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#sugar-meeting, 2009-02-19

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
09:10 erikos gregdek: you were close ;D
09:10 gregdek Heh.
09:10 erikos guess the coffee needs some more minutes to be digested
09:10 gregdek So.  How's our buglist?
09:10 tomeu #IDEA celebrate that bernie has started to contribute code!
09:11 erikos bernie: thanks for taking the right path!!!
09:11 gregdek http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]nt&milestone=0.84
09:11 tomeu several good bugs have ben entered recently
09:12 erikos tomeu: still we need more testing
09:12 tomeu: and another soas :(
09:12 gregdek Looks like 20 bugs currently open that are listed as "high".
09:13 tomeu right, perhaps the most critical thing right now would be to get good images people can try
09:13 erikos tomeu: how about we run a testing sprint this weekend?
09:13 gregdek What image will we ask them to use?
09:13 bernie tomeu, erikos: I have not even been pressured AT ALL to contribute code :-)
09:13 that's amazinvg
09:13 tomeu erikos: was planning to be out this weekend :/
09:14 morgs .
09:14 tomeu gregdek: you mean if we had one that worked?
09:14 gregdek So what's the issue with SoaS right now?
09:14 tomeu morgs' work in ubuntu will give us another way for people to try sugar 0.84, though will need first to install jaunty which is as unstable as rawhide
09:15 morgs There's another alpha due out in 1 week
09:15 Should be a little more stable by then
09:15 I need to update glucose to the latest releases
09:15 Still have some issues like Xephyr
09:15 tomeu morgs: have you thought about making live jaunty images with sugar?
09:16 so it's as easy as possible for people
09:16 morgs tomeu: I've thought about it but I don't have the bandwidth to download/upload entire images
09:16 tomeu same here :/
09:16 morgs Perhaps someone else can do that for the next jaunty alpha?
09:16 tomeu morgs: maybe the images can be built in a server?
09:16 sunjammer?
09:16 morgs I'll see if I can do that
09:17 erikos tomeu: oh you do not need to participate
09:17 gregdek: sebastian is working on generating a new one
09:17 gregdek: as well we have candidate 2 tomorrow
09:17 http://sugarlabs.org/go/Develo[…]/Roadmap#Schedule
09:17 notes to send a reminder for the tarballs after the meeting
09:17 tomeu morgs: even better if you found somewhere else to do it ;)
09:17 erikos tomeu: also can you comment on string freeze issue - i have all that stuff ready now
09:17 tomeu: i mean give me a +1 on the email thread if you think it is worth it
09:17 hey morgs
09:17 tomeu erikos: oh, true
09:17 gregdek So we are dependent upon Sebastian's next spin for our next testing sprint.  Am I hearing that correctly?
09:18 erikos gregdek: yes - me and sebastian
09:18 tomeu erikos: when do you think we'll get something that works?
09:18 erikos: and is smaller than 0.5G?
09:18 erikos tomeu: i hope tonight
09:18 tomeu nice!
09:18 erikos tomeu: current is 350 i think
09:19 tomeu erikos: where are those? cannot found them in the links from the wiki
09:19 erikos tomeu: well i removed it beacause it was broken
09:19 tomeu: once it is fixed - that is the size i mean ;p
09:20 gregdek What was the problem?
09:20 morgs hey erikos - quick question for you - any objections to me doing a Read release ahead of the next milestone? It doesn't work right now...
09:20 tomeu nice
09:20 erikos gregdek: no cursor, activities not starting to name a few ;p
09:21 gregdek Ouch.  Bad indeed.
09:21 erikos morgs: go for it - absolutely!
09:21 gregdek Well, we are dead in the water until we have a SoaS image that we can drive everyone to.
09:21 So that's obviously the critical path, as erikos and sdz already know.
09:22 A quick question about our top 20 bugs:
09:22 erikos gregdek: yes!
09:22 tomeu erikos: do you think I could help speed soas?
09:22 gregdek How many of our top 20 bugs do we have a bead on?
09:22 tomeu have a bead?
09:22 gregdek To say it differently:
09:23 (sorry, colloquial)
09:23 Are we confident that we can fix most of them, or are there some that look tricky, to which we want to give particular focus?
09:23 erikos tomeu: yeah - lets get viewsource in after the meeting and then we look at soas
09:23 tomeu gregdek: that one about disk space is tricky :/
09:23 erikos: cool
09:24 gregdek ok.  Collaboration looks tough, too, just because debugging collab issues require multiple people.
09:24 Any others that are particularly troubling?
09:24 erikos gregdek: #119 i would like to see fixed
09:25 gregdek tomeu: What's the bug id for the disk space bug?
09:25 tomeu gregdek: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/172
09:26 gregdek Have you been able to duplicate it?
09:28 tomeu gregdek: no, but I'm not sure how we would fix it
09:28 gregdek: I see the issue with single big files
09:28 gregdek: maybe Browse should interrupt downloads when it gets too full?
09:29 gregdek There are a couple of questions.
09:29 1. Should we try to "do the right thing" by deleting old stuff?
09:29 Or not?
09:29 erikos tomeu: oh, i think our alert does only work for small files
09:30 gregdek And 2. can we forecast the size of a download, and simply abort the download if that size is greater than the available space?
09:30 erikos tomeu: because it is displayed when 50mb left
09:30 tomeu gregdek: 2: yes
09:30 1: we should, in the future ;)
09:30 gregdek So seems like we should be doing 2. at a minimum, perhaps.
09:31 tomeu if it's backed up and we find a good algorithm for choosing what to forget
09:32 gregdek Well, that's the trick.  :)
09:32 So should we focus on 2. to fix 172 for now?
09:32 tomeu sounds good to me
09:32 that means the work moves from me to erikos ;)
09:32 gregdek LOL
09:33 erikos tomeu: actually i hoped some time ago marco would own browse...sigh
09:34 gregdek So let me ask this.  How much time do you guys have to attack these bugs, versus other things?
09:34 erikos gregdek: it should be our full time job the next 10 days
09:34 tomeu erikos: but soas comes first, or not?
09:35 gregdek Yep.
09:35 erikos tomeu: yeah, but i expect that to be done quickly
09:35 gregdek All right.
09:35 tomeu yeah? awesome!
09:35 gregdek: so we can focus on bugfixing
09:35 erikos tomeu: well - if everything breaks - we go back to our old kickstart files to get something working out
09:35 gregdek So when do we want to push for a Friends In Testing type day?
09:35 Saturday?  Sunday?
09:36 erikos gregdek: i wonder when people have more time
09:36 it is true that i for example have some family hours that weekend as well
09:36 tomeu maybe do two afternoons like that next week?
09:37 erikos monday and tuesday?
09:37 tomeu that may accomodate more people?
09:37 gregdek Whatever we decide, we need to announce loud and proud with a working SoaS.
09:37 erikos sounds good to me
09:37 gregdek: sure
09:37 i think we all agree - we just need to do it now, right?
09:37 gregdek Yep.
09:38 I don't know that there's much to discuss, in fact.
09:38 erikos right - that would have been my next sentence ;p
09:38 gregdek Perhaps there *should* be more to discuss, and I'm not adding enough value.  :)
09:38 But I don't see the need for gratuitous meetings.
09:39 erikos happy to stop here now and get shit done
09:39 gregdek Do we agree to try to coordinate testing for Monday and Tuesday afternoon, or do we want to wait for SoaS to stabilize before we decide?
09:39 erikos gregdek: we have to have something for that day
09:39 gregdek: and we will
09:39 gregdek All right.
09:39 Monday and Tuesday.  What times UTC shall we plan for?
09:40 I see this as "times we're all in IRC and helping n00bs test for us."
09:40 caroline Can we get an IRC activity on the SoaS image we are testing?
09:41 erikos caroline: yes that should be straight forward to do
09:41 caroline cool
09:41 erikos gregdek: we can start at european time
09:41 gregdek Oh, another question: are we doing triage at 11am?
09:42 I mean, in 90 minutes from now?
09:42 erikos gregdek: 14 UTC
09:42 gregdek: i mean for next week
09:42 gregdek OK.  14 UTC Monday and Tuesday.  14 UTC until everyone wanders away.  Right?
09:42 erikos gregdek: and us people can then hop in
09:42 gregdek: sounds good to me
09:42 gregdek Very good.
09:42 Let's start chattering now.
09:43 erikos gregdek: yes i have announced the triage meeting
09:43 gregdek: for 16 UTC
09:43 gregdek: in 90 minutes yes
09:44 gregdek Great.
09:44 So let's call this and I'll be around for the next one.  :)
09:44 #endmeeting
09:44 Oh, I can't.
09:44 tomeu btw, in the future, may make more sense to have first the triage session, then the development meeting
09:44 gregdek I'm not the chair.  :)
09:44 tomeu: I like that idea a lot.
09:44 erikos: What do you think of switching triage to 14UTC and devel to 16UTC?
09:45 erikos yup we can do this
09:45 #endmeeting
11:10 Good afternoon People of the Triage Team
11:10 Roll Call, please!
11:10 gregdek gregdek (lurking for now)
11:11 garycmartin erikos: Beep!
11:11 FGrose here
11:11 erikos hey beepy gary
11:11 FGrose, aesome you made it as well
11:11 hey lurking greg
11:12 FGrose, what is your surname btw - was wondering the other day?
11:12 tomeu hi!
11:12 FGrose Frederick Grose is my name
11:12 call me Fred
11:12 erikos ok - cool /me is Simon
11:12 tomeu call him Schampijer
11:13 erikos tomeu, hey :)
11:13 walterbender creating bugs rather than fixing them
11:13 garycmartin erikos: (almost missed  the time, distracted by alsroot making moon's first clone and merge request :-)
11:13 erikos garycmartin, wow! alsroot is awesome
11:13 tomeu that's nice from him
11:13 walterbender garymartin: a sign of a worthy project
11:13 erikos walter seems to be around as well - hello
11:14 tomeu "when they start to fork you, it's because you are doing well"
11:14 erikos ok lets start
11:14 garycmartin walterbender: He's added scaling so the moon fits different screen sizes, just re-testing on XO :-)
11:15 erikos garycmartin, cool
11:15 http://sugarlabs.org/go/User:Erikos
11:15 tomeu wow
11:15 erikos here is a link to our current triage list
11:16 or - our current open bugs
11:17 lets look at all the unconfirmed ones
11:17 one moment - i can give you probably a better url
11:18 http://dev.sugarlabs.org/query[…]=severity&col=sta
11:18 tus_field&milestone=!0.86&status_field=Unconfimed
11:18 tomeu tinyurl!
11:19 erikos http://tinyurl.com/cxl55y
11:20 shall we split and go through them?
11:20 walterbender +1
11:20 erikos and if people have questions just ask them on the channel
11:21 garycmartin How do we know who's going though which ticket?
11:21 erikos categories:
11:22 [below 100, below 200, below 250, below 300]
11:23 [below 350, below 400]
11:23 so we have 6 categories
11:23 garycmartin, does that work?
11:23 FGrose 350-400
11:23 garycmartin erikos: thanks, makes sense.
11:24 erikos is doing below 100
11:24 here is the guide: http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]Steps_of_Triaging
11:25 tomeu 100-200
11:25 erikos important is to get the status right http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]ields#Bug_Status_.28Default.3DUnconfirmed.29
11:26 so we know if we need more info or something like that
11:27 and of course - ask if you have questions
11:30 tomeu only has 2 tickets :p
11:30 garycmartin attempts 249-200
11:30 erikos http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/45 do people remove batteries during operation?
11:31 walterbender I'll look at 250-299
11:33 silbe erikos: i did in the past. some laptop chargers don't seem to properly stop charging, reducing battery life if left on AC most of the time
11:34 garycmartin erikos: not usually I think, but you might in a hot location with reliable power to save battery chemistry or some mains power. I've only removed batteries during use as part of charge cycle testing.
11:34 erikos silbe, yeah when i know i a am at the charger i do sometimes as well - but before i trun it on - it is easier ;p
11:35 garycmartin, ok, testing showed that we still display it indeed
11:35 and hal has kicked the entry
11:35 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/382,  Someone was working on migrating OLPC tickets (with triaging) right?
11:35 silbe erikos: depends on whether the battery needs charging. ok, now really gone :)
11:35 tomeu FGrose: yeah, but we have logistical issues :/
11:35 erikos silbe, ;p
11:36 tomeu bernie: any idea about xml rpc in trac?
11:36 FGrose Ok then confirm and look for assignees
11:37 erikos FGrose, yes please assign it to me
11:44 tomeu starts 300-350
11:44 garycmartin erikos: sanity check please; 203, was going to set bug status to new and distro debian (hard for me to check); and a bit at the end of the report looks like a potential separate sugar fix that needs checking (make another ticket?)
11:45 erikos looks
11:45 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/375,  looks reasonable, but I can't confirm, what to do?
11:46 erikos garycmartin, new is good since i saw it as well already
11:47 garycmartin, yeah you are right - one seam to be about the invitation
11:47 garycmartin, and the set_active is another issue
11:48 garycmartin, the second part is what the bug is about - the first part i think we have filed somewhere else alreday
11:48 garycmartin, debian seems right to me as well
11:49 tomeu erikos: is data/NetworkManagerInfo.conf still used?
11:49 erikos FGrose, /me looks
11:50 FGrose, there are screenshots - so i think reasonable to accept it
11:50 tomeu, let me check
11:51 tomeu, it should, why? concrete bug?
11:52 tomeu erikos: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/307
11:52 I cannot see in the Makefile how it is installed
11:53 erikos: also, it's not in the dist tarball
11:53 erikos tomeu, oh it is nm-user-settings now
11:53 tomeu erikos: so we need to remove it from git
11:53 I can do it now
11:54 erikos tomeu, yup - thanks
11:55 tomeu erikos: ok if I assign that bug to you?
11:55 erikos tomeu, ok
11:57 walterbender erikos: any ideas about #284?
11:58 garycmartin erikos: 208's over my head as well, other than perhaps 'need more info'
11:59 erikos looks
12:00 walterbender, we need a gnash expert :/
12:00 walterbender, i am to old for that fancy stuff :)
12:00 garycmartin erikos: my guess is sugar still has a bunch of 'animation' type events that end up trying to talk to things that have been destroyed else where.
12:01 erikos garycmartin, yeah sounds like - move it to new
12:02 garycmartin walterbender: so you're not planning a SWF exporter for TurtleArt then, oooh, shame ;-b
12:02 erikos garycmartin, we can maybe only try to ask sascha if he can narrow it down
12:02 garycmartin, when it happens to provide a testcase
12:03 garycmartin, maybe move it to new - and ask kindly about that?
12:03 walterbender FGrose: re #297, with jhbuild on Ubuntu I get the proper behavior
12:03 garycmartin erikos: thanks.
12:04 erikos walterbender, seriously - we need someone that looks in all those flash/gnash things
12:04 FGrose walterbender: yes, seems to occur in SoaS only then
12:05 walterbender FGrose: doesn't seem to be an issue with the XO builds either...
12:05 erikos FGrose, then it should go into the Soas component
12:05 FGrose walterbender: right.  SoaS
12:05 walterbender erikos: what happened with Rob at FOSDEM?
12:06 erikos walterbender, i had no chance to talk to him - maybe tomeu did?
12:06 tomeu walterbender: talked about some extensions to gnash, but didn't actually coded anything
12:07 walterbender: would make a nice gsoc project
12:07 walterbender tomeu: any suggestions re triage on the gnash/flash related bugs in the meantime?
12:08 tomeu which # is that?
12:08 walterbender #284
12:09 tomeu walterbender: that one doesn't look at all related to sugar
12:09 erikos tomeu, hmm 328
12:09 tomeu walterbender: should be only in OLPC's and in whatever tracker adobe has
12:10 or maybe in the kernel bugzilla
12:10 walterbender tomeu: we should confirm that Sugar can with webcams though...
12:11 tomeu walterbender: you mean activities?
12:11 walterbender re #328, I am good at making those :)
12:11 tomeu walterbender: as sugar itself doesn't use cameras
12:11 erikos: I thought I was doing 300-350?
12:12 erikos tomeu, i just saw it that you triaged it
12:12 walterbender tomeu: yes. does Record work outside of the XO environment? If not, is it a packaging issue (version of gstreamer) or a Sugar issue?
12:12 erikos tomeu, i mean if we agree that we can not have a new string - we can move it to 0.86
12:12 tomeu erikos: sure
12:13 walterbender: I don't think there's much we can do in sugar to fix that
12:13 erikos tomeu, on the other hand if we would have a patch today... unmadindu will be happy
12:13 walterbender tomeu: it is related to the discussion about packaging, I suppose.
12:13 tomeu walterbender: that's the benefit of using stuff maintained upstream, we don't get to fix it
12:13 walterbender: you mean about .xo bundles?
12:14 walterbender tomeu: it is the reason I dropped sensor support for Turtle Art
12:14 tomeu erikos: yeah, that's why it's tentatively targeted at 0.84
12:14 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/374,  which activity has the new color chooser?
12:14 erikos FGrose, Write
12:15 tomeu walterbender: I think that generally available .xo bundles should only have hard dependencies on stuff that is considered part of the sugar platform. but they have soft dependencies (with a sensible fallback) on other stuff that the author anticipates that may be available
12:15 s/they have/they can have
12:15 erikos FGrose, the component is set correctly here - if you mean that - or did you want to verify?
12:16 FGrose verifying
12:16 erikos ok - cool
12:17 tomeu erikos, walterbender: http://sugarlabs.org/go/Develo[…]rojectIdeas#Gnash
12:19 erikos nice
12:19 FGrose Write fails to open in SoaS,  I've seen the new chooser someplace else, no?
12:21 erikos FGrose, yeah - i wonder if this is filed already that Write does not start
12:21 FGrose, no only write
12:21 FGrose, the interesting part is that it produces no logs
12:21 tomeu ok, I'm done
12:22 erikos tomeu, how do i debug Write best when i have no logs? with gdb?
12:22 tomeu erikos: yeah, I think you can just do sugar-launch -g Write
12:22 or similar
12:22 it will launch write inside gdb
12:24 erikos tomeu, -d (nice)
12:26 tomeu, do you take http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/72 ?
12:26 tomeu, or move it to 0.86
12:26 tomeu erikos: will take it
12:27 erikos assigned!
12:27 guys we are making great progress with the list!
12:29 lets try to bring trac on sugarlabs down!
12:30 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/359, confirm on account of log, assignee?
12:31 erikos FGrose, i think we did not move analyze to git and trac yet, or?
12:33 FGrose could I have report permissions in trac for learning's sake?
12:34 erikos FGrose, you mean admin rights?
12:34 it is not in git
12:34 and not in trac
12:34 wonder if we should reject the request
12:34 FGrose no just report permissions,http://dev.sugarlabs.org/wiki/TracPermissions
12:38 erikos i don't really understand what the report thingy can do?
12:38 what reports would you get - how would you use it?
12:38 FGrose allow SQL queries
12:38 mchua is actually here and interested in testing setup, but distracted by a few simultaneous tasks atm. ping if needed
12:39 erikos FGrose, can you file a ticket for bernie for that?
12:39 FGrose, infrastructure component
12:39 FGrose ok i'll make the case there, thanks
12:40 erikos: "wonder if we should reject the request"  was this referring to #359?
12:41 erikos FGrose, yes
12:41 http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSqu[…]g_is_not_in_Sugar
12:41 FGrose, i guess you can paste that there
12:41 FGrose ok
12:42 erikos FGrose, it might tell us something about Sugar however :/
12:42 the bug i mean
12:42 FGrose, ok lets do this
12:42 FGrose, ask for better logs at least
12:43 FGrose, with debug enabled: http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad/GetLogs
12:43 FGrose, sounds good?
12:43 FGrose ok
12:43 erikos mchua ok
12:43 garycmartin curses as he gets to triage 5 of his own tickets...
12:44 mchua is working through the IRC bugs trying to verify/patch them
12:44 erikos, is there a preferred environment/setup for testing?
12:44 (for 0.84)
12:44 erikos mchua, we use the latest Soas
12:44 garycmartin, haha
12:44 garycmartin, i would reject all of them ;p
12:45 garycmartin, shall i take yours?
12:46 garycmartin, just had to triage one I was reporting and even owning :)
12:48 garycmartin erikos: thanks, it's fine, I think I can use the soas3 image to retest most of them. Though I'm kinda worried soas2.img has just bricked my B4.... Hmmmmm, well it's doing something, but hiding behind a frozen dcon boot screen.
12:50 erikos garycmartin, outch :/
12:53 ok i done mine
12:53 mchua thanks erikos. I reckon I'll set myself up for testing after my fedora install then.
12:53 erikos mchua, awesome
12:54 FGrose, did you understand that i add the info to #359?
12:54 FGrose no
12:54 erikos ok :)
12:55 FGrose look at what I just posted
12:55 erikos Now - very nice answer!
12:56 you can move it to needinfo
12:56 FGrose will cc accept nicks as well as email addresses?
12:57 erikos nicks if they are listed as users in trac
12:58 FGrose such as in the reassign list?
12:58 garycmartin stops panic, OFW check game key forced the dcon to unfreeze.
12:58 erikos FGrose, yes
13:03 FGrose http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/357, assignee?
13:07 erikos FGrose, you can give it to me
13:08 FGrose erikos: ok,  also cc's only trigger on next edit I believe
13:11 got to leave soon, any other agenda items?
13:12 erikos FGrose, no, it is just more fun to triage together - that was today purpose
13:12 FGrose, in general - one can always come to #sugar regarding triage questions
13:12 FGrose Ok, it helped.  See you later, thanks!
13:12 erikos I think we really got a lot done today - thanks everyone!
13:14 garycmartin erikos: thanks for the help, just slowly re testing my last 5 tickets now :-)
13:15 erikos garycmartin, ;) many new people as well around lately - really like that spirit
13:23 FGrose 45 down to 20 hits on query so far.  leaving...
13:24 tomeu yeah, has worked very well, thanks all!
13:38 erikos tomeu, please add yourself here http://sugarlabs.org/go/BugSquad/Contacts
13:38 tomeu, you are a full member now!
13:39 has to tell the others next week
13:42 tomeu, write does work for you in sugar-jhbuild?
13:43 tomeu, i don't seam to get any useful traceback
13:59 tomeu erikos: is the process crashing? or just hangs?
14:01 erikos tomeu, just hangs
14:01 dbus times out after some time
14:01 tomeu, we have this on soas as well
14:01 tomeu erikos: have heard about it in #abiword
14:02 erikos: do you have everything updated?
14:02 erikos tomeu, well i use system libabiword
14:02 tomeu erikos: http://dev.sugarlabs.org/ticket/356
14:03 erikos looks excited
14:04 aaaaaaawsome!!!
14:07 walterbender erikos: is the bugsquad meeting over yet?
14:09 erikos_ walterbender: yeah - mainly
14:10 walterbender: we can keep on discussing bugs in #sugar
14:23 erikos walterbender, we need to talk about #388
14:23 walterbender, is my way to reproduce what you meant?
14:28 walterbender erikos: yes. but with one more detail.
14:28 the color you chose is now the color for future typing.
14:29 erikos: and sometimes different text gets highlighted while in the dialog: this gets the new color.
14:29 erikos walterbender, can you comment on the ticket your findings, looks like it is the color picker itself
14:30 walterbender I think it must be the color picker somehow interacting with text selection
10:15 caroline hi
10:23 walterbender g'morning
10:24 is the marketing meeting at 11 EST?
10:34 mchua walterbender: yep
10:46 SeanDaly mchua, are you here?
10:47 mchua hi, SeanDaly! Yep, I'm here
10:47 caroline hi Sean
10:47 mchua Do you want to talk here, or in a pm (private message)?
10:47 SeanDaly Hi Caroline!
10:48 mchua: I'd prefer private... to discuss new marketing concept
10:48 is it possible to do private with Caroline too? (still an IRC newbie)
10:49 mchua SeanDaly: I don't know of a way to do a 3-way private, but we can get a channel to ourselves.
10:49 SeanDaly hmmm I don't know how to do that?
10:49 mchua SeanDaly: Did you get my pm? (Look for another channel tab/list with my nick on it)
10:50 SeanDaly: Also, have you registered your nick with Freenode? (If the answer to that is "huh?" we should probably do that now.)
10:50 SeanDaly my answer is "huh"?
10:51 mchua okay. :) then the first thing you want to type is "/msg NickServ identify <password>" (no quotes) where <password> is a password that you want to set for your account
10:51 SeanDaly I'm using Colloquy on a Mac but I don't see a tab for pm
10:51 mchua That will register your nick with the IRC server, which is kinda like reserving it (and password protecting it)
10:52 hm, I'm not sure how colloquy does pms. *looks it up in the background*
10:52 SeanDaly: in the meantime, type "/join #mchua" (no quotes) and we'll get started
10:52 SeanDaly It said "NickServ: SeanDaly is not a registered nickname."
11:07 mchua SeanDaly: meeting start time?
11:09 SeanDaly: #startmeeting whenever you're ready
11:09 jt4sugar: hey there!
11:09 jt4sugar Hello
11:09 mchua bounces in excitement for the marketing meeting
11:10 SeanDaly Hi everyone I am here shall we start?
11:10 caroline ok now she is really bouncing :)
11:10 tomeu hi!
11:10 mchua is sitting next to caroline right now
11:10 SeanDaly #startmeeting
11:10 mchua Argh - okay, SeanDaly, go ahead, it's logging anyway.
11:10 SeanDaly oops mchua II think you started it ;-)
11:11 OK did annyone get a chance to see my mail and/or the meeting wiki page?
11:11 mchua (ah, the current meeting owner is erikos for triage. oh well. we'll just share logs.)
11:11 did!
11:11 http://sugarlabs.org/go/Market[…]s#Upcoming_Agenda
11:12 SeanDaly I'll hust jump in, topic 1 : SL press-contactable
11:12 The basic idea being journalists have a phone number to call, in addition to an e-mail
11:12 mchua would also like to add one item to the end of the list, if we have time - marketing foci for both this release (0.84) and next release (6 mo from now)
11:13 falls quiet and listens to SeanDaly now ;)
11:13 SeanDaly Google's beta Grand Central looks interesting but will not forward to non-US numbers
11:13 mchua: great idea
11:14 So I thought of a solution: If I can get a prepaid GSM SIM card (I was in NYC in January & I saw Deutsche Telekom offers them)
11:14 Advantage: USA number, US-based journalists (possibly the majority) not disoriented
11:14 Advantage: works around the world
11:15 Disadvantage: roaming $$$
11:15 walterbender what is the overhead of having multiple numbers?
11:15 SeanDaly If I'm not mistaken Grand Central can handle more than one number
11:16 walterbender so we could have local numbers in the US and Europe and elsewhere?
11:16 tomeu maybe we should have one contact in the US and another for the rest of the world?
11:16 SeanDaly And we could foor example list one number for US and the second for Europe (or by timezone, etc.)
11:16 walterbender no roaming charges'
11:16 SeanDaly Of course, the question is who answers the phone :D
11:17 bernie SeanDaly: I'm setting up asterisk, a pbx, on sunjammer
11:17 SeanDaly As I said I'm willing to be frontline for UTC 0800 to 2100 every day
11:17 I've heard great things about asterix, my friends at FSFE use that I think
11:17 bernie SeanDaly: and in the US I've used diamondcard to get a gateway to PSTN
11:18 works fairly well
11:18 SeanDaly bernie: hmm don't know that
11:18 mchua Trying to state the problem we're attempting to find a solution to right now - "journalists need a frontline phone number to call, with immediate pickup and consistent basic information and the ability to tell them about/introduce/make contact with figures they may want to interview"?
11:18 bernie they are the dudes behind ekiga, I think.
11:18 SeanDaly Of course, I don't want something complicated requiring maintenance, etc.
11:18 mchua: Quite!
11:18 mchua With the assumption that the journalists (for now) all speak English, but may be in any time zone?
11:19 SeanDaly mchua: yes
11:19 bernie ok, I could set up an extension to ring several clients on our laptops
11:19 SeanDaly I speak French very fluently, and some Russian ;-)
11:19 By the way I have little experience with VOIP solutions so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree
11:19 mchua further assumes that consistency and professionalism in whoever answers the phone is paramount (meaning we may need a standard reference page / basic training for the folks who answer the phone, on how to handle journalists)
11:20 SeanDaly mchua: yes, exactly. Unfortunately, there is a fish-feeding effect; a widely rread article generates 5 more calls, which generates 20 more, etc.
11:20 mchua so, here's a thought: we don't need 24-hr connectivity. We need connectivity during hours such that each time zone would have at least 1-2 of those hours fall within 9am-6pm in their zone.
11:20 SeanDaly In the happy event there is news of course
11:20 mchua nods
11:21 I don't see the fish-feeding event as a problem if we have a good standard reference page and a few well-trained phone-answerers on standby during listed hours.
11:21 bernie mchua: that's not easy... it rules out all our hackers basically :)
11:21 SeanDaly I would venture that reaching the US/CA and European press will alrready mean very wide coverage
11:22 Again, I don't want a big gas factory, just an easy-to-understand phone number foor journalists
11:22 mchua bernie: I think that hackers should probably not be answering the phone much, unless they're *super* keen on doing marketing stuff (code knowledge won't necessarily make them better phone answerers,basically.)
11:23 walterbender In my experience, the frenzy is not constant, but driven by us (with press releases) and occasional excternal events, such as OLPC news...
11:23 SeanDaly It's likely the volume would be quite low... until the day there is "bug news" e.g. SoaS released
11:23 walterbender so we could be prepared to have the phones manned when we expect high volume
11:23 SeanDaly s/bug/big
11:23 walterbender: yes
11:23 walterbender or bug... that gets slashdotted
11:23 mchua Which means we should try to have this system up and ready in 2 weeks, for 0.84 prerelease noise.
11:24 SeanDaly mchua: yes, that's why on top of the agenda :D
11:24 mchua *grin*
11:24 SeanDaly We'll use the SFC address for the letterhead
11:24 walterbender and I think we can find a small number of people to answer phones in that window... I will volunteer, for example.
11:25 SeanDaly bernie: can asterix forward a call to any number?
11:25 We have other items to discuss, I propose we expand on this listwise, OK?
11:26 If you saw my mail yesterday II have identified 70-odd education-themed recipients of SL PR
11:27 mchua SeanDaly, would you mind if I popped in in 2 min with a draft action items/gameplan list for the phone thing? (but yeah, moving on +1)
11:27 SeanDaly mchua: go aahead
11:28 mchua list of PR recipients: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]ruary/000337.html
11:28 is wikifying
11:29 SeanDaly Concerning educators for PR: i'd like to send in other languages too, es/fr/de/pt... I can do French, & I think we could find volunteers on the IAEP list to do the other languages?
11:29 walterbender if we give enough notice
11:30 SeanDaly It sounds ambitious but it's not: the elevator pitch will be done beforehand and only the "news" will need to be ttranslated
11:30 Working up a release just needs some planning: a timetable.
11:30 tomeu we already have translators team
11:30 I think unmadindu can set up pootle (our translation platform) for that
11:30 SeanDaly tomeu: ahh! they won't mind doing the occasional release?
11:31 tomeu SeanDaly: I think it can work out, we need to ask
11:31 maybe unmadindu will be around later today
11:31 SeanDaly typically, in subject line our PR e-mail would say "[SL PR-en] SugarLabs announces...."
11:31 unmadindu is around :)
11:32 SeanDaly By the way silly question is it "Sugar Labs" or "SugarLabs" ??
11:32 unmadindu we can definitely translate if translators get to know about them in advance (say by a week)
11:32 walterbender with the space
11:32 dfarning Sugar Labs-- with a space and each word capitalized
11:33 SeanDaly walterbender, dfarning: thanks
11:33 Now I know I promised to work on the elevator pitch but the educators PR list turned out to be longer than I thought
11:34 So i'll get to that very soon
11:36 dfarning: if we could move to the next topic, could you briefly describe Ambassadors?
11:36 and mchua: LoCo teams?
11:37 mchua SeanDaly, is there anything you need help on or open problems that need ideas for solutions?
11:38 dfarning the ambassador program coordinates volunteers to staff conference booths.
11:38 mchua Status updates are easier to do on email, getting volunteers for tasks is harder not-in-real-time. ;)
11:38 SeanDaly mchua: my main concern is preparing the press release for 0.84, my second is working on SoaS
11:39 mchua Ubuntu LoCo teams are https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams, "LoCo project is here to help groups of Ubuntu fans and enthusiasts work together in regional teams to help advocate, promote, translate, develop and otherwise improve Ubuntu." Think of them as Ubuntu user groups based around geographic regions.
11:39 SeanDaly dfarning: ahh I understand better... booth-manning is time-intensive yet vital work
11:39 mchua Anyone can start one, run one, join one. They also provide local presence for conference booths, like dfarning mentioned with Fedora, but it seems that's less of a focus.
11:39 SeanDaly It seems to me there are lots of OLPC+Sugar enthusiast groups...
11:39 caroline what is involved in setting up an ambassador program
11:40 mchua SeanDaly: Most of them use the OLPC branding right now. There aren't a lot of formal SL local labs, afaik. But the OLPC groups are generally enthusiastic about helping out.
11:40 dfarning Not sure the is gregdk's program
11:40 s/the/that/
11:40 mchua Well, for university chapters at OLPC, what I did (insanely minimal)
11:41 * announced "hey, you can make a uni chapter" to any student/prof who asked
11:41 * made a uni chapter wiki page (which is way different now) that said "you can make a uni chapter"
11:41 SeanDaly I saw an Events page on the marketing wiki... I'm sure there's a couple more to add before June... when there is a concrete event it's usually a little easier to call out for volunteers
11:41 mchua * and listed current chapters (someone needs to ping them regularly to get updates / make connections)
11:41 * and ideas for activities that uni chapters could do, and how to start with each
11:42 SeanDaly A great activity would be a SoaS install party
11:42 mchua ...and seriously, that was it. And then it was a lot of just behind the scenes encouraging of interested students, constant followup.
11:42 onds
11:42 er, nods
11:42 can't type
11:42 tomeu unmadindu: how should we give notice to the translators once we have a text to translate?
11:43 mchua I'll also note that I had no authority whatsoever to start a uni chapters program. I was a random volunteer who thought it was ridiculous that student groups felt like they needed permission from Somebody to begin. So I gave them permission. (Apparently it doesn't really matter /who/ tells you you can do it, just that somebody does.)
11:43 unmadindu tomeu: via the l10n mailing list, but we need to figure out a workflow (preferrably based on git first)
11:43 SeanDaly I suppose each group has a webpage (even someone's personal page), collecting links is a logical first step
11:44 tomeu unmadindu: are there already plans to move the l10n mailing list to sugarlabs?
11:44 unmadindu tomeu: not yet, but can be done. first we have to move pootle (should happen by today/tomorrow)
11:45 SeanDaly internationalization=i18n or I10n?
11:45 mchua dfarning: who's driving the creation/formation/encouragement of Local Labs?
11:45 dfarning Rafeal is now
11:45 mchua SeanDaly: i18n - internationalization = i<18-letters>n
11:46 tomeu l10 == localization
11:46 l10n
11:46 rafael is dirakx
11:46 SeanDaly Ah the old lI ambiguity ok thanks ;-)
11:46 dfarning bith the OLPC refocus we have to some degree let local labs slide until we find out what organizations like olpcfriends are doing.
11:46 tomeu unmadindu: sounds good, I don't think there si any rush
11:46 dirakx hi
11:46 :)
11:46 mchua dfarning: thanks. dirakx, deployments == local labs, or would you rather focus on one or the other and have somebody else take the other part and work together with you?
11:46 unmadindu tomeu: ok :)
11:47 mchua olpcfriends as a community org is somewhat dormant at the moment, I think there's more of a focus on the OLPC community release team. so a local labs focus would not step on any toes.
11:47 SeanDaly re Local Labs: logically, co-existent (coincident) with OLPC? With the added aspect of running Sugar on other hardware too?
11:47 dirakx mchua: for now we can work together in deployment and local labs,,,
11:48 SeanDaly I mean local OLPC groups
11:48 dirakx needs to do anothe rmeeting of deployment team
11:48 SeanDaly: that's the idea..
11:48 tomeu btw, despite the olpc refocus, there's still the conception in some places like olpc-sur that sugarlabs is trying to steal relevance to olpc
11:49 dirakx SeanDaly: it has been proposed that local Labs focus more on educational aspects..
11:49 SeanDaly tomeu: it's perfectly understandable that it's a sensitive issue
11:49 dfarning I don't know, I Just wanted to let the deployment politics die down.
11:49 tomeu but I personally don't think it's a good use of walterbender's time to keep asking olpc for a joint statement, FWIW
11:49 SeanDaly dirakx: very interesting
11:50 dirakx: and logical, since education happens in the Activities
11:50 dirakx tomeu: that's truth unfourtunately.
11:51 tomeu: but we need to clarify that, with time i guess..
11:51 mchua is a bit lost - SeanDaly, what topic are we on right now?
11:51 SeanDaly mchua: Ambassadors
11:51 mchua Oh, okay. Thanks!
11:51 SeanDaly and by extension, local groups, from whom could spring forth Ambassadors
11:52 dirakx how is fedora's Ambassadros project ?...what can we learn from it and/or adapt ?..
11:53 SeanDaly Re OLPC/Sugar dichotomy, from a marketing point of view a possible solution would be: "Sugar, available on a variety of platforms, but at its full potential on the OLPC XO-1"
11:54 mchua I'd like to take on Local Labs nurturance as a project, with ambassadors as one potential important subset to explore within that. Would that be ok?
11:54 tomeu SeanDaly: that won't piss off other potential bundlers of sugar on hw platforms?
11:54 SeanDaly At a booth, the focal point is really the XOs
11:54 caroline Is SJ still doing Friday meetings of the university groups?
11:54 We shoudl coordinate with him
11:54 SeanDaly tomeu: are we that far along?
11:54 jt4sugar SeanDaly:look at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/University_program
11:54 SeanDaly mchua: sound good to me
11:54 mchua (Working really, really closely with dirakx and the Deployment team, and Sean and the Marketing team for the upcoming 0.84 push.)
11:54 tomeu SeanDaly: we have already had vendors showing interest on that
11:55 SeanDaly tomeu: thanks for the heads-up
11:55 jt4sugar: thanks I'm on that page now yes lots of groups!
11:55 sdziallas drops in lately
11:55 dfarning SeanDaly; I do _not_ recommend singling out the XO as a preferred platfom.
11:55 mchua will follow-up on the marketing list and with SeanDaly and dirakx re: ambassadors and Local Labs post-meeting.
11:55 walterbender lots of groups on a web pae... so what :(
11:56 mchua dfarning + 1
11:56 dirakx mchua: your proposal seems fine to me..each local lab could have it's own ambassador.
11:56 mchua walterbender: yeah, part of the Local Labs gameplan I'm writing out is "so! someone should regularly ping these groups!"
11:56 dirakx mchua: ok..follow-up later ;).
11:56 SeanDaly dfarning: I'm a newbie and haven't had contact with OLPC so... I'm not sure yet what all the issues are
11:57 walterbender mchua: let's grab a few minutes to talk about this off line...
11:57 tomeu should that ambassador also double as the point of contact with the global SL?
11:57 dirakx +1.
11:57 he/she should be the one that feedbacks/helps  global SL..
11:58 mchua tomeu: that's a great idea - I'll start a local labs wikipage and put it in and send stuff to the lists after this meeting
11:58 tomeu SeanDaly: I have worked for two years for them and I don't know yet what the issues are ;)
11:58 SeanDaly dfarning: but I do understand the need for Sugar to be branded as a separate thing
11:58 tomeu: :d :d
11:58 dfarning OLPC and SL have history. I am hoping that a new generation of post conflict leadrs step up and take us forward.
11:58 dirakx mchua: thanks for your help on this. :)
11:58 SeanDaly i mean :D :D
11:58 tomeu mchua: I started this page, but the items listed are not really local labs: http://sugarlabs.org/go/DeploymentTeam/Places
11:59 mchua tomeu: awesome, thanks!
11:59 dirakx has benn very busy trying to sert up .co local Lab..news later ;).
11:59 been.
11:59 tomeu mchua: it's main purpose was to start ogranizing a process for receiving feedback from the real world
11:59 SeanDaly feedback is absolutely vital
11:59 mchua feedback++
12:00 tomeu the only interest I got from latina america was dirakx's .co
12:00 :(
12:00 walterbender the NSF proposal I am finishing up over the next 24 hours will address some of this need as well
12:00 tomeu but I plan to keep pushing
12:00 dirakx tomeu: me too..
12:00 we have to keep on pushing.
12:00 tomeu yup
12:00 mchua SeanDaly: anything else we need for ambassadors before I start running with that on local labs (beginning with finding out more about what's going on)?
12:00 walterbender we will probably not get the grant, but in the process of writing the proposal I am building very substantial bridges at many universities that we can cultivate
12:01 SeanDaly I think we've advanced on the Ambassadors front
12:02 May I talk SoaS?
12:02 My contact at Pantone is out until next week
12:02 someone (tomeu?) said Emtec could be receptive?
12:03 walterbender my contact at Belkin gave a polite not at this time last night :(
12:03 sdziallas wonder about Kingston...
12:03 SeanDaly I have an unanswered question: would SL accept co-branded corporate sticks? (it's usually a case-by-case issue anyway)
12:03 walterbender why not?
12:03 caroline yes we will
12:04 tomeu who has better contacts with emtec, gdium, etc?
12:04 SeanDaly Another approach is to seek regular plain old money, with which we could get some very nice SL branded sticks
12:04 caroline also the office supply stores
12:04 walterbender JT and I have that in mind as well
12:04 tomeu SeanDaly: perhaps you could talk and maybe meet with patrick sinz? he's in france, afaik
12:05 walterbender oui
12:05 SeanDaly In Paris? I visit Paris 1-2 times per month
12:05 jt4sugar I am meeting with Marjorie Ringrose-Exec Dir. Social Venture Partners Boston tomorrow
12:05 walterbender SeanDaly: oui
12:05 tomeu SeanDaly: ok, if nobody else volunteers, I can introduce you to patrick by email
12:06 walterbender jt4sugar: still working on proposals for you
12:06 SeanDaly tomeu: merci beaucoup !
12:06 jt4sugar walterbender: Thanks
12:06 dfarning I would prefer if you did not push patrick on this yet
12:07 SeanDaly I saw a site selling fancy machines for flashing 20 sticks at a time... requires Windows XP
12:07 walterbender dfarning: OTOH, having Sean meet Patrick would be a very good thing
12:07 dfarning our relationships with gdium is more valuable as a distribution mechanism at this point
12:07 caroline http://www.staples.com/sbd/con[…]/localgiving.html
12:07 SeanDaly Flashing sticks is a minor problem compared to getting hundreds of 'em
12:07 dfarning meet very good:)
12:07 caroline looks like we can goto local staple stores and talk to the manager. Maybe I'll give this a try.
12:07 walterbender dfarning: yes. much more important than free USB sticks
12:09 SeanDaly Concerning SoaS I had asked on a list to get some idea of how ready it is... and the silence was deafening ;-) but as I understand it we are not far?
12:09 sdziallas SeanDaly: well...
12:10 mchua raises hand
12:10 sdziallas It isn't really bad, so F10 is booting and so on, but we'll be moving to soas-2 (F11) somewhat soonish.
12:10 SeanDaly My understanding is that a likely stable stick will live end of May on Fedora 11... and there is lots of work with other distributions...
12:10 caroline today is not a happy day for me. the lates SoaS is not booting but I'm hoping to make progress once the meeting ends.
12:10 sdziallas caroline: oh? :/
12:10 walterbender mostly ubuntu, AFAIK
12:10 caroline it was looking pretty good last week.
12:10 sdziallas ticket 450
12:10 SeanDaly I hope to organize a bootable stick this week
12:11 mchua so, regarding getting sticks for marketing... (1) let's not mix this up with specific dev status/news: so long as we're confident a working SoaS will be ready by the time we want to pass out sticks, it's fine.
12:11 sdziallas well, I'm planing to push a snapshot based on F11 very soon, so that we can check how well it works with soas-2
12:11 mchua this shouldn't be that complicated, really.
12:11 SeanDaly mchua: I'm just not sure when that will be :-)
12:11 mchua we need to know (1) how many sticks we need (2) when (3) for what.
12:11 caroline Sean could you help us put together a brochure to support us as we goto local office supply stores looking for small donations of sticks?
12:11 mchua caroline, you mentioned that our first target is ~100 sticks by April for a conference?
12:11 sdziallas points to LinuxTag
12:11 carline: I'll check that...
12:11 caroline yes
12:11 mchua sdziallas: is that earlier than april?
12:12 SeanDaly mchua: Caroline mentioned last week a project in the fall
12:12 sdziallas mchua: nope, in late june... much time until then.
12:12 mchua SeanDaly: okay, but fall is after april. :)
12:12 SeanDaly LinuxTag is in June I think?
12:12 sdziallas SeanDaly: yep :)
12:12 caroline http://spreadsheets.google.com[…]VKzfbn5mlXg&hl=en
12:12 mchua Okay, so there's 100 needed in April and then we have at least a month or so after that to recover, get a second batch in.
12:12 let's ignore everything but the first batch for now.
12:12 100 sticks, they're... what, $10 USD each, maybe?
12:13 That's $1000.
12:13 Not a horrible amount.
12:13 caroline FossEd is 4/10
12:13 tomeu dfarning, walterbender: ok, I let you decide who introduces SeanDaly to patrick
12:13 SeanDaly Less than $10
12:13 mchua Okay, less than $1000 - even better!
12:13 SeanDaly For $10 we get very fancy sticks with SugarLabs logos
12:13 mchua So let's just focus right now on somebody getting 100 branded sticks to caroline by 4/1, so there's time to flash.
12:13 SeanDaly I have looked at half a dozen supplier sites
12:14 walterbender tomeu: it isn't a matter of who, it is a matter of the context.
12:14 mchua And in the background, if there are more negotiations going on, that's awesome - but this is our first concrete deadline.
12:14 tomeu walterbender: well, I think that can you better decide
12:14 walterbender tomeu: I'd like Patrick and Sean to talk more strategically than just about USB keys...
12:14 tomeu makes sense
12:14 mchua SeanDaly, thoughts? I'm being somewhat forceful here, but these are really all proposals. ;)
12:15 SeanDaly mchua: I really like the idea of getting 100 sticks done by April 1st
12:15 mchua SeanDaly: okay, that's the next deadline for The Swag Project, then. ;)
12:15 tomeu I also like the idea of smaller, doable, milestone
12:15 caroline I'm willing to go in person to office supply stores to beg.
12:15 sdziallas caroline: ticket 450 points me to an invalid number :/
12:16 SeanDaly I can finance upfront but of course my pockets are not super-deep :-)
12:16 caroline I just wonder if there is some sort of marketing material that would increase my odds of success
12:16 tomeu I guess we could ask for targeted donations for this?
12:16 caroline sorry #421
12:17 SeanDaly caroline: marketing much easier if sticks are in hand, they will "personify" the existence of Sugar
12:18 caroline Sean, when I go into a store and talk to the manager, what should I say? what should I give him?
12:18 SeanDaly just the act of booting a machine up with a stick is like visually, you are adding something to the computer
12:18 sdziallas caroline: ah, thanks :)
12:18 SeanDaly caroline: you mean before asking for a donation?
12:19 caroline: I see your point... we need a PDF brochure outlining the mission, with some screencaps, and a nice photo of a stick
12:19 caroline yes exactly
12:19 jt4sugar caroline: Say 1/2 sticks for shows 1/2 of sticks for High schoolers to hack-Service learning
12:20 caroline jt4 and sticks for doing afterschool lessons with kids.
12:20 SeanDaly Sticks will run off like hotcakes if they are reliable
12:20 tomeu maybe sticks could be stuck to a brochure?
12:20 caroline tomeu, we need the brochure to get the sticks :)
12:21 SeanDaly As a deliverable I will sketch a 2-page brochure & we will work on what should be in it
12:21 caroline thanks
12:21 tomeu caroline: hmm, wonder if won't be easier to get the initial money from community donations instead of from external people
12:21 as we have the chicken egg problem
12:21 caroline we just need something that the assistant manager can bring to the manager who is no doubt not there when we step in :)
12:21 SeanDaly And, that should be done by the 0.84 release (!)
12:22 caroline tomeu, let me get a brochure. goto a few stores, see what sort of response I get.
12:22 If I strike out we can pass the hat internally. but we need to not do that too much if we can help it.
12:22 tomeu caroline: sure
12:22 SeanDaly The brochure is really just the elevator pitch, elaborated & illustrated
12:22 caroline and it makes us "real"
12:22 walterbender but with some SoaS bullets too.
12:23 SeanDaly An advantage we have iis that the SoaS footprint is small - the sticks will be cheaper
12:23 caroline 1GB is pretty small stick these days
12:23 walterbender SeanDaly: Caroline has a list of 10 advantages
12:23 a Top-10 List
12:23 caroline I do?
12:23 SeanDaly The brochure should communicate that we are "alive & kicking" and I think should include a call for volunteers & donors
12:23 caroline from my "Improve Learning"
12:24 "Reduce Costs" doc?
12:24 walterbender caroline: you are doing it wrong...
12:25 10. Improve Learning
12:25 mchua caroline, SeanDaly: http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/Swag - draft
12:25 walterbender 9, Reduce Cost
12:25 SeanDaly And I would like to put pride of place to screen captures showing the richness of Sugar
12:25 walterbender 8. :)
12:25 jt4sugar Support the Sugar on a Stick Test Drive program-Help us improve learning
12:26 SeanDaly Re swag: I have also investigated branded lanyards (= small straps) which could 1) hold a SoaS 2) be a shoulder strap for an XO
12:26 walterbender 1. Peace on Earth
12:26 caroline :).
12:26 SeanDaly jt4sugar: yes that can work if the release date is announced... and we keep to it
12:26 mchua SeanDaly: awesome, add it to http://sugarlabs.org/go/MarketingTeam/Swag ;)
12:27 SeanDaly We're running over but mchua you wanted to talk about 0.86 release marketing?
12:27 mchua SeanDaly: We can save that for next week.
12:27 SeanDaly We do have quite a full plate ;-)
12:28 mchua SeanDaly: between this week and next week, I'd like to get a well-defined list of marketing projects and their statuses (statii?) listed on the wiki page, so it's easier to keep track of what is going on
12:28 SeanDaly: can work with you on that immediately after meeting if you'd like - I think I'm mostly done with it by now
12:28 SeanDaly mchua: +1, I only edited the wiki for the first time this week so I'll get up to speed with that
12:29 mchua Awesome. This will be a baptism by fire, then. ;) I'll pass my wiki ninja skillz to you.
12:29 SeanDaly just one comment, I prefer to talk about goals & deliverables than tasks... a deliverable can be broken down into a dozen tasks & I need time to do rather than note what i'm doing :-)
12:30 OK shall we stop here? I think mchua you are holding the scepter this time
12:30 tomeu can I slide one last topic?
12:30 or can be left for next week
12:30 SeanDaly tomeu: shoot
12:31 tomeu it's about publishing some kind of stories about people that have done cool stuff in the sugarlabs community
12:31 mchua deliverables are great. feel free to ignore my yammering about tasks at any time. :)
12:31 tomeu so other people get the feeling that they don't need to be or do anything special in order to contribute
12:31 can be a short interview, for example
12:31 SeanDaly tomeu: do we know folk with such stories?
12:32 tomeu SeanDaly: you!
12:32 my favorites are caroline and dfarning
12:32 SeanDaly tomeu: as you know I am a journalist & interviewer
12:32 jt4sugar Sugar Labs community member of the week?
12:32 tomeu because they appear one day from the air and have done really awesome contributions
12:32 SeanDaly But interviewing myself is going a bit far :D
12:32 tomeu SeanDaly: we have lots of lovely stories like that
12:33 aleksey lim would be a nice and recent one
12:33 caroline I hope we can shortly create a program where people can do Sugar Play with groups of kids and get press about it.
12:33 tomeu heh, that's a good idea
12:33 SeanDaly I am equipped to record phone interviews & of course in person
12:33 caroline we need a good word for it "Sugar Labs" is over used. Sugar Lessons is too strucutred.
12:33 erikos_ #endmeeting
12:34 mchua trying to think in terms of deliverables like SeanDaly here, would a good one be to have a list of, say, 5 short stories/interviews/profiles online by the 0.84 release date so that we can point people to it as fun supplementary promo / join this community stuff?
12:34 SeanDaly It's crazy how much exposure a popular YouTube video can generate
12:34 mchua erikos_: I think you have to /nick erikos first
12:34 caroline yeah we need a viral video :)
12:34 tomeu SeanDaly: I guess interview by email could do? not sure how mchua interviewed bernie long ago
12:34 erikos #endmeeting

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