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#sugar-meeting, 2009-05-27

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Time Nick Message
12:11 erikos FGrose, thanks - I guess I was off for too long ;)
12:12 http://tinyurl.com/rdz7dm
12:12 those are the open 0.84 blockers
12:12 bernie ciao
12:13 garycmartin bernie: hey hi!
12:13 sdziallas bernie: hey ;)
12:13 erikos bernie, hey - great you joined in
12:13 http://tinyurl.com/p6t4oc
12:13 actually - as I goal I would like to triage these today
12:14 I think we can handle those in 45 minutes
12:14 sounds like a good goal?
12:14 bernie erikos: I made my irc client hilight the "#startmeeting" messages, so I don't miss meetings any more :-)
12:14 erikos bernie, :)))
12:15 remember: silence means yes :)
12:15 and tomeu: the CIA is watching you!
12:16 garycmartin for 234 I need to test (battery updating)
12:17 XOs here are all on an 8.2.1 at the moment so need a distro with 0.84 to see if it's still borked.
12:17 erikos [0-200, 200-300, 300-400, 400-500, > 500]
12:17 looks at 234
12:18 FGrose looking at 498
12:19 erikos garycmartin, did you test in non-xo?
12:19 garycmartin, is there the same issue?
12:20 tomeu lazy tomeu takes the last 3
12:20 erikos 234 and 45 are dups or?
12:21 good tomeu!
12:21 garycmartin erikos: yes but I can'r actually 'test' it. VirtualBox on the Mac does not support Battery reporting so A) Fedora 10 running doesn't know there is a battery, B) sugar-jhbuild Sugar had no idea either (I just get a solid white battery icon) :-)
12:22 erikos garycmartin, ok, I guess I can test it on this machine here
12:22 garycmartin, let me log in from the other machine so we finally close or update this ticket
12:22 garycmartin I'm just downloading the latest rawhide-xo build from cjb. Pertty sure that is a recent 0.84.
12:23 erikos: fab, double testing :-)
12:24 sdziallas garycmartin: yup, it has. in fact, the same sugar as soas has. but it might have some issues with booting...
12:25 garycmartin sdziallas: ...issues booting, lol, thanks :-)
12:25 sdziallas garycmartin: I heard that it might work after retrying for some time... but I'd bet you'll run into some kernel message stating that there's some jffs2 stuff missing.
12:25 erikos can someone repost the tinyurl
12:26 sdziallas erikos: http://tinyurl.com/p6t4oc
12:26 erikos merci
12:26 sdziallas de rien, monsieur :)
12:29 erikos garycmartin, ok - so I am down from 100% to 98%
12:30 garycmartin erikos: ah cool, so if it fails on the XO here (still downloading img) that makes it a f11 issue?
12:32 sdziallas runs for dinner, will be back in some minutes
12:33 NeoGeneration hi there
12:33 somebody here?
12:34 garycmartin NeoGeneration: hi, yea.
12:35 NeoGeneration Im looking for a Sugar "Expert"
12:35 m
12:35 money offered :)
12:39 garycmartin NeoGeneration: we're just in a Bug Triage meeting just now, best place would be to email sugar-devel@lists.sugarlabs.org with a description of what your trying to do!
12:40 erikos garycmartin, I am on F11 here
12:40 garycmartin, so - more a hardware issue
12:40 NeoGeneration, or ask in #sugar
12:40 garycmartin erikos: Hmmm. (2/3 downloaded so still waiting to test)
12:41 erikos garycmartin, let me unplug the device now
12:42 icon is white now
12:42 seems about right
12:43 hah - now
12:43 it still displays: battery charging 90%
12:44 garycmartin erikos: it might just be really slow updating the detail (though still a bug I guess) give it 5 min...
12:45 erikos garycmartin, hmm after plugging it in it stays white
12:45 garycmartin, looks a bit on crack :p
12:46 garycmartin erikos: again, I think it's real sllllooooooowwww to update the state.
12:47 erikos garycmartin, ok I give it 5 min
12:47 sdziallas is half back
12:50 erikos wonders which half this is
12:51 sdziallas my better one ;) ou peut-ĂȘtre la part francais...
12:51 garycmartin erikos: for 46 (more battery) this seems like a some design decision is needed. If a battery is missing or defective (a very hard/grey area) I'd assume the battery icon would just disapear. That's what we get just now right?
12:52 erikos garycmartin, hmm, yeah
12:52 garycmartin, let me see at the moment the behavior is:
12:52 when I unplug the battery the icon is all white
12:54 garycmartin erikos: Hmmm, I guess the hint text is bad too?
12:54 erikos garycmartin, i think for a device without a battery at all - the device is not shown
12:54 garycmartin xo-rawhide image just landed installing...
12:55 erikos garycmartin, which hint text?
12:55 garycmartin, did I waited enough?
12:55 garycmartin, the icon is still white :P
12:56 laughs at tomeu
12:56 garycmartin erikos: FWIW Sugar in VirtualBox here always shows a white battery, poking about in Fedora 10 it seems to think there is no battery (thinks it's a desktop on mains power)
12:57 erikos garycmartin, let me see on my desktop machine
12:57 tomeu wonders if the CIA is telling jokes to erikos about him
12:58 erikos garycmartin, on my desktop machine - there is no device created for the battery
12:58 garycmartin erikos: (by 'hint text' I meant the 'battery is charging 90%' pop-up)
12:58 erikos garycmartin, which sounds like the right behavior to me
12:58 garycmartin erikos: yes, that seems good there.
12:59 erikos garycmartin, yup - I think we have an error when we remove the battery and insert it again
12:59 garycmartin, then it gets confused
12:59 tomeu, live writes the best jokes
13:00 FGrose Have to leave, #453 updated, & 498 resolved as duplicate.
13:00 erikos garycmartin, btw: as a bonbon I have something arty for you -> but only after our work :)
13:00 FGrose, awesome!
13:00 FGrose, thanks very much
13:01 garycmartin FGrose: thanks!
13:02 erikos garycmartin, let me quickly look at the code
13:02 garycmartin erikos: OK, I'm just reflashing an XO here for testing.
13:17 erikos: just moved 453 to 0.86 (frame inoperable while control panel displayed), but don't think there's much consensus for the way to fix.
13:18 erikos garycmartin, yup sounds good
13:18 garycmartin, as another test sample
13:18 garycmartin, when one has no battery inserted and start sugar
13:18 garycmartin, none is displayed
13:18 garycmartin, I plugged it in - but the frame is not coming up
13:19 garycmartin, I guess this code path has to be looked at in detail - for easier testing best outside of sugar
13:19 garycmartin erikos: ahh so at boot time the battery palette is either added or not, once booted it is not added removed based on any change state.
13:19 erikos garycmartin, I guess so
13:20 garycmartin, one should look as well at what hal is doing
13:20 garycmartin erikos: yea...
13:21 is not having luck booting xo-rawhide, XO locks up during boot.
13:21 erikos garycmartin, maybe in order to not loose ourselves in the details - I push it to 0.86 so we can get the triage done
13:22 garycmartin erikos: yes, we at least took a look.
13:24 erikos: just updating 46
13:27 erikos garycmartin, oh
13:27 garycmartin, I left 45 open
13:27 garycmartin, for all those issues
13:27 garycmartin, and closed 46
13:27 hopes this makes sense
13:27 garycmartin erikos: OK sure thing :-)
13:30 erikos: Seems I can't test 234 here today, should we close and point to 45 as well?
13:31 erikos garycmartin, it looks Xo specific
13:32 garycmartin, and the error in 45 - is 'global'
13:32 garycmartin, I would leave it open
13:33 garycmartin erikos: OK, should it's milestone be 0.86?
13:33 erikos: (currently 0.84)
13:34 erikos garycmartin, heh good question
13:34 garycmartin erikos: I'll punt it to 0.86, try and test it again myself with another image on an XO
13:35 erikos garycmartin, sounds good
13:36 garycmartin erikos: if it is still broken, I can open a ticked at dev.laptop.org (seeing as the plan is to use 0.86 in their future XO distro)
13:36 erikos garycmartin, yup - as it smells distro specific
13:38 tomeu, #70 isn't it enough that gettext is a dep of sugar-toolkit?
13:41 tomeu erikos: did that happened on jhbuild?
13:42 erikos tomeu, donnu - asked dirakx
13:55 tomeu, maybe we should create a list of 0.86 easy tickets as well
13:55 tomeu, mark them sugar-love or something
13:56 tomeu I use to mark all the tickets I see as sugar-love
13:56 erikos ok, cool
14:06 tomeu, where are the abiword devs?
14:06 tomeu, irc channel i mean
14:07 tomeu erikos: #abiword in gimpnet
14:07 erikos ahhh gimpnet
14:11 sdziallas erikos: mind asking them if they would like to get some 2.7 testing? ;)
14:12 erikos ok
14:14 sdziallas thanks!
14:15 garycmartin erikos: sorry, running out of steam here, was trying to test 201 but having trouble stracing an activity launch to see if it's opening lot's of icon files still.
14:16 erikos: sugar-launch CLI seems to be broken (can't find any bundles of the right name)
14:17 erikos garycmartin, yeah - we advanced some already
14:19 garycmartin erikos: tomeu: for what it's worth copy-from-journal is also broken (it matches all journal entry tiyles and the defaults to saving out the first"
14:19 goes to file a new ticket for it :-)
14:20 erikos garycmartin, ok, those would be nice to fix indeed
14:21 sdziallas, looks like there is another 3 months timeframe for 2.8
14:21 garycmartin erikos: is the component sugar-toolkit? I'm not sure where it lives.
14:21 erikos sdziallas, or we package the sources ourselves
14:21 sdziallas erikos: *grumble*
14:23 tomeu but the abiword maintainer in fedora may be willing to package the 2.7 series in devel, right?
14:23 erikos sdziallas, and the write needs some hours of adaptation work
14:23 sdziallas hrm!
14:23 erikos tomeu, thought it was uwog :)
14:23 garycmartin, let me check
14:23 tomeu and he doesn't want to package it?
14:23 erikos tomeu, that is what I understood
14:24 tomeu, from what he said in #abiword
14:24 tomeu ok
14:24 sdziallas so we're going to maintain more and more packages in our soas repo :/
14:24 erikos sdziallas, nah - we just stay with the old version
14:25 sdziallas erikos: hm... okay. well, I had the hope that this abiword release would save us some tens of MBs of cups bloat
14:25 erikos garycmartin, those are in sugar-datastore
14:26 garycmartin, "find sugar-jhbuild/ -name copy*"
14:29 garycmartin erikos: thanks will file there.
14:42 erikos garycmartin, as I promised you: stellarium.org
14:42 garycmartin, do you know that one?
14:45 ok we are done with tickets for today - I would say
14:48 "endmeeting
14:48 #endmeeting

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