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#sugar-meeting, 2009-03-18

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10:23 erikos FGrose: thanks
10:23 FGrose rebooting
10:25 erikos walterbender: i *think* the current submitters - fall under the 'Contributors' field
10:26 tomeu would be good to talk with someone who has already dealt with this
10:26 for example mozilla
10:26 erikos tomeu: yup
10:26 tomeu or openoffice
10:26 erikos tomeu: though the date is another thing, yup?
10:26 tomeu OLPC asked that all the code we produced while working for them would be copyrighted by them
10:27 erikos: yeah, the date is clearly wrong and should be updated if possible
10:27 erikos tomeu: hmmm - unmadindu will kill me ;)
10:27 walterbender Maybe the SFC has an opinion
10:27 tomeu that's a good idea
10:27 erikos: yeah
10:28 walterbender if it is a matter of violating string freeze, maybe we do this for 0.86?
10:29 #ACTION: Walter will ask SFC for an opinion
10:31 erikos walterbender: thanks
10:33 walterbender erikos: just sent a note to Karen
10:33 erikos garycmartin: did you join for testing or just to hang out with us?
10:34 garycmartin erikos: Testing was the plan, I have latest (as of last night) jhbuild if that's good enough?
10:34 erikos garycmartin: oh - that sounds awesome :)
10:34 garycmartin: read somewhere that you invested in new hardware
10:34 walterbender here is a result from testing: I got an error trying to convert the latest iso to a jffs2 image
10:34 garycmartin erikos: (running under F10 on VirtualBox on a Mac, if that's enough rings of fire to jump though ;-)
10:35 walterbender need to dig into it, but I get a trap:49 SIGINT: bad trap error
10:38 erikos garycmartin: oh - that is fine of course
10:38 garycmartin erikos: it's 0.84 specific testing in the hopes of catching something for 0.84.1, right?
10:39 erikos garycmartin: yes
10:42 garycmartin Did the redraw glitches with the new rounded rectangle on home view get reported yet? (when they draw, if they are obscured by a palette or a when launcher starts you get left with some edge bits)
10:43 erikos garycmartin: nope - note filed yet as for all i know
10:43 garycmartin: seen it as well - you can mark it new directly
10:44 garycmartin: and if you have a way to reproduce - even better
10:44 garycmartin erikos: thanks, just looking at trac but my connection is bogged down with the new Soas-1 image downloading :-)
10:44 erikos: OK, reporting it.
10:45 erikos garycmartin: oups ;p
10:45 walterbender: this is for the livecd-iso-to-disk script?
10:46 walterbender erikos: livecd-iso-to-xo.sh
10:47 erikos: seems to have been a warning, not fatal. the .img was built after all
10:47 FGrose In SoaS-0305 now, had no network for 3 boots, what log do I need to turn on and review?
10:47 erikos walterbender: ok
10:47 walterbender I am booting it now on an XO
10:48 erikos FGrose: you did try to connect to an AP? and it did not work?
10:49 FGrose: or is this emulation - where the connection from the system gets used?
10:49 FGrose No I booted my desktop with a wired connection to a switch/router
10:49 walterbender erikos: so far, so good... but a long pause (30+ seconds) between entering name + colors and getting to the first HomeView
10:49 np accessing my AP :)
10:50 FGrose erikos: No emulation, pure SoaS-0305
10:51 walterbender erikos: it would nice to give Browse a default page...
10:52 erikos FGrose: ok - and you do not get the wired icon in the device frame?
10:52 walterbender: oh - it is blank right now, correct?
10:53 walterbender erikos: yes... but it works
10:53 walter-51fd hello from my XO irc client running SoaS-0318 image on an oLPC XO :)
10:54 erikos walter-51fd: ;)
10:54 walter-51fd frame key doesn't work :(
10:54 erikos walter-51fd: yeah - we have a ticket for that
10:55 walter-51fd but downloads worked!!
10:55 FGrose erikos: I didn't on 4 boots, on the 5th (this one) I'm connected
10:55 walterbender erikos: is there anything specific I should be looking for?
10:55 FGrose erikos: I have dmesg and dmesg.old to compare
10:56 erikos FGrose: it does show you something interesting?
10:56 walterbender: collaboration would be nice
10:56 walterbender erikos: ok. will do.
10:56 FGrose erikos: don't know yet...
10:57 erikos FGrose: for a wired connection - this is very strange :/
10:59 FGrose erikos: Can we paste from a clipped text in the frame stack?
10:59 erikos: or just the latest one?
11:00 erikos FGrose: you mean - you have two text clippings in the clipboard
11:00 FGrose http://mibbit.com/pb/kdgkvy
11:00 erikos FGrose: and want to paste now the latest-1 - correct?
11:01 walterbender erikos: sharing with turtle art between an XO and an HP works :)
11:01 FGrose that's the latest, how would I paste the previous directly?
11:01 erikos walterbender: oh well - turtleart is not a serious test ;p
11:02 walterbender: we know that it works
11:02 walterbender: write sharing was broken for me
11:02 walterbender: and working for tomeu - looks like it was fedora specific
11:03 walterbender: havn't looked for the details yet though
11:03 FGrose: i think we can only open a clipping
11:03 FGrose erikos: just lost my irc transcript by clicking the paste link (in Sugar)
11:03 erikos FGrose: in write for example
11:03 FGrose OK I can paste from the Journal, just checking, Thanks
11:04 erikos FGrose: i mean one - the previous one
11:04 FGrose erikos: Right, new feature request for the clipping panel--paste
11:05 erikos walterbender: can you reply to Sean on the marketing mailing list what he need to do - to boot the Soas image on the xo?
11:05 walter-51fd erikos: will do
11:05 erikos walter-51fd: awesome
11:06 FGrose: how would the workflow look for that?
11:06 garycmartin erikos: re collaboration, are the F10 firewalls still blocking local link collaboration? At least gabble still works with a server.
11:06 erikos FGrose: can you describe the steps?
11:07 garycmartin: oh, right - we should check the iptables on the soas images
11:07 garycmartin erikos: (it's one reason I haven't yet been able to test the new 0.84 journal object transfer yet :-(
11:08 erikos garycmartin: ahhh, ok
11:08 garycmartin (it only works with local machines not via a jabber server yet)
11:08 erikos garycmartin: let me try to find out how to verify on soas if the mcast is blocked
11:08 garycmartin: yup
11:08 garycmartin: i blogged about it - and there is a Fedora ticket open
11:13 garycmartin: in the terminal activity
11:13 garycmartin: su
11:13 garycmartin: iptables -L
11:13 garycmartin: it looks like it is blocked
11:14 garycmartin: on my open machine it shows: ACCEPT     udp  --  anywhere            state NEW udp dpt:mdns
11:14 and mdns - the port 5353 is the one we need
11:14 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/566 has the dmesg.old and dmesg logs for review, if useful
11:15 erikos looks for the correct iptables command to open that port
11:18 FGrose: from the first glance - nothing obvious in the dmesg.old log
11:20 garycmartin erikos: udp, yea this F10 is not allowing udp by the looks of things.
11:25 FGrose erikos: OK, I've enabled SUGAR_LOGGER_LEVEL=debug for the next occurance  if there are other logs that might help
11:26 tomeu erikos: I think you can just /etc/init.d/iptables stop or similar
11:26 erikos tomeu: oh
11:26 tomeu just to check if it's that or not
11:27 sdziallas Hi folks ;)
11:27 tomeu hi sdziallas!
11:27 garycmartin sdziallas: hi!
11:28 sdziallas waves to tomeu and garycmartin
11:28 tomeu so perhaps soas* should open that port?
11:28 FGrose I've got 2 browsers on same screen with the www.sugarlabs.org wiki link
11:30 sdziallas wonders if people would want to disable the firewall in the kickstart file...
11:30 walterbender erikos: write collaboration doesn't seem to be working :(
11:31 erikos: I can launch the activity from an invitation or share, but no data transfers between the activities once they are open :(
11:32 erikos walterbender: ok - the same thing i have seen
11:32 walterbender erikos: just to confirm: Write 63
11:33 garycmartin walterbender: Yes, I have the same issue with Write.
11:33 walterbender erikos: lots of honey in SoaS-0318 :)
11:34 erikos garycmartin: walterbender as tomeu can not repro that - it looks like fedora specific
11:34 walterbender erikos: some activities I have never even seen before!
11:34 erikos walterbender: yeah - really sticky
11:34 walterbender: aleksey is the leading force here
11:34 walterbender erikos: I am trying between Fedora and Ubuntu
11:35 Fedora SoaS 0318 on my XO and the latest jhbuild on my Ubuntu box
11:35 other collaborations seem to be working, but I will continue to try things.
11:35 garycmartin walterbender: Ubuntu <--> Ubuntu vs. Fedora <--> Fedora, or Fedora <--> Ubuntu?
11:36 walterbender Fedora <-> Ubuntu
11:36 erikos walterbender: as it is an AND it will not work neither
11:36 walterbender: i tried once with tomeu as well
11:36 FGrose VirtualBox2.2beta had filelock problems on Windows7 and I couldn't reload VBox2.1.4 any more (It rejected the x86 version that I had loaded previously)
11:37 walterbender garymartin: I can try Ubuntu <-> Ubuntu
11:37 tomeu erikos: Write in your jhbuild is writing lots of debug stuff in its log?
11:37 garycmartin walterbender: Fab, is that works it points a big hairy finger at something in Fedora land :-)
11:38 walter-51fd FWIW, XOIRC is sweet
11:39 erikos tomeu: ok - i can stop iptables - but i still do not get friends
11:39 tomeu: but could be another issue as well
11:39 tomeu: this is on qemu
11:40 let's debug a bit write - as everyone seems to do that at the moment
11:41 garycmartin erikos: oooh interesting, just stopped iptables as per tomeu, not seeing the local buddy icon (from an XO here) yet, but my Mac is seeing the jhbuild Sugar user via bonjour now :-)
11:41 tomeu erikos: btw, are you using salut or gabble?
11:41 the iptables problem is related to salut, not gabble
11:41 erikos tomeu: salut of course!
11:42 tomeu erikos: what says avahi-browse?
11:43 walterbender ubuntu <-> ubuntu seems to work
11:47 garycmartin erikos: OK, have 2 jubuild sugar sessions running with iptables off under F10 and both can see each other via salute. Just going to try Write out of curiosity (think that is a different bug).
11:47 (salut)
11:48 tomeu nice progress
11:50 walter-51fd FWIW: browse share works fedora<->ubuntu<->ubuntu
11:52 erikos [erikos@beet sugar-toolkit]$ avahi-browse -a
11:52 + virbr0 IPv4 230113f8@beet                                 iChat Presence       local
11:52 + wlan0 IPv4 230113f8@beet                                 iChat Presence       local
11:52 tomeu: ^^^ this is on my machine
11:52 tomeu: soas-qemu shows one iChat
11:53 tomeu erikos: and which connection manager is running? salut or gabble?
11:54 garycmartin OK, no luck on Write sharing via F10, salut, iptables off (you can join but get no document transfer). Quick test of Chat and that works fine.
11:54 erikos tomeu: salut
11:55 walterbender chat shares across both distros :)
11:55 garycmartin walterbender: who was the master?
11:55 tomeu erikos: oh, you are running qemu? it uses a bridge setup that might mean that the qemu instance and the others aren't actually on the same lan
11:55 walterbender garycmartin: ubuntu in the case of chat; fedora in the case of browse
11:56 erikos tomeu: oh, ok - was guessing at something qemu specific
11:56 tomeu: i think we have dtermined: that the missing iptable rule is the issue for non working salut on Fedora
11:56 garycmartin walterbender: chat is peer to peer, so is Browse I think, I was thinking more or Write (sorry getting crossed testing :-)
11:56 erikos tomeu: that is one fact
11:56 alsroot erikos: I use qemu(and bridged lan) and soas-1 works for me
11:57 walterbender garycmartin: I tried it both directions
11:57 ^it^Write
11:57 erikos alsroot: salut sharing between jhbuild and qemu-soas-1 ?
11:57 alsroot erikos: I use gabble
11:58 lets try chat through Speak
11:58 garycmartin walterbender: re Write, ok so will assume something in Fedora land is borked. Hmmm.
11:58 erikos alsroot: right - but that would not cause issues
11:58 alsroot: for salut - they need to be both on the same lan
11:58 walterbender garycmartin: I think that is a safe assumption. I'll peek at the logs
12:00 tomeu: I just read wadeb's new ticket: 568; that is exactly what bit me in Turtle Art... I think his proposal is a good idea.
12:01 tomeu walterbender: yup, looks like my first trip to 1cc wasn't needed after all ;)
12:02 erikos tomeu: failed to join: dbus timeout
12:02 tomeu erikos: what's this?
12:03 erikos tomeu: for write sharing of two jhbuild F10 - salut
12:05 garycmartin erikos: wow Write does log a heap of stuff... :-) First pass though I didn't spot that error, searching this time (I did see a Blocking on GetProperties() because someone wants property id)
12:05 tomeu erikos: ok, but presence works, right?
12:05 garycmartin: but only in jhbuild, right?
12:05 garycmartin tomeu: right
12:05 tomeu cool
12:06 garycmartin tomeu: hang on, I'm not saying it's working in soas or else where.
12:06 erikos tomeu: hmm looks like i have another issue now
12:07 walterbender tomeu: I see error messages in SoaS that I don't see with jhbuild
12:08 tomeu walterbender: that's interesting, can you paste?
12:09 walterbender tomeu: looking across lots of different activities... I'll start pasting...
12:11 tomeu: here is one:  www.pastebin.be/17322
12:12 tomeu cassidy: does it ring you a bell? ^
12:13 cassidy tomeu: humm no, sorry
12:13 walterbender tomeu: and one from turtle art (unrelated to sharing): www.pastebin.be/17323
12:13 tomeu ok, will keep digging
12:14 walterbender: ok, that last one isn't serious
12:15 walterbender tomeu: here is another (not serious) one: www.pastebin.be/17324
12:16 tomeu: always curious about the root cause of these idiosyncrasies...
12:17 tomeu walterbender: the palette is destroyed but not everybody is aware of that
12:17 the irc one looks worse
12:18 hmm, I think I fixed a similar one once
12:18 walterbender: if you enter a ticket, I will write a patch
12:20 garycmartin Variable sharing in Calculate is working fine in F10, hmmm, it's probably just using the text channel to pass those (vs. Write's tube stuff)
12:22 sdziallas tomeu: btw, could you see if you'd get this soas-2 "grey screen error" when using liveusb-creator?
12:22 tomeu sdziallas: sure
12:22 nice idea
12:22 walterbender: can you try this? http://pastebin.be/17325
12:22 walterbender tomeu: ticket on the way...
12:23 tomeu: I cannot write tickets as fast as you can write patches :)
12:24 tomeu yeah, writing tickets should be easier ;)
12:24 garycmartin FWIW: Sharing in Browse under F10 is also working fine (more text channel stuff?).
12:25 erikos garycmartin: Browse is using tubes
12:25 garycmartin: from my testing - it is only Write that is not working
12:27 befana-0959 hi, i'm using SoaS on my dell inspiron, it's amazing
12:27 erikos befana-0959: positive feedback - you can stay ;)
12:27 befana-0959 i have 2 questions, fist, when i close my laptop and open it again, the scren is rotated
12:27 walter-51fd tomeu: your patch seems to work :)
12:28 befana-0959: an XO?
12:28 befana-0959 2. i need to change the keyboard configuration to spanish-latinamerican, but i don't know how to do it
12:28 walter-51fd befana-0959: running what software?
12:29 alsroot all: btw I'm waiting someone to test Speak's chat feature -- test it through the same speakers is useless
12:29 befana-0959 walter-51fd: lasts soas image on my dell
12:29 erikos befana-0959: mtd is working on that
12:29 befana-0959 it's an inspiron 1420
12:29 erikos befana-0959: i mean to add a control panel option to change the keyboard layout
12:29 walter-51fd befana-0959: ah. interesting...
12:29 erikos befana-0959: in the meantime you can edit a config file directly - if you are brave
12:30 walter-51fd befana-0959: the keyboard issue is an upstream bug filed with fedora...
12:30 erikos: this sounds like keyboard, not language
12:30 garycmartin erikos: Browse, tubes, thanks. I've just tested Read and it's failing to transfer the document, but this may well be some other bug unrelated to Write.
12:30 erikos walter-51fd: wasn't he asking for keyboard?
12:31 walter-51fd garycmartin: I'll test read in my f<->u<->u environment...
12:31 befana-0959 erikos: if you can say me where is the config file, i'll try
12:32 walter-51fd erikos: yes--keyboard.  is there a keyboard setting in the control panel?
12:32 befana-0959 erikos: you're right keyboard not language
12:32 erikos walter-51fd: martin is working on that :)
12:32 befana-0959: /etc/sysconfig/keyboard
12:32 tomeu walterbender: nice, then we can paste it to the ticket and mchua or someone else will push it
12:32 befana-0959 erikos: thanks
12:33 erikos befana-0959: first just show the content with 'cat' maybe
12:33 walter-51fd erikos: yes... I was confusing the present with the future
12:34 erikos walter-51fd: they are close together :)
12:34 walter-51fd regarding the screen rotate question, I wonder if that is some artifact of keymaps as well...
12:35 erikos walter-51fd: good point
12:35 walter-51fd if the rotate button is mapped to whatever gets triggered by hthe dell resume...
12:35 befana-0959: can you please file a ticket on the rotate bug?
12:37 garycmartin sorry have to dash, happy testing to all! Would love to ask for a minimal jhbuild 'making a patch' hint, but I'll need to pester on another day :-)
12:37 befana-0959 walter-51fd: yes, i'll write it
12:38 walter-51fd befana-0959: thanks
12:41 walterbender tomeu: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/569
12:43 tomeu: mchua left just as I filed a bug for her :)
12:43 tomeu smart girl!
12:46 befana-0959 well, thanks you, i'll send you my feedback. Ive gotta go
12:48 walterbender erikos, tomeu: FYI, read shares for me Ubuntu->Ubuntu and Ubuntu->Fedora
12:48 I'll try Fedora->Ubuntu next
12:48 erikos walterbender: good news
12:49 tomeu wonder what could be so special about write
12:49 erikos tomeu: i checked if all the flags for the package were set
12:49 tomeu: and all that looked good
12:50 tomeu yup
12:50 kristianpaul the developer for measure still maintaining that activity?
12:54 walterbender kristianpaul: That would be Arjun
12:54 kristianpaul: what is the issue?
12:55 kristianpaul walterbender: no runs on SoaS
12:55 erikos kristianpaul: i think the main issue these days is to make it non hardware dependent
12:55 kristianpaul walterbender: sure !
12:55 erikos: but how?
12:55 erikos: how works measure? theres documentation about it?
12:56 walterbender: i wrote Arjun for help on it, but no answers yet
12:56 walterbender kristianpaul: we've been struggling with the best way to handle the alsaaudio binary
12:57 kristianpaul: Arjun is pretty busy during the week... he usually replies on the weekends
12:57 kristianpaul walterbender: he said on chat that but never did more that 3 weeks ago
12:58 erikos kristianpaul: yup - to what walter said - it is hardware specific and if you use it outside the XO - it will fail
12:58 walterbender kristianpaul: or you can compile your device-dependent alsaaudio ...
12:58 kristianpaul erikos: but in XO Live Cd works
12:59 walterbender: where i can get documentation about it?
12:59 erikos kristianpaul: on XO, right
12:59 walterbender kristianpaul:  I think that SoaS isn't bundling the x86 binary?
12:59 erikos, tomeu: Fedora->Ubuntu sharing worked for Read :)
13:00 erikos, tomeu: but when I joined through an invitation, the file wasn't transferred :(
13:00 tomeu nice, the problem area is smaller now
13:00 walterbender: tried one more time?
13:01 walterbender tomeu: I'll try with an invitation again... but clicking on the icon in the neighborhood view worked fine
13:01 kristianpaul: I'll dig up the instructions for building the binaries
13:02 kristianpaul okay
13:03 walterbender kristianpaul: I think you need pyalsaaudio-0.2
13:03 tomeu walterbender: I think that method of transferring the file is flaky, for 0.86 telepathy will give us better file transfer support
13:04 kristianpaul walterdender: i'll check
13:36 walterbender erikos never ended the meeting :(

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