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#sugar-meeting, 2009-05-05

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Time Nick Message
10:08 homunq #topic gsoc
10:08 #TOPIC gsoc
10:08 ah, fergedit
10:09 lucian1900 meeting, you suck
10:09 homunq OK. I do not have a big agenda for this meeting, just wanted to check up on people
10:09 lucian1900 meh, xobot would've had a snarky comeback
10:10 homunq Let's see... start with walterbender and lucian1900
10:10 anything to report?
10:11 lucian1900 not really, i've been swamped with uni work
10:11 walterbender lucian1900 did star a blog :)
10:11 lucian1900 i did do some research into SSBs, i'll post a blog about what i found
10:11 walterbender ^star^start
10:11 homunq That's OK. It hasn't really started yet. These meetings will pick up a lot later
10:11 lucian1900 (btw, i had no idea Chrome had SSB support with Gears)
10:12 and i guess requesting an XO counts as some progress
10:12 homunq OK, that's good.
10:12 Next up would be me and silbe
10:13 but it's totally my fault silbe's not here, so: I have nothing to report, except we did have a discussion about expectations of time involved
10:14 I said that it was OK for him to get a head start now, working long weeks (60 hrs)
10:14 then there were several weeks during the time frame when he could only work 25 hrs
10:14 and he could balance those off as long as he didn't fall behind overall.
10:15 Also, lucian1900, that's a good point, I will send an email to the ml reminding all students to request an xo
10:15 bemasc homunq: I already did.
10:16 homunq Oh, good. Thanks
10:16 OK. Subzero and Bryanwb are not here.
10:17 vamsi is over in #sugar but he didn't come here yet, just a sec
10:18 same with assimd.
10:18 bemasc, how is it going with assimd?
10:18 bemasc I haven't actually spoken with assim
10:19 homunq OK, I'd like you to try to do that.
10:19 I know that you do not need him to hold your hand, but he is still your mentor
10:19 and you still need to work out mutual expectations.
10:20 If he does not plan to keep in touch with you on at least a weekly basis, I'd prefer to reassign him.
10:20 I mean, reassign someone else.
10:21 As you can see, the weekly checkins do not have to be high-bandwidth (though I expect they will generally be higher bandwidth than this meeting)
10:21 but there should be something, so that there is somebody explicitly noticing if you fall off the planet.
10:21 walterbender homunq: has GSoC actually started yet?
10:21 homunq no
10:22 that's why this is so low-key right now
10:22 but I believe that we should still be getting in the habit
10:22 walterbender homunq: I am trying to cut lucian1900 some slack so he doesn't flunk out of school :)
10:22 "don't be a fool, stay in school"
10:22 homunq lucian1900: We understand that.
10:22 lucian1900 walterbender: no need, at least not right now :)
10:23 homunq bemasc: your thoughts on what I said?
10:24 bemasc I have no great ideas here.  I haven't "met" Assim, so I don't know how this will work.
10:24 I'm not in any great rush, seeing as it hasn't started yet.
10:25 As for status updates:
10:25 1. I'm busy until next Thursday working on my Preliminary Qualifying Exam Defense.
10:25 2. Over the weekend I whipped up http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]9-May/014165.html
10:25 which is a fully collaborative Terminal.
10:25 homunq Well, you should have some sort of agreement/understanding before it starts
10:25 bemasc: I saw that, very cool.
10:26 is there some kind of sudo lock?
10:26 bemasc It runs inside a Rainbow container.
10:26 Rainbow's unprivileged users are not in wheel or sudoers.
10:26 ShareTerm without Rainbow is Considered Harmful.
10:27 homunq so it is 100% impossible to get a sudo, even if somebody wants to give it to you?
10:27 bemasc Right.
10:27 homunq (just asking, I have no color in mind for that bikeshed)
10:27 bemasc Well, you could edit some source code.
10:27 homunq OK.
10:27 bemasc Eventually, we would like to have a privilege-granting system.
10:28 homunq I can imagine
10:28 but it's a tricky issue. You really want some kind of "are you sure you want to do that" but those never work really.
10:28 bemasc They work best when the user never sees them.
10:29 homunq Ahh. So you have to set a privilege somewhere else? You don't get the dialog in your face?
10:29 bemasc In other words, a design in which activities never request privileges, and users always to have to click through to the options-setting system under their own initiative.
10:29 homunq that sounds better.
10:29 bemasc But we are off topic.
10:29 homunq OK yeah
10:30 I think that this meeting is done.
10:30 lucian1900 bemasc: it's not like the current topic is particularly lively anyway :)
10:30 homunq I apologize for not announcing it better. But this time and place seem to be the best for our weekly meeting.
10:30 bemasc Anyway, I think we are done.
10:30 homunq anybody else have anything to say? 5... 4....
10:31 #endmeeting
11:02 SeanDaly OK I'm afraid I'm going to continue my imperfect record, by not proposing an agenda again :-/
11:02 However, I do have two topics I wish to discuss:
11:02 1) sugar video
11:02 2) menus for sl.o
11:03 walterbender SeanDaly: and I add #3?
11:03 SeanDaly walterbender, jt4sugar, any topics top-of-mind?
11:03 walterbender SeanDaly: I spent the morning at BlackDuck.
11:03 SeanDaly ah debrief will be welcome
11:03 walterbender they want to help us with a mega splash for SoaS in the fall
11:03 SeanDaly that's super-exciting
11:04 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Having participants mind map meetings at Sugar Camp Paris
11:04 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1 yes we should maximize experience for those who can't make it
11:05 Re: SoaS in the fall: I'm mulling over how to make that launch "huge"
11:05 jt4sugar SeanDaly: A where we've been-where we are-where were going format would be helpful to all in community
11:06 SeanDaly jt4sugar: I agree especially since there will surely be discussions on where we're going :D
11:06 By the way did you see OLPC France exposure on France2 television this morning?
11:06 walterbender SeanDaly: I missed it :)
11:07 SeanDaly #LINK http://telematin.france2.fr/in[…]&dateVOD=20090505
11:07 However, it's 42 minutes into a non-seekable streamed Windows Media file via Akamai
11:07 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Gives chance to put Labriynth to the test
11:08 SeanDaly But don't despair, mplayer can get it if necessary
11:08 Sugar not mentioned, but Home View prominently displayed... in front of millions of viewers (télématin is a very widely watched TV show in France)
11:09 OLPC France is raising money to equip a village in Madagascar with XOs
11:10 jt4sugar SeanDaly: do you know what their funding model is
11:10 SeanDaly jt4sugar: calling for public (small) donations, not sponsorships (télématin showed snailmail address for check remittances!)
11:11 BryanWB homunq: is there a gsoc meeting tonight and where?
11:11 SeanDaly They target 60K EUR which is a lot of roros
11:11 iwikiwi BryanWB: we are in it :D
11:11 walterbender BryanWB, homunq: can you use a different channel? This is the marketing meeting
11:11 SeanDaly BryanWB: I saw a gsoc meeting an hour ago
11:12 OK so let's pre-brainstorm for SugarCamp Paris re: mega-launch SoaS in the fall
11:12 walterbender SeanDaly: +1
11:12 hpachas-PE: any chance there will be published results from Peru soon?
11:13 hpachas-PE: it would be excellent marketing material
11:13 SeanDaly walterbender: +1
11:13 I was very pleased to see that mail froom the school principal re: Sugar film
11:14 hpachas-PE walterbender, estamos trabajando en ello
11:14 walterbender hpachas-PE: gracia
11:14 SeanDaly Caroline is on that but I'm wondering if she needs help with preproduction
11:15 walterbender SeanDaly: there is a local middle school that I think will doa credible job
11:15 SeanDaly On my side I'm testing some screen recorder techniques
11:15 walterbender: is that the school the principal mailed from?
11:16 walterbender yes, sort of
11:16 SeanDaly In my experience it's always best to give a brief (even a "brief" brief) before any filming actually starts
11:17 otherwise you flounder in endless rushes to try to tell a cohesive story
11:17 A well-edited video can be relayed by thousands of people
11:18 In our case I think not-so-slick is better
11:18 walterbender SeanDaly: so how do we make that happen?
11:18 the brief, I mean
11:19 SeanDaly Probably the best approach is to communicate our goals: we want to show Sugar in action, being used. We want to show that SoaS can boot disparate hardware.
11:19 We need the screens to be shown, not just people's hands clicking on mice
11:20 jt4sugar We want to show multiple activities in action-I see 6 to 10 3 to 5 min videos or more
11:20 walterbender SeanDaly: can we get these ideas written down on one place?
11:20 SeanDaly I also think Caroline (or you walterbender) could appear to talk about it... transmit enthusiasm
11:21 walterbender: +1 yes this was why I was suggesting a scenario in my list mail last week
11:21 jt4sugar: +1 if lots of rushes, we coould edit more than 1 vid, or long/short versions of same vid
11:21 Should we set up a wiki page?
11:22 walterbender SeanDaly: yes
11:22 SeanDaly Or share a googledoc between ourselves (still getting used to not holding all cards close to chest)
11:22 jt4sugar Explanation of seperate activities will go a long way
11:23 SeanDaly #ACTION SD to set up wiki page to help middle school with production
11:23 jt4sugar: +1 yes and in fact we could suggest actions with certain activities which will put Sugar's best foot forward
11:24 For example, several classmates joining an activity
11:25 jt4sugar Having a set of videos of Walter explaining-then set of kids using
11:25 SeanDaly jt4sugar: walter, or caroline
11:26 or both :-) which was in my proposed (longish) scenario
11:26 jt4sugar Both-Best to put Walter in there-reputation proceeds him
11:27 SeanDaly jt4sugar: I agree... even for short phrases which sum up project
11:27 walterbender: soon you'll be surrounded by handlers :D
11:28 Can we talk about website menu structure?
11:28 On the basis of my concrete suggestions, Christian has put together some mockups
11:29 jt4sugar Unfortunately must go at Doctors appt with Mom-will catch log-Have a good day!
11:29 SeanDaly I really think he has understood how I want to solve those nav problems, but
11:29 I'm worried about dropping them on everybody without consensus
11:30 I don't evven know if it will be a lot or a little work to adapt the two-tier navbar to every site subsection
11:31 that said the marketing + iaep lists have been on copy...
11:31 walterbender SeanDaly: where are the mock ups? haven;'t seen them
11:32 SeanDaly walterbender: first version Christian sent to me to verify if he understood what I'm seeking, in fact I'm going to ask for a few changes but will forward that mail to you
11:33 my idea when Christian's mockups are ready is to do one more mail to be sure everyone is on the same page
11:34 walterbender SeanDaly: sounds fine.
11:36 SeanDaly Oh here's another thing: i was thinking of having a roll-up banner done
11:36 walterbender SeanDaly: just looked. they look clean and simple :)
11:36 SeanDaly: I made one, but it is paper... we want a plastic one
11:37 SeanDaly walterbender: yes, in classic Christian style I like them I just want to ask a couple of questions
11:37 I had a pro roll-up banner made for FSFE, it's glossy canvas in aluminum stand
11:38 They had it at FOSDEM in february
11:38 A roll-up banner can be very efffective, which is why most everybody has one for shows
11:38 walterbender SeanDaly: we should have one for each continent...
11:38 SeanDaly also efficient as backdrop for photo ops
11:39 walterbender SeanDaly: other materials we need include a handout.
11:39 SeanDaly walterbender: +1 yes I was thinking if Ii could get it done in time for SugarCamp Paris, could be used for LinuxTag too
11:39 walterbender SeanDaly: did you see the poster from India I emailed this morning?
11:39 SeanDaly: it is about OLPC, but it has some nice elements to it
11:39 SeanDaly no will look at that soon (mailing big file right now)
11:40 re handouts: I am very late on a 2-page PDF brochure I promised Caroline weeks ago and I want Christian to help me but I feel menu issue more urgent
11:41 I also want to get balloons done
11:41 walterbender balloons?
11:42 SeanDaly marketers love balloons because 1) inexpensive, 2) people esp. kids walk around with them, 3) very light & easy to transport, 4) gives bored booth volunteers something to do between pitches
11:42 black-logo on colored balloons available just about everywhere
11:43 walterbender SeanDaly: OK.
11:43 SeanDaly 2-color and full-color logo balloons too, but of course colors don't look great
11:43 walterbender SeanDaly: I'll see if we can get some Goodyear blimp time :)
11:43 SeanDaly balloons are festive but the key question is always: air or helium?
11:44 helium=kids favorites & looks better but requires renting a canister :-/
11:44 walterbender SeanDaly: OK. Anything else we should cover today?
11:44 SeanDaly i think that's it for now?
11:45 walterbender OK. I need to head out for a bit...
11:45 SeanDaly OK thanks!
11:45 #endmeeting

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