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#sugar-meeting, 2009-06-16

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Time Nick Message
10:15 BryanWB yay!
10:15 mchua Gah, sorry guys; I thought I could make Sandeep chair so that he could end that last meeting.
10:15 BryanWB #TOPIC Webified
10:16 dogi thx mchua
10:16 BryanWB mchua: yeah tks
10:16 lucian_ i've polished SSB creation a bit, now bundles get installed properly and creating an SSB works from inside an existing SSB quite well
10:16 dogi BryanWB, she is admin of meeting too ... like bernie
10:16 homunq_ wonders if you can fool meeting bot with /nick ....
10:16 bernie mchua: you didn't follow your own notes on keeping meetings short and focused, eh?
10:16 :-)
10:17 BryanWB lucian_: any issues u r having trouble resolving?
10:17 bernie dogi: am I?  where does the meeting bot live?
10:17 BryanWB bernie: let's stay on topic ;)
10:17 dogi http://vig.laptop.org/wiki/ind[…]p/Machine:meeting
10:17 lucian_ BryanWB: I'm not sure how to persist session data
10:17 dogi vig.sugarlabs.org ???
10:17 BryanWB lucian_: u mean via the journal?
10:18 lucian_ there are things in get_activity_data() that would need to be in the bundle of created SSBs
10:18 BryanWB: no, that works
10:18 BryanWB: since I used Browse, it interacts quite well with the Journal
10:18 BryanWB lucian_: um, i made a hack a while ago but not sure it is the best way
10:18 lucian_ my problem is that not everything in get_activity_data() would need to be saved
10:19 s/saved/included in the SSB/
10:19 tomeu goes to vig.sugarlabs.org
10:19 BryanWB lucian_: ok, basically w/ an .xo bundle u can stick the session data somewhere and then have it copied into    isolation/#/uid_to_home_dir/ w/ the shell script that launches it
10:19 lucian_ something like that
10:19 but i'm worried that it would grow too large
10:20 if there's a big gecko profile in the session data, for example
10:20 BryanWB lucian_: It can easily grow too large, esp. if u pick up cruft in the gecko profile
10:20 bernie dogi: oh, yeah, I'm an admin! thanks
10:20 BryanWB lucian_: can easily be 50 MB
10:20 bemasc lucian_: what's in the profile that you don't want? Presumably just caches, right?
10:20 lucian_ bemasc: at least the caches, yes
10:21 perhaps private data as well
10:21 BryanWB lucian_: geck must have naming convention crap that u can use to exclude it
10:21 dogi wants to vig.sugarlabs.org cname of vig.laptop.org ... :P
10:21 lucian_ BryanWB: yes, i'll have to look into that some more
10:21 dogi and cu later ...
10:21 bemasc lucian_: ok.  I believe there are commands in Firefox to drop those things.  I bet you can access them through hulahop.
10:21 lucian_ anyway, I've also made Browse aware of being an SSB or not
10:21 BryanWB lucian_: the hard part will be automating what part of the profile should persist and what shouldn't
10:21 lucian_ since the changes are quite small, I figured it's the best way
10:22 BryanWB: yes
10:22 BryanWB lucian_: can u give an example of what should persist?
10:22 lucian_ bookmarks, history, greasemonkey (after I get it to run), gears
10:22 i think that's about it
10:22 silbe sdziallas: sdziallas@buildslave-fedora-11-32bit.sugarlabs.org (2001:1418:16e:1:5652:ff:fe26:c5e5) created, your ssh key from soas@bs2 added, root rights (sudo) granted
10:22 BryanWB lucian_: that should be straightforward to store
10:23 lucian_ BryanWB: i'm not sure though, i may be missing some vital stuff that gecko stores somehow
10:23 silbe sorry :-/
10:23 bemasc ok, it sounds like lucian_ is making great progress and has a path forward.
10:23 BryanWB lucian_: the documentation for mozilla is great though, u should be able to find out relatively quickly
10:23 lucian_ yep
10:23 BryanWB bemasc: agreed, onto next one
10:24 lucian_ i'll also need some design tips
10:24 BryanWB lucian_: like what?
10:24 lucian_ but there's a meeting scheduled on thursday to help me with that, among other things
10:24 BryanWB lucian_: opyadav at #olenepal is a mega design guru
10:24 lucian_ BryanWB: like what to call/where to place things like 'create ssb', 'add userscript', etc.
10:24 mchua lucian_: the mozilla folks are extremely friendly esp. for student participation, and design... drop https://cs.senecac.on.ca/~david.humphrey/ a line.
10:25 lucian_ mchua, BryanWB: thanks, i'll look into that
10:25 BryanWB lucian_: he might be able to give u tips if u send him an e-mail om _at_ olenepal dot org
10:25 Webified done?
10:26 going once . . . going twice . . .
10:26 lucian_ BryanWB: pretty much, yes
10:26 BryanWB #TOPIC Groupthink
10:26 bemasc: how things?
10:26 bemasc So I posted a new version of my demo.  I basically totally rewrote the algorithmic core.  It's actually a lot shorter now, and somewhat faster.
10:27 It's still not fast enough to write an essay, but it's fast enough for nontrivial uses, so I think it's time for me to move on to another feature.
10:27 I might come back and try to improve performance later.  I believe it should be possible to use a truly "fast" algorithm, but it's a lot of work.
10:28 BryanWB anyone have an idea for bemasc?
10:28 bemasc The next feature on my roadmap is persistence (i.e. save/load with the Journal).  That's a critical feature, seeing as asynchronous collab is a big part of the project's motivation.
10:28 BryanWB bemasc: i would love to see a simple version of paint use groupthink
10:29 bemasc: sounds like u r on track
10:29 bemasc BryanWB: I agree, though that's not part of my GSoC proposal (the proposal specifically states that I will develop a shared text editing system).
10:29 walterbender bemasc: I think you should focus on what you are doing...
10:29 making it simple and robust
10:30 BryanWB walterbender: +1
10:30 and let others add features later
10:30 bemasc Persistence is not so easy.  My original plan for persistence was to use D-Bus's own serialization format, the one Telepathy uses to send bits over the wire, to save files to the Journal.
10:30 walterbender FYI, we'll be testing it again tomorrow in the collaboration testing session
10:31 homunq_ and?
10:31 bemasc Unfortunately, the functions for doing this are sort of buggy/untested.  I've gotten one patch into upstream so far, but it still doesn't work.
10:31 Also, even if it does work, it will require a some new version of libdbus.
10:31 and dbus-python.
10:32 So... maybe I should be trying to come up with a fallback serialization method.
10:32 BryanWB bemasc: i like json, if only because it is the only serialization method i can grok ;)
10:32 s/method/format/
10:33 bemasc BryanWB: hmm.  I'll see if json fits into this square hole.  Pickle doesn't, unfortunately.
10:34 The other issue I have run into is that the Journal does not really remember activity sharing parameters correctly.
10:34 BryanWB bemasc: have u addressed this w/ tomeu or erikos?
10:35 bemasc So if two people start on a shared document, turn off their computers, go home, work on the document offline, and then come back to school the next day, there's no way for them to merge those two sessions.
10:35 I filed a bug at dev.sugarlabs.org
10:35 I'll probably have to fix it myself, though I don't really even know what component it's in.
10:35 aa bemasc: do you remember the #?
10:36 bemasc http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/935
10:36 aa thx :)
10:37 BryanWB bemasc: i think we have 25 mins left, do u mind if we wrap up your section and move on to the next project?
10:37 bemasc next!
10:38 BryanWB #TOPIC  Materializing Sweetness
10:38 aa: where vamsi?
10:38 homunq_ I'm sorry, I have to go now.
10:38 aa no idea, I pinged him
10:38 BryanWB homunq_: enjoy your trip
10:39 homunq_ silbe, I am going to Nicaragua. I'll try to make our meeting thursday, but no guarantees at all.
10:39 BryanWB #TOPIC  journal and silbe
10:39 silbe homunq_: no problem
10:39 aa homunq_: take care!
10:39 silbe homunq_: enjoy your stay
10:39 lucian_ homunq_: bonne voyage!
10:40 silbe not much progress this week as i'm busy working on the slides for my seminar talk tomorrow. started working on the VCS backend module, though.
10:40 subzero homunq_: cia
10:40 ciao*
10:40 walterbender silbe got distracted by Turtle Art :)
10:40 BryanWB walterbender: i find it very distracting too ;)
10:40 silbe creating repo and initial entry is working fine, working on getting a list of versions now
10:40 walterbender: dumped it for Open Office :-P
10:41 BryanWB silbe: need anything from humble band of Sugaristas or should we move on to next project?
10:42 silbe BryanWB: let's move on, i hope to have more to show on thursday
10:42 BryanWB silbe: cool
10:42 #TOPIC Karma
10:42 pretends to be unawares
10:42 subzero: how is progress?
10:42 subzero link: http://karma.sugarlabs.org/quadrilaterals
10:43 thats the quadrilaterals activity
10:43 I had troubles with buttons, so I created my own version (Karma version ):)
10:43 It's almost complete
10:43 BryanWB subzero: looks great, what have u figured out and what problems are u still having?
10:44 subzero well, I'm using masterHandler for mouse, so it calls all the lsiteners
10:44 problems: it runs slow on the xo
10:45 I'm going to test it with epiphany
10:45 BryanWB subzero: when it tried it out today it was quite slow w/ Firefox 3.5, have u tried it out yourself since we talked last?
10:46 subzero not yet, I'm in the university, the xo is in my room
10:46 BryanWB subzero: yeah, don't take my work for it, try it yourself
10:46 subzero BryanWB: I'm wondering how to reduce the amount of required ram
10:46 BryanWB: ok
10:47 BryanWB subzero: also, when I ran FF the buttons were huge, i hadn't adjusted it to the screen resolution
10:47 subzero: perhaps that could have affected it
10:47 subzero mmm, damn...
10:47 BryanWB subzero: so 1) finishing activity 2) performance 3) then what?
10:47 subzero I'll test it today
10:48 BryanWB subzero: have u slept? in the last 24 hours? i have been talking to u for the last 14 hours
10:48 aa iwikiwi: welcome!
10:48 BryanWB iwikiwi: welcome!
10:48 subzero wiriting the other componets? textfield, drawCircle, and so on
10:48 BryanWB: nop
10:48 iwikiwi aa, BryanWB: thanks
10:48 BryanWB subzero: ha ha
10:48 lucian_ iwikiwi: hello, mate!
10:48 iwikiwi lucian_: heya!
10:49 BryanWB subzero: great progress, have anything else before we move on?
10:49 subzero BryanWB: I lost time using the XO, so... I tried to do what I say I'll do
10:49 BryanWB: nope
10:50 BryanWB #TOPIC printing
10:50 aa ok, good news is iwikiwi got his XO ;)
10:50 iwikiwi also, I'm working on a print 'module' atm, the skeleton and settings are there, need to add features
10:51 BryanWB iwikiwi: how much will u have to hack moodle?
10:51 iwikiwi BryanWB: This is whats troubling, I cant gauge moodle properly
10:51 BryanWB iwikiwi: how so?
10:52 iwikiwi Its really huge, and I cant figure out a few things without live support, which is becoming harder to find
10:52 BryanWB iwikiwi: yeah, the moodle community seems to communicate primarily thru forums and not chat
10:52 aa iwikiwi: config files are imported
10:53 and global $CFG is used throughout
10:53 lucian subzero: about drawCircle, have you tried cake.js ?
10:54 sorry, wrong channel
10:54 BryanWB iwikiwi: perhaps the moodle gsoc participants could help?
10:54 iwikiwi aa: yeah, I know. I found a skeleton to work on. I am working on that atm. But since maybe I started work on it for only 10 hrs now, I am feeling it akward.
10:54 BryanWB: well the thing is actually i took help from them and ended up building a assignment plugin. Which had been a moodle devs suggestion
10:55 and also I had took a 3 and half days break this week due to family issues, I am a bit lagging on this weeks progress other than getting XS to work good for me
10:56 BryanWB iwikiwi: for me the XS often feels like a timesink and can be very frustrating
10:56 iwikiwi my dev env had been specifically moodle and apache till now, but martin had adviced i work on xs
10:57 BryanWB iwikiwi: u should use the xs, but don't let ejabberd problems slow u down at all, that is where time disappears
10:58 iwikiwi yep, thankfully I have it set up well now. All thanks to finding dabeb online
10:58 and matching times with him
10:58 BryanWB we are running out of time folks , i believe marketing meeting starts soon
10:58 iwikiwi: anything else?
10:58 aa: have anything to add?
10:59 aa nope, its been a slow week :)
10:59 iwikiwi well, I'm worried about my progress with moodle, thats about it
10:59 highly worried
10:59 BryanWB iwikiwi: keep at it and u will figure it out
10:59 aa iwikiwi: count on me, as always
10:59 bemasc iwikiwi: even if you can't get moodle working, if USB printers work that is a big win.
11:00 iwikiwi bemasc: about that, I was thinking I focus more on the sugar side and do moodle as a follow up.
11:00 but I think that will again bring debates and arguments
11:01 aa the moodle part shouldnt be that hard, it true however that moodle is... not very intuitive
11:01 bemasc iwikiwi: you and aa are in charge.  You don't have to listen to anyone else.
11:01 anyway, we're out of time
11:01 iwikiwi okay
11:01 BryanWB aa: moodle sometimes feels like a big flat mess
11:01 at least to me
11:01 sorry mlxsa
11:01 algo mas? ma od? shto novikovo? Haita?
11:01 aa with sometimes -> always
11:01 BryanWB anything more?
11:02 SeanDaly gar
11:02 BryanWB #endmeeting
11:04 SeanDaly has learned how to wave to garycmartin
11:05 sdziallas is here and waving, too.
11:05 SeanDaly hi sdziallas
11:05 walterbender hi SeanDaly
11:05 SeanDaly sdziallas: this timeslot OK for you?
11:05 waves to walterbender
11:06 sdziallas SeanDaly: yup :) because I've no gym today...
11:06 SeanDaly Mike Lee can't make it today but has said he can help with layout + content of both PDF brochure and Try Sugar docs!
11:06 Hi jt4sugar!
11:06 jt4sugar Hello
11:06 SeanDaly is caroline with us today?
11:07 caroline yes
11:07 SeanDaly OK why don't I start with brief roundup of booth swag situation
11:07 waves to caroline
11:07 Banners: 2 are ordered for LinuxTag and I will leave one with Simon
11:08 mchua lurking
11:08 SeanDaly Banners: Mike Lee has done a very nice horizontal adaptation and is having it done for NECC
11:08 waves to mchua
11:09 These similar banners will help branding, photos taken at different events wiill show same branding=good
11:09 mchua NECC/LinuxTax presence == excellent! do they have an url or email pointing to an actual person(s) who'll be on the ball for personally welcoming new contribs from those events?
11:09 SeanDaly However let me stress that these designs aren't written in stone
11:09 mchua: I will be manning LinuxTag booth myself over 2 days, with others
11:10 mchua awesomeness! i think we lose a lot of potentials at that stage because of lack of followup bandwidth, so that's *really* great to hear
11:10 SeanDaly NECC DC will ne the Sugar Labs DC folk!
11:10 mchua: I wish to meet developers & distro people, OEMs if there, etc.
11:10 caroline mchua I agree and my goal was to have a real person for each person type on our contribute page
11:11 SeanDaly Booth swag - balloons!
11:11 caroline http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]/Getting_Involved
11:11 SeanDaly If you saw my mail to marketing list, the final proof looks grand
11:12 will bring 100 branded balloons in different colors to LinuxTag
11:12 And, can order more at cut rate later
11:12 Booth swag: Simon talked about a poster
11:13 i said my hands are a bit too full to work on that and designers occupied too
11:13 However, a large logo for the booth's back wall wouldn't hurt
11:13 ideally a poster with the fabulous Mike Lee SoaS photo...
11:13 Or one of the beauty shots planned for tomorrow
11:14 But higher priority for me is arranging some T-Shirts
11:14 caroline I really like the ones with Mike's kid. A human face always attracts attention and the kid + computer tells our story
11:14 SeanDaly caroline: +1
11:14 I would like to open a t-shirt store,
11:15 and make Sugar iconography supercool to wear about
11:15 But for LinuxTag I'll be happy if I can just show up with some tees, store can be done later
11:16 OK now if II may switch gears,
11:16 some input please about booth demo scenarios?
11:16 How best to demo Sugar to interested passersby?
11:17 I had the opportunity to show Sugar on 3 XOs and a Classmate to my son's teacher today
11:18 I showed Write, and how each Learners could update doc
11:18 Then, my son and his classmates whisked the XOs away and started Chat & Record ;-)
11:18 jt4sugar Create Memorize game with pictures from current events
11:19 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1
11:19 sdziallas sorry, got disconnected :/
11:20 SeanDaly sdziallas: wondering about how best to demo Sugar at booth
11:20 garycmartin SeanDaly: What type of folks do you expect? The average geek may want to see terminal and vim ;-)
11:20 sdziallas SeanDaly: I'll bring my XO, and we might have others, too... and I'm preparing a special XO version of SoaS
11:20 caroline I try to engage people in conversation and show them something they are itnerested in.
11:21 I show the neighborhood to talk about collaboration.
11:21 sdziallas SeanDaly: of course a "soas-charging station" if somebody brings his usb key, I'd say
11:21 caroline some people love it when you translate to thier language.
11:21 SeanDaly garycmartin: LinuxTag crowd will be geekier than NECC for sure, but idea to show typical kids+teacher situation?
11:22 mchua SeanDaly: bring some of your kids' textbooks and do a "which is more fun: A or B?" comparision
11:22 SeanDaly sdziallas: dumb question but how shall we network XOs and netbooks? wifi b/g access point?
11:22 mchua (turtle art activity demoing the same thing as a geometry chapter, say)
11:22 SeanDaly mchua: that's a good idea... although most of their textbooks are in French :D
11:23 mchua math books need less translation, usually.
11:23 SeanDaly mchua: good point
11:23 sdziallas SeanDaly: good question, I'm not sure of LinuxTag's infrastructure... might be that the wifi is completely bloated and that we'd need network cables (might be a question for erikos)
11:23 mchua you folks have ethernet-to-usb dongles to bring for that, in case?
11:24 caroline theoretically you shoudl be able to bring an AP and not connect it to the internet but connect all themachines to it.
11:24 that wouldbe good to test.
11:24 SeanDaly sdziallas: I was thinking we would bring our own AP and cable that to the net?
11:24 sdziallas SeanDaly: if that worked, would be very cool! :)
11:24 SeanDaly mchua: I have two of the Zoltan thingies, work great with XOs
11:24 caroline you might do better not cabeling to the net and collaborating locally
11:24 SeanDaly sdziallas: I have several APs, David had brought one to SugarCamp Paris he left with me
11:25 caroline: yes will keep that in mind
11:25 garycmartin caroline: local collab +1, yes more reliable at least in my testing.
11:25 caroline if you goto the net it will try to collaborate through the XS in the US. Theoretically if you don't connect to the internet it should default to tlocal.
11:25 sdziallas SeanDaly: ah, I see. that's cool! I wasn't aware of that... :)
11:25 SeanDaly As non-XOs I will have: Gen1 Classmate, 2 EeePCs, Acer Aspire One, Dell Mini 10
11:26 walterbender I'd recommend have one machine set up for collaboration globally... the rest set up for local collaboration
11:26 garycmartin caroline: Or just blank out the jabber server in the Network settings, than you can still potentially browse the web if needed.
11:26 walterbender and some XOs just collaborting through mesh, separate from everything else
11:26 SeanDaly walterbender: good idea by the way is there any overlap betwenn LinuxTag and NECC? we could collaborate booth-to-booth :-)
11:27 mchua 3 killer sugar features = collaboration, exploration, reflection, so don't forget to talk up the journal-as-portfolio, and view-source. the last section in http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Core_principles has a great spiel ( walterbender's I think )
11:27 caroline I think its more LinuxTag and FOSSED overlap
11:27 SeanDaly walterbender: I can bring 7 XOs
11:27 jt4sugar SeanDaly: will Etexts be on SoaS sticks your demoing-Showing off ability to get Free books in organized fashion could be Big Plus
11:27 walterbender SeanDaly: how much table space do yo have?
11:27 bemasc Is there any way to set up an ejabberd in Germany?  Do you know what the network conditions are going to be like?
11:27 SeanDaly caroline: remind me, do we have booth at FOSSED, or session or what?
11:27 caroline Session
11:27 3 hours
11:27 not sure when yeet
11:28 SeanDaly walterbender: Simon is on that but looks iffy, small square podiums
11:28 In fact we have 1/5 of a large booth
11:28 my plan iis to sort of squat a max with 2 pro banners and two pro balloon trees
11:29 hoping none of my netbooks or XOs sprout legs and walk away :-)
11:30 OK back to scenarii: I like to show Neighborhood View when demoing, shows collab
11:31 TurtleArt basic algo is always a hit
11:32 caroline programmers love Turtle Art
11:32 SeanDaly greetngs SMParrish
11:33 mchua SeanDaly: re: neighborhood view, there's a gorgeous flash story illustration of how that works created by the dc high school kids. i can't find it atm but ffm and jelkner should know where it is
11:34 (also a nice local labs / contributor age distribution / community participation story)
11:34 SeanDaly By the way, booth will have area for sit-down demos, large screen
11:34 For a 20-minute demo say
11:35 mchua: yes if you can point me to that great
11:37 OK if anyone thinks of other great Activity sharing scenarios, send mail to list pls
11:38 Collaboration, View Source are important differentiators for us - what Sugar has and proprietary competitors in the space do not
11:38 May I talk about the PR flurry?
11:39 PR pros usually say "blitz", but in keeping with the Sugar way of doing things differently, I've coined the term flurry
11:39 caroline yes ploease!
11:39 SeanDaly So already last week we enumerated lots of news
11:39 we have a plethora of things to say
11:40 What I want to do is try to jumpstart buzz by making several closely spaced announcements
11:41 erikos when is the marketing meeting today?
11:41 caroline _1
11:41 SeanDaly To be clear, a press release we do usually has 3 vectors:
11:41 caroline +1
11:41 SeanDaly waves to erikos
11:41 erikos oh hey SeanDaly!
11:41 SeanDaly first vector: we publish on press page, world doesn't notice or care
11:42 seconf vector: we release through pr service; some journalists notice and care; PR is well-indexed in search engines when journos look for us later
11:43 third vector: we send press release to our targeted mailing list
11:43 This third vector is extremely efficient and most press coverage comes from there
11:43 But, sending several press releases close together to the list is not such a great idea.
11:44 Also sending PR through service has a cost each time too. Not major, but still.
11:44 So my suggestion is we do a press release in all three vectors as soon as possible,
11:45 then another datelined LinuxTag Berlin,
11:45 another datelined NECC DC and/or FOSS ED?
11:45 not sure of events week dates
11:46 caroline NECC starts when FOSSED ends
11:46 SeanDaly we could even do a fourth timed foor GUADEC
11:46 caroline: OK for FOSSED then
11:47 walterbender I have the podium at GUADEC on the 4th
11:47 SeanDaly so, a mix of some with all 3 vectors and soome not
11:47 walterbender: the ideal opportunity for you to say: "this morning, we announced..."
11:48 Coverage of keynote becomes more topical; aside from long-term strategy etc. there is "news"
11:48 bemasc yeah, but there's no news
11:48 walterbender SeanDaly: or "this week we announced..."
11:49 SeanDaly bemasc: we are overflowing with news, the question is how best to promote
11:49 walterbender: +1
11:49 walterbender bemasc: we have a great new collaboration model :)
11:49 SeanDaly For sure, i would like SoaS v1 Strawberry release at LinuxTag
11:50 And, i think Nexcopy partnership at FOSSED - caroline what do you think?
11:50 caroline when are we doing the Gould Grant
11:50 I need that annouced so I can work Harvard partnerships and local donations
11:51 SeanDaly caroline: mayybe Gould grant better at FOSSED, and Nexcopy at NECC DC?
11:51 jt4sugar Sugar Roadshow release-what events will be at-Looking for developers and Teacher testers for SoaS strawberry-Gould grant for Pilots
11:51 caroline yes sooner better for Gould Grant
11:52 and it goes with the teacher conference better I think.
11:52 SeanDaly jt4sugar: my concern with "roadshow" term is that we're not actually going out on the road... just covering separate events with excellent coordination :-)
11:53 OK can we try to hang dates on those three annnouncements?
11:53 remind me pls FOSSED dates?
11:54 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Sugar Summer Tour?
11:54 SeanDaly jt4sugar: actually Ii think it might serve us to "sugarize" the name
11:55 like, "Sugar Rodeoshow" or "Sugar Summer-school Tour"
11:56 sdziallas, when is SoaS v1 Strawberry release date?
11:56 sdziallas SeanDaly: it was scheduled for June 24 (first day LinuxTag, right?)...
11:57 I'm planning to make the final images on June 20 (which is this Saturday)
11:57 SeanDaly OK June 24th first day of LinuxTag sounds good to me
11:57 sdziallas: you mentioned special XO version, that may generate lots of excitement - are you confident about it, or is it iffy? your call
11:58 caroline: is FOSSED June 24-26th?
11:58 sdziallas SeanDaly: I'm going to build today a preview for everybody! I've already tested it on my XO here and am really confident about it.
11:58 SeanDaly sdziallas: very exciting!
11:58 sdziallas :)
11:59 erikos sdziallas, ohhhh
11:59 caroline :)
11:59 erikos sdziallas, with usb stick?
11:59 sdziallas, or flashing on nand?
11:59 SeanDaly caroline: we will want to refer to SoaS in Gould PR
11:59 sdziallas erikos: NAND! but mtd also mentione usb keys...
11:59 SeanDaly what day is your session?
12:00 erikos sdziallas, NAND is all fine - I have a presentation on thursday - could test it there
12:00 sdziallas erikos: cool! :)
12:00 SeanDaly sdziallas: I like booting Classmate from SD-Card, just leave it in there all the time
12:00 daveb yeah USB/SD should work the same.
12:00 sdziallas SeanDaly: that's cool! :)
12:01 SeanDaly caroline or walterbender: FOSSED session the 24th?
12:02 caroline 24th or 25th
12:02 they haven't told us yet
12:02 SeanDaly #LINK http://www.fossed.com/sessions
12:03 i would like to do a press release prior to Events Week,
12:03 mentioning we will be at events
12:04 but news in that PR could be: GCompris running in Sugar (possible angle we seek contributors to better sugarize e.g. collab)
12:05 caroline Seems like Gould Grant and FOSSED and GCompris and LinuxTag go together
12:05 SeanDaly NECC is June 28- July 1
12:06 caroline NECC and Nexttag
12:06 SeanDaly GUADEC is July 3 -July 11
12:07 yes Nexcopy at NECC seems like a good fit
12:09 caroline the only fly in the ointment is we don't know how long between writing and BPS approval for the Gould Grant release
12:09 SeanDaly caroline: yes i've been concerned about that too and unfortunately have been unable to advance quicker
12:10 caroline well we can make our plans then adjust.
12:11 sdziallas goes quickly grabbing some food, will be back in some minutes
12:13 SeanDaly Idea: how about: SoaS June 24th datelined LinuxTag onsite+PR+mailing, Gould grant June 25th datelined FOSSED onsite+PR+mailing, Nexcopy June 28 datelined NECC DC?
12:13 onsite+PR+mailing
12:14 then, onsite only we have: Local Labs, GCompris, Dailymotion channel?
12:15 caroline sounds reasonable
12:16 SeanDaly what I'd like is for a first release asap mentioning our presence at events be onsite+PR+mailing
12:16 caroline should we have a friends PR list that we send everything too, of people who won't mind the volume?
12:17 SeanDaly caroline: i've been thinking about that, i don't mind centralizing on my global list where I differentiaite "journalist" "educator" "other"
12:18 actually June 28th is a Sunday, press release should be for Monday 29th instead
12:20 wondering how to kick off flurry
12:21 feel like I don't see forest because of the trees
12:21 caroline it feels like we are still working on our We Are Alive message
12:22 SeanDaly caroline: yes, true... is that still appropriate? My instinct is yes
12:22 caroline yes
12:22 I agree. The next message is This Works In Schools and we aren't there yet.
12:23 or maybe thats not next but its where we want to be going. maybe there is a way point on the way to that message. I'm not sure.
12:23 SeanDaly What I like about GCompris is: it shows off ASLO. It shows we have an open platform and can leverage FOSS. It shows there is work to do and we need volunteers. And it brings great Activities like Chess :-)
12:23 jt4sugar Weaving the "We Need Help" message into the We are alive message is important to get to This works in schools
12:24 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1
12:24 caroline +1
12:24 SeanDaly What i donn't like about GCompris is: no collaboration i think, no view source I think
12:25 caroline and on Sugar no Teacher backend yet, wheras that does exist on Linux I think.
12:25 SeanDaly different angles are possible... for example, I understand work has been done to run Flash content more easily?
12:25 caroline Sean, not working yet
12:25 walterbender jt4sugar: I have been thinking about your call for ideas for the Writers
12:25 SeanDaly caroline: not sure I understood re: backend
12:26 caroline I need to get lunch before my next meeting, be back and forth to the keyboard
12:26 SeanDaly What about Read Etext Gutenberg project connection? could be interesting announcement too?
12:26 jt4sugar walterbender: your thoughts
12:27 walterbender jt4sugar: I think that we want them to bring known approaches to Sugar--we can follow up with technical support
12:27 e.g., their model of how peer editing should...
12:27 other types of writing exercises...
12:27 garycmartin SeanDaly: Flash, yes tomeu has made a gtk widged out of Gnash so that Flash content can be made into activities. I've not dabbled much yet but it lowers the barrier to content creators/authors (though does not mean any old lump of clunky Flash code will work, much of it is very shabby coding).
12:27 walterbender they are the experts, not us
12:28 garycmartin: and lucian's work will lower barriers too.
12:28 SeanDaly: we will have a series of Browse-related announcements this summer
12:29 SeanDaly garycmartin: my concern with GCompris and flash content is: we throw open the gates to tons of great content, but add piles of uneven code (+ graphic experience)
12:29 caroline when I tested Gnash today it did not work on the X4o and it only showed some of the content on a website with a flash about volacanos
12:29 SeanDaly A difficulty with Flash iis that Adobe is motivated to add exotic proprietary or encumbered codecs in with each new version
12:30 sdziallas is back
12:30 SeanDaly walterbender: sounds good
12:30 garycmartin SeanDaly: correct, we hit the quantity vs. quality problem (actually GCompris has put us there already).
12:30 tomeu SeanDaly: ASLO is intended to help you make the good more accessible than the bad stuff
12:30 that's why it has reviews, featured content, etc, etc
12:30 SeanDaly hi tomeu, good point
12:30 tomeu battling with browse as well
12:31 walterbender SeanDaly: we will have the IFE content available (which all runs in GNASH)
12:31 caroline I think we shoudl follow Apple iphone apps strategy on quality vs quantity. Lots of quanity but people review to help you find the qalty
12:31 walterbender caroline: you mean the AMO strategy :)
12:31 SeanDaly About quantity vs. quality: having large quantity is positive
12:31 walterbender: IFE?
12:31 tomeu btw, mozilla is having trouble reviewing all the extensions. they have a queue of several weeks
12:32 we'll get there, eventually ;)
12:32 SeanDaly And, having quality bubble to top is good strategy, similar to Apple Dashboard widgets and iPhone apps
12:32 garycmartin caroline: Gnash testing. Thats what I mean about "heaps of clunky Flash code out there" It will never run well on XO-1 type hardware. But if you develop Flash for XO hardware then you have a fine platform.
12:32 caroline Can we steal their "There's an App for That" line?
12:33 SeanDaly against stealing marketing stuff, but
12:33 walterbender caroline: we want to say: you can write an app for that
12:33 SeanDaly in favor of "creative borrowing" like musicians do it
12:33 caroline walter +1
12:34 walterbender SeanDaly: IFL... Innovations for Learning
12:34 SeanDaly: the Teachermate s'ware
12:34 caroline That shoudl be part of our GCompris story, that not only are we takig wht already exists but its an example of how we are creatig a platform that teachers and students can add to and share what they create.
12:34 SeanDaly walterbender: ok
12:35 If we do a GCompris press release, we can put ASLO as the angle!
12:35 caroline Sugar, everyone is a creator
12:36 a 6 year old can create a lesson using Memorize
12:36 SeanDaly and address content question: "more and more Activities, now necessary to simplify choice"
12:36 also FOSS leverage angle (always a differentiator): adapted from Mozilla
12:36 caroline Sean, not a this week issue as we don't have any real teachers picking apps this week.
12:37 Also we have some technical work to do, with upgrades and integration into the XS so that teachers can pick apps for thier students, probably months away.
12:37 SeanDaly caroline: what I want is a nice small bit o' news which will raide antennae of journos pre-events
12:37 caroline right,
12:37 SeanDaly s/raide/raise
12:38 we will mention SoaS for very soon too
12:38 kind oof like priming the carburetor, but I understand people don't drive cars with carbs anymore
12:39 I may need another day to mull this over...
12:40 anyone else have a topic before we wrap it up?
12:41 jt4sugar walterbender: Sorry-missed your comments-flaky connection today
12:41 SeanDaly going once...
12:43 going twice...
12:43 gone!
12:43 #endmeeting

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