:13 silbe iwikiwi: anything else you want to add to the meeting log? :)
11:13 iwikiwi silbe: nope, nothing else
11:13 silbe #topic Groupthink: bemasc, assim
11:14 bemasc hey
11:14 I got saving and loading working, without any developer work required.  It's all automatic.
11:14 silbe bemasc: still didn't get around to try it out (and probably won't for some time), but been watching your progress :)
11:14 bemasc It's not totally robust, but it's working in the demo.
11:15 This means that the next step is to work on automerging after offline edit ("asynchronous collab"), which is the real purpose of this whole exercise.
11:15 silbe ok, sounds like enough for a diploma thesis ;)
11:15 bemasc That's constrained partly by my code but mostly by Sugar itself, so I'll be hacking on the Journal/datastore and maybe presence service.
11:16 walterbender lucian: do you think anything in webified would have broken regular downloads?
11:16 bemasc that's all.
11:16 silbe bemasc: what exactly do you intend to change on the journal code?
11:16 walterbender cannot seem to download bemasc 's new version
11:17 bemasc silbe: when launching an entry that was kept from a shared session initiated by another user, it needs to retain the sharing scope and shared session identity of the original initiator.
11:17 walterbender: http://dev.laptop.org/~bemasc/SharedTextDemo-3.xo ?
11:17 silbe ok, let's talk about that in #sugar as well
11:18 any last words?
11:18 3
11:18 2
11:18 1
11:18 #endmeeting
11:19 SeanDaly any marketers made it besides us?
11:20 garycmartin beep!
11:20 sdziallas looks around, lurking and ready for big discussions ;)
11:20 SeanDaly waves to garycmartin
11:20 garycmartin waves back
11:20 SeanDaly waves to sdziallas
11:20 walterbender SeanDaly: I am here
11:20 sdziallas waves back, too :)
11:20 SeanDaly waves to walterbender
11:21 OK maybe just a few words about tomorrow's press release
11:21 since it will be published around 8:00AM EDT (early afternoon LinuxTag time) I feel it's best if I do the targeted mailing to journalists tonight
11:22 or more precisely, as much as II can, because we are over 500 contacts now
11:22 tomeu is pingable
11:22 SeanDaly I have the translations in de & es
11:22 waves to tomeu
11:22 walterbender SeanDaly: I will be at FOSSED all day tomorrow, but hopefully on line and with my cell
11:23 sdziallas SeanDaly: de is done? cool!
11:23 SeanDaly sdziallas: yes Markus stepped up
11:23 sdziallas SeanDaly: ah, great :)
11:23 SeanDaly expecting italian tonight and I will complete Ffrench after help from Bastien of olpc-france
11:24 Christian who is very busy with baby :D will upload tthem to the site tonight
11:24 bernie SeanDaly: the SoaS pic is amazing
11:24 SeanDaly Hi bernie! yes my photographer friend does amazing work
11:25 Tomorrow evening should have beauty shots of XOs and netbooks with USB keys
11:25 But, I need to make up screenshots and that's some work
11:25 bernie SeanDaly: we should have pictures like these rotating on our front page every week/month
11:25 apple style
11:26 SeanDaly bernie: yes actually in general Ii feel we coould have a more inviting homepage but there are other priorities, in particular the common navbar
11:26 which Christian will try to complete very soon
11:27 I'm hpoing this prress release gets coverage
11:27 s/hpoing/hoping
11:27 sdziallas: I checked Release Notes page this afternoon it was blank, will it be populated by tonight do you think?
11:28 sdziallas SeanDaly: I'm in the progress of finishing it right now... maybe I'll ask for some eyes in some minutes
11:28 SeanDaly I saw that Simon uploaded brochure text which looked good to me, walterbender has read it
11:29 I'm trying to put together a nice one too and get it printed tomorrow
11:29 Mike Lee had said might be able to do a Try Sugar orientation flyer
11:29 sdziallas SeanDaly: btw, the CD cover art is also impressive :)
11:30 SeanDaly I've had a mental image of a cool flyer in my head for awhile :D
11:30 sdziallas: yes, the booth banner work we did is being leveraged already! Mike did a horizontal banner too
11:31 I opened the banners last night and it is really thrilling to see those Activity icons so big
11:31 sdziallas is curious to see that at LinuxTag
11:32 SeanDaly By the way I finally opened a Flickr account for my Sugar photos (couldn't figure out how to open a "non-personal" account)
11:32 #LINK http://www.flickr.com/photos/39656470@N02/
11:33 I'd like to talk about Nexcopy press release for NECC if I may
11:34 You may have seen that Google is now promoting AllForGood now
11:34 on their homepage
11:35 Perhaps there's a community service angle we coould develop, such as asking people to collect old sticks to recycle?
11:36 there was a slashdot post a month or two ago a guy had a couple of hundred 1Gb USB sticks and rather than chuck them (!) he proposed sending them out as Christmas cards
11:38 The main angle I want to develop with Nexcopy partnership press release is, support doesn't have to be funding
11:38 i understand Caroline loaded the first SoaS images on the Nexcopy machine :-)
11:39 caroline hi, sorry I'm late
11:39 SeanDaly waves to caroline
11:39 caroline on the community service, anyone know if our ads are getting sent out?
11:39 SeanDaly I'm mentioning Nexcopy
11:40 caroline: which ads? haven't followed closely your actions there
11:40 sdziallas caroline: hey hey ;)
11:40 caroline http://www.volunteermatch.org/[…].jsp?orgid=100683
11:41 Mike advised us to make volunteer match the home for our volunteer ads and that they would get syndiated
11:41 as of yesterday they were not showing up on searches though.
11:41 I'm about to leave for maine so I won't be albe to follow up.
11:41 I put in 6 ads for Boston SoaS deployment based volunteer types.
11:41 We could use more virtual volunteer ads.
11:42 SeanDaly caroline: it's a USA thing & I'm very occupied with LinuxTag so I haven't delved deeper
11:42 caroline It might be worth a shot putting in some really specific ones for the kinds on geeks we are looking for.
11:42 yeah, we are all hosed this week.
11:42 SeanDaly that link is asking me for a pwd
11:43 caroline yes you have to create an account and then I an add you as a manager
11:43 SeanDaly OK i'll try to remember
11:44 caroline http://www.volunteermatch.org/[…]rch/org100683.jsp
11:44 there is the public view
11:45 SeanDaly caroline: that's cool!
11:45 caroline thanks
11:45 SeanDaly So that rejoins my question about Nexcopy press release
11:45 namely,
11:45 caroline now with luck that is supposed to goto server.gov and youtube etc.
11:46 SeanDaly since there is a contribution/public service aspect to Nexcopy's effort,
11:46 I was wondering if we could work in a community aspect,
11:46 such as collecting sticks
11:46 or, just mentioning in passing this listing
11:47 good for NECC I think
11:47 caroline seandaly, maybe see how the site works out then decide later
11:47 walterbender SeanDaly: I think we want to make a big deal of getting communities organized around schools...
11:48 SeanDaly walterbender: yes but what is locus, focal point?
11:48 we could say: "help us test in schools"
11:48 but there's a learning curve...
11:48 walterbender SeanDaly: I think the site that will turn your used USB collection drive into something that can hep a school is poweful
11:49 SeanDaly walterbender: yes I agree it's always great to have a URL to give out, hopefully minisite will be ready
11:49 greg had mentioned wanting to do later a "thermometer" as in fundraising drives
11:50 walterbender SeanDaly: yes. I suggested that schools or organizations could set them up...
11:50 SeanDaly reminder, part of the goal with this next release is to "push" the previous one (tomorrow's)
11:50 JT_4sugar The practical question becomes how many can we/or they actually burn? Per hour per day. Do we hire someone. Burning sticks then loading content on to them was time consuming for the 15 I did for Professors at Computers & Writing Conference UC-Davis this past weekend
11:51 community funding around a nexcopy machine may be way to go
11:51 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: Nexcopy makes multiple USB loaders
11:51 their offer is to collect sticks, load Sugar on them for us, send to us for distribution
11:52 JT_4sugar Understand
11:52 SeanDaly nexcopy would be delighted though if we said it was a good solution for schools to prepare batches of sticks :-)
11:52 caroline how did you find the machine? easy to load multiple SoaS ?
11:53 caroline complex but great when it works
11:53 hard to get right, but works well when you do.
11:53 walterbender SeanDaly: this one seems rushed to me and with too many external dependencies
11:53 caroline yes, we don;t seem ready yet.
11:53 JT_4sugar can they be burned with image that has things loaded in Journal?
11:53 caroline They can copy a stick exactly
11:54 I'm painfully trying to make a good master right now.
11:54 its not being easy today
11:54 SeanDaly walterbender: we have no hard commitments to Monday 29th date
11:55 we could hold off, but my concept was to have something connected to NECC, mention DC local lab
11:55 walterbender SeanDaly: then we should see how things go with Greg over the weekend.
11:55 SeanDaly and one-two punch with tomorrow's release
11:56 walterbender: 3-day (negotiable to 2-day) lead time with eReleases though
11:56 But, NECC end when?
11:56 walterbender SeanDaly: I love the strategy... but I worry we don't have the content ready
11:56 SeanDaly: 1 July
11:57 SeanDaly we could do the following: see how it goes this weekend
11:57 decide on Monday if we want a release last day of NECC, or later
11:58 I like NECC because: rendez-vous of educators before summer break
11:58 large concentration of tech-aware too, cf EduBlogger the Saturday
11:59 it almost doesn't mattter if the PR is skinny compared to tomorrow's which is fat,
12:00 main idea is to get people thinking "lots of action at SL... new software, grant, partnerships, stuff for schools"
12:00 JT_4sugar caroline, Loaded my sticks Journal with "Colorful Look at Sugar" "SugarCampNov2008 Mind Maps" "FLOSS Sugar Manual PDF" --Browse page with link to online FLOSS Sugar Manual--Downloaded Etexts and a book in each also(Shakespeare, Aristotle,Twain)
12:00 walterbender SeanDaly: assuming all goes well, let's spin the recycle site as a way to prepare for deployments this fall as oppose to more testing
12:01 SeanDaly walterbender: yes II agree
12:01 walterbender SeanDaly: we could announce that I had yet another NSF propsal rejected :(
12:01 SeanDaly We can talk up scenarios of how schools could deploy SoaS
12:01 walterbender SeanDaly: we could announce the start of the summer SOaS pilots
12:02 SeanDaly walterbender: sorry to hear that
12:02 yes remind me there's Gardner, what's the other one(s) ?
12:02 walterbender SeanDaly:  well, I just submitted another one... have to have on in the oven at all times :)
12:02 JT_4sugar Announce summer pilots + push for recycle sticks to create more Fall Pilots
12:03 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: +1
12:03 walterbender SeanDaly: Fredrick middle school, where the kids will be making how-to videos
12:03 SeanDaly walterbender: ah yes great
12:04 You know I really think we could put those in a press release as a stellar example of a school doing real stuff
12:05 JT_4sugar Create A Pilot Program for Your Community through Nexcopy "Recycle and Sugarize A USB" Partnership
12:06 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: yes along those lines - can work as we stress that we are a nonprofit
12:07 no one will know whhat Sugarize means, but the "recycle a USB stick for your school" could be agreat theme that catches on
12:09 OK why don't I work up a draft we can all look at and see how we feel about it?
12:10 walterbender +1
12:10 JT_4sugar +1
12:11 SeanDaly OK now for a flyer I will be working more on one tonight
12:11 i've been blocked by learning curve of layout software
12:11 had originally plannned to do it over the weekend but was sidetracked by 33 Learners :D
12:12 anything else we need to discuss?
12:12 garycmartin SeanDaly: Should have done the layout with TurtleArt ;-)
12:13 caroline LOL
12:13 SeanDaly :D
12:13 JT_4sugar Do we want to try and get in MarketLab project at MIT-Sloan this fall
12:13 walterbender JT_4sugar: we have one at Babson this fall
12:15 JT_4sugar Ok-would you like them to work on a different aspect or in coordination with Babson. May be able to extend reach and coverage-One does dveloping nations One does Industrialized nations
12:16 sdziallas has got to run for dinner, will be back in ten minutes, though.
12:17 SeanDaly sdziallas: we're almost done II think
12:17 sdziallas SeanDaly: ah, okay ;)
12:17 is looking forward to the press releases!
12:18 SeanDaly OK anything else, marketers?
12:19 going once...
12:19 JT_4sugar SeanDaly, Cheers for the Great Work!
12:19 SeanDaly JT_4sugar: aw shucks I do my best
12:20 let's see how tomorrow turns out
12:20 JT_4sugar Very well I'm sure
12:21 SeanDaly going twice...
12:22 gone
12:22 #endmeeting

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