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#sugar-meeting, 2009-03-17

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11:02 jt4sugar SeanDaly: Here's a St. Patty's Toast to your fine leadership!!
11:02 SeanDaly Aw shucks...
11:03 Although press reaction has been muted so far,
11:03 I'm pleased there has been no negative reaction at all
11:03 erikos a patty toast with marmelade and peanut butter from me as well!
11:04 SeanDaly And, I understand traffic on the wiki part of the site was about 30 times more than usual
11:04 Sometimes, muted reaction means "non-controversial, but duly noted"
11:04 erikos SeanDaly: that was just that people started to do something after talking all the time :)
11:05 SeanDaly In other words, perhaps next time when there might be negative PR about something, others might chime and say "Well, look what Sugar Labs is doing!"
11:05 erikos SeanDaly: what happens after it has reached services like reuter? it gets picked up by newspapers and magazines as they wish?
11:06 SeanDaly Yes, every newspaper getts PR Newswire, even in Europe, South America etc.
11:06 But, to be effective a campaign needs to also have targeted mailings
11:07 erikos SeanDaly: ok, so i could send the german translation to my favorite newspaper for example?
11:07 SeanDaly I have mailed the press release in plaintext and PDF with the screenshot but minus the logo to 275 American and French journalists
11:07 erikos ok, i see
11:07 SeanDaly erikos: yes, please do! However what might work bettter is if you supply me with e-mail addresses & I send it
11:08 That way, they will be on the list and we can send to them each time
11:08 erikos SeanDaly: good point
11:08 SeanDaly i need help for German and Spanish press targets, I have almost nobody
11:09 Another thing I could say is that there a handful of influential journalists
11:09 erikos SeanDaly: ok, i will see who i can find - i know that sebastian was talking about a journalist in germany as well
11:09 SeanDaly And if they write a story, everyone else pops out of the woodwork
11:09 I am happy Google is indexing the main homepage www.sugarlabs.org
11:10 And, "sugar labs press" is direct hit
11:10 tomeu SeanDaly: I know a spanish journalist that worked in a local (but big) newspaper in mallorca, though last I heard was living in costa rica, should I ping her?
11:10 walterbender do you want to reach non-journalists as well?
11:10 SeanDaly And, so is "Sugar on a Stick"
11:10 tomeu: yes by all means please do
11:10 tomeu SeanDaly: also know a czech journalist
11:10 SeanDaly walterbender: indeed I do - Educators
11:11 everyone, if you have a journalist contact, let me know I have built a central list
11:11 walterbender I know some Spanish journalists as well...
11:11 SeanDaly It's not too late, for example I won't send the PR to the educators until tonight
11:11 walterbender SeanDaly: I was thinking also of people like Mari Franco
11:11 SeanDaly I compiled e-mails of 50 USA state departments of education
11:12 waltterbender: yes, deciders
11:12 erikos SeanDaly: what a superb' job!
11:12 SeanDaly I also located e-mails for education ministers in UK, AU, CA
11:12 erikos: Well, it's the results that count
11:13 erikos SeanDaly: we will see results, sooner or later - just not always proportional
11:13 SeanDaly I felt it was a necessary step to establish findable press contact, and silence doubters, hopefullt the 2nd one is the case
11:13 We are live with a phone number and although we've had very few calls, the system works
11:14 I want to thanks those who worked this past weekend on the integration issues, in particular Ivan and David
11:14 Without forgetting Christian and our translators ;-)
11:15 I'll be alerting the list if and when new articles appear
11:16 Our next "big" release will be at FOSSVT I think, but i would like to a do a developer-OEM oriented release perhaps 2 weeks from now
11:16 The developer release doesn't need the eReleases/PR Newswire treatment, targeted only will be fine
11:17 erikos congrats neuralis and dfarning
11:17 SeanDaly But for FOSSVT, we wil want to reach educators and we will have a nice photo of a Sugar Labs branded stick
11:17 OK maybe we can move on, erikos would you like the floor?
11:18 erikos ok
11:18 LinuxTag (24-27 June 2009)
11:18 http://shell.sugarlabs.org/~er[…]uxtag_project.pdf
11:18 this is what we need to fill out
11:19 in order to apply for a project
11:19 i started to fill it out - and got already a positive response a few minutes ago :)
11:19 SeanDaly erikos: has this gone out already?
11:20 erikos SeanDaly: well - it is an online form one can update
11:20 SeanDaly: until the 24th of march
11:20 SeanDaly OK I was just going to suggest www. for the URL
11:20 erikos SeanDaly: donnu why they replied to it already
11:20 SeanDaly Was it a.. positive reply?
11:20 erikos SeanDaly: oh yes
11:21 SeanDaly Do we have a booth banner, or roll-up banner?
11:21 erikos not that i am aware of
11:21 walterbender I had a banner that I gae to SJ to bring to FOSDEM
11:22 but he never ended up going...
11:22 erikos and the banner neither
11:22 walterbender I can try to get it back from him and bring it to Paris when I see Sean
11:22 But we may want to make a better one than what I had done.
11:22 SeanDaly #ACTION Obtain booth banner or roll-up banner for LinuxTag
11:23 Is there a photo somewhere?
11:23 rita do you know how big that booth is?
11:23 erikos rita: we can request a size
11:23 SeanDaly I had a roll-up banner made for FSFE which I donated for last year's FOSDEM and they had it on their stand this year too
11:23 erikos rita: then it is dependent on how much space they have
11:24 rita ok
11:24 jt4sugar SeanDaly: We need a shippable Event marketing pack-Banner-Stickers-Usb's with a price tag then will know how much we need to raise for each event
11:24 SeanDaly http://blogs.fsfe.org/michael_kallas/?p=14
11:24 erikos shall we step through the form quickly - and see where we need to agree?
11:24 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1
11:24 erikos: OK
11:25 erikos so title would be something with 'Sugar Labs' i presume
11:25 maybe: Sugar Labs - a gathering place for the community of educators and developers to create, extend, and teach with the
11:25 Sugar learning platform
11:25 rita the current title sounds good to me
11:26 SeanDaly Important to be concise - title not too long
11:26 It should say "Sugar Labs" something, not just "Sugar"
11:26 erikos SeanDaly: yeah - it should be about Sugar Labs or about Sugar?
11:26 jt4sugar Sugar- a platform for learning how to learn?
11:27 erikos SeanDaly: ok
11:27 SeanDaly Could be "The Sugar Learning Platform for Children"
11:27 every word counts
11:27 but it could be something else
11:27 jt4sugar Sugar Labs-Your gateway to learning how to learn
11:27 erikos i wonder what we promote there
11:28 SeanDaly jt4sugar: have to remind the learning is children-oriented
11:28 erikos Sugar - or Sugar Labs
11:28 rita probably sugar,
11:28 attract developers of linux distros
11:28 SeanDaly Sugar Labs I think. Why - because we can get referenced very easily with "Sugar Labs" whereas "Sugar" too many false hits
11:29 erikos hmm
11:29 SeanDaly So, "SUgar Labs" written, but "Sugar" when we talk about it
11:29 rita sugar labs in the title?
11:29 SeanDaly rita: yes I think so - from a branding perspective
11:30 Some people too shhy, or saw 30 booths
11:30 type sugar in google, get info about diabetes
11:30 jt4sugar Sugar Labs-Where Children learn how to learn
11:30 SeanDaly type sugar labs into google, get our site
11:30 rita SeanDaly, i see your point
11:30 SeanDaly jt4sugar: yes almost - written like that the labs are a place
11:31 erikos rita: is that an issue for you as the co partner of squeakland?
11:31 SeanDaly But i think that's close
11:31 erikos rita: is that an issue for you as our co partner (squeak)?
11:31 rita erikos, no, absolutely not
11:31 erikos rita: ok, just to make sure
11:32 SeanDaly ALternatively: Sugar Labs logo then text: The Sugar Learning Platform - Where Children Learn How To Learn
11:32 erikos SeanDaly: why limit to children?
11:32 rita just skip the second part
11:32 dfarning rita, be sure to keep asking Sean why he is doing what he is doing.  He knows a lot about marketing.... and sometimes think the rest of us do to:)
11:33 erikos SeanDaly: i always hoped we reach as well other the elderly
11:33 SeanDaly erikos: hmmm nevver thought of it that way
11:33 jt4sugar Sugar Labs-Where children become lifelong learners
11:33 erikos hehe
11:33 SeanDaly Our strategy *is* to reach out to teachers, educators, classrooms
11:34 But there is an angle there to explore later... e.g. grandparents learning with their grandchildren
11:34 erikos SeanDaly: so maybe it is good to play the: 'Sugar Labs a community of educators...' card
11:35 SeanDaly Statistics have proven that the single biggest factor in the purchase of camcorders is: fathers and grandfathers righht before birth!
11:35 erikos oh, makes sense
11:35 SeanDaly Well, an efffective banner given our budget is one that will connect with teachers AND developers
11:36 But maybe this is an excellent opportunity to let an image make an emotional connection... a Mike Lee photo?
11:36 erikos from the last two years, I found that there were visitors at Linuxtag with many different backgrounds
11:37 different to FOSDEM, for example
11:37 more business like as well
11:37 not as many developers
11:37 SeanDaly I've looked at the form it looks OK
11:37 My point of view is that the single best thing we can do is have half a dozen machines on a table
11:38 XO-1s, a Mac, 2 or 3 nettbooks, a desktop PC
11:38 In a mesh!
11:38 rita we will have at least two machines with etoys running
11:38 erikos rita: nice
11:38 SeanDaly rita: +1
11:38 is Caroline here?
11:38 rita maybe i could bring an amilo
11:39 SeanDaly rita: don't know amilo
11:39 rita siemens notebook for kids
11:39 SeanDaly i don't know if I can come or not, I hope I can
11:40 if I coome I can bring 3 XOs, an EeePC, an Aspie One, and a Mac mini
11:40 s/Aspie/Aspire
11:40 erikos ok - let me sak some concrete questions ;)
11:40 SeanDaly erikos:go ahead
11:40 erikos Supporting Institution
11:40 Email: pr@sugarlabs.org (info@?)
11:40 do we put the pr email there?
11:40 SeanDaly email: pr@sugarlabs.org
11:41 erikos or do we have an info email address?
11:41 tomeu nice, if SeanDaly brings all that, I don't need to bring any machines at all :p
11:41 SeanDaly Yes, that e-mail is monitored by myself, walter & dfarning
11:41 Our press page has the contact info
11:42 erikos ok - so we use the pr@ address
11:42 SeanDaly The phone number is either forwarded or takes a message & emails the soundfile to pr@sugarlabs.org
11:42 erikos Presentation
11:43 Highlights: Soas
11:43 SeanDaly SoaS for sure
11:43 erikos i think we can have a machine - for putting sugar on a stick
11:43 SeanDaly erikos: Might need more than one
11:43 erikos and do we plan to have sticks to hand out/ sell at this date?
11:43 SeanDaly: yup
11:43 SeanDaly Sticks are very expensive, even nonbranded
11:44 jt4sugar SeanDaly: I have given Walter two 160GB portable USB drives we can load with multiple images-show we work on multiple-distros
11:44 SeanDaly And if you just give them out, somebody IM's their list and 20 minutes later, no more sticks
11:44 jt4sugar: great!
11:44 erikos ok - no stickers then
11:44 walterbender jt4sugar: not sure how to do it though...
11:44 erikos little flyers - with basic info would be nice
11:45 SeanDaly wait... we can give them out, we just need to raide the "barrier"
11:45 raise the barrrier
11:45 erikos SeanDaly: they have to make a hand stand?
11:45 SeanDaly in other words: after a few minutes of talking to somebody it turns out she is a very qualified prospect like a school principal
11:45 jt4sugar walterbender: We'll have to bring up on #sugar see what comes up
11:46 SeanDaly For somebody like that, we open up a little drawer and give out a SoaS
11:46 Usual procedure is to ask them to fill out a form
11:46 Then, we can follow up
11:47 erikos SeanDaly: ok i ask for hand stand - you for a form - lets see what works better ;p
11:47 SeanDaly This is not bureaucracy, it's called "qualifying prospects"
11:47 when peole talk to you and fill out a form, it's a first step towards commitment
11:47 rita i think that is a good idea, use your intuition whon to give a stick
11:47 SeanDaly So, they agree to actually try the SoaS, and to reach us if any difficulties
11:47 rita whom
11:47 erikos SeanDaly: you won't reach people like me with that ;p
11:48 tomeu fill a form or ask for a business card?
11:48 SeanDaly rita: yes, it's the advantage of face-to-face
11:48 erikos SeanDaly: i turn away if i have to make committments at a booth
11:48 SeanDaly tomeu: a business card= a form
11:48 dfarning also, have cds available to give away.  low cost second option.
11:48 rita i think, talk to people and you get a feeling what they want
11:48 SeanDaly erikos: hmmm I hear you...
11:48 dfarning: very good idea
11:48 tomeu when I was at booths, everybody loved giving business cards, and a few of them were quite interesting
11:49 SeanDaly erikos: if you were giving away sticks at 7 EUR a pop... how do ytou prevent giving away 300 which we don't have
11:49 tomeu yeah, there was that idea of handing live cds and having a sugar activity that would copy an image to usb sticks
11:49 erikos SeanDaly: i like the idea of giving out what seems appropriate after talking to that person
11:49 like rita suggested
11:49 dfarning we are not punishing people by not giving them stick.  we are rewarding those with interest!
11:49 SeanDaly erikos: that's all I'm saying...
11:49 dfarning: +1
11:50 erikos SeanDaly: i just mean not filling out forms
11:50 mchua pops in and notes time :)
11:50 erikos mchua: hmmmm ;p
11:50 SeanDaly erikos: OK well we should at the very least get their e-mail and what they do (developer, teacher)
11:50 I'm going to slide into point 3 since it's appropriate, the PDF brochure
11:51 erikos ok
11:51 SeanDaly erikos: that's the flyer you're looking for
11:51 But, i want to have the first version this week already
11:51 So we can start handing them out
11:51 and downloadable from the site
11:51 What was missing up to now were photos
11:52 But not only do we have great photos from Mike and more on the way,
11:52 We have our draft photo rights release text back from the SFC
11:52 walterbender SeanDaly: Bertf and Rita's picture is pretty fabulous as well
11:52 SeanDaly So that form will be finalzed this week and we will be in the clear for publishable photos
11:53 erikos SeanDaly: awesome
11:53 SeanDaly walterbender: not sire I saw that one?
11:53 sir-> sure
11:54 Concerning the first batch of branded sticks, I wil lhave some proposals Wednesday at the latest
11:54 late on that, I was very occupied with the media launch & my day job
11:54 I may have found a place below $6 per 1 Gb branded stick including delivery
11:55 walterbender SeanDaly: I'll forward it to you
11:55 erikos SeanDaly: what was the target audience for the sticks again?
11:55 SeanDaly: to give them away - sell them?
11:56 SeanDaly i think giving them away is better, just make sure they only go to people who seem really interested
11:56 When you sell a stick, the problem is you also sell "support"
11:56 Unless, of course, you ask for a donation too cover costs
11:56 erikos SeanDaly: the latter sounds nice to me
11:56 rita SeanDaly, thats a good point, make a donation, take a stick
11:57 SeanDaly but most people think that if they had to "buy" it, they have a right to complain really loud if there's a problem
11:57 erikos SeanDaly: at a conf like Linuxtag - one could offer the solution to bring a stick themselves or against a donation get a stick
11:57 SeanDaly Whereas if we explain that we are working toward v1.0 of SoaS, we need educators & developers to help us test it, & please make a donation if you can... we give them away
11:57 erikos SeanDaly: i see that fear :/
11:58 SeanDaly erikos: yes we certainly should "burn" sticks there but it would be good if we could test them
11:58 For example I bought 3 SanDisk Cruzer sticks
11:58 dfarning erikos, we are at an interesting point where we can sell the idea of Sugar and Sugar Labs with out overpromising what we can deliver...yet.
11:58 SeanDaly they had that virtual CD-ROM volume "U3" on them
11:59 SoaS ISO was loaded onto that stick but it wouldn"t boot
11:59 erikos dfarning: can you elaborate?
11:59 SeanDaly I removed U3 stuff and will try reburning & booting again tonight
11:59 my point is, better to test a stick we do at the booth
12:00 erikos: our "product" is almost, but not quite ready for prime time
12:00 dfarning erikos, I'll send a post to iaep.  It is a big topic:)
12:00 erikos dfarning: i see ;p
12:00 jt4sugar Along with image-can we put file and info that would explain how they might test and email to report to
12:00 erikos SeanDaly: if you  would now how it looks inside... :)))
12:00 SeanDaly Like the Always Innovating Touch Book - nobody has it, the buzz is up, but theu have to be careful not to overpromise
12:01 jt4sugar: +1
12:01 erikos s/now/know
12:01 SeanDaly: me as the developer i am the last one - who wants to promise something we can not do (yet)
12:02 SeanDaly jt4sugar is right - SoaS should include if possible a directory with the PDF brochure?
12:02 erikos SeanDaly: you can imagine how i felt when the first G1G1 was announced
12:02 SeanDaly erikos: our problem is, a branded stick with the Sugar Labs logo will look just like a finished product
12:02 erikos: I'm trying to imagine!
12:03 tomeu argh, don't make me remember it
12:03 SeanDaly So, dfarning is very right when he says that we need to caution people
12:03 And the way to do that is to explain, explain, explain
12:03 erikos absolutely
12:03 i just had an interesting discussion with tomeu about that today
12:03 SeanDaly One possible solution is a poster at the booth with the roadmap of dates
12:04 For example, the LinuxTag date, followed by a couple of others, and then "October-November: Sugar on a Stick v1.0"
12:04 erikos SeanDaly: and it is important to make clear to people - that they are not only consumers - or that it will not work out if they are
12:04 SeanDaly Unless of course we can be in time for back-to-school
12:05 walterbender I like the idea of a count down to V1.0
12:05 SeanDaly erikos: in a sense the best thing we can do is to try to recruit them as testers
12:05 erikos yup sounds good
12:05 walterbender: yesh, me too
12:05 SeanDaly Our press release says it, we can say it again at FOSSVT, and at LinuxTag
12:06 erikos SeanDaly: how about the following
12:06 SeanDaly Of course, this rejoins the discussion about feedback... the week after LinuxTag they will want to tell us what is/isn't working
12:06 erikos SeanDaly: we can make the Soas - testing effort at Linuxtag
12:06 meaning - we can reserve a time for a workshop
12:07 SeanDaly erikos: We could consider a call to action: "Help us Test Sugar on a Stick for Back-to-School"
12:07 dfarning erikos, testers or activate participants not passive users with high expections of a polished product...yet..
12:07 erikos right
12:07 jt4sugar Allow each person with Stick to become their own Sugar Test Marketer-PDF brochures for multiple audiences with links to surveys and email accounts for feedback
12:07 SeanDaly jt4sugar: +1
12:07 walterbender SeanDaly: Back-toSchool in the northern hemisphere...
12:08 SeanDaly walterbender: my excuses, I'm being Northern again, must be those rain clouds
12:08 erikos SeanDaly: and after they did attend the workshop - they get a sticker ;D
12:08 SeanDaly +1 for stickers.. and lanyards... and buttons, badges, & tee-shirts
12:08 tomeu after a sugar workshop, they should be sticky!
12:08 SeanDaly by the way have we thought about cafepress?
12:08 erikos tomeu: haha
12:09 SeanDaly cafepress does swag with like no upfront payment
12:09 I don't know if there is siimilar in Europe
12:10 Another possibility for a "visual" display... the OOLPC map of deployments? maybe not a good idea
12:10 But, what separates us from other projects is the huge number of active users
12:11 erikos SeanDaly: and as well our huge translator community
12:11 SeanDaly Since coming to the project I often feel I have a responsibility to our users
12:12 erikos: in fact I don't know very well how the translator community works
12:12 I'll have to run in about 10 minutes
12:12 Are there any other topics we should discuss?
12:13 erikos let me see
12:13 rita SeanDaly, do you need anything from us as partners at linuxtag?
12:14 SeanDaly rita: well, I'm still not sure if I can even make it
12:14 walterbender SeanDaly: we just need to drink some green beer as a toast to your efforts!
12:14 erikos oh - right: who is coming?
12:14 tomeu btw, erikos and me are working on a story about what's new for developers in 0.84, will be sending a draft to the marketing list for proof reading as none of us are native english speakers
12:14 SeanDaly walterbender: that's sweet thanks but I like to keep a low profile because today's high is tomorrow's low :-)
12:15 tomeu: OK will be looking for that
12:15 erikos the booth has to be equipped
12:15 SeanDaly I think I'll dance meself a little jig tonight anyway
12:16 erikos rita: can you estimate who is coming from the squeak team?
12:16 SeanDaly rita: is  there a possibility of renting or borrowing a very big screen?
12:16 erikos rita: and ready to help at the boost
12:16 tomeu: you are coming? have you checked dates yet?
12:17 rita erikos, at least one person every day, i hope bert will come a day, my colleague at university, so maybe 2 eprsons per day
12:17 erikos rita: that sounds awesome!
12:17 rita SeanDaly, i will find out about the big scrren, how big?
12:18 SeanDaly rita: it's like when the salesperson asks me how many watts for the bass amp... I smile and say... what have you got?
12:18 jt4sugar SeanDaly: can we put fund raising on topics for next week so we can make sure events have needed materials
12:18 erikos rita: i wonder how much space i should request, hmm
12:18 walterbender SeanDaly: let me know if you need me to draft or proof any copy.
12:19 SeanDaly jt4sugar; indeed we can, because the launch + branded USB sticks are both running more than I planned and a roll-up banner might break the camel's back
12:19 tomeu erikos: haven't checked yet, but would like to go
12:19 SeanDaly walterbender: ok thanks
12:19 erikos tomeu: ok - cound you in then ;p
12:19 rita SeanDaly, i can ask collegues at university, i'm not sure what will be th biggest we have
12:19 tomeu heh
12:20 erikos walterbender: you are in europe those dates?
12:20 SeanDaly rita: the bigger the better because Sugar screens are so beautiful to look at
12:20 they will attract interest for sure
12:20 walterbender erikos: I don't think I'll be able to get to LinuxTag
12:20 erikos SeanDaly: i have a 21'' i can bring
12:20 rita erikos, i would like to put a poster on the wall and have a table for us
12:20 erikos SeanDaly: only - if you come of course :)
12:21 walterbender: sigh
12:21 rita SeanDaly, will see what i can get :)
12:21 SeanDaly And, Sugar running on a non-XO on a big screen will be the immediate proof that we are multi-platform
12:21 walterbender I am back in Europe at the end of this month: SkoleLinux in Bergen, meeting Sean and Patrick in Paris and then Bernie in Bolzano
12:22 SeanDaly I ran Sugar in VirtualBox on a new Mac last weekend
12:22 On a big flat screen
12:22 My smallest son complained bitterly at dinnertime because he was enjoying memorize so much
12:23 he uses a small round mouse I got with a colored iMac years ago
12:23 erikos oh memorize
12:24 SeanDaly memorize has big squares (on a big screen) and even though he can't do the maths, he figured out the 1 then the 2 until a match
12:24 erikos rita: ~20m2 ?
12:24 walterbender erikos: remembrance of things past :)
12:25 erikos walterbender: was in 2006 :)
12:25 walterbender SeanDaly: Simon wrote the original Memorize game!
12:25 SeanDaly my kids run circles around me with memory games
12:25 rita erikos, that should be enough, i think
12:25 SeanDaly thank you thank you!
12:25 walterbender SeanDaly: then an intern from Brazil made the current version...
12:26 SeanDaly every kid who has coome to my house and sees the XOs asks about the games first
12:26 walterbender SeanDaly: Have you tried making a custom memorize game yet?
12:26 erikos rita: ok - Squeakland Foundation Inc is correct?
12:26 walterbender: yeah that is fun
12:26 SeanDaly walterbender: No! no time yet - for my list this week :D
12:26 rita erikos, i have been thinking, Squeak Germany is better
12:27 erikos rita: ok, will do that
12:27 SeanDaly I'm going to have to go in 2 mins
12:27 walterbender SeanDaly: see you on line... ciao
12:27 erikos last question:
12:27 News during LinuxTag
12:27 shall we say - a new soas test release
12:27 SeanDaly erikos: you mean what to annnounce for the occasion?
12:28 erikos or better just leav it out?
12:28 yup
12:28 SeanDaly erikos is right always better to announce something for a trade show
12:28 My instinct would be to annonce a newer version of SoaS
12:28 erikos SeanDaly: they have a specific field in the application form for that
12:28 ok
12:29 rita it says (Are there any releases or special announcements, which can be made during LinuxTag? What would
12:29 this be and which support is needed from LinuxTag to make this announcement?)
12:29 SeanDaly For example, we coould consider counting down to SoaS v1.0
12:29 erikos right
12:29 SeanDaly e.g. "Sugar on a Stick Beta 2"
12:29 of course, announcing betas sound silly
12:30 walterbender erikos: it goes by quickly, but one of the pictures on the Linuxtag website is someone using an XO/Sugar!! They are already advertising our presence.
12:30 SeanDaly Unless you qualify it by announcing that there will be a list of compatible hardware or something
12:31 walterbender SeanDaly: if only we had such a list... we should start compiling it.
12:31 erikos SeanDaly: i think by that date - Fedora 11 is out - which Soas is based on
12:31 SeanDaly Yes, we need that lis all right.
12:31 erikos SeanDaly: it looks realistic to have something quite good at this date
12:31 SeanDaly erikos: My understanding was late May for F11
12:31 Yes, that sounds good
12:32 erikos 26. May
12:32 and linuxtag is one month later
12:32 SeanDaly erikos: Yes, I think that will work
12:32 erikos SeanDaly: i will verify with Sebastian as well what he thinks is realistic
12:33 SeanDaly: when where the other dates you were mentioning?
12:33 SeanDaly "Sugar on a Stick a major step closer to v1.0 with the new version over fedora 11"
12:33 erikos: FOSSVT is April 10th
12:33 The first rollout of branded-stick SoaS
12:33 erikos SeanDaly: and the envisioned Soas 1.0 ?
12:34 SeanDaly Q3 2009
12:34 rita i have to go, mail me if there is anything i can do
12:34 SeanDaly it's in the press release :D
12:34 erikos rita: thanks very much for joining in
12:34 SeanDaly I have to go too
12:34 erikos SeanDaly: yeah - i thought a more concrete date
12:34 rita bye!
12:34 erikos SeanDaly: ok - thanks
12:34 walterbender SeanDaly: can you #endmeeting?
12:35 SeanDaly Can't announce exact date yet!
12:35 ok going once
12:35 going twice
12:35 #endmeeting

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