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#sugar-meeting, 2009-05-28

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Time Nick Message
12:06 erikos #LINK 0.86 Roadmap http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]map/0.86#Schedule
12:06 sdziallas will be around in ten minutes or so...
12:06 erikos sdziallas, ok - but join silently - use the back door ;p
12:07 sdziallas erikos: will do, will do ;)
12:07 erikos let's update you on the idea behind it:
12:07 a) we have 13 weeks of free development
12:08   - Aug 21  is the Feauture freeze
12:08 b) we have 4 weeks of stabilizing
12:08   - Sep 17 is hard code freeze
12:09 c) the string handling
12:09 as discussed with unmadindu last week we enter in a string cooling by the 21 of august
12:09 * String changes have to be announced, but no exceptions have to be requested.
12:09 for two weeks starting from then
12:10 after Sep 04 - ** Every string change has to be requested and to be approved.
12:10 unmadindu likes the term string cooling :-D
12:10 erikos unmadindu, nice ;p
12:10 as you see our cycle is quite tight this time
12:11 which makes a good preparation even more needed
12:11 4 weeks for stabilizing is not much
12:11 after the feature freeze we will do a development release each week
12:12 and then testing should happen when it is out
12:12 and the bugs should get fixed as quick as possible
12:12 if the BugSquad and Testers and Developers work well together during that period I am sure we will get something solid together
12:13 any questions - comments so far?
12:14 I should probably summarize all this in a mail for those that are not here today
12:14 2009 Jun 05 Release goals proposal
12:14 who knows what this means?
12:15 hopes he did not scare everyone away by now ;p
12:16 ok - I want to make sure - we have a plan for the features we want to land during that release
12:16 something like this: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]s/20SecondStartup
12:17 I hope this is not only a burocreatic thing for everyone - but helps as well to phrase the ideas out
12:17 gives others a chance to help
12:17 etc
12:18 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]map/0.86#Schedule
12:19 FGrose Documentation -> Transparancy -> easier participation
12:19 erikos this is our current list of proposals
12:19 FGrose, yes I hope to achieve that
12:20 does anybody has comments to that procedure?
12:20 better ideas
12:20 buhs?
12:20 claps?
12:21 alsroot_ so, we need go through http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]86#Proposal_Goals list and choose maint for every proposal?
12:21 erikos alsroot_, yes
12:21 that would be my next point
12:22 ok, let's do this then
12:22 ** Switch to a standard WM
12:22 sdziallas takes the back door in
12:23 erikos unmadindu, do you want/can own that one?
12:23 unmadindu erikos: ok
12:23 erikos awesome
12:23 unmadindu should be push out another status report this weekend
12:23 *should be able to
12:23 sdziallas unmadindu: if you want us to do some early testing in soas, please let me know :)
12:24 unmadindu sure - will do
12:24 erikos btw: owning does not mean you have to do everything by yourself
12:24 sdziallas cool, thanks!
12:25 erikos but you should coordinate people
12:25 if you need help
12:25 is depending on the task of course
12:25 at least how I would declare it
12:25 I see it as: each feature has a submanager
12:26 can be the dev in the same person
12:26 ok - anyhow
12:26 ** New toolbar widget
12:26 marco was interested - but I heard not back from him yet
12:27 benzea would be good - expertise wise - otherwise maybe I take it
12:27 I will take care of finding an owner for that
12:27 unless someone else steps up in the meantime...
12:27 ** Browse
12:27 I guess I have to do that ;p
12:28 ** Tags in the Journal
12:28 alsroot_ just to inform - I do the same in Library
12:28 erikos alsroot_, the tags part you mean?
12:28 alsroot_ erikos: yup
12:29 erikos alsroot_, do you have a design for that already?
12:29 alsroot_ so, I guess having several views(not only Journal) we can use Library for that reason
12:29 erikos: I'm planing to releas v1 this week
12:29 erikos alsroot_, wow
12:30 alsroot_, I guess we should then talk about it in detail
12:30 alsroot_, and see what overlaps
12:30 alsroot_ agree, v1 let people choose the right direction
12:31 erikos yup - nice
12:31 is excited
12:31 ** More Accelerators (short cuts)
12:31 anyone interested in that task?
12:32 imho can be a quite nice task
12:32 alsroot_ guesses it should be a policy?
12:32 erikos needs a bit discussing with the design team etc
12:32 alsroot_, for the accelerators you mean?
12:32 alsroot_ erikos: yup
12:32 erikos alsroot_, that the activities use the same, yeah
12:33 right, and in the shell as well
12:33 hi gregdek
12:33 FGrose http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]s/Keyboard_Action
12:35 erikos ok I will add the link - and ask homunq about it
12:36 **  Search in home view
12:36 anyone?
12:37 jzGreen_, James - could be a nice task for you, maybe
12:37 tomeu hi, sorry I'm late
12:38 alsroot_ btw, Home view could "implemented" in Library as well - tagging/search/launch
12:38 erikos hey tomeu - nice you made it anyhow
12:38 alsroot_, do you rewrite sugar from scratch at the moment? ;p
12:38 alsroot_ erikos: not yeat, I'm waiting for tomeu's vala binding
12:39 erikos alsroot_, ok ;)
12:39 tomeu heh, my pybank plans got delayed to 0.88, blog a bit ago about it
12:39 vala can come in 0.88 as well
12:40 erikos shall we keep on going through the list?
12:40 are there any possible takers besides sayamindu and alsroot?
12:40 jzGreen_ erikos: i dont know what that task is exactly, but I was thinking about classroom presenter for linuxtag
12:40 alsroot_ erikos: we can use several views for Home and Journal -- and use Library for that reason
12:41 erikos jzGreen_, oh, nice
12:41 jzGreen_ but I wont say I'm doing it until I can :p
12:41 erikos jzGreen_, sure thing
12:41 alsroot_ erikos: so we can unite this section with "several views(pluggins)"
12:41 ..for Home/Journal
12:43 erikos alsroot_, do you have screenshots of the library?
12:43 alsroot_ erikos: you can `git clone` it
12:43 erikos alsroot_, I should probably have read the proposal - I can not really anticipate it yet :/
12:51 ok, what next?
12:52 alsroot_, I guess library and journal will share code
12:52 alsroot_, or reuse it
12:52 alsroot_ erikos: in fact Library tends to be a Journal
12:52 erikos alsroot_, but we should still have owners for the journal items
12:52 alsroot_, so they coexist?
12:53 alsroot_, the library is a replacement?
12:53 alsroot_ erikos: nope
12:53 I guess they can coexist
12:53 erikos what is the rationale to not enhance the journal?
12:54 and make another activity out of it
12:54 don't say it is not ok to do that - just try to understand better
12:54 alsroot_ erikos: "unified objects" proposal - unified way to treat all objects in sugar(including remote objects)
12:54 ..and make it core version independent
12:55 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Unified_Objects
12:55 alsroot_ yup
12:57 erikos ok
12:57 alsroot_ erikos: "Decoupling of Sucrose" is related task for "and make it core version independent"
13:00 erikos alsroot_, versioning in the ds?
13:00 alsroot_ erikos: yup, but silbe knows better - its his proposal
13:01 erikos alsroot_, ok
13:01 alsroot_, quite a big chunk for 0.86
13:01 alsroot_ erikos: I mean "Version support for datastore" by silbe
13:01 erikos alsroot_, yup
13:06 ok, I think the 45 minutes are more then over
13:06 and maybe going through the list by each point does not give us more owners
13:07 I guess - the list is there - pick a task - write the proposal until the proposal dealine
13:07 and off you go
13:07 sounds good to everyone?
13:07 questions - comments?
13:08 jzGreen_ I must confess I didn't know what this meeting was about, nor that the proposal goals had to find owners
13:08 I would have read more about the requirements of each to see if I could find one that I could effectively contribute to
13:08 alsroot_ btw what about "Decoupling of Sucrose" - it doesnt require coding just declaring a bit new scheme of releasing sugar
13:09 tomeu jzGreen_: you have plenty of time to go through the list, think about it, and find some friends to grab some stuff ;)
13:09 alsroot_ ..and of course it was my imho, and we can remove it from proposal goals
13:10 erikos jzGreen, I will post another request to the mailing list about it
13:10 jzGreen erikos: about what?
13:10 erikos jzGreen, that people can pick a feature to own
13:10 jzGreen goals -> owner mappings?
13:10 ok cool
13:10 erikos jzGreen, yes
13:11 jzGreen, and besides those "bigger" tasks listed here
13:11 jzGreen, there are plenty of tasks waiting in the bug tracker
13:11 FGrose Owner/Coordinator
13:11 jzGreen erikos: ok. Priority towards bugtracker or this list?
13:12 erikos FGrose, yes Owner == Coordinator
13:12 the person that moves the development further
13:12 jzGreen, that is up to you
13:12 jzGreen, both is more then welcome
13:12 jzGreen erikos: some goals (like some/most bugs perhaps) dont have enough info. Who fleshes out details about goals?
13:13 erikos jzGreen, about the goals on the list the coordinator is flashing out the details
13:13 jzGreen ah ok
13:14 erikos jzGreen, of course if they do not say anything to you at the moment
13:14 you are free to ask and I will try to answer
13:14 the bugs - there are diffeerent ones I would say
13:15 a) the defects that only needs a "simple" fix
13:15 jzGreen yes, bugs have trac to take care of reqests etc
13:15 erikos b) the one that does need a design
13:15 c) UI/mockup
13:15 right, the discussion happens in the trac ticket
13:16 the design part is flashed out there
13:16 jzGreen thanks erikos, will have a read once i get my system back up
13:16 erikos jzGreen, ok, cool
13:16 jzGreen fedora killed part of my partition table :(
13:16 erikos any other comments?
13:16 jzGreen, oups
13:17 jzGreen, from virtualization?
13:18 jzGreen erikos: not sure what you mean by that. But I tried to install fedora 10 from live cd, and then 11beta
13:19 erikos jzGreen, on a machine with an already existing system?
13:19 jzGreen yes, triple booting with rEFIt
13:20 leopard/ubuntu/windows7beta
13:20 erikos oh ok
13:20 jzGreen rEFIt and leapard still intact, but lost ubuntu and windows
13:21 erikos :(
13:21 jzGreen I was hoping fedora would replace the existing ubuntu, but instead it changed the partitions then died, somewhat gracefully, but still died
13:22 was reading up on many different distros today, and each have trouble with trackpad and wifi as far as I can tell, but I had ubuntu working before no troubles
13:23 erikos: so to pull this back to topic, I was hoping to used fedora because that is what sugar is based on, but I also saw many other distros are now supporting it
13:23 erikos damn, that is really bad
13:24 jzGreen, hmmm, heard that ubuntu support is not as good at the moment
13:24 jzGreen, but tomeu knows more in that regard
13:24 jzGreen for sugar no, to run on my macbook, yes :P
13:25 tomeu still using 8.10 :/
13:25 erikos oh ok ;p
13:25 ok, let;s close officially the meeting here
13:26 jzGreen oh yeah
13:26 erikos #endmeeting

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