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#sugar-meeting, 2009-05-26

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Time Nick Message
11:09 SeanDaly did everyone see my proposed agenda in the invitation?
11:10 we can add Caroline's too
11:11 First agenda item is LinuxTag/NECC
11:11 I plan to attend LinuxTag and Mike NECC
11:11 Caroline didn't you mention another conference in the same end of June timeframe? or was that NECC?
11:12 caroline yes NECC
11:12 SeanDaly My idea has been to do a press release for LinuxTag; timing will be perfect for NECC
11:13 caroline FOSSED is the same time as LinuxTag so maybe we can mention both in the press release.
11:13 mikelee_ ok, back ....
11:13 SeanDaly Until a couple of hours ago I thought I was clear on what was going into the press release but as of now it's under discussion...
11:14 either v1 of SoaS (which I don't think will be ready)
11:14 caroline yeah
11:15 SeanDaly or Release Candidate of SoaS, which is really just the original plan
11:15 caroline I think we should table this disucssion till we can have it with sebastian
11:15 mikelee_ so if no new version of soas, no press release for NECC?
11:15 caroline My opinion is what is in the release is the developers business, what we call the release is marketing's business.   I notice gmail is still in beta.
11:16 SeanDaly I quite agree we can work on non-strategic stuff like booth stuff but it's a problem
11:17 caroline: that's a sensible approach... but that means everyone has to be on the same page (won't work if devs unilaterally call it something else)
11:17 jt4sugar A mention that Soas Beta will be at both events is important
11:17 SeanDaly jt4sugar: Sebastian wants to skip further betas and has announced it will be v1
11:18 My POV is that's too soon... and contradicts ou PR
11:18 s/ou/our
11:18 mikelee_ we can certainly make up some live cds. the local linux group is good at that.
11:18 ...cds for the booth that is.
11:18 SeanDaly mikelee: yes, the only problem is what to call them :-)
11:19 caroline ok lets not get stuck on that today
11:19 SeanDaly Let's talk about swag & decoration, we need to anyway
11:19 caroline Can we get someone to make a nice CD label?
11:19 mikelee_ agree to table naming...most of the teachers won't be splitting hairs on naming
11:19 SeanDaly caroline: I believe Christian had offered to do that? a while back
11:19 caroline yeah, its not happened though
11:19 can you ping him?
11:20 SeanDaly caroline: sure but he has something else right now, the website navbar
11:20 Branded CDs are a great way to spread the word
11:21 mikelee_ i am good with the adobe suite of tools on a mac. i can assemble the label if given direction
11:21 SeanDaly What I'd really like to do is a booth rool-up banner
11:21 mikelee: I think you've just gotten a job :D
11:21 mikelee_ Booth rollup banners cost around $300 here in DC
11:22 mtd SeanDaly: not sure if I'm supposed to be able to talk :), but if I am, what do you hope to gain by calling this Soas release the RC vs. calling it Final?
11:22 SeanDaly mikelee: yes, and about the same in Brussels/Paris
11:22 Hi mtd
11:22 mtd SeanDaly: hi.  If we've moved on, I apologise and please ignore.
11:22 SeanDaly of course you can talk... and I can listen :D
11:23 We've issued two press releases and briefed journalists about SoaS being in beta until the fall
11:23 We've also communicated that SoaS v1 will be worth waiting for = "robust"
11:23 caroline I'm concerned about negative press.  I don't think we should say its school ready till we have actually piloted it in a school.
11:24 SeanDaly And it's disconnnected (on purpose) from the Sugar and Fedora numbering underneath which will just confuse teachers
11:24 caroline: I am deeply concerned about negative press
11:24 caroline I want to communicate that we want help testing, not that teachers should use this as an instructional platform at this time.
11:24 mikelee_ for me, and likely for teachers who come to a booth at necc, is soas actually testable in a classroom, or is only for a quick look
11:24 SeanDaly caroline: +1
11:24 caroline mikelee_ its testable, and playable, but not relialble or mission critical ready.
11:25 SeanDaly mikelee: testable sure...
11:25 but not reliably ready enough for daily classroom use
11:25 mikelee_ so what teachers will need is a testing guide that's meaningful to them
11:25 SeanDaly mikelee: +1
11:26 We need the following documents in fact:
11:26 mtd SeanDaly, caroline: I agree with the "help testing", and I suppose that's what calling it v1 does from a developer perspective.  I see that dfarning and SeanDaly have covered this in a recent thread that David's just posted to the mailing list, and I think the discussion has moved on from where I was, so I'll rescind my question and let you all work it out.
11:26 SeanDaly 1) PDF brochure I promised to Caroline weeks ago (lack skills to make nice-looking 2-col page with photos)
11:26 mtd Sorry for the bother
11:27 caroline mtd, yeah I think V1 means somethign different to developers then we think it will mean to teachers.
11:27 SeanDaly mtd: I think it's a communication prob more than anything, no bother
11:27 reminds me when we got mixed up between "press release" "photo image release" and "software release"
11:28 mtd heh
11:28 SeanDaly I said "release" meaning photo release and Simon got upset certainly didn't want to do that
11:28 ok re documents: 1) PDF brochure, 2) press release
11:29 and 3) how to try Sugar on your computer
11:29 Not a smoke test, or a protoocol, but a friendly brief users guide
11:29 All 3 documents need to be written!
11:29 caroline I want to communicate that this summer is a great time to play with SoaS and do fun things with kids and test teh software helping us get it ready for the world.
11:30 SeanDaly caroline: +1
11:30 mikelee_ agree completely on the three docs
11:30 SeanDaly In particular because I would like to do a back-to-school press release too
11:30 caroline but I don;t want to imply that it is ready for school wide implementation for busy teahers with huge time pressure  untill at least Jan and probably next Sept.
11:30 SeanDaly prior to SoaS v1 (assuming the existing plan)
11:31 jt4sugar For non-tech going from Beta to version 1 would mean to me ready for prime-time in this case not yet
11:31 SeanDaly caroline: i agree
11:31 mikelee_ doc 1 &2 are distilling the message and positioning it, doc 3 needs some physical work with hardware
11:31 SeanDaly jt4sugar: oddly, the marketers think the same thing... and surely the devs too... the twain must meet :-)
11:31 mikelee: +1
11:32 i think the biggest blocker (assuming tech problems are ironed out) is how to set BIOS to boot from key
11:32 mikelee_ that can be a nasty process for non technical folks
11:32 SeanDaly caroline: by the way did you see my mail, I identified how to boot Mac reliably from a USB key
11:33 caroline Sean, lets talk about it after the meeting.
11:33 SeanDaly mikelee: true, but most if not all recent netbooks have a hotkey (F10 or F12) to choose boot these days
11:33 caroline: okay
11:33 mikelee_ true that
11:33 SeanDaly mikelee: older PCs more iffy especially those which can't boot from USB
11:34 mikelee_ and a lot of older machines are out there
11:34 SeanDaly i spent two frustrating hours with my old PC in the basement, not realizing it can't boot from USB
11:34 caroline I think encouraging people to use the CD boot-helper and then having them discover ways they don't need it.
11:35 SeanDaly We can deal with this by concentrating the first section of the "try guide" with a flowchart: new PC one branch, old PC another branch, Mac a third branch
11:35 tomeu is here now
11:35 mikelee_ "If you have this ... then do this ..."
11:35 SeanDaly caroline: Not a bad idea, especially since bootable CD far more reliable than bootable our USBs :-(
11:36 mikelee: yes
11:36 Hi tomeu
11:37 OK the "Try Guide" after BIOS advice, what next should be there?
11:38 Tell teachers what they should see (fedora splash, Sugar logo,)
11:38 mikelee_ and suggest a first path thru the UI and activities
11:38 SeanDaly The home view then say what F1-F2-F3 do
11:38 Important I think for little diagram showing Sugar key bindings
11:39 When do we bring collaboration into it? most interesting aspect of Activities
11:39 involves networking :-(
11:39 mikelee_ isnt the image preconfiged to a jabber server?
11:40 SeanDaly mikelee: Ii believe it is but maybe that server was changed?
11:40 seems to me there was a thread about that
11:40 like it was an OLPC server and now its a SL server?
11:40 caroline the jabber server is working
11:40 mikelee_ birmingham's jabber box is pretty reliable. we have one in DC too...need to check
11:40 caroline yes jabber.sugarlabs.org will be up for the confernces.
11:41 and is preconfigurued on SoaS right now.
11:41 mikelee_ thats best
11:41 SeanDaly OK so what we can do is tell teachers what it is by default and how easy it is to change it
11:41 First time I booted SoaS I tthought neighborhood view was neighbors on my street
11:42 i was both happy and disappointed that they were around the world :-)
11:43 mikelee_ re: collaboration as the killer feature, what i think i would find myself telling a teacher at the conf is to take two cds and try with a buddy if they think they'll have the time later
11:43 SeanDaly By the way the XO-1 running v0.82 can use a jabber server too can't it?
11:43 jt4sugar Bring in collaboration when open first activity-explain can be private or shared
11:43 SeanDaly jt4sugar: good idea - identify an Activity will be fine with or without collab
11:44 caroline I'm imaging that you have computers at the pavilion and you have them try it out there.
11:44 mikelee_ hoping we have network there!
11:45 SeanDaly At LinuxTag unless i can't go for an unforseen reason ii will have 7 XOs, 6 netbooks and a school server
11:45 caroline if you don't brign a router and connect them together and they can collaoborate that way.
11:45 SeanDaly We can collaborate online live!
11:45 walterbender is back...
11:45 caroline and also if you are all on the same wireless point, even if it doesn't have internet, you can see each other.
11:45 SeanDaly I have the router David brought to SugarCamp
11:46 caroline but I bet you have internet at NECC
11:46 jt4sugar Using write and having people type at different XO's on a document has always got point across very quickly
11:46 SeanDaly caroline: here's something I'm confused about
11:46 jt4sugar: +1
11:46 caroline: can XOs and SoaS machines see each other with access point?
11:47 It's sufficient for all to connect to access point, right?
11:47 caroline not though the Mesh network
11:47 SeanDaly when i light up my XOs they make themselves a mesh network
11:47 caroline but I think it should work if they are on the same wireless point or wired to the same router.
11:47 the mesh will not work on nonXOs
11:47 SeanDaly I guess it's as simple as telling each XO to connect to the AP
11:48 caroline I think that woudl work but I have not tested
11:48 SeanDaly caroline: in fact my understanding is that it will work if the non-XO has 802.11n (draft N)
11:48 jt4sugar I had my Dell Inspiron 9200 and an XO collaborating one night off an access point
11:48 SeanDaly I ordered the Dell education netbook with that option
11:48 jt4sugar: i wiill try that tonight
11:49 I have a question for Mike
11:49 mikelee_ ?
11:49 SeanDaly You don't mind if we use your fabulous photo on the booth roll-up banner?
11:49 mikelee_ all my olpc + sugar pix should be CC..yes
11:50 SeanDaly Christian V our new marketer couldn't make it today
11:50 but asked me to task him if anything was urgent
11:50 I was thinking he could help design the bboth banner
11:50 s/bboth/booth
11:51 My idea for it would be: white background
11:51 Sugarlabs logo, probably in purple
11:51 purple -> matches photo + complementary color to OLPC green
11:51 then photo
11:52 then text: "Sugar Learning Platform for Children"
11:52 mikelee_ look of the booth banner will set the design language for the rest of the materials--less re-thinking...
11:52 SeanDaly i was thinking we coould add soome bullets... but another way to go is to stay very simple
11:53 I designed FSFE booth banner they use at FOSDEM
11:53 big test, few words = easy to understand when walking past
11:54 mikelee: we have a strong logo
11:54 walterbender in the spirit of KISS, why not just Sugar Learning Platform?
11:54 SeanDaly hi sdziallas
11:54 mikelee_ yes
11:54 SeanDaly hi walter
11:54 jt4sugar Screenshot of neighborhood showing groups collaborating on activities
11:54 sdziallas hi SeanDaly
11:54 SeanDaly jt4sugar: actually Ii was thinking might be better to show 6 Learner icons around an Activity
11:55 that will recall Home View Ring
11:56 Rings are iconic (pun intended), strong visual statement
11:56 And, that will communicate collaboration benefit
11:57 Maybe better to skip text arguments in booth banner and under "Sugar Learning Platform" just have visuals, Lego-style
11:57 jt4sugar SeanDaly: That's what I mean see neighborhood view in gallery http://www.sugarlabs.org/index[…]ery&page=media_04
11:57 SeanDaly blank space lower on roll-up banner could have other neighborhood view stuff maybe
11:58 walterbender SeanDaly: I hope that there is no plan for text other than SLP
11:58 I suppose a tiny URL somewhere
11:58 SeanDaly walterbender: yes, we just briefly considered it then consigned it to the dustbin
11:58 URL can go on the bottom
11:59 jt4sugar: yes imagine if we took vertical right third of that screenshot, Sugar labs logo on top, URL on bottom?
11:59 but like that, logo will fight "sugar learning platform"
12:00 jt4sugar That would be nice
12:00 SeanDaly I've been wanting to brand "Sugar Labs" instead of "Sugar"
12:00 because "sugar labs" much easier to index
12:00 mikelee agree
12:01 SeanDaly but, may be better for booth banner to have title text "sugar learning platform"
12:01 then neighborhood view slice
12:01 then logo with ".org" at bottom
12:02 walterbender maybe we should just generate a dozen mockups of different ideas and reconvene on this topic? It may jump out at us
12:03 SeanDaly walterbender: sure but time is short already need to decide this week otherwise rush job, extra $$$/EUREUREUR
12:03 I have a clear idea, wiill do a mockup tonight
12:03 might be a pasted-paper scan though :-)
12:03 walterbender OK. maybe anyone else with an opinion can do likewise
12:04 and let the marketing team decide
12:04 jt4sugar Screenshots of Neighborhood-then Journal-Then TA Portfolio-Then Memorize would get across alot-Combination of abilities is what will help Teachers
12:04 walterbender SeanDaly: is there any fixed aspect ratio we need to adhere to?
12:04 SeanDaly jt4sugar: not sure screenshots good idea
12:05 a classic booth roll-up banner is very vertical
12:05 hold on a sec I'll find that photo to show you
12:05 walterbender SeanDaly: Oh. I was thinking horizontal... OK. I'll try to make some mockups as well
12:05 mikelee we also need a date to draw a line in the sand on the sugar image to use because of manufacturing time of CDs and need to finalize the steps in teacher mini-guide
12:05 jt4sugar Break the mold and go horizontal
12:06 SeanDaly http://blogs.fsfe.org/michael_kallas/?p=14
12:06 pay no attention to the man behind the banner
12:06 jt4sugar: horiz is fine... if you have something to hang it on
12:07 walterbender looks about 1:2.5
12:07 SeanDaly booth folk like roll-up banners because 1-minute setup, easy to transport, self-supporting, does not hide booth
12:07 walterbender: I have the original file used for that banner can forward
12:08 a banner like this is like a window shade, you unhook it and it rolls down into the base
12:08 mikelee the rollups are very slick
12:08 SeanDaly My idea is to make a design and have the same design done in Brussels and DC
12:09 "consistent branding" and alll that
12:09 caroline and Maine!
12:09 SeanDaly jt4sugar: do you think you could do a mockup quickly?
12:10 caroline: ? Maine?
12:10 caroline FOSSED
12:10 where Walter is giving the keynote remember?
12:10 SeanDaly caroline: oh of course! it would really be cool if we coould collaborate between ourselves... film that.. and upload to dailymotion
12:10 walterbender I am also keynoting GUADEC over July 4 weekend.
12:11 could be a good time to announce something too...
12:11 jt4sugar I'll see what I can put together one vertical-one horizontal
12:11 SeanDaly walterbender: the plan is for next press release to be simultaneous LinuxTag/NECC/FOSSED
12:11 I think they all have June 27th or 28th in common?
12:12 caroline I think no actual overlap between FOSSED and NECC
12:12 walterbender mikelee: just saw your moostickers :)
12:12 SeanDaly jt4sugar: some people put horiz image... on vertical roll-up banner... and suspend banner horiz if base and top can be supported
12:13 mikelee i have a book of them ready to ship to your home address
12:13 SeanDaly moostickers?
12:13 mikelee http://www.flickr.com/photos/c[…]uslee/3563977119/
12:13 SeanDaly FOSSED June 24th-26th
12:14 mikelee: way cool!
12:14 mikelee: swag candidates for t-shirts?
12:15 by the way did anyone have a chance to look at the 5 swag suppliers?
12:16 mikelee not yet, but I know a couple of them
12:18 SeanDaly I want to look at Spreadshirt since good European shipping coverage
12:18 as far as I know no exclusivity, we coul dgo with any of them for US stuff
12:18 jt4sugar Quite a few friends use cafepress and are very pleased with ease of use and quality
12:19 SeanDaly Why don't we save time and just start out with cafepress for North America and Spreadshirt for Europe
12:19 jt4sugar +1
12:20 mikelee +!
12:20 SeanDaly Aside from logos what urgent to upload for swag? Home View ring? Neighborhood view?
12:20 As a branding thing I'd like to avoid a free-for-all of uploaded images, but
12:21 can be very interesting to offer lots of images and "let the people decide" which are funnest / coolest
12:21 OK I want to talk about dailymotion
12:22 I've thought about a press release announcing its opening and what's on it
12:22 walterbender SeanDaly: what about it?
12:22 SeanDaly but that would work only if we had much more stuff on it
12:22 and, I regret missing our 1st birthday
12:23 walterbender SeanDaly: have you met Sebastien Adgnot
12:23 SeanDaly walterbender: nope is he dailymotion contact?
12:23 walterbender he is mr dailymotion, AFAIK
12:23 SeanDaly will get in touch through Lionel or Bastien
12:24 walterbender I'll eintroduce you directly
12:24 SeanDaly thanks
12:24 re our first birthday: i think we should have lots of balloons at our booths
12:25 Branded or not, but balloons=fun and we get to celebrate our birthday for 2 months if we want :D
12:26 walterbender SeanDaly: maybe that will be the GAUDEC spin
12:27 SeanDaly walterbender? GNOME conf?
12:27 walterbender yes
12:27 SeanDaly is right after LinuxTag and NECC
12:27 walterbender yes
12:27 SeanDaly are you gong?
12:28 walterbender keynote
12:28 SeanDaly s/gong/going
12:28 walterbender: I can't keep up with you :-)
12:29 on another subject, iis anyone against an official Flickr account?
12:29 easy way to make photos & screenshots available to press & bloggers, beyond our website intro & wiki
12:30 i guess no one is shocked
12:30 mikelee if you havent seen it, look at the media page for Scratch Day http://day.scratch.mit.edu/media
12:31 SeanDaly OK we've run over our usual time is there anything else we need to discuss?
12:32 going once...
12:32 mikelee im going to go offline now. i will get the word out about CD duplication locally
12:33 SeanDaly mikelee: ok
12:33 going twice...
12:34 gone!
12:34 #endmeeting

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