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#sugar-meeting, 2009-04-29

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Time Nick Message
11:01 jt4sugar SeanDaly: hello sean
11:01 \
11:02 SeanDaly Sorry about rescheduling this
11:02 Juggling everything not easy
11:02 caroline no problem
11:02 jt4sugar Juggling never is
11:02 caroline Another potential agenda item - Communicating back to IAEP
11:03 SeanDaly caroline: +1
11:03 caroline jt4sugar -my kid makes juggling look easy :)
11:03 SeanDaly To start off just a few words about press coverage
11:03 I'm pleased with it
11:03 caroline Sean +1
11:03 SeanDaly Some individual articles not precise, but nobody harpooned us
11:04 And, in general we are raising awareness in terms of being well-referenced
11:04 But, I am concerned at the total lack of coverage by the education press (2-3 blogs excepted)
11:04 caroline +1
11:04 SeanDaly as I said on the list I think a film will help us to reach out more to educators
11:05 caroline Also I think when we focus on "releases" we reach out to technical people.
11:05 SeanDaly caroline: in general our orientation is actually very technical
11:05 It's understandable, but a bit of a handicap
11:06 caroline Sean, right so its not suprising that Educators are tuning out.
11:06 like the separation from OLPC, I think its something we slowly make progress on.
11:06 SeanDaly My own background is IT + tech journalist
11:07 caroline Maybe we'll get an Ed journalist/marketer volunteer to come along and help.
11:07 tomeu here
11:07 SeanDaly We can make quicker progress if there is good article in e.g. Teacher magazine
11:07 caroline I'm thinking the next release should focus on activities.
11:07 Sean, any clue how to make that happen?
11:07 jt4sugar I am meeting with group at Purdue University today-Purdue STEM P-12 at Discovery Park-http://www.purdue.edu/dp/
11:08 SeanDaly Well... the hard part is picking which Activity or two :D
11:08 caroline We were talking about doing it for a milestone on the activities portal.
11:08 SeanDaly But, if you look at my proposed storyboard for the little film, we absolutely have to show Activities in action
11:09 jt4sugar: what do they do?
11:09 caroline I'm noticing that people are not yet getting that - 1. This is for first world kids too. 2. The increased access and reduced cost of having kids use existing computers at school, home and after-school.
11:09 SeanDaly Another way would be to catalog lessons around a star Activity, building on the Gabon lesson plans & others
11:09 walterbender jt4sugar: maybe a theme for tomorrow's conf. call is to get them to write an article about Sugar for the Edu community
11:10 jt4sugar Involved in the STEM disciplines Science,Math,Engineering, Technology Grades pre-school to 12th grade
11:10 caroline what are the Gabon lesson plan?
11:11 SeanDaly French document written by teachers in Gabon: #LINK http://collabo.fse.ulaval.ca/o[…]aute-d-apprenants
11:12 caroline: yes, everyone seems to think Sugar is a Plan B for developing countries "since OLPC is failing", etc.
11:13 jt4sugar SeanDaly: when in France can we find someone to translate that document
11:14 SeanDaly And I agree Sugar can give a new lease on life on older PCs, and be an excellent new-netbook solution
11:14 jt4sugar: Ed Cherlin asked on the list but nobody took him up
11:14 My own plate is too full
11:14 caroline Here is a concrete suggestion. Can we put together a few paragrpahs and links about our results and then we can send it out to IAEP and the people we know in US education and ask for advice on how to let people know that this is for the developed world too.
11:15 sort of a way to brag while asking for advice, hoping it means they will blog about us.
11:15 SeanDaly caroline: what kind of results should we put forward?
11:15 caroline I'm thinkng Lucie and Steve
11:16 SeanDaly caroline: ?
11:16 caroline Sean, links to the best stories written about us in the last week.
11:16 SeanDaly ah OK
11:16 In fact I want to take 2 minutes to talk about a part-time function I have: publicist
11:17 Marketer: fixes strategy, works on positioning, writes copy, briefs & signs off on creative
11:17 PR: puts out fires & controversies, available for journos, writes press releases
11:18 Publicist: works the phones & e-mail, getting influential people interested
11:19 For example some of the stories about us were not the result of the press release, nor the targeted mailing, but because I submitted the release with a friendly note
11:19 caroline yay Sean!
11:19 walterbender SeanDaly: Caroline and I keep striking out trying to recruit a Publicist...
11:19 SeanDaly A good publicist could e.g. compile a list of 100 bloggers that count in education, and work on them with personal contacts
11:20 caroline Walter, but we so love going to bat! :)
11:20 SeanDaly In fact I feel we could find some great marketing/PR/publicist talent in universities
11:20 People studying communications looking for experience
11:21 caroline maybe esp over the summer
11:21 SeanDaly OK can we talk about some other misconceptions?
11:21 walterbender SeanDaly: that is where Caroline and I have been looking :(
11:22 SeanDaly walterbender: ah but did you "market" the project to the budding marketers? ;-)
11:22 Here's an idea: I have found two business school professors who gave courses studying OLPC as a business case
11:23 caroline We also are not effectively recruiting volunteers. We don't adverstize anywhere for instance. Like idealist, or Craigs list.
11:23 SeanDaly I was thinking of contacting them about it, would they be willing to ask students
11:23 caroline: I agree we need to step up volunteer drive
11:24 But, we are better positioned now than 2 months ago with our slightly higher visibility
11:24 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Yes if you frame it as Service Learning for students
11:24 walterbender alas, as caroline and I experienced, cat shelters have more appeal to students :(
11:24 caroline I think Volunteer Drive and Volunteer Pipeline Management are things we should work on in Paris and before.
11:25 SeanDaly jt4sugar: I am 100% sure communications students would be willing to volunteer some time since we could teach them a lot
11:25 caroline: +1
11:25 Conserning misconceptions: Marten raised a good one which can be summed up as "the YouTube test"
11:25 walterbender SeanDaly: we need a better pitch to reach comm students than the one that caroline  and I use
11:25 SeanDaly hola s/conserning/concerning
11:26 walterbender: don't worry I can drop buzzwords ;-)
11:26 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Cold call to Professor with idea of enhancing students experience through real life project
11:26 SeanDaly jt4sugar: my idea exactly
11:27 of course, timing is off, would work better in the fall
11:27 but you never know mayybe a student can't find an internship anywhere
11:28 About misconceptions. Back when I was a salesman on Wall Street I used a classic method
11:28 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Best to start now so it is embedded in the fall projects
11:28 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1
11:28 The method was to write down possible objections
11:29 caroline Actually  I thinka lot of kids will not have summer jobs this summer
11:29 SeanDaly Then write down a reasonable-sounding answer negating the objection
11:29 And - this was important - redirecting the conversation. Returning the serve, so to speak.
11:30 I've been doing this "organically" in the press release copy but of course we don't have nearly enough feedback to know for sure where our barriers are
11:30 walterbender SeanDaly: sounds like a plan...
11:31 SeanDaly: we had a myth buster page in the olpc wiki
11:31 SeanDaly yes - If we can enumerate misconceptions, we can respond to them
11:33 I like "myth buster" :-)
11:33 caroline ok so we did - Sugar is for 3rd world kids.
11:33 and Sugar has no content
11:33 SeanDaly "interface is unusable"... except by kids :D :D
11:33 walterbender rather than trying to come up with a list now, let's start a page in the wiki?
11:34 SeanDaly walterbender: +1
11:34 Caroline, do you think you could create that page?
11:34 caroline Sean maybe we turn that one into Trix are for Kids
11:34 SeanDaly caroline: "silly rabbit!"
11:34 caroline Sean I have a contest, Paper and presenattion between now and monday so no, not volunteering for any writing assignment
11:35 walterbender trac for kids... nice idea :)
11:35 SeanDaly Not urgent but I will be travelling and offline from tomorrow evening until Sunday
11:35 caroline Monday is last day of class, life will be better afterwards :)
11:35 walterbender is trying to track down a Turtle Art bug :(
11:36 SeanDaly I have a confession to make
11:37 While in the UK last week I bought 3 books on Python
11:37 I'm going to try to set aside 20-30 mins per day to look at View Source in Sugar and learn from it :-)
11:39 I think I will understand dev challenges better if I get closer to code
11:39 caroline: did you see my suggested storyboard for YouTube film?
11:39 caroline yes
11:39 SeanDaly walter made I think a good suggestion that we stay focused on you & SoaS
11:40 caroline I'm not exactly movie star material :)
11:40 SeanDaly caroline: don't have to be... just factual & enthusiastic about Sugar
11:41 caroline but we want to focus on our current communciation goals - Sugar is for kids everywhere including your neightborhood and Sugar has lots of educational activities.
11:41 ok, what is our plan for turning it into reality?
11:41 There was a documentary major from Harvaard in thier olpc club.
11:41 jt4sugar Need two sets of videos-Set for Python and Sugar Code(how to) and videos of activities in action-Turtle Art-etoys-infoslicer-turtle art portfolio
11:41 caroline but last time I asked for filming help no one responded.
11:42 SeanDaly Video production is very, very time-intensive
11:42 In general, film students glad to help for the experience
11:42 caroline another recruitment issue.
11:42 SeanDaly But equipment is expensive
11:42 caroline but all universitites and most US Schools have it.
11:42 SeanDaly On the plus side, lots of videos are just somebody's cellphone
11:43 i have piles of audio & video eqpt
11:43 caroline i've seen high school videos that were really good.
11:43 jt4sugar caroline: Have you tried contacting any of the local high schools
11:43 caroline what we need is the kids with the time to do it.
11:43 jt4sugar no I need soemthing I can send them.
11:43 Sean, I also still need soemthing to goto Staples with.
11:43 SeanDaly Even though we might be weak in lighting, and sound, and wobblyness, if the coontent is good nobody will care
11:44 caroline I think in general we need copy for volunteer recruitment
11:44 SeanDaly caroline: yes I haven't forgotten that
11:44 jt4sugar caroline: I don't believe so, I think just calling their Teacher would do
11:44 caroline maybe there is one in your area jt4
11:44 SeanDaly Marten was suggesting about 10 documents we should do as PDFs, I can hardly get 1 out the door
11:45 caroline Sean, many of those were documentation that should be someone else's job - again recruitment
11:45 SeanDaly Years ago while a record producer, I called up an audio engineering school & they sent over a very talented student the next day
11:45 I apologized for being unable to pay her on that project but 2 weeks later she told me she had learned more than past 2 months
11:46 It's true that with more hands on deck we coould get a lot more done
11:47 and heaven knows lots of tasks are thankless and not superfun, yet important
11:47 jt4sugar If you called a local High School told them you wanted their students to film Walter talking about Sugar for a Global audience pretty sure they would jump at the chance
11:47 SeanDaly In Paris i will have a camera or two and we can at least film rushes for editing later, but it is key to work out a scenario - what we want to show
11:48 caroline I also feel like we need a clearer pipeline. If I had a kid who was good with video I have no where to point her too. I feel like I'd have to run the whole project myself.
11:48 SeanDaly jt4sugar: I'm sure that's true. Their work would be up on YouTube, etc.
11:48 caroline that is honestly the biggest reason I don't call the schools. I don't want to get in over my head.
11:48 jt4sugar Kids are very smart they can figure it out
11:49 SeanDaly caroline: I sympathize... organizing somebody's work is time-intensive too
11:49 jt4sugar: yes that's true but sometimes they get stuck & need just a couple words to get unstuck
11:50 Mullinng it over Ii really like the idea of finding a video production class in a school
11:50 jt4sugar You give a high school film student basic scenario-3 min video of Walter showing off Turtle art-You'll get it after a few takes
11:51 SeanDaly For example, editing can take an age, but students like to do it
11:51 caroline JT are you volunteering
11:51 ?
11:52 SeanDaly Some of the best vids about OLPC I saw were journalist's kids
11:52 Downside was always: standalone machine, so no collaboration :-(
11:53 caroline Saturday in the New Media Literacy Confernece at MIT
11:53 I can't go too much work
11:53 but if someone could it might be a good place to recruit a video teacher.
11:54 http://newmedialiteracies.org/
11:54 jt4sugar If Walter lived in Michigan-I can place calls to find out who might do it-then send them your way
11:54 SeanDaly This might sound wild but we could also consider breaking it up: rushes by one crew, editing by another?
11:55 caroline I will likely be less stressed next week.
11:55 Right now I have to go. Sorry
11:56 SeanDaly Me too have to leave soon
11:56 Shall we wrap it up for today?
11:56 walterbender Yeah. I need to take off...
11:56 SeanDaly jt4sugar: btw my brother getting married in Michigan in 1 year :-)
11:57 OK thanks everyone
11:57 #endmeeting

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