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#sugar-meeting, 2009-03-30

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
12:39 FGrose #TOPIC agenda
12:40 #IDEA working
12:40 tomeu #AGREED
12:40 FGrose #ACTION use bot
12:41 #LINK OLPC:User:Dogi/meeting
12:42 #LINK http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Dogi/meeting
12:42 same as http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Dogi/meeting
12:43 #endmeeting
13:02 Wiki Team is forming anew for 2009
13:03 #TOPIC Roll call
13:03 FGrose: Rochester, NY chairing
13:04 dfarning hey FGrose I thought I was an hour late, had a sick kid who needed a story and a nap.
13:04 FGrose dfarning: Thanks for joining!
13:05 dfarning FGrose, thanks for picking this back up!
13:05 tomeu hi!
13:05 skierpage hello
13:05 prashant3535 hi :)
13:05 FGrose tomeu: Hi,skierpage  too
13:06 Walter said he was in transit and would come online later
13:07 We are in Roll Call, any who would like to identify themselves are welcome, listeners are welcome too!
13:07 Ok
13:07 #TOPIC Agenda
13:07 prashant3535 hi, my name is Prashant. I am from India
13:07 FGrose prashant3535: Welcome!
13:08 prashant3535 FGrose: thanks
13:08 FGrose #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Wiki_Team/Meetings
13:08 dfarning hey prashant3535,  three days ago 30% of the Wiki hits were from India!
13:09 FGrose #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Wiki_Team/Roadmap
13:09 prashant3535 we have started a local group here.
13:10 dfarning FGrose, do you want to go down the agenda items?
13:10 FGrose Have we all seen these pages?  This is the "reading" time
13:11 dfarning: Sure, any new items?
13:11 #TOPIC new items for agenda
13:11 dfarning Thoses are a good start.
13:12 FGrose #TOPIC Ordering of items
13:12 (That's discussion order)
13:13 #TOPIC vision of goals
13:14 Work with infrastructure team on extension ideas
13:15 Use Google apps to supplement like spreadsheets, calendars?
13:15 Comments?
13:16 dfarning Yes, very valuable will be how to intergrate the wiki with existing communication tools
13:16 FGrose OK, specifically then,
13:16 dfarning gCalander looks pretty good if we can get it to work
13:17 FGrose #TOPIC Calendar
13:17 dfarning: we have only a subset of functionality?
13:18 dfarning Wish list is easy for people to add items to calander, easy for people to browse and sends out meeting notices with correctl time zone information:)
13:19 FGrose We currently have <googlecalendar>,  Sugar Labs accounts can do all those from the Sugar Events Calendar
13:19 dfarning I never add time ofrknowldege to make all of those thing work correctly
13:19 If you can make it work very cool!
13:20 FGrose dfarning: Ok, I see, clear instructions with working examples
13:20 dfarning FGrose, that would be a be help!
13:20 skierpage FGrose, do you have an example of <googlecalendar> ?  It sounds like the way to go so long as the embedded calendar can have links pointing back into the wiki pages.
13:21 FGrose #ACTION clear calendar instructions with working examples
13:21 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Events
13:22 I can investigate further and take most of that action
13:22 #TOPIC Tables vs <gspread>
13:23 #LINK http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User[…]lk:FGrose/sandbox
13:24 dfarning FGrose, if you could embedded spreadsheet into the todo that would be helpful.
13:24 FGrose Would like some feedback from other team coordinators,
13:25 <gspread> areas can be embedded like the wiki tables
13:25 dfarning FGrose, nice page.  The biggest issues is that many people have items spread across several teams, It was hard to cross reference all of the lists.
13:26 skierpage Seems to me <gspread> is a useful tool to have, but only if you want lots of rows of data to live in a spreadsheet outside the wiki.
13:26 If you have todo items in lots of wiki pages, better to have an SMW property "has TODO item", put it on pages, and query for it.
13:27 FGrose skierpage: right, not for every table, but select ones that may be very active like the todos
13:27 and release tables I think
13:27 #ACTION solicit Team coordinators to review <gspread>, try at wiki.laptop.org
13:28 skierpage FGrose, here's how w.l.o made Release Notes table:  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/What[…]e_am_I_running%3F
13:28 dfarning skierpage, that is what I was wondering how to automatically cross reference the tables.  Can SMW do that?
13:28 FGrose dfarning: Can you take that action
13:29 skierpage dfarning, I don't understand your question.
13:29 dfarning FGrose, yes I will need skierpage's help as I don't understand SMW.
13:29 skierpage, Your example page answered my question:)
13:30 FGrose dfarning: No, just asking someone to solicit Team coordinators to review <gspread>, try at wiki.laptop.org
13:30 dfarning FGrose, sure, That I can do:)
13:31 FGrose dfarning: Great!
13:31 skierpage FWIW, olpc found SMW good for test cases (a few hundred items with lots of text and links), but not for test case results (thousands of data elements), and were looking at Google Spreadsheets.
13:31 for the latter
13:32 dfarning skierpage, can you lobby with bernie to install SMW.  We don;t understand the cost/benifit of the package enough to make a good decision.
13:32 FGrose skierpage: Yes, I've been watching those developments a little, trying to identify best use cases
13:33 #TOPIC extensions
13:33 Easy request for now to handle specific needs
13:34 skierpage: Will the subpages extention you recommended allow column sorting?
13:35 skierpage dfarning, but Bernie (correctly) won't install SMW unless there's a compelling use case.  Chicken and egg :-).  I'm happy to make demos/prototypes for someone, just let me know rough requirements/use cases.
13:37 dfarning skierpage, if you explain why you want it he will install it.
13:37 skierpage Sorry, Firefox pre-alpha crashed as I was responding to SubPageList3 question
13:37 FGrose I'll try to join an infrastructure meeting to interface with that team
13:38 skierpage I think the question was can you sort columns in SubPageList3.  All it does is show subpages, so there are no columns.
13:38 dfarning skierpage, just explain why you want the extension, bernie is reasonable:)  He just dosn't want to add stuff without a reason.
13:39 FGrose vertical lists may be a usability advantages in some situations
13:40 Columns might be possible.  Need to learn better how to form 2 & 3 column text formats
13:41 #ACTION post our Use Cases on Wiki Team subpage for review
13:43 #LINK http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/W[…]Roadmap/Use_Cases
13:44 Other extensions to discuss?
13:44 dfarning FGrose, I don't think so.
13:45 FGrose Trac tickets are already entered for ImageMap and collapsing tables
13:45 skierpage Someone asked about templates for new pages.
13:46 FGrose skierpage: I was curious about those possibilities
13:47 skierpage I'm not familiar with http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/[…]wArticleTemplates , but as I commented on Roadmap, w.l.o used Extension:Inputbox to make a prefilled "create page" button like http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Testing_meetings
13:47 FGrose skierpage: Are the Forms part of another extension?
13:47 dfarning skierpage, I think I asked for the new page templates in the context of a way to mange the meeting process better.
13:49 FGrose #ACTION get rights for Wiki Team members to test NewArticleTemplates
13:50 I'll request from Bernie with a ticket on infrastructure component.
13:51 #TOPIC Other topics?
13:51 skierpage It seems NewArticleTemplates makes a new page automatically have a particular format, while InputBox lets anyone put an input field and button to create a new page with a particular format.
13:52 FGrose skierpage: InputBox requires an extension change?
13:53 dfarning FGrose, We need to start thinking about how to translate the wiki.
13:53 FGrose #TOPIC translation of wiki
13:54 Haven't followed your links yet, but will read more about that.
13:54 dfarning FGrose,  Do either you of skierpage understand the wikipedia translation process?
13:54 FGrose dfarning: not me, currently
13:54 skierpage FGrose, I think so (OLPC's Sj installed InputBox).  AIUI MediaWiki has a URL param to prefill a new page, but you need users to go through a form to associate it.
13:55 dfarning FGrose, then lets postpone it to next week. It is a big topic.
13:55 FGrose dfarning: Ok it's on the homework list
13:55 #TOPIC Other topics
13:56 dirakx some work is been done in regard to spanish on the .co Local Lab wiki..we can have external lnks to those translations form the original article.
13:56 skierpage dfarning, I tried to grasp how w.l.o does translation using the "Foo/Bar/es"subpage model.  The user who set it up isn't around.  The big flaw is it forces other languages to have an english title.
13:56 dirakx sorry for interrupting.
13:56 dfarning FGrose, other than that the rest of the items on the list can just be added to a todo list:)
13:56 FGrose dirakx: No problem, Thank you!
13:57 dirakx retires in silence ;).
13:57 dfarning skierpage, Yea I think we should not use the method OLPC started.  a lot of development work has happened since olpc set up their process.
13:57 skierpage I mean the "Area in english/title in english/Translation/lang-es" model.  I can't believe users in other languages appreciate it.
13:58 FGrose dfarning: skierpage: Can this be tied to the Pootle resource?
13:59 dfarning FGrose, not very well. pottle is for translating many short strings.
13:59 not fluid documents.
14:00 FGrose Maybe some architecture ideas there though.  We should start a mailing list thread.
14:00 skierpage AIUI Pootle is a way to manage the translation of strings.  You could write code to use Pootle to translate Wiki pages, but it's not a great fit -- each page is freeform text.
14:00 Here's a SMW approach, see bottom of http://semantic-mediawiki.org/[…]/Help:User_manual
14:02 Does sugarlabs.org envision having separate es.sugarlabs.org / fr.sugarlabs.or wikis, the way Wikipedia does it?
14:02 FGrose skierpage: Seems to just use http://semantic-mediawiki.org/[…]late:Languagelink
14:03 skierpage FGrose right.  The feature is you can use a property [[Master page::something else]]  to link any pages together, you don't force the translations to use the original page's title.
14:04 dfarning skierpage, whatever works good enough to be both usable and scalable.
14:04 skierpage I'm sorry to be a broken record "If you had SMW you could do X this way..." :-)
14:04 FGrose skierpage: Ah, ok for the new translation architecture design
14:05 Let's work on Use cases to build our proposals
14:06 I'll add one for interwiki transclusion between SL and OLPC.
14:08 Ok, I'll summarize meeting on meeting page.  We can enter proposals and visions on Use Case pages, and study up on translation architectures for next meeting.
14:09 Anything else?
14:09 dfarning I think that is enough.
14:09 skierpage What's the mailing list ?
14:10 dfarning at this point iaep.
14:10 FGrose Ok, Thanks all for participating!  We can use IAEP for all general topics
14:11 skierpage FWIW, sugarlabs.org is far from the swamp that is wiki.laptop.org ;-) (5,000 Korean language pages made by one guy in 2007 taking over search results, etc.!)
14:11 FGrose Sugar-Devel for may be suitable for technical discussions
14:12 dfarning skierpage, thanks.  If we can handle the next growth spurt i think we will be OK.
14:12 FGrose I'll cross post for now, I think.
14:12 #endmeeting

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