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#sugar-meeting, 2009-02-26

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Time Nick Message
11:08 erikos thanks FGrose
11:08 [200-300, 300-400, 400-x]
11:08 FGrose 400+
11:09 erikos i take the 200-300 one
11:09 and tomeu then 300-400 and as bonus he gets #157 :)
11:09 FGrose http://tinyurl.com/cxl55y  for the bot
11:09 erikos :)
11:09 silbe, here for triage fun as well?
11:10 silbe erikos: just lurking in case there are questions re. my bugs
11:10 erikos silbe, ok, nice
11:14 FGrose silbe: in #402, is that hint at startup?
11:16 silbe FGrose: yep, directly after resuming the activity
11:16 erikos silbe, oh ok - other activities do directly share right?
11:16 FGrose silbe: It auto disappears right?
11:18 silbe FGrose: yep, it's the usual countdown
11:19 FGrose silbe: I see it starting out unconnected, then catching up with shared
11:19 silbe erikos: AFAICT Chat does share, but shows the hint anyway
11:19 erikos silbe, oh ok
11:21 silbe FGrose: interesting. it's starting up with "Share with: My neighorhood" (greyed out, i.e. can't change it) for me.
11:25 FGrose I've produce orphan instances in the neighborhood that resume private!
11:28 erikos FGrose, can you elaborate?
11:30 FGrose while trying to confirm, I managed to open several instances.  I find them in the Neighborhood. When I click them there, they open with Private showing (and no hinting message).
11:31 erikos FGrose, you mean when clicking the icon in the mesh view - it does starta a new instance?
11:33 hey garycmartin
11:33 garycmartin Hi erikos, sorry running late today :-)
11:33 erikos garycmartin, no worries - happy you made it anyhow ;)
11:33 garycmartin erikos: (joys of the UK banking system)
11:34 erikos garycmartin, do you still have banks?
11:35 ours are all collapsed or nationalized
11:35 garycmartin erikos: I don't think we ever had banks, they are just casinos for the wealthy to gamble the money of the common masses.
11:35 erikos garycmartin, we are looking at http://tinyurl.com/cxl55y
11:35 garycmartin erikos: looking...
11:35 erikos garycmartin, yeah - it really looks like - it is horrible
11:36 FGrose erikos: Well, I get a Chat enty in the Journal, with a blank details page.
11:36 tomeu garycmartin's remark remembered me yes, minister
11:37 garycmartin ooh, not many tickets - that's a good sign, right?
11:37 FGrose erikos: Right clicking it, resumes instead of giving me a panel to erase.
11:37 erikos FGrose, tomeu had commiteed one fix for that i think
11:38 tomeu yeah, that has been recently fixed
11:38 FGrose Ok, I'll look in trac if it's recorded
11:38 silbe garycmartin: erikos broke my keyboard so i couldn't test :-P
11:39 erikos FGrose, #409
11:39 FGrose, and #410
11:39 silbe, hehe
11:40 silbe but 410 is remembering me of something i saw today... wait a minute
11:40 FGrose Ok i'll  concentrate on 402 features later but confirm for now for later discussion of design
11:40 silbe yes. the xo man in Frame doesn't react to right click as well
11:41 will open a new bug about it
11:41 erikos silbe, in the friends tray - yeah looks like
11:41 silbe, thanks
11:42 silbe what's the politcally correct name for that icon, BTW?
11:42 erikos silbe, friends tray xo icon
11:42 silbe, or do you mean to not say 'xo' ? :)
11:43 silbe so just "xo icon" without "man"? ok :)
11:43 erikos yup
11:43 silbe which component is Frame? sugar or -toolkit?
11:44 erikos silbe, sugar
11:44 silbe thx
11:45 #441, filed as new as you already confirmed it
11:48 erikos silbe, excellent
11:48 garycmartin, #289
11:48 silbe does Pippy have a maintainer besides lfaraone? I.e. is there someone else who "can" commit the patch for #350?
11:48 erikos silbe, yes, brian something
11:49 silbe, brian jordan
11:49 silbe, did lfaraone say to maintain pippy?
11:49 silbe bjordan: ^^
11:50 erikos: don't know, but the bug is assigned to him.
11:50 garycmartin erikos: #289, yes? Gee this is a 4 week old one.
11:51 erikos garycmartin, i would say we can close this
11:51 garycmartin erikos: I can't test recent Sugar on XO, I'm sure there has been some discussion of this floating about regarding SoaS testing.
11:52 erikos garycmartin, i just did check in the latest available xo image
11:52 garycmartin erikos: Cool, it's fixed, right?
11:52 erikos garycmartin, it does not show the serial number - because it is not accessible from Soas
11:52 silbe oh, BTW: could someone fix the "Unconfimed" [sic] value of status_field?
11:52 erikos garycmartin, but it would work on a 'normal' build
11:53 garycmartin erikos: 'latest available xo image'? Oooh, have I missed an email?
11:53 erikos garycmartin, this image-3
11:54 garycmartin erikos: ah ok :-( I have that, let me boot it and double check.
11:54 erikos garycmartin, you will get a new image soon ;p we requested a server update already
11:56 garycmartin erikos: :-) I'm almost at the state of taking an 8.2 build,trying to slop the Sugar packages over the top of it...
11:57 erikos: But I'm no expert on such things.
11:57 erikos garycmartin, yeah, it is a pain , i know :/
11:57 garycmartin mchua: Hey Mel!
11:59 mchua hi, garycmartin!
11:59 erikos hey mchua
11:59 garycmartin erikos: My XO is telling me: Build: Fedora release 10 (Cambridge); Sugar: 0.83.x
11:59 mchua waves to everyone
11:59 dirakx hey mchua ;)
12:00 silbe g'morning mchua :)
12:00 mchua laughs. I have too many meetings off the internets lately, and miss being online here.
12:00 garycmartin erikos: Is that good enough for reporting bugs? Seems a bit fluffy.
12:00 mchua runs to... yep, yet another offline meeting. (I think they'll stop tonight, though. Then I have a lot of things to write up for SL.)
12:01 erikos garycmartin, you mean we would need a way to say which Soas image it is?
12:02 garycmartin, (i mainly commented about the fact that the serial number was not available)
12:02 garycmartin erikos: Well for sure 0.83.x is too wooly, this mus be a real build of 0.83.1/2/3/4/5/6/? at least
12:03 erikos garycmartin, ok that we can do - but this is a different request from the original bug or?
12:04 garycmartin erikos: I agree the serial number is much less exciting for us, (though some hardware specs could be gret for SoaS bug reports - but that sould be a new ticket)
12:06 erikos garycmartin, ok - i would say we close this - because we can not show the serial number
12:06 garycmartin, and we think about what we need to do to generate better info to report bugs
12:07 garycmartin erikos: I should have thought more and made 2 tickets, one for HW + perhaps distro specifics, and one for the Sugar version (which is to vague to help right now)
12:07 erikos garycmartin, first one - i can make the Sugar: 0.83.6
12:08 garycmartin erikos: Fab
12:08 erikos garycmartin, ok - i already know how to do that :)
12:08 garycmartin, http://git.sugarlabs.org/proje[…]onfigure.ac#line8
12:09 garycmartin, only need to always update that line when making releases
12:10 garycmartin erikos: :-)
12:10 erikos how is everyone doing? has everyone bugs to triage?
12:10 tomeu I haven't started with mines and probably won't be able to do so today :/
12:11 erikos tomeu, ok - i can take them over
12:11 tomeu, good bye lenin
12:12 FGrose, http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/419 i just moved that to localization
12:13 FGrose erikos: check
12:14 garycmartin erikos: #289 closed as fixed (with comment about extra sugar version detail in future)
12:15 erikos garycmartin, thanks
12:18 garycmartin #423, how do folks feel about making Jukebox the default music player, rather than browse? I must admit I've done little testing of it so far.
12:18 FGrose erikos: There's good discussion on #428, does that confirm it as a defect or a task or enhancement (or does it matter much)?
12:19 garycmartin: That might need more exposure on a mailing list or 2. erikos, could we put a mailing list address in the cc: ?
12:21 erikos phone bias
12:21 garycmartin FGrose: Yes, fair point (I guess we really need a CP module for setting default activities - new ticket for 0.86?)
12:27 FGrose garycmartin: How about unconfirmed -> NeedInfo (general feed back) for #423?
12:29 garycmartin FGrose: Good one :-) go for it (suggesting feedback from sugar-dev list).
12:29 FGrose I'm going to try putting the mailing list address in the cc: to see how it's received.
12:35 garycmartin: What about category for #428?  Leave it to alsroot, wadeb, & tomeu? or solicit others by a mailing list?  would you have known about this ticket?
12:35 garycmartin FGrose: looking...
12:37 FGrose: (Yea, been reading this one, I have every ticket change emailed)
12:39 erikos back
12:39 garycmartin FGrose: FWIW: #428 is above me dev foo
12:39 erikos garycmartin, i think it is the default player - let me check
12:40 garycmartin, oh it is not!
12:41 FGrose garycmartin: OK, I'll set ticket:428 to Needinfo (from insiders)
12:44 bjordan silbe, erikos: updated #350, will resolve tomorrow after moving Pippy from dev.l.o to git.sl.o
12:44 garycmartin FGrose: Strictly speaking I thin this usage of tabs breaks the Sugar design spec, perhaps eben should be cced
12:44 silbe bjordan: great, thanks!
12:45 bjordan silbe: thanks for the patch
12:45 FGrose garycmartin: OK
12:46 silbe bjordan: yw :)
12:49 garycmartin FGrose: I stand corrected, Just tested typing  turtle and finance, both use screen changing without messing with the tab concept. sorry.
12:49 FGrose erikos: OK, 17 tickets no longer unconfirmed.  Please post an assignment for homework.  It helps to have a subtarget.
12:53 erikos bjordan, awesome! thanks
12:53 FGrose, :)))
12:54 silbe garycmartin: is there a bundle of typing turtle? i'd like to try it out.
12:54 erikos aweome work gentleman - i think we can stop our coordinated efforts here
12:54 garycmartin yea pretty sure, let me look for you.
12:56 erikos FGrose, 391 - when there is a r? in the keywords the submitter asks for a review of the patch
12:57 FGrose, i just took it to do a review
12:57 garycmartin silbe: http://addons.sugarlabs.org/en[…]/sugar/addon/4026
12:57 FGrose OK, so unconfirmed to Needinfo (review) is appropriate?
12:58 erikos FGrose, hmm i wonder if we should have another field for reviews
12:58 silbe garycmartin: thx, trying out right now
12:59 FGrose erikos: tkt:423
13:00 erikos FGrose, tkt?
13:00 silbe oh yeah, yet another json-using activity :-P
13:00 FGrose erikos y
13:01 erikos yes, ticket:423
13:01 erikos FGrose, we should check if the playing of ogg files work nicely
13:02 FGrose, if it does i make it the default
13:03 FGrose erikos: concerning the review by mailing list, will that post? I have'nt seen it yet.
13:03 silbe simplejson as well??
13:04 erikos FGrose, the review is happening in the mailing list
13:05 FGrose erikos: OK
13:05 erikos FGrose, sorry - in the trac ticket
13:06 FGrose erikos: Gary & I thought to expand it to sugar-devel
13:07 erikos FGrose, http://sugarlabs.org/go/Develo[…]ntTeam/CodeReview
13:07 FGrose, yeah - currently we suck in reviews that is true
13:08 FGrose, what we did in the past is sending mail to the ml if we have new reviews
13:09 FGrose, but the review itself happened in the trac ticket
13:10 silbe nice activity, though
13:11 FGrose erikos: I see a thread now for ogg.  (last post 17 Dec 2008)
13:13 erikos: I'll add comment with link to aid discovery
13:16 erikos FGrose, yeah, cool
13:19 FGrose So long, for today.
13:19 erikos FGrose, what was your homework idea?
13:20 FGrose, you have done again a great job today!
13:20 FGrose erikos: Just a new query, if you had a different one in mind.
13:21 garycmartin goes back to work
13:21 Thanks all, catch you next week.
13:21 erikos FGrose, probably http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]tone&col=type&col
13:21 =severity&milestone=!0.86&status_field=Needinfo
13:21 cheers gary
13:22 FGrose, i will post one in my blog, ok?
13:22 FGrose erikos: good idea, may rouse more help
13:22 erikos FGrose, right - it will appear on http://planet.sugarlabs.org/
13:23 FGrose Great, bye now
13:23 erikos Thanks! Have a nice evening
13:23 #endmeeting

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