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#sugar-meeting, 2009-05-12

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Time Nick Message
10:40 subzero BryanWB_: it could be useful, also jQuery / Dojo has their datagrid, datalist...
10:40 walterbender homunq: I can send you a back log
10:40 homunq lucian1900 and walterbender: anything to report?
10:41 walterbender just general discussion.... working on background stuff
10:41 homunq walterbender: yeah, I'd like a backlog, but for now onwards ho!
10:41 lucian1900 homunq: we've done some brainstorming, but not much else. i don't have a laptop so communication and development are hard
10:42 homunq lucian1900: what can you do about that? could we help you somehow?
10:43 lucian1900 lucian1900: not really. i have to wait for my laptop to be returned, it's being fixed
10:43 bemasc oh, we confirmed XOs to be sent to all the SoC students who applied
10:43 lucian1900 homunq: it's not too bad, i have a library close enough
10:43 bemasc Maybe you've been notified.
10:44 homunq lucian1900: OK, cool. When should it be fixed?
10:44 lucian1900 homunq: i don't have an ETA unfortunatelly. the insurance firm is a bit tight-lipped
10:45 iwikiwi lucian1900: which laptop is this, an XO? or your mac?
10:45 homunq OK. Well, actual program start is looming, can you develop a fallback plan in case you don't get it by then?
10:45 lucian1900 homunq: if i get my XO by then, it should be ok. if not, i guess i'll borrow my girlfriend's
10:46 iwikiwi: my mac, i don't have an XO yet
10:46 iwikiwi ah okay
10:46 homunq Can you boot into your own environment in the library?
10:46 do you have your hard-disk?
10:46 lucian1900 homunq: no, it's pretty locked down. i do have a backup hard-drive, i have all my data
10:47 homunq lucian1900: well, I'd say the minimum you'll need is a way to boot your own stuff
10:48 even if you're borrowing your gfs
10:48 lucian1900 homunq: i can probably boot stuff on my gfs. if not, at least run virtualbox
10:49 homunq OK. Well, figure out what it takes. you should not be dealing with infrastructure at program start, so do all that installation before
10:49 OK, subzero and BryanWB_
10:50 (sorry BryanWB_ we're running long)
10:50 subzero well, I'm having problems with animation
10:50 loosing time...
10:51 homunq (my daughter's school is still cancelled due to swine flu, 3 weeks straight is hard)
10:51 subzero so, talked yesterday...
10:51 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/K[…]eting_12_May_2009
10:52 we have introduced Karma in jQuery discussion group
10:52 homunq I trust BryanWB_ to keep you on the critical path...
10:52 subzero in order to get advice from expertise
10:53 homunq: true
10:53 homunq my only advice, which I'm sure he's already told you, is to not depend on others if you can avoid it.
10:53 BryanWB_ homunq: didn't say it as well as you just did ;)
10:53 subzero agreed
10:54 homunq "this feature exists, I'll have that little bug fixed real soon now" is the siren's call.
10:54 I mean, when other people say it.
10:55 subzero yes, well, so the idea I think is to code everything I can and then decide
10:55 homunq OK. bemasc and assimd?
10:55 ("busy with exams" is enough)
10:55 bemasc I have my Last Exam Ever on Thursday
10:56 assimd homunq: and mine will end on 29th
10:56 walterbender bemasc: :)
10:56 BryanWB_ bemasc: congrats!
10:56 homunq bemasc: awesome
10:56 lucian1900 bemasc: i envy you :)
10:56 iwikiwi bemasc: wow
10:57 assimd bemasc: what you would be doing after exams? like job or what?
10:57 iwikiwi assimd: are you in your final year of engg?
10:57 bemasc assimd: well, I'll still be doing what I am doing now, which is working on my Ph.D. research
10:57 assimd iwikiwi: yep :)
10:57 bemasc I'm a Ph.D. student.  The exam in question is called a Preliminary Qualifying Exam.
10:57 homunq assimd: is there any breathing room before then?
10:58 bemasc It's my final academic requirement... except for writing and defending a dissertation.
10:58 iwikiwi good luck, bemasc, assimd!
10:58 assimd homunq: you mean time between joining and exam end?
10:58 homunq I mean, you and bemasc need to talk and work out your plans between 14th and 23rd
10:59 assimd homunq: ya, sure. I can very well do that.
10:59 homunq assimd: can you propose a date now, when your exams are in a lull?
11:00 assimd bemasc: homunq: how about 15th?
11:00 homunq bemasc?
11:01 bemasc sure
11:01 same time?
11:01 assimd perfect
11:01 homunq (iwikiwi and homunq are missing their counterparts, so when the marketing meeting starts, we can reschedule later in the day/week)
11:01 SeanDaly gar
11:02 bemasc assimd: sounds good
11:02 walterbender SeanDaly: grrr
11:02 SeanDaly hi anyone around?
11:02 caroline hi
11:02 bemasc Marrrrketing.
11:02 walterbender SeanDaly: the GsoC meeting is just ending
11:02 SeanDaly gar=Sugar without Su
11:02 bemasc #endmeeting
11:02 umm
11:02 homunq #endmeeting
11:04 iwikiwi homunq: ah, okay. I will post updates
11:04 SeanDaly agenda is brief (was in invite):
11:04 walterbender erikos: hi
11:05 erikos hi walterbender
11:05 SeanDaly SugarCamp Paris preparations, * Sugar videos, * website navigation bar status
11:05 hi erikos
11:05 erikos SeanDaly: hello to you as well
11:05 SeanDaly I have great news, II have found a space for our Sunday meeting
11:06 erikos excellent
11:06 walterbender SeanDaly: great. I'll let our friend at FT know
11:06 SeanDaly It's on the Canal St.-Martin a short walk from République
11:06 walterbender SeanDaly: convenient for me :)
11:06 SeanDaly The meeting room has a videprojector, there is wifi
11:06 erikos SeanDaly: Canal St. Martin is a nice area
11:07 SeanDaly it's not a dungeon which some of the hotel rooms were
11:07 it's a space for socially conscious entrepreneurs and they like our values :-)
11:07 caroline sounds perfect!
11:08 SeanDaly outside the meeting room tthere are chairs so small groups can brreak off to discuss stuff etc.
11:08 hi jt4sugar
11:08 jt4sugar Hello
11:08 SeanDaly #LINK http://www.la-ruche.net/
11:09 They are low-key, I think it will be a good spot
11:09 walterbender SeanDaly: I cannot open the URL :(
11:10 SeanDaly Murphy's Law, their site crashed, I assure you it was working fine an hour ago :D
11:10 i had wanted to get a Sugar Labs banner made
11:10 But I think I'll settle for unbranded balloons :-/
11:11 tomeu seems to be a db timeout
11:12 SeanDaly there is a slew of friendly restaurants and cafés in that area ii think we will like it
11:12 sdziallas waves, running around a bit
11:12 SeanDaly Hi sdziallas by the way I wasn't sure are you coming this weekend?
11:13 erikos hi sebastian
11:13 SeanDaly OK concerning this weekend anything else we need to do, aside from the things we are doing and going to do?
11:13 sdziallas SeanDaly: hey... sorry, I won't make it for Paris. I would have loved to, but I can't just do two things at the same time (I'm going to Cannes tomorrow). Still hoping to meet all you folks at LinuxTag...
11:13 walterbender sdziallas will be in Cannes...
11:14 we should hold the Sunday meeting at his place :)
11:14 SeanDaly sdziallas: good for you, guaranteed sun :-)
11:14 LinuxTag for sure
11:14 sdziallas I've never been to Cannes before, I'll make sure to take some photos :)
11:14 cool!
11:15 SeanDaly About the space for Sunday, I will be dropping by there on Friday to pay & sign an agreement
11:15 The actual meeting room is 58 square meters, don't know whhat that is in foot-candles
11:16 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Is meeting being streamed live or video for future viewing
11:17 SeanDaly jt4sugar: as far as I know no stream plans... ideally we could arrange phone conference?
11:17 erikos SeanDaly: where do we meet in tursday?
11:17 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Sounds good
11:17 SeanDaly I understand VoIP poor over shared wifi
11:18 erikos: David will "open" my crashpad, i will be there Thursday evening
11:18 walterbender SeanDaly: the link works again...
11:19 SeanDaly Should we film the meeting, warts & all? I hesitate myself...
11:19 erikos SeanDaly: where is the place located?
11:20 tomeu SeanDaly: we have filmed past sugarcamps
11:20 SeanDaly meeting: 84 quai de Jemmapes in the 10th arrondissement
11:21 tomeu: forgive my ignorance but does that inhibit anyone from speaking up? are the films put online?
11:21 tomeu SeanDaly: I think they were published, but I haven't seen them ;)
11:22 SeanDaly I have a MiniDV camcorder and possible access to a second, I could set it on a tripod and let it rip
11:22 But, it takes hours afterwards to transcode to Theora (or anything else)
11:22 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Films fro SugarCamp and Live stream of XO Camp very helpful for a newbie
11:22 tomeu SeanDaly: I guess we should ask the attendants, but is good for the members of SLs that cannot attend
11:23 sdziallas waves again ;)
11:23 SeanDaly I filmed and ttranscoded the GPLv3 conference in Barcelona three years ago
11:23 walterbender SeanDaly: it hasn
11:23 t been anissue in the past
11:23 needs to spend more time with Typing Turtle
11:24 SeanDaly: what time do we meet on Sunday?
11:24 erikos SeanDaly: ok, cool
11:24 SeanDaly Up to us, I had asked for 9AM to 6PM with possible extension to 7 or 8PM
11:24 Maybe 10AM to 7PM better?
11:25 they are somewhat flexible
11:25 walterbender SeanDaly: I am fine either way... it is a short walk for me
11:26 jt4sugar Think it would be valuable- XO Camp video stream was the thing that launched the Enhanced Learning Strategy relationship
11:26 SeanDaly from my place it's 2 métro stops + short walk
11:26 #LINK http://maps.google.com/maps?q=[…]ct=title&resnum=1
11:27 in fact walking from my place directly maybe faster than metro + walking
11:27 About video: I want to prowl about on Saturday & film lots of snippets
11:27 and of course Caroline's SoaS prez in fluent French
11:28 caroline yeah what are we going to do about that?
11:28 SeanDaly it's completely true that a film of our meeting will multiply its effectiveness -> deliverables
11:29 caroline: we ask audience if English OK, if problematic I translate for you in realtime
11:29 By the way do we have a YouTube channel or account or whatever? I don't
11:29 tomeu btw, do you want me at that meeting? not sure how I could help there
11:30 walterbender dailymotion!!
11:30 they like ogg
11:30 SeanDaly walterbender: how silly oof moi
11:30 I miiltate for Ogg all the time too
11:30 caroline Sean, my biggest worry is having people have sticks.
11:31 SeanDaly maybe we should tell the lists that attendees should bring sticks?
11:31 walterbender SeanDaly: more than one, so they can share
11:31 jt4sugar Link to November SugarCamp Videos  http://www.youtube.com/profile[…]otnet&view=videos
11:32 SeanDaly I am finally managing to load sticks... on that Classmate with the fedora utility!
11:32 And when II push in the SD card, boots SoaS beta-1
11:33 I'm having some success with a cool SD Card to USB adapter
11:34 caroline: should we try to bring some extra sticks to load & hand out?
11:34 caroline yes
11:34 I just don't know how mnay I'll have time to make
11:34 also shoudl we use the old beta on 5-31 beta
11:34 SeanDaly erikos kindly loaded a stick for me at FOSDEM I thought the "while-u-wait" was really cool
11:35 walterbender caroline: why the old beta?
11:35 caroline the new one only has turtle art 41 :(
11:36 SeanDaly by the way is what we call "beta-1" always the same, or are we swapping in a snapshot?
11:36 caroline I'm just testing 5-31 now
11:36 SeanDaly I've only been using the original "beta-1" but I am motivated to get a snapshot & submit hardware reports
11:37 caroline I'll try to test the new beta a bit and I think I'll burn all new sticks to the new beta but not reburn
11:38 SeanDaly here's a dumb question: do we have a little table somewhere that indicates what's working, what's not & what's new between v0.84 and the 0.82 currently on XOs?
11:39 walterbender SeanDaly: the 0.84 releasenotes cover that
11:39 SeanDaly I knew it was a dumb question :-)
11:41 ah yes http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]ases/Sucrose/0.84
11:42 OK concerning the sitewide navigation bar:
11:42 Christian will be coming back to me shortly with a version i want you all to look at
11:43 the idea is a top bar with important stuff, but not too many choices
11:43 and depending on the item some secondary choices appear below it
11:45 The breakdown (as I suggested it) is in my April 3rd mail
11:45 everyone who comments that nav is not good is correct,
11:45 but I feel the worst difficulties will be eliminated by that navbar
11:46 we can go back to single window and higher priorities
11:47 ok anything else for marketing?
11:48 caroline do we want to talk about the German magazine articles?
11:48 SeanDaly caroline: ah yes
11:48 caroline do we have next steps on how to replicate that success?
11:48 tomeu btw, this may be interesting: http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/[…]-order-available/
11:49 SeanDaly get to know some journalists, develop the contacts :-)
11:49 tomeu: yes interesting I read a positive review of it
11:49 jt4sugar walterbender: Will you be discussing how Turtle Art portfolio integrates with other activities-Is it available for Soas
11:50 walterbender jt4sugar: not sure I understand the question
11:50 SeanDaly caroline: the major teacher-oriented publications in the US & France are on our mailing list
11:50 caroline: but they get 100's of press releases every day
11:50 We may want to consider mailing a few editoes a CD and/or stick?
11:51 s/editoes/editors
11:51 caroline Maybe we can translate the articles and mail those out?
11:51 Sean, if we had money definitely
11:51 SeanDaly caroline: if we have copyright reprint permission
11:52 Another possibility is to stick the cover image on our press page
11:52 caroline thats a good idea
11:52 SeanDaly another shortcut is to make a video (!) where we open the magazine, pull out the CD, and boot a puter
11:53 I don't know how to get our hands on a copy of the mag though :-(
11:53 I asked for one
11:54 caroline don't we have people coming from Germany? Can they by it anywhere?
11:54 SeanDaly press coverage has a snowball effect, but limited to 1 country unless massive online
11:55 i understood it was a limited-circulation specialist magazine for teachers but yes if anybody from Germany could find one that would be great
11:55 Remember, version of Sugar was from last November
11:55 caroline Maybe Simon, I think his wife is a teacher
11:56 sdziallas I would try, but since I'm leaving for Cannes... sorry, I guess I won't be able to grab it.
11:57 tomeu erikos: ^
11:57 benzea is also from .de but won't be coming, though his parents are both teachers
11:57 he's in #sugar
11:58 SeanDaly #LINK http://log-in-verlag.de/
11:59 #LINK http://log-in-verlag.de/wwwred[…]eft156/index.html
11:59 let's ask ChristophD
12:00 and RitaF
12:00 caroline email them and ask them to send us one by mail to Paris? :)
12:01 tomeu I think we already asked rita?
12:01 SeanDaly Yes I can do that but in English or French only :-(
12:02 caroline Asking sdz if he can translate for you.
12:02 SeanDaly here's an idea: we pitch a Sugar theme for LiveCD to editors. But, is it as simple as burning a SoaS beta to CD?
12:03 caroline: tell him brief graf
12:05 sdziallas jumps in: what needs to be translated from German?
12:05 SeanDaly sdziallas: we want to write a mail to LOG-IN and ask for a copy of magazine issue 156 with Sugar LiveCD
12:06 sdziallas SeanDaly: If it wouldn't need to be too long, I guess I could do this.
12:06 SeanDaly sdziallas: I promise will be short short short
12:07 shall I wrap up marketing meeting, or anything else?
12:07 caroline I'm good see you Friday! :)
12:07 and probably talk to you quite a bit by email before that.
12:07 sdziallas SeanDaly: do you want to write it in English and I'd translate it or should I just write something? Because I can only do this today.
12:08 SeanDaly sdziallas: well, if you wouldn't mind writing to them (links above) and asking for a copy of issue 156?
12:08 sdziallas SeanDaly: will do that :)
12:09 SeanDaly many thanks!!
12:09 I think e-mail is:
12:09 redaktionspost@log-in-verlag.de
12:10 sdziallas oh, okay... I was about to use the web-form...
12:10 SeanDaly webform fine too! do what takes least time for you
12:10 sdziallas okay :)
12:10 SeanDaly ok meeting going once, going twice...
12:11 #endmeeting

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