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#sugar-meeting, 2009-04-08

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Time Nick Message
10:04 sdziallas is lurking to be pinged if necessary, a bit distracted, though.
10:05 tomeu hi!
10:05 FGrose I'm using VirtualBox2.2.0b2 and can boot the iso into Sugar, but have problem installing into the VBox disc.
10:05 tomeu: Hi
10:07 Simon gave us some things to test last week, http://erikos.sweettimez.de/
10:09 daveb: valhalla Have you got the Soas-beta image?
10:09 valhalla yes
10:09 daveb correct
10:10 FGrose what platforms are  you testing?
10:11 walterbender cannot get the latest SoaS to boot on his Classmate PC :(
10:11 daveb works on eeepc 901 (no wireless)
10:11 but that's a basic fedora issue
10:12 FGrose I've filed some logs on the VirtualBox problem for snapshot 0406 here: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/724
10:12 daveb oops crashed eeepc.
10:12 sdziallas walterbender: uh, oh? :(
10:13 valhalla I;m using an eee 4G and a VIA based "small pc"
10:13 sdziallas walterbender: did that work before?
10:14 valhalla and I can't check wifi (no wificard other than the eee one)
10:14 walterbender sdziallas: yes. But maybe the USB key didn't build properly. I'll try again
10:15 davebvboxbe-b118 looks like jabber is working well. in vbox it comes right up in the neighborhood
10:16 sdziallas walterbender: *grumble*
10:16 FGrose davebvboxbe-b118: Is that from the iso boot or did you install the image to a VBox disc?
10:17 daveb iso so far
10:17 i will try to install to disk
10:17 using the technique in the wiki
10:17 i there another way to do it?
10:17 sdziallas daveb: you might need to yum install anaconda
10:17 daveb sdziallas: ok
10:18 using this http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ring_a_disk_image
10:18 walterbender sdziallas: 0406 is different than beta?
10:18 sdziallas daveb: I'm not sure, but calling then liveinst --text or so on the terminal might work.
10:18 daveb is there a different way?
10:18 sdziallas walterbender: yep!
10:18 walterbender: we had a beta yesterday, that was 0407, and added two smaller fixes with the final beta today.
10:19 walterbender sdziallas: OK. I'll try beta again.
10:19 daveb sdziallas: ok let me try that. that's better than turning the VM hard drive into a USB
10:19 install
10:19 sdziallas daveb: okay :)
10:19 walterbender: hm, I still suspect that liveusb-creator might be causing this, as we only changed sugar packages
10:20 walterbender: I definitely need to get a new liveusb-creator version
10:20 walterbender sdziallas: I have been using the Windows app.
10:20 daveb i used the shell script to create my usb
10:21 valhalla on the eee I'm having problems with the touchpad: the scrolling area has just stopped working in mid scrolling
10:21 walterbender sdziallas: 3.6.3  no problems with it in the past
10:21 sdziallas walterbender: that's the most recent... hm! right...
10:30 walterbender sdziallas: I am reburning the USB after reformating twice... It is taking a VERY long time... I suspect the key may be bad.
10:31 sdziallas walterbender: that can be the cause, but... that's really bad luck then.
10:31 daveb vbox crashed installing anaconda
10:31 sdziallas hm!
10:31 daveb well got to 100% cpu for many minutes and UI did not respond
10:31 can't prove it actually crashed
10:31 FGrose daveb: what was the RAM allocation?
10:32 daveb 256mb
10:32 should I increase it?
10:32 FGrose daveb: Try 512 MB
10:32 daveb ok
10:33 my eeepc crashed installing the wireless driver from yum also. that has 1g ram and 320mb overlay on the usb.
10:33 sdziallas daveb: so you're saying installing packages doesn't work at all?
10:34 daveb: crashes here = not responding, too.
10:34 ?
10:34 daveb sdziallas: yes basically the screen was blank on the eeepc with just a mouse pointer
10:34 sdziallas: i don't think installing doesn't work at all
10:34 need to narrow it down i think.
10:35 sdziallas hm, okay... I recall that I was able to install livecd-tools, but that was some time ago...
10:36 daveb 0403 worked ok. i think its just something wrong over here.
10:36 now i have a real bug i think.
10:36 i started write and shared it.
10:36 from vbox
10:36 and then I joined on my eeepc
10:36 but after I restarted the vbox
10:37 obviously that write isntance closed
10:37 now when I try to close write on the eeepc it stopped responding.
10:37 sdziallas seriously wonders what's going on here.
10:38 daveb yeah me too :)
10:38 going to try
10:38 tomeu any chance it's the / partition filling up?
10:38 daveb 0406 and 0403
10:39 tomeu: could be
10:39 tomeu that driver installs from sources, right?
10:39 daveb tomeu: yes
10:39 tomeu so needs to install gcc, etc, then rebuild, etc
10:39 daveb forget that :)
10:39 tomeu so that may be
10:39 daveb i created a new stick
10:39 yes, very likely. i'll do that later
10:39 i created a new stick and got it to crash with write
10:39 and no other stuff
10:40 (anaconda installed with 512mb ram on vbox)
10:40 on the eeepc with write
10:40 write UI is stuck
10:40 but F1, etc works
10:40 i can go to other screens
10:40 and the mpise still works
10:41 looks like it got confused when my friend disconnected suddently
10:43 the write activity was suspended according to the journal but F4 screen still showed it acting funny. I deleted frm the journal and started it again
10:46 yeah lots of problems with write activity
10:46 i have 3 broken write UIs running now
10:47 sdziallas Oups?
10:47 So that's reproducable, and I guess definitely worth a bug on dev.sl.o
10:48 valhalla #433 is still not fixed in the italian translation for Calculate
10:48 daveb ok i'll see if I can get the exact steps to reproduce
10:48 on virtualbox
10:48 i have to partition/format the hard disk first
10:49 liveinst won't do it, complains even if I say "use entire drive"
10:51 sdziallas it should, but... that might be anaconda's state in rawhide
10:52 daveb yeah
10:52 not a bug in sugar just reporting progress.
10:52 i am creating a new stick for soas2-beta
10:52 sdziallas okay :)
10:53 daveb just in case its a bad usb stick
10:56 sdziallas that would be another bad usb stick... (if walter's is corrupted, too)
10:56 daveb these are well used and cheap
10:58 hmmm liveinst still doesn't live vbox harddrive and there is no "quit" option
10:58 if it doesn't work
10:58 you can't escape.
10:58 sdziallas heh!
11:01 FGrose sdziallas: Which logs are most informative for the booting issues?
11:02 walterbender back in a few... gunna try SoaS on this computer :)
11:04 sdziallas FGrose: I'm not sure, what would we'd get best for that...
11:04 daveb liveinst can
11:04 't recognize the vbox hard drive no matter how I format or partition it.
11:05 so i won't be installing it
11:05 sdziallas daveb: can you see... I remember one can set SCSI vs. IDE in virtualbox?
11:06 daveb: maybe this changes something?
11:07 daveb oh good idea
11:07 i'll see
11:07 set to 2gb ide right now
11:08 i want to test write one more time before I kill it and change the hard disk.
11:08 sdziallas okay...
11:09 daveb since that seems more directly related to soas2-beta
11:09 walterbender sdziallas: :(
11:09 sdziallas walterbender: not working either?
11:10 walterbender I tried the USB key that wouldn't boot my Classmate... it booted on my HP
11:10 but not network or audio
11:10 valhalla I;m missing the audio too
11:10 sdziallas walterbender: there's something incredibly wrong going on here.
11:10 walterbender It may be that the Classmate doesn't like the Belkin USB
11:11 sdziallas I honestly don't understand that... we're in a freeze, which means that we didn't change any base system packages.
11:11 walterbender but on a scandisk USB, with SoaS from a few days ago, both worked.
11:11 sdziallas So I can't see how we could get different results because of the image. But I also hesitate a bit telling that it's always the USB key.
11:11 valhalla (but it seems that it isn't working in plain fedora either - audio)
11:12 walterbender sdziallas: I'll try a different USB key, which may fix the Classmate problem...
11:12 sdziallas: but I am a bit concerned about the network on the HP
11:12 daveb no audio on eeepc that I can tell either.
11:12 worked on 0403
11:12 ok i broke write reliably :)
11:12 to the ticket tracker!
11:13 sdziallas ;)
11:13 daveb i want to test write on 0406 and 0403
11:13 to compare
11:13 speak has no sound on beta but that worked on 0403, not sure how to dbug that
11:13 sdziallas walterbender: network via wifi or wired? (on the HP?)
11:14 for the sound... maybe this is SDL_mixer related.
11:15 we're getting a new version without 50 MB of dependencies, so there might have been a change.
11:17 daveb sdziallas: ok i can compare 0406 to beta see if there is a different
11:17 then 0403
11:17 sdziallas daveb: that would be great :)
11:20 prashant3535 which build are you testing ?
11:20 sdziallas prashant3535: the beta build from here: http://download.sugarlabs.org/[…]ses/soas-beta.iso
11:21 prashant3535 sdziallas: is this different than Soas2-200904031934 ?
11:21 sdziallas prashant3535: yep, it is.
11:22 prashant3535: I don't know why, but it seems like we're getting more issues with the beta release.
11:22 walterbender sdziallas: wifi
11:22 prashant3535 sdziallas: :), its always the scene
11:22 daveb yes I am getting more issues that 0403
11:22 0403 i had collaborating with soas1
11:22 prashant3535 sdziallas: unfortunately, i cant download it rite now .. have already exceeded my usage limit :(
11:23 sdziallas prashant3535: oh, okay... thanks for joining us, though :)
11:23 FGrose sdziallas: daveb No luck on first pass with IDE disc for VitualBox install
11:23 daveb FGrose: yeah me neither
11:23 can switch ti scsi and see if it likes that better.
11:23 sdziallas walterbender: I guess I'm getting crazy here today.
11:24 prashant3535 the previous builds were working with scsi
11:24 FGrose VirtualBox 2.2.0 release an hour ago, http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
11:24 walterbender sdziallas: :) hang in there...
11:24 daveb there is no SCSI just IDE or SATA
11:24 will try sata
11:25 sdziallas gets a phone call
11:28 prashant3535 any major different between Soas2-200904031934 & beta ?, cause Soas2-200904031934 is booting fine with IDE in VMWare
11:29 daveb beta BOOTs ok for me in vbox
11:30 but i am trying to install to the disk from ISO/CD
11:30 valhalla got to leave now, bye
11:31 FGrose valhalla: thanks for testing!
11:31 walterbender sdziallas: some good news--almost--the beta image got farther booting on the Classmate using a sandisk USB... hangs after Loading initird0.img....ready.
11:31 prashant3535 daveb: u are using the script for install or something else?
11:31 daveb anaconda liveist experiment
11:31 valhalla (as I wrote on the other channel, sound is working on fedora even if pulseaudio doesn't seems to be running)
11:31 daveb sdziallas: no audio on eeepc on 0406 either. worked on 0403.
11:32 walterbender sdziallas: I hit the power button and suddenly the SUGAR banner appeared and it started up...
11:32 valhalla (and I've tried not only speak but also one of the tamtam activities)
11:34 sdziallas is back
11:34 walterbender sdziallas: but no audio or wifi :(
11:34 daveb walterbender: does 0403 work?
11:35 sdziallas dokay, so I guess audio is one issue we should really note, as it seems to occur to many people.
11:35 walterbender daveb: I'll have to burn a new USB... the previous version I had--I think it was 0403 had wifi but not audio on the Classmate
11:35 sdziallas walterbender: wifi... this can only be a Fedora issue, but...
11:36 walterbender sdziallas: at least we have learned that the Classmate is happier with SnDisk than Belkin for some reason...
11:36 that is some progress...
11:36 daveb walterbender: that is curious.
11:37 i can't see anyone on jabber on 0406. on eeepc works on vbox
11:37 sdziallas walterbender: I've really no idea why this could be the case.
11:37 walterbender daveb: maybe the Belkin USB is broken, but it runs on other machines
11:37 daveb: I used the Classmate to create the USB in each case
11:37 daveb: from the same image
11:37 daveb yeah so many varaiables so little time
11:38 FGrose I got yum install anaconda to complete with VirtualBox 2.2.0 after <ctrl><alt><F2> login, but reboot still fails to start Sugar.  I think there is a permissions issue.
11:38 walterbender daveb: but if we can find one configuration that works consistently...
11:40 daveb FGrose: vbox 2.1.4 i can't install to the harddisk with liveinst.
11:42 write fails on 0406 also.
11:46 FGrose I'm copying logs for a ticket I'll post on booting from VBox disc
11:47 prashant3535 has to go
11:48 FGrose prashant3535  Thanks for joining
11:53 daveb write fails on 0403 also
11:53 recommend don't shutdown with write open and shared.
11:54 sdziallas okay, we should consider mentioning this in the release notes
11:55 daveb: did you already file this? if not, can you cc me? :)
11:55 daveb sure i am attaching logs.
11:55 i will
11:55 sdzialls on trac?
11:55 sdziallas daveb: yep
11:56 please ;)
11:56 daveb no problem.
11:56 sdziallas thanks!
12:02 FGrose Ok thanks all for joining the testing session!
12:02 #endmeeting

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